Martial God Asura Chapter 4058

Phone reading.


  Immediately, even more tragic screams, come out of this Chu Celestial Clan. Web phone address: https/

  Even around Chu Celestial Clan every corner.

  Don’t look at the sound, however, in Chu Celestial Clan, there was such a war.

  But beyond Spirit Formation, people can’t hear anything.

  Similarly, because of the blue sword, the reason for that special force blockade is that people can’t see anything.

  Just, the good end of Formation, suddenly, becomes dark.

  And before that, even more dramatic, there was a slum.

  It makes everyone unbearable to guess if something happened.

  So Chu Celestial Clan was out there, and it was a mess.

  Those from all forces are controversial, analytical, speculative.

  At the same time, someone started worrying.

  Concern is not that bad happened.

  But fear is not the ones who are most worried about Ancestral Martial Star Region.

  It’s Blue Gowned Long Ping.

  This time, the blue sword went to Ancestral Martial Star Region to collect blue minerals.

  Blue Flag Ping, he wasn’t supposed to come, because he had something to do with it.

  But whoever thought that the blue sword had gone for a long time, the news of the annihilation of the artefacts had passed away.

  No one else knows who the monkey is.

  However, the blue sword of Chu Xuanyuan and Old Ape had been seen, but it was very impressive of this man.

  When he was informed of this, he realized that the situation was not good.

  Although nine souls, Galaxy, are separated from Saint Light Galaxy, with Vast Starry Sky.

  However, Wuming Doutian also conveyed to them, on time, information on Ancestral Martial Star Region.

  During the preceding period, they received a letter from Wuming Doutian.

  The letter informs Blue Lung Ping and Blue Fleet sword that Chu Xuanyuans’ son returned to Great Thousand Upper Realm and has shown things about innate talent.

  At the same time, it was stated that Linghu Celestial Clan was prepared to counteract.

  Also, Chu Xuanyuan is dead.

  The blue sword has been seen as Ancestral Martial Star Region.

  It was informed that Chu Celestial Clan and Linghu Celestial Clan would benefit from good lessons.

  本来,蓝符隆平没有放在心上,毕竟倘若Chu Xuanyuan 死了的话,就算蓝符剑鹏真的做出了,出格的事情,也没什么不妥。

  After all, their two tasks were to ensure that Wuming Clan was able to control Star Region Main Realm in Ancestral Martial Star Region and exploit blue minerals until they were exhausted.

  As for the death of others, not only is the blue sword not concerned, but it does not care.

  It’s just who once thought that the blue sword was gone for a long time, that the Blue Flower had heard, that a monkey had been slaughtered, and that it had a great vein.

  And after enquiry, he found that he was more close to Chu Xuanyuan and Old Ape.

  That makes Blue Flower nervous.

  He’s with the blue sword, and he’s a little man in the blue cone.

  If it’s true that Chu Celestial Clan was murdered, then Chu Xuanyuan, a powerful Chu Xuanyuan.

  It’s not just that their families are going to die, but they’re not going to eat.

  Even if their families were able to escape, the two of them would be dead.

  So he put down things on his head, and he came to Ancestral Martial Star Region, just to remind the blue sword.

  But who once thought he was a little late.

  Blue sword, not only to slaughter Chu Celestial Clan, but also to coincide that Chu Xuanyuans’ son is also within Chu Celestial Clan.

  It’s really freaking him out.

  In order to avoid the blade of the blue sword.

  他不仅施展全力,更是不惜使用禁法,燃烧bloodline ,以损伤自己灵魂的方式,来追赶蓝符剑鹏。

  Moreover, it has been using its own special observation methods to look ahead.

  Finally, they’re close to Chu Celestial Clan.

  “Damn it, damn it.”

  But the blue flat stopped suddenly, not only that, but also the weather cursed.

  “Lord Lung Ping, what’s wrong with you?”

  Look at such blueprints, Wuming Doutian is ignorant.

  He did not understand why the Blue Plain had stopped suddenly when Chu Celestial Clan was so close.

  “It’s late, it’s late. We’re late.”

  “The silly piece of blue sword, has blocked Chu Celestial Clan.”

  “With his strength, Chu Celestial Clan should have been slaughtered.”

  In this case, Blue Flower suddenly grabbed Wuming Doutian’s shoulder with his hands.

  His vision, very brutal.

  This is also Wuming Doutian, the first time I saw blue flash, so brutal.

  Because it’s always been a relative and good man compared to the blue sword.

  He has not only no aloof and remote shelves, but more than a very good word.


  He suddenly realized that the blueprint that he had known before seemed to be a mistake.

  Now this, terrifying exists, is the true blue flat.

  “Wuming Doutian.”

  “Chu Celestial Clan has been extinguished.”

  “But this thing has nothing to do with you.”

  “This is what a blue sword does.”

  “You have to testify to me.”

  The Blue Plain opened the door to Wuming Doutian in a very strong and even threatening tone.

  After hearing that, Wuming Doutian finally knew why the Blue Plain was suddenly this way.

  Actually, he’s scared.

  He was afraid of Chu Xuanyuan, afraid of Chu Xuanyuan retaliating him.

  So he wants to get rid of his responsibilities, even if he doesn’t even dare enter Chu Celestial Clan, because it’s too scared.

  “My Lord, I will testify to you.”

  “You’ve been waiting for people and good, not Martial Power.”

  “As early as that year, when Chu Xuanyuan just came back, Lord Suzunyuan wanted to do it himself, and to confront Chu Xuanyuan, it was you who discouraged and stopped Lord Camel.”

  “From this point of view, you’re still Chu Xuanyuans.”

  “Even more, today’s business is not about you, it’s what Lord Cameron did.”

  “The next one will testify to you.”

  “Just Lord Lung Ping.”

  “What if the sword has not begun to slaughter?”

  “Let’s go inside and see if he hasn’t done it, we can stop him from making a big mistake.”

  “Even if he has made a big mistake, that subordinate can prove your innocence.”

  Wuming Doutian said.

  “Yeah, you’re right.”

  “I’m confused, I’m confused.”

  Blue Flower Ping said it.

  Look at this blue flat, Wuming Doutian is very generous.


  knows that it’s not a blueberry, but he’s really freaked out.

  It was scared by Chu Xuanyuan.

  After the decision, Blue Lung Ping continued in the direction of Chu Celestial Clan with Wuming Doutian.

  In order not to cause fluctuations, he did not break the Spirit Formation Act directly, as in the blue sword.

  Instead of using the means, be careful with the wings, tear that Spirit Formation Act apart, top secret mixed in.


  Just, just through the Spirit Formation Act, and the power of the blue sword to seal the heavens and the earth, I heard a scream.

  It makes blue flat, and Wuming Doutian, all tight.

  The most worrying thing happened to them.

  The blue sword has already started.

  Just soon, they don’t feel right.

  If it’s a blue sword, why do you just scream?

  And here, not only does it smell intense blood, but life is so much better.

  And most importantly, it sounds like a blue sword.

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  Martial God Asura

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