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  But Chu Feng is not the only one to be grateful for, and there is another thing. Web phone address:/

  He has defeated Wuming Clan, making Chu Celestial Clan Overlord of Ancestral Martial Star Region.

  Although, he doesn’t think it’s an amazing thing.

  Because he knows well that if his father wanted, it would have been possible to complete it.

  Even better, more exaggerating.

  But Chu Feng is still a little less proud.

  After all, Chu Celestial Clan, who called Ancestral Martial Star Region, was also his father and gave him a mission.

  He has now accomplished this task, and indeed, it is a wish of his old grandfather Chu Celestial Clan.

  “Chu Feng, what are you thinking here alone?”

  Suddenly, Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head sounds loud.

  Looking back, not only Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head is here, Chu Hanpeng, Chu Xuan Zhengfa and all familiar silhouette.

  “Lord Clan Head, why are you all here?”

  “You’re all out. How can the feast continue?”

  Chu Feng said with a smile.

  “It doesn’t matter, it’s not urgent.”

  “Most importantly, it’s you.”

  “Chu Feng, how long can you stay in the family this time?”

  Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head asked.

  “I came back this time, actually for Liluo Elder Sister’s curse.”

  “She added, however, that there can be no disturbance when it comes to undergo closed-door training.”

  “I’ll wait a while.”

  “Try to wait till she leaves.”

  “Besides, you’re going to the Purple Star Hall.”

  Chu Feng said it.

  “Chu Feng, the curse on the girl Liluo is not simple.”

  “It is true to seize the breakthrough, otherwise the Liluo girl is likely to be in danger of life.”

  “This, for you, for Chu Celestial Clan, is indeed the most important major event at this time.”

  “As for the purple gallery, it’s all small.”

  “Don’t go with me, or stay with Liluo.”

  “If she turns off during this period, you miss it again, it won’t be good.”

  Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head knows that Chu Feng has a way to break the curse.

  Although it is uncertain that the curse on Bai Liluo can be broken, at least try it.

  But after hearing Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head, Chu Feng couldn’t stop laughing.

  He knows that his family, Lord Clan Head, knows that this ten Star Region Overlord, gathered in the Purple Star Hall, most of which will be a feast.

  And Chu Fengs is personality, not intolerable.

  In fact, their Lord Clan Head said so much that he didn’t want Chu Feng to go, scared Chu Feng of something.

  In fact, in the short period of Chu Feng’s return,

  Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head, has made it clear or implied that Chu Feng does not want to go to Purple Star Hall.

  But Chu Feng, how do you know that this time is likely to be dangerous, not to go, but to let Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head of State go?

  Isn’t that how they get humiliated?

  “Lord Clan Head, don’t say anything about the Purple Star Hall.”

  “I’ll definitely go, even if you don’t go, I’ll go.”

  “Don’t forget, the invitation letter can be on me.”

  Chu Feng while speaking, took that invitation letter out, but soon took it back.

  “You son.”

  See Chu Feng so, Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head also shakes his head.

  He actually knew Chu Fengs’s personality, Chu Feng, and if he challenged going, he really couldn’t.

  Only, of the ten major abandonments of Star Region, is not all such forces as Wuming Clan.

  Among the ten major abandonments of Star Region, Ancestral Martial Star Region is also the weakest.

  Chu Feng, while able to defeat Wuming Doutian, did not feel that Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head could defeat Overlord in the other Star Region.

  He’s really worried about Chu Feng, don’t want Chu Feng to be humiliated, let alone Chu Feng being in danger.

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  Suddenly, the heavens and the earth are trembling.

  That tremendous, the top of Chu Celestial Clan here.

  In addition to Chu Feng, and Lord Clan Head, all people stood firm and were hit by shock.

  Indeed, if not Chu Feng, Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head was held in a timely manner, even the Lord Clan Head would be hard to stand.

  After stabilizing the shape, people turned their eyes in the direction of that tremendous impact.

  So, the guardian Formation.

  The guardian of Chu Celestial Clan, the lockdown of Formation great formation in the heavens and the earth, showed up a canal.

  Seeing that canyon, everyone is tight in the heart.

  As soon as you know, someone must have broken into it.

  However, Chu Feng and others are not yet to be carefully thought about who did it.

  That Formation has changed again.


  ‘s another layer of power at the bottom of the guarding Formation.

  That layer of power, which began to cover the maintenance of Formation, will eventually cover it completely.

  But that layer of power is not Formation’s power, it’s a Martial Power, and it’s dark.

  When the black forces covered all Formation great formation.

  The old Void of starlight disappeared and replaced it with a black one.

  The blackmail, which blocked the sky, matched the lights in Chu Celestial Clan with a strong contrast.

  That’s kind of, very depressing, very disturbing contrast.

  In this case, not to mention anyone else, even Chu Feng, is also inwardly shouted.

  If newcomer was not good to each other, it would be bold.

  But he placed the power and blocked the heavens and the earth, and there was a hidden sight.

  Explain what he’s going to do is see no one else.

  If it’s worth mentioning, if it’s bad, it’s unbelievable.

  “jié jié.”

  “I’m scared.”

  “Chu Xuanyuans son, but that’s all.”

  A cold sound rings, and at the same time a silhouette emerges.

  This man, wearing Blue Gowned, is above Void.

  the precisely blue sword.

  But Chu Feng did not know his identity, but was able to feel that he was a bad newcomer.

  “Who are you? I don’t know you. What are you doing here?”

  Chu Feng asked.

  “Who I am, no matter what, you just need to know that I’m here today to destroy you Chu Celestial Clan.” The blue sword says, “

  The blue sword is finished, the eyes are suddenly changing, and then the pound of killing plan, like hurricanes, is in the heavens and the earth.

  But in an instant, it is all over here.

  At this point, not to mention that Chu Feng, everyone here, can really feel that terrifying killing plan.

  Most importantly, each other’s breath is very strong, much stronger than Wuming Doutian.

  And Chu Feng, even more likely to feel, the others’ cultivation realm.

  On the other hand, it’s a five-piece Sovereign.

  Chu Feng is well aware that what each other has just said is not a joke, and that he really intends to slaughter Chu Celestial Clan.

  And he has the power to erase Chu Celestial Clan.

  In this case, even Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head, is somehow scary.


  only relative calm, only one person, is Chu Feng.

  “Who the hell are you, Chu Celestial Clan with you?”

  “If you’re gonna kill us, you’re gonna let us die, okay?”

  Chu Feng said hello.

  “Kid, do you want to delay time?”

  “hehe, the ants, the only way you can figure out this kind of thing.”

  That blue sword, it’s ironic.

  The book’s hair came from, the first time I read the original version.

  Martial God Asura

  Martial God Asura

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