Phone reading.

  Wuming Doutian has changed. Web phone address: https/

  He looks very bad.

  It seems to have been very excited, and it’s not even possible to say anything.

  After a while, he slowed down, looking towards blue flat.

  “Lord Lung Ping, is it really them?”

  “And, to nine souls, Galaxy.”

  Wuming Doutian was shaking when he spoke.

  “It is not certain, but according to the description of some witnesses, it does look like them.”

  And here, the blue flash’s eyebrows are more wrinkled.

  “It’s the vein they slaughtered.”

  “This is really Chu Xuanyuan.”

  “If it were true, it wouldn’t have been said.”

  Wuming Doutian hasn’t said anything yet, and Blue Lung Ping speaks.

  “If it is true that he does, it is clear that no one can fight him today, the whole Saint Light Galaxy.”

  “I can’t do the same.”


  Wuming Doutian is already sweating like rain, but that sweat is cold.

  Even if he breathes, he gets harder.

  Unlike others, he was in hand with Chu Xuanyuan.

  Even at the beginning, killing plans were moved against Chu Xuanyuan.

  So he’s scared in the back.

  Scared, natural.

  Those who fought him before were such monsters.

  Even the gods in his heart were slaughtered.

  Why can’t he be afraid?

  Mindful of what he did before, and of what he did to him.

  That’s true, moving the soil on too old.

  Imagine all that, he feels his life, and it’s almost over.

  “I can’t be sure if it’s him.”

  “without sufficient evidence, I’m just guessing.”

  “If it’s possible, I really hope it’s not him.”

  “But I’m just scared of doing this, really him.”

  “If he really grows this way, and the blue sword slaughters Chu Celestial Clan again, it will really break into a big disaster.”

  Blue flash sighs.

  “Lord, hurry up, hurry up.”

  “must stop Lord Cameron.”

  Wuming Doutian inspired by panic.

  “Is that what you’re saying? I’m not trying to catch that bastard.”

  Blue Flower Ping is also very naughty.

  He’s really done his best, not just knowing the blue sword, but only after Chu Celestial Clan was slaughtered.

  Instead of chasing Saint Light Galaxy from Nine Sovereign Galaxy, and listening to Wuming Clan’s whereabouts, he did everything he could.

  In fact, he was exhausted.

  However, in order to avoid a major scourge caused by the blue sword, he was still fully pursuing.

  “No, sir, you’re late, and you may not know the specific situation.”

  “Not only Chu Celestial Clan, the son of Chu Xuanyuans, is now within Chu Celestial Clan.” Wuming Doutian said.

  “What? His son is here too.”

  “The one named Chu Fengs.”

  Listen to that, Blue Flower’s face, and it’s so ugly.

  “Yes, Lord Camel, he went to Chu Celestial Clan to take the life of Chu Xuanyuan.”

  Wuming Doutian said.

  “Damn it.”

  “Blue sword, you’re really going to break a big accident.”

  At this point, gnashing teeth, blue flat.

  And then, his speed has really changed much faster.

  Just, when the pace of blue flat rises, the face of Wuming Doutian changes again.

  He can feel that the blue flat is starting to release a special Mist, and in that Mist, it smells blood.

  Blue Flower, he’s using Taboo to burn his own bloodline to speed up his own speed.

  Chu Celestial Clan, trapped in a fantasy.

  This is an unprecedented hobby.

  So happy, naturally because Chu Feng defeated Wuming Doutian.

  His name is Chu Celestial Clan, who can sit not only on the Overlord of Ancestral Martial Star Region.

  More crushed, that oppressed the mountains above their heads.

  However, Chu Feng did not celebrate with clansman.

  Now Chu Feng, come to Chu Celestial Clan’s border.

  He stood above a mountain and looked forward.

  And the direction he desires is one across the heavens and the earth, extremely great Formation great formation.

  That was the Formation great formation of Chu Celestial Clan, but it was also the delimitation line of Chu Celestial Clan’s territory.

  Within Formation, this is Chu Celestial Clan’s last fortress, Chu Celestial Clan Clansman, where he lives.

  At this time, outside Formation Great formation, many people are gathered, most not Great Thousand Upper Realm, but from Upper Realm.

  And these people, the more they assemble.

  That’s all the people that came to Chu Celestial Clan’s visit.

  And most of them, during the day, witnessed Chu Feng and Wuming Doutian’s war.

  If it were for the general purpose, these people would have been brought to Chu Celestial Clan and would have been hospitalized by the guests.

  But now they’re all out of the door.

  Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head personally ordered that unless something was to be done.

  Otherwise, if only a visit was made, all would not be allowed into it.

  There will be so much change, actually precisely because of today’s business.

  Everyone knows that Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head, who can do Ancestral Martial Star Region Master, is because Chu Feng.

  Even Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head, he knows that.

  But he, made an all-out effort to deal with everything in Ancestral Martial Star Region, even if he knew that those people were coming to visit, came to climb relationships and hit the ass, but he was still a lifetime reception.

  Before, when Wuming Clan came to take Overlord’s place.

  Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head, even insulted by those people.

  This is the thing that makes this old Clan Head cold and understands a reason.

  Truth does not necessarily change to true heart, especially in this world of arms, where people are more respectful, Martial Power, rather than merciful.

  That’s why he ordered it.

  He decided to continue to administer Ancestral Martial Star Region until Chu Feng succeeded.

  But he wouldn’t have treated the people blind, as he had done before.

  He would remain impartial in dealing with events and, to the extent possible, allow the forces of Ancestral Martial Star Region to coexist peacefully and to make Cultivator’s living environment even more peaceful.

  But he won’t waste any more time to treat the hypocrites.

  As for Chu Feng, he stood here and looked out for everything.

  Look at those who have been denied their doors, but are also exaggerating Chu Celestial Clan, and applauding Chu Fengs.

  It’s also sentimental, things are unusual, people are cold.

  Chu Fengs thought, however, that didn’t just wander around that point.

  He also remembered the past, and he remembered the kind of past.

  Think he just came to Great Thousand Upper Realm, not to mention Chu Celestial Clan, and he couldn’t breathe even a little force.

  At that time, he was so weak.

  At this point, Formation great formation, which blocked the forces, was also not welcomed at the beginning.

  But now his Chu Feng is not only here, but also the central bone of Chu Celestial Clan, the hero who saved Chu Celestial Clan from danger.

  Now Chu Celestial Clan, no one dares not to endorse Chu Feng.

  And it is also inspired by the intrinsic admiration and endorsement.

  The abandoned son, who had been ravaged, had been replaced by heaven defying and became the master here.

  The book’s hair came from, the first time I read the original version.

  Martial God Asura

  Martial God Asura

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