Phone reading.

  It’s Wuming Clan.

  “You’re starting for Wuming Clan.”

  “But you, not Wuming Clansman, who are you?”

  “Man Han, the light falls, so dare come and announce your name.”

  Chu Feng asked. Web phone address: https/

  But after Chu Feng said it, the blue sword, brows frowned, and the face became hard to look.

  He didn’t expect Chu Feng to be able to guess in a moment that he was here for Wuming Clan.

  But actually, it’s not hard to guess, after all, Chu Feng just dropped Wuming Clan, and it’s not long before someone comes to trouble.

  If that’s the most likely, that’s the help that Wuming Clan found.

  It’s a blue-sword that doesn’t want to be exposed.

  He is primarily not able to reveal the identity of the Blue Codes.

  So when Chu Feng tied him up with Wuming Clan,


  ‘s got killing intent in his eyes, getting stronger.

  “Be smart about yourself.”


  After that, he lifted his arm.

  Then the arm fell sharply.

  He’s involved in this move, in the heavens and earth.

  Even the life and death of all will change as he moves.

  However, when his arm fell, that overwhelmed all over the heavens and the earth, as well as killing intent, suddenly disappeared.

  This screen, not to mention Chu Feng and others, is a face.

  What’s going on?

  It’s just under control, though it’s not possible to slaughter the whole Chu Celestial Clan.

  But at least he sees where he is, where he’s under pressure, where everyone dies.

  But now, not only is one person not dead, but even his pressure and breath are repressed.

  This is, who did it?

  “You want to slaughter Chu Celestial Clan?”

  And as people do not understand, a little girl’s silhouette suddenly rings.

  And then, a silhouette came out, just fell next to Chu Fengs.

  And this little girl, Chu Feng and others, is more aware of that is Bai Liluo.

  “Sister Liluo.”

  “You, turn it off.”

  See Bai Liluo, Chu Feng out.

  Not just to see Bai Liluo, but it’s very healthy.

  It’s not the Blue Gowned who didn’t want to kill them anymore.

  There was a pressure to suppress that Blue Gowned man’s killing plan and the pressure.

  And the people who do this are not others, precisely Bai Liluo.

  Bai Liluo, this time to undergo closed-door training, cultivation realm has risen, and most of its power is above Blue Gowned.

  “Had not wanted to go away, precisely to undergo closed-door training was a momentous moment.”

  “But I feel you’re in danger, and I can’t figure it out.”

  “You can’t always get this kid killed.”

  Bai Liluo said to Chu Feng.


  Listen to Bai Liluo, Chu Feng doesn’t know what to say.

  But in his eyes, he was touched.

  “Well, this thing, give it to Elder Sister me.”

  Chu Feng said to Chu Feng.

  template: ao Wu

  Suddenly, there was a blast on Void by a powerful Martial Power.

  Targeted observation is a number of Martial Power ferocious beast.

  Each one lasted up to 100 metres with the power to massacre Chu Celestial Clan all clansman.

  There are tens of thousands of ferocious beast.

  It’s no longer a beast, it’s a beast.

  Martial Power ferocious beast, the giant wave gathered, is falling from Void.

  To erase everyone here.

  template: ao Wu

  But all of a sudden, it’s called Liang.

  The tens of thousands of Martial Power ferocious beast have begun to collapse.

  It’s Bai Liluo.

  The death of Martial Power ferocious beast was determined only by the fact that Bai Liluo was not moving, but simply by showing killing intent in his eyes.

  “Miss Liluo, you.”

  Look at Bai Liluo, Chu Feng identified his guess.

  Bai Liluo’s power is indeed above that man, and Bai Liluo is six Sovereign.

  “Damn it.”

  Obviously, however, when Bai Liluo broke the attack on the Blue Gowned man.

  Blue Gowned men also realized that little girl who seemed to be blind had a lot stronger than he was.

  So he didn’t hesitate to see major events, but turned around and was ready to escape.

  “I want to go.”

  Just to see Bai Liluo smile, and then stretch his hand and grab it lightly in the direction of that man.

  The man was screaming, and the bone was broken, and it was all over.

  It also killed the sky before, killing the Blue Gowned man of Chu Celestial Clan, and then drops out of the sky, like a broken line, and finally falls hard on the ground.

  Chu Feng Little Brother, what do you want to know?

  Bai Liluo asked Chu Feng.

  “Let him say it wasn’t for Wuming Clan.”

  “Where the hell is he, from?”

  “These, they have to be clear.”

  Chu Feng said it.


  Bai Liluo nodded, followed by silhouette disappeared.

  Once again, it fell on that man.

  After the men were captured by Bai Liluo in an empty manner, they had been severely created.

  And when Bai Liluo drops out of the sky, with a tough stepping on him, the wounds of men undoubtedly become even worse, as he sees from his distorted face.

  “Answer me Chu Feng Little Brother’s question.”

  Bai Liluo asked.


  But surprising episode has happened.

  The man was laughing suddenly.

  “I can’t imagine that I would have planted this bird in a place that doesn’t shit.”

  “But I can’t, however, bow to such inferior guys as you.”

  “If you want to kill, you want me to say who I want to know where I come from.”

  “There’s no door.”

  The blue sword is hard to say.

  “You’re hard, but I’m gonna see if it’s your mouth, or my means.”

  Bai Liluo while speaking, the wrist turned, and in her hand there was a transparent stick.

  The stick seems to be strong, but the stick center is empty.

  template: puchi

  After the stick appeared, Bai Liluo inserted the stick into the man’s body.


  And then, there’s rune on that stick.

  And that man, too, started screaming loud.

  Look carefully, Chu Feng can see that blood has begun to emerge from the stick of the original empty heart.

  That blood, naturally, was absorbed from Blue Gowned man in the body.

  But that is definitely no ordinary blood, or the man will never suffer like that.

  “Don’t scream like that, no one else knows what I think I’m doing to you.”

  “Even if you want to call, you’ll call later.”

  ‘Cause that’s just the beginning.’

  Bai Liluo smiled at the Blue Gowned man.

  Hear that, Blue Gowned man endures pain, looking towards Bai Liluo.

  He was trying to curse Bai Liluo.

  But when she looks at Bai Liluo, she immediately stops.

  He was surprised to find that there were dozens of them before Bai Liluo, when he inserted a transparent stick in the body.

  A man of Blue Gowned can’t imagine what it would be if he had been so painful that they had all been inserted in his body.

  “You witch, you witch.”

  Suddenly, Blue Gowned men started breaking the cursed mouth.

  But in the face of the curse of Blue Gowned men, Bai Liluo not only did not get angry, but, in her mouth, lifted a blanket arch.

  Seeing that sloppy, Blue Gowned man almost collapsed.

  Because it’s a wipe. He’s never seen the evil smile.

  The book’s hair came from, the first time I read the original version.

  Martial God Asura

  Martial God Asura

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