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At least here, you need to be merciful.

After all, there are so many people watching.

However, Chu Feng, but he has no intention of relentless, and all the nine-star Tianshan disciplines that he played against him are all heavy losses.

Especially the Zhao Yucheng, at this time, it was all over the ground, and it looked like it was dying. It looked like it was almost dying.

It is not a tragic word, it can be described.

But even then, Chu Feng did not miss Zhao’s plan.

At this time, Chu Feng held the wind thunder sword, step by step, and walked to Zhao Yucheng.

Everyone knows that Chu Feng is not good at newcomer, but no one dares to stop it.

Comet, in their eyes, Chu Feng is a comet, who will stop this comet

“You, what do you want?”

Zhao Yucheng, this time is a very weak, trembling voice, can feel his fear at this time.

In his view, even if it is him, the lesson in front of this guy called Wang Shen, made this appearance, it is almost the same.

After all, under the eyes of the public, it is not too much.

But he also noticed that this guy in front of him didn’t seem to want to let him go.

“Kill the chicken and monkey, do you understand?” Chu Feng said to him.

“What meaning” Zhao Yucheng is full of stunned, but at the same time more and more uneasy.

Chu Feng is coldly smiled.

The next moment, a thunder, flew out of Chu Feng’s hands and went straight to Zhao Yucheng.

When people reacted, they discovered that the thunder was the wind thunder sword.

It was just the wind thunder sword at this time, which was already flying out of Chu Feng and fell into the body of Zhao Yucheng.

The wind thunder sword not only penetrated the body of Zhao Yucheng, but the place where the hole was worn was the Dantian of Zhao Yucheng.


The screams of heartbreaking lungs came from Zhao Yucheng’s mouth and echoed between the heavens and the earth.

That voice is more than pain, more despair, and overwhelming and panic.

After all, he can feel that his cultivation realm with the body is fast passing.

“Wang Shen, you are crazy, you will abolish his cultivation realm.”

At this time, a discion of the wind thunder sword sent an opening.

This open-minded person also has a two-product Venerable cultivation realm, although he has just been defeated by Zhao Yucheng.

However, he knew that Wang Shen should not do this. After all, outside the parties, all the big people can see the situation inside.

Therefore, he screamed and was not worried about Wang Shen. He was afraid of Wang Shen’s actions and caused trouble for them.

“To shut up.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s arm waved, piercing Zhao Yucheng’s wind thunder sword, and actually flew away, and finally fell in front of the wind thunder sword pie discipline.

This move can frighten the discipline of the wind thunder sword.

Although, he is also the second product Venerable, but Chu Feng has just shot too fast.

When he reflected it, the wind thunder sword was already in front of him.

This is a warning

“You have listened to me, I am not the one in your eyes.”

“Speaking to me is a little polite. Abolishing the cultivation realm is just a warning. If you still give your face a shame, even if you want your life, I will not hesitate.”

Chu Feng is not only cold in tone, but his eyes are cold.

Even the air has become icy, which makes people realize that Chu Feng is not a joke, he really said it.

“Forgive, forgive.”

“We didn’t mean to offend, just want to scare you, look at the allies, give us a chance.”

Suddenly, the nine-star Tianshan’s discipline, have been begging for mercy.

They are really scared, after all, they have also humiliated Chu Feng before.

So they are afraid, and they fall to the same end as Zhao Yucheng.

However, in the face of the begging for the nine-star Tianshan discipline, Chu Feng’s originally cold face turned out to be a smile. “As early as this, you don’t have to suffer from the flesh and blood.”

Chu Feng, he did not continue to be difficult for the nine-star Tianshan disciples.

However, Chu Feng laughs at this time innocent, harmless to human and animals.

But just after seeing what he did, everyone has a new perspective on him.

The wind thunder sword sent people, and the nine-star Tianshan’s discipline, looked towards Chu Feng’s eyes changed.

In addition to shock, more is actually fear.

Even, even the white, looked towards Chu Feng’s eyes have changed.

However, compared to others, Bai Hao’s eyes are not afraid, she is more surprised, and other expressions.

Wang Shen, Bai Yu has known this person for a long time.

After all, Wang Shen has repeatedly expressed his confession to the White House, and the pursuit of the White House is extremely fierce.

However, for Wang Shen, Bai Yu not only did not like it, but also very disgusted.

The reason why I am disgusted is because Bai Yu knows that this Wang Shen is actually squatting, but it is actually a person who is bullying and hard.

And that is white, the most disgusting kind of person.

However, at this time, Wang Shen, let Bai Hao look at each other.

Even let Bai Yan feel that she seems to have a deep misunderstanding of Wang Shen.

Such a huge change, which also led to the complicated look of Wang Shen’s eyes.

Of course, she did not know that this time in front of her is not Wang Shen.

It is a man called Chu Feng’s, disguised.

“Bai Girl, you back down, I have to take this out.”

At this time, Chu Feng came to the front of the white.

After saying this, Chu Feng walked straight past the white scorpion and came to the formation technique.

“King Senior Brother, please wait.”

Bai Yan’s mouth dissuaded, but actually wanted to tell Wang Shen.

He himself can’t break the formation technique, and everyone needs the Senior Brother sister to work together. If Wang Shen is alone, the formation technique will probably hurt Wang Shen.

However, when she said this, she found that Wang Shen’s palm passed through the Spirit Formation method and then took out the things in the Spirit Formation method.

This scene, not to mention the white stunned look.

The other figures in the room are also stunned.

Especially the winds of the thunder sword pie, they simply can’t believe everything they just saw.

After all, the formation technique, but they took a long time, and failed to break the formation technique.

Most importantly, they know that the guardian formation technique is so powerful that it is impossible to directly penetrate the formation technique and take out the things inside.

The only way is to break the formation technique.

But now, Wang Shen is so easy, he took out the treasure in the formation technique.

This is beyond their knowledge.

“White Junior Sister, what’s wrong?”

At this point, Chu Feng turned back and looked towards the day.

While watching the day, Chu Feng also took the treasure in his hand.

For Chu Feng’s move, Bai Hao is already speechless and doesn’t know what to say.

Originally, she was called Wang Shen, just to remind Chu Feng, not to rush to break the formation.

But now, Wang Shen has taken out the things in the formation technique. What else can she say?

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