Martial God Asura Chapter 3870


Later, Chu Feng and others began to observe the tomb of the Great. ≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≦ ≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦

At first, they were very careful, but they were shocked to find that there was actually no institution in it.

According to their observations, they found that the map they had obtained before was actually true.

Because the internal structure of the tomb of the Great Emperor is exactly the same as their map.

In this case, Chu Feng and others are just like a duck.


Just, soon, the problem will arise.

Although there is no institution in the tomb of this great emperor.

On the map, there are also some areas where the treasures are placed.

There is a door to every place where heavy treasures are placed.

The door was indestructible and could not be cracked, leaving them helpless.

“What can I do? I have to work hard and finally come in. The result is nothing.”

“Wait for the first Rank time, the people of the Tianmenmen will come, and we will only watch them, they will take the baby here.”

The secret cave group is holy and anxious.

“Show me the map again.”

Chu Feng said.

Although, I don’t know what Chu Feng is going to do.

What secret hole group is holy, or hand over the map to Chu Feng.

In fact, Chu Feng, I have already seen this map before, and all the details of the map are recorded in my mind.

And he, now asking to see this map again, is actually just trying to determine one thing.

Determine his guess.

“Sure enough, I said that there is no such cheap thing under the sun.”

“The tomb of the demon emperor, the barrier outside is so strong, how to enter it, not even an institution.”

“It’s totally unreasonable, and now… finally able to explain it.”

Chu Feng said.

“Take Brother Luo, what did you find?” asked the secret cave group.

“If you want to break this door, you need the corresponding treasure.”

“You said before that the Tiantianmen prepared a lot of treasures to open the tomb of the demon.”

“I guess, there are treasures that open these doors,” Chu Feng said.

“Yeah, we also thought about it, so I am embarrassed.”

“When we come in early, we want to take the lead, but if we can’t do anything, then isn’t it coming in?”

Said the secret group of the Holy Land.

“That’s not necessarily, since we can be advanced, we have a chance to take the lead,” Chu Feng said.

“Take Brother Luo, what did you find out? Just say it.”

“Right, right, Brother Bro, you are going to say.”

The secret cave group is already impatient.

“I feel that despite the demon emperor, it will make its own burial place, and defend the heavy.”

“But actually, he also hopes that these treasures can be obtained by people. Otherwise, he does not have to make it so complicated. He can carry these treasures with him and hide them in a place unknown to everyone.”

“Because, from the beginning, he wanted to leave these treasures to the descendants.”

“So, he left the cracked treasure.”

“There are only two ways to get the baby he left behind.”

“The first is to get the corresponding keys to open these doors.”

“If I have not guessed wrong, every key can only open a door.”

“And the other, it is more powerful, that is, the recognition of the demon emperor.”

“As long as it is recognized by it, every door here can be opened.”

Chu Feng said.

“Take Brother Luo, how can I get this qualification?”

Asked by the secret cave group.

“There is a place to get, come with me.”

When Chu Feng spoke, he began to lead the way, and the secret cave group Sheng was rushing to follow the past.

The tomb of the demon emperor is very big, although they only explore a small part of it.

But because they already have the map, they made it possible for them to understand the internal structure of the tomb of the demon.

Only at this time, where Chu Feng took them, it was a map, there was no place.

It was a long corridor and it was hidden. Although there was nothing to stop in this corridor, if Chu Feng led the way, I believe they would not notice it so quickly.

The reason for this is that it is too unsightly and easy to be ignored.

Even if you find it here, there is no such thing as a hidden treasure, so it will still be ignored.

In other words, if Chu Feng leads the way, even if the secret cave group finds this entrance, it is not willing to walk in.

At least, before exploring the entire Tomb of the Emperor, you will not choose to enter such a place to explore.

This gallery is very narrow, the more it goes inside, the more dilapidated it is.

Even the dangerous breath came, the breath was disturbing, and the heart of the secret caves was suspended.

Chu Feng, but it does not slow down, fast travel.

The strange thing is that in this corridor, it is clear that the given out of dangerous atmosphere, and the deeper, the more intense the breath.

But on the way, along the way, there is no danger.

Finally, they crossed the narrow corridor.

And when the time passed through the promenade, the secret hole group was stunned.

Later, looking at Chu Feng again, there was another admiration in the eyes.

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