Martial God Asura Chapter 4059

Phone reading.

  Imagine here, both of them, rushing to put their eyes in the direction of that miserable call. Think… no, no, no.

  It doesn’t matter. Both are complexion greatly changed.

  They thought of a lot of bad results, but they didn’t even think about it, right now.

  Blue sword, down on the ground, with dozens of transparent pillars.

  That transparent pillar is taking the bloodline soul of the blue sword.

  It is for that reason that the blue sword will make such a terrible scream.

  It’s just that the blue sword is here, isn’t it?

  Why don’t you just go down to this field?

  So both of them, at the same time, cast their eyes on a man.

  This man, standing next to the blue sword, Bai Liluo.

  Bai Liluo, at this time, is looking at the blue sword of that wretched company.

  It’s just that the blue sword is so sad that Bai Liluo is not only not afraid, but smiling around his mouth, it’s just that smile that looks so happy.

  It’s too unreasonable.

  Seeing such Bai Liluo, not to mention Wuming Doutian, even blue flat is a big surprise.

  “Lord Lung Ping, did that little girl do it?”

  Wuming Doutian asked.

  “Well, that little girl, not unusual Cultivator, has six Sovereign cultivation realm.” Blue Flower says.

  “Chu Celestial Clan has such a monster.”

  Wuming Doutian’s eyes became hard to hear when he heard the blue flat.

  Actually, he heard that Chu Feng had a friend named Bai Liluo, that was a little girl.

  But according to his hearing, it was called Bai Liluo’s little girl who, despite some strength, was not a threat to him.

  In any case, the little girl was stronger than that.

  Even the blue sword of aloof and remote is not his opponent.

  And tortured into this.

  Despite the fact that the Blue Plain and Wuming Doutian have come here.

  But because they use hidden means.

  So neither Bai Liluo nor Chu Feng were aware.

  “Chu Feng Little Brother, I really don’t think this guy’s got a bone.”

  “Since he doesn’t want to talk, I’ll kill him.”

  Suddenly Bai Liluo looked for Chu Feng.

  “He wants to slaughter my people, naturally not to stay, Sister Liluo, and kill him for me.”

  Chu Feng said it.

  Hear that, Bai Liluo, in his eyes, there was a killing plan.

  Get your hands up and get ready to shoot.

  “Girl, stay in love.”

  But whoever thought that Bai Liluo didn’t do it, there was a voice that was blown up in the sky.

  Immediately, a strange force, drops from the sky.

  The heavens and the earth are blocked.

  Chu Feng, Bai Liluo, blue sword, is locked in this space.

  And Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head and others, all isolated outside.

  Immediately, the Blue Plain and Silhouette of Wuming Doutian were also emerging.

  drops from the sky, falling in front of Bai Liluo.

  In this case, Chu Feng was also rushing to Bai Liluo.

  And put the guard’s eye on Wuming Doutian.

  “It’s you.”

  See Wuming Doutian, see the clothing on the Blue Flower.

  Chu Feng knew it wasn’t a mistake to guess.

  This man who’s going to slaughter his whole family, precisely Wuming Clan.

  At this moment, Chu Feng’s surface waves are not surprising, but there are some panic inside.

  Before the other side showed up, he and Bai Liluo were not aware.

  Explain the strength of each other, not small coca.

  Then, Chu Feng and Bai Liluo were surprised.

  “Friend, under the Blue Flower, is the blue one from the Nine Soul Galaxy.”

  Blue Flower is open.

  His attitude is extremely friendly, and it can even be said to be very kind.

  This screen, but Chu Feng and Bai Liluo are not expected.

  Because such a shelf, unlike the one lying on the ground, is quite different.

  One is bullshit, one is good and good.

  That would not allow Chu Feng to create a doubt in his heart.

  They, really?

  Not only did Chu Feng not understand, but that was the blue sword lying on the ground, even more ignorant.

  He thought that Blue Lung was here to save him, but whoever thought that Blue Flower would give Chu Feng and tortured his demon a week.

  It could break the blue sword, under anger, and he was even more challenged.

  Lord Lung Ping, you

  “How can you tell him our identity, who’s not fit?”

  Anyone who once thought, after listening to this, had a nice blue flat before, and then complexion significantly changed, and looked towards the blue sword, he was angry, “Shut the fuck up.”

  “You reckless thing, who told you to deal with Chu Celestial Clan’s family, how did I get out of this stupid life like you?”


  The blue sword is very ignorant in the face of the anger of the blue flat.

  There was too much confusion in his heart, but he feared blue flat, especially the flat of anger.

  So when he saw Blue Flower’s anger, he shut his mouth and said no more.

  “Little friend, I know you may have some confusion in your heart.”

  “But actually, between us is a misunderstanding.”

  “What do you want to know, you can ask old man, old man will answer for you.”

  Blue Flower once again looks to Chu Feng, and attitude remains very welcome.

  His attitude towards Chu Fengs, and his attitude to the blue sword, was a difference between Heaven and Earth, which made a clear contrast.

  It’s just about stretching your hand and not laughing at face people.

  Besides, it’s not like it’s hard to come for them.

  So Chu Fengs, too, slowed down and talked to him more.

  Chu Feng was then informed of the relationship between the Blue Flower and Wuming Clan from the blueprint.

  Know Wuming Clan, is the puppet of the Blue Flag.

  Blue Flower Ping is more frank, and Wuming Clan rules Ancestral Martial Star Region for the Blue Mines of Star Region Main Realm.

  He indicated that Chu Celestial Clan could be allowed to rule Ancestral Martial Star Region, and that he would not suffer from a blue-consistent family.

  It is hoped, however, that Chu Feng will allow Wuming Clan to continue to stay in Star Region Main Realm and continue to help them to reach the Blue Line and exploit that Blue mine.

  And Blue Flower also guarantees that Wuming Clan will no longer commit misconduct, even if Chu Celestial Clan needs to be transferred to Wuming Clan.

  This is him, giving Chu Fengs the right.

  Of course, Blue Lung Ping did not speak to Chu Feng about Chu Xuanyuan’s presence in nine souls, Galaxy, and it was likely that a strong vein would be slaughtered.

  What he has shown is that the Blue Flag community, though powerful, does not want to be Chu Celestial Clan, who has no malicion over Chu Celestial Clan.

  As long as Chu Feng does not stop Wuming Clan from exploiting mineral sources, they are blue-consistent and will never use Martial Power against Chu Celestial Clan.

  The book’s hair came from, the first time I read the original version.

  Martial God Asura

  Martial God Asura

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