Martial God Asura Chapter 3871


Although, the corridor is narrow and crowded. Bookstore mobile phone

At this time, the hall in front of us is vast and majestic.

Most importantly, the deepest part of the hall is the two very striking things.

That is two coffins! ! !

Although, I don’t know why the two coffins are there, you can be in the tomb of the demon tomb and find the place where the coffin is placed. This place is definitely not an ordinary place.

What’s more, the two coffins are carefully crafted and look extraordinary.

Those who are lying in it are certainly not ordinary people.

People speculate that there is a good chance to lie down, the demon in the legend.

“The tomb of the Emperor.”

“Even the Lord has found it, other treasures are not that important.”

At this time, the secret cave group was very excited, and after a short embarrassment, it immediately rushed to the hall.


And when they really stepped into the hall, the hall suddenly trembled, followed by a powerful force that emerged from all sides.

That is the formation technique! ! !

They are trapped in this formation technique.

“How is this going?”

Originally, the mysterious group of secret caves, who were trapped by the formation technique, suddenly panicked.

After a panic, they turned their eyes to Chu Feng.

So far, Chu Feng has become their backbone.

“I said that there are only two options for getting the treasures here.”

“The first one is to get the corresponding treasure, which requires energy and time outside the tomb of the Great.”

“The other is to get the approval of the demon emperor, which requires energy and time in the tomb of the emperor.”

“And now, as long as we can break this formation technique, we should be able to get recognition,” Chu Feng said.

“Take Brother Luo, we listen to you, how to break this formation technique, you said.”

The secret group of St. Boss’s words came out, and the other people in the secret cave group also nodded and nodded.

Chu Feng did not hesitate. He first observed the construction of this formation technique.

Then, after sitting on the knees, he began to arrange the formation technique.

It is also more tacit to cooperate with Chu Feng’s, which has been cooperating twice.

And with the efforts of several people, this formation technique was quickly broken.


The formation technique was broken, and it was like a fortress. The barriers that blocked them, such as water, fell down and flowed around.

But when it is dispersed, there is a brilliance, floating above the void around.

The radiance of fireflies is actually a curse, a total of thirty.

I don’t see the meaning of the spell, but the breath of its out, but let Chu Feng and others know that they should have special strength.

Swish Swish 唰 –

Suddenly, the spell moved, turned into a stream of light, and swept away to Chu Feng and others.

In the end, the ten-character spell plunged into Chu Feng’s body.

The other twenty were entered into the body of the eleven people of the secret cave group.

The reason for this is that it is related to the contribution made by breaking the formation technique.

This also shows that these thirty spells should be a reward for breaking the formation technique.

Chu Feng, who contributed the most, also received more rewards.

“Does this feel, can you say… With this thing in the body, we can open the door to hide the treasure?”

The secret cave group asked one by one, and at the same time, the eyes were full of doubts.

The reason why this is asked is because they don’t feel the power of this thing.

They are all characters who often go into the secrets, ruins.

It is clear that some of the power of the main formation eye, if acquired, can be used in the ruins or secrets, and has extremely powerful power.

They thought that in the tomb of the demon lord, after they were recognized, they would also get extremely powerful power.

However, although this spell enters the body, they do not feel the powerful power.

Not only that, they don’t even know what the spell is all about.

“I don’t know what’s going on.”

At this time, Chu Feng is also frowning. Although he has seen it from the map, he needs to be recognized, and he can get the clue of treasure. The clue is also limited.

Chu Feng was able to find this place based on that clue, which is not easy.

As for the role of this spell, Chu Feng is not very clear.



However, just in Chu Feng and the secret cave group, I am in a puzzled moment.

Suddenly strange sounds came.

Because the hall has resounding and can limit the sense of induction, they did not find out for the first time, where the strange sound came from.

And when they found out, they all looked like they were moving and their hearts were tight.

They were horrified to discover that the strange sound came from the two coffins in the depths of the hall.

At this time, the cover of the two coffins is slowly opening.

And, with the opening of the coffin, the strange sounds of the coffin came from within the coffin.

It was a low mourning, and the sound of rubbing the teeth, like the evil spirits of waking up, impatient, looking for food.


Suddenly, the cover was pushed open.

Then, like the tidal atmosphere, it was released from the coffin and went to the Chu Feng Hall in all directions.

The breath was too strong, and Chu Feng and others were blown back down.


Suddenly, a scream came, which is the small eleven of the secret cave group.

After he finished speaking, he turned and ran.

Not only him, but other people in the secret cave group, but also rushed to escape, even the secret cave group of the Holy Land, is no exception.

Their first reaction was to escape.

Because, from the coffin, they feel the invincible atmosphere, and the extremely strong killing intent…

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