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Suddenly, there was a harsh roar in the distant sky. Bookstore mobile phone


A powerful ripple is spread out and the trees are completely destroyed.


Looking around, the wind thunder sword pie and the nine-star Tianshan’s discipline, there are different emotions.


Although the distance is a bit far, people can still see clearly.


That is Ouyang Pingzhi, and the battle with Song Jinglun.


At this point, Ouyang Pingzhi has been wounded and is making the final resistance.


But everyone sees it, and Ouyang Pingzhi’s resistance to fearless is useless.


This is the end of the matter, and everyone has seen it. In fact, this matchup has been divided.


Seeing it, Song Jinglun is about to win. Some of the disciples of the Jiuxing Tianshan, the tears of excitement have flowed out.


They were previously tortured by Wang Shen, and even Zhao Yucheng was abolished cultivation realm.


But even then, they did not call Song Jinglun for help.


The reason for this is that Song Jinglun is divided and fears that Song Jinglun was defeated by Ouyang Pingzhi.


Now, if the outcome is divided, then their chances of revenge are also here.


Although there is a covenant constraint, but since it is the king of the wind thunder sword, the first poisonous hand, then Song Jinglun can take revenge as it should.



But at this time, a silhouette to rise up in the air.


Even went straight to Song Jinglun, and the battlefield of Ouyang Pingzhi flew away.


“Which bastard is this, can you endure for a little while?”


Seeing the action, many of the nine stars of the Tianshan Mountains are gas gnashing teeth.


They thought that it was the nine-star Tianshan that had a disciple and could not help but find Song Jinglun for help.


However, although it seems that the outcome has been divided, after all, it has not completely defeated Ouyang Pingzhi.


They all feel that it is not wise to go to Song Jinglun for help at this time.


Anyway, waiting for so long, it is better to wait.


“That is”


However, when they saw it, the silhouette of the person was deadlocked and he was at a loss.


They were shocked to discover that the silhouette was not the disciple of the Jiuxing Tianshan.


That is, the wind of the thunder sword pie.


And, that is not an ordinary discipline, it turned out to be Wang Shen.


It was that, who had previously tortured them and abolished Zhao Shen’s cultivation realm.


“This guy, what is he going to do?”


At this time, not to mention the nine-star Tianshan discipline, a face stunned, the wind thunder sword pie’s discipline is also a blank face.


Even Ouyang Pingzhi, who was originally fighting, and Song Jinglun suddenly stopped.


The two of them, looked at one direction at the same time.


And when they saw the silhouette that appeared not far away, the same gaze emerged in the eyes.


That is a surprise.


“Ouyang Pingzhi, is this your helper?”


Suddenly, Song Jinglun gave a sardonic laugh.


This is the general trend that has gone, Ouyang Pingzhi, who is about to fail soon, faces the ridicule of Song Jinglun, his face becomes more and more ugly, so he yells at Chu Feng, “What are you doing?”


However, Chu Feng, but simply ignore the Ouyang Pingzhi, but looked towards Song Jinglun.


“Look at the situation of your Junior Brother Junior Sister, are you still laughing?”


While speaking, Chu Feng pointed to the distance, the direction of the wind thunder sword pie and the nine-star Tianshan crowd.


Hearing this, both Song Jinglun and Ouyang Pingzhi looked at the past.


However, this does not matter. In the eyes of both of them, there is a shock.


Although they are far away, everything can be seen clearly after they use special observation methods.


They can not only see the disciples of the Jiuxing Tianshan, but one by one is in the pool of blood.


They can even see that Zhao Yucheng is suffering from Dantian in pain, and the Mantial Power inside the Dantian is visible to the naked eye.


Zhao Yucheng’s cultivation realm was abolished.


Even if you leave this place, you can fix it, but it will also affect his future.


“What is this for?”


Suddenly, a rage rang.


This anger, precisely passed from Song Jinglun’s mouth.


He was extremely angry, but he didn’t have the first time to vent his anger at Chu Feng, or the wind thunder sword.


Because in his opinion, the wind thunder sword faction can do this kind of thing, only Ouyang Pingzhi, except Ouyang Pingzhi, no one can reinvent their nine-star Tianshan discipline.


So for the first time, he thought of the person who made the matter as an expert of the other four forces.


“Hand over the glove, or I want you to end up with them.”


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s voice sounded.


“What do you say, is it that you are the one who hits my nine-star Tianshan discipline?”


Although, Song Jinglun has already asked this question, but there is still a lot of doubts in the discourse, he does not believe it, it is the wind of the wind under the sword of the disciples.


“Song Senior Brother, killing him, is a heavy blow to us, and also ruined Zhao Senior Brother’s cultivation realm.”


Suddenly, a thunderous voice came from the direction of the nine-star Tianshan crowd.


That is an Immortal Method, a special sound Immortal Method.


Because of the particularity of the Immortal Method, although they are far apart, but the one, it is still clear, introduced into the ears of Song Jinglun.


“Sure enough, you want me a debt of blood must be paid in blood”


Suddenly, Song Jinglun Blade turned, and suddenly a sword qi flew out and went straight to Chu Feng’s Dantian.


This is what he wants to abolish Chu Feng’s cultivation realm.


And, he is not the usual sword qi, but the Ninth Rank Immortal Method.


After he showed this trick, even Ouyang Pingzhi was a complexion big change.


Because he found that if Song Jinglun had already used this trick, he might have lost.


Under the mercy.


It was Song Jinglun who didn’t want to really hurt him before, so he deliberately left his heart.


At this time, in the face of Wang Shen, who had hit the nine-star Tianshan public disciples, Song Jinglun had no intention of showing mercy. His shot was a killing.


The sword qi is extremely sharp, even the void is cut into two paragraphs. Wherever, the void breaks and falls into chaos.


How strong is the formidable power, only from the power, people feel clearly.


In the eyes of people, if this hit, if it is hit, it may be more than just abolishing the cultivation realm. It is very likely that it will take the life of Wang Shen.



Suddenly, the void swayed, the powerful ripple, roaring in the air.


Hit, Song Jinglun’s Ninth Rank Immortal Method, hit Chu Feng’s without any surprise.


At this moment, the public disciples of the Jiuxing Tianshan could not help but scream.


In order to vent their anger, and the joy of Wang Shen being defeated.


However, Song Jinglun, who is the exhibitor of Immortal Method, is a brows frowned, and a kind of restlessness out of his heart.


As a exhibitor of the Immortal Method, he is very familiar with the Ninth Rank Immortal Method.


In his view, the ripples that filled the world at this time are not like the performance of the body of Wang Shen, but more like being blocked by something.


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