Phone reading.

  Honestly, the mountains behind Wuming Clan are so strong. Web phone address: https/

  Chu Feng thought a lot too.

  He seems to know why his father was not willing to spend all the time with Wuming Clan put all the considerations of face.

  He thought it was because of his father, who knew Wuming Clan’s body, that there was a huge piece of blue con like a family.

  After all, Chu Xuanyuan, who was not banned in Chu Celestial Clan to undergo closed-door training, should be as strong as it is now.

  In particular, Seven Worlds Saint Palace was also being pursued by such large objects.

  That’s how you chose to be patient for not exposing yourself.

  It is clear, however, that the Blue Clan is not a barbaric force.

  At least this blue flat, the conditions set out, are quite welcome.

  You’re even welcome, Chu Feng, there’s something that can’t be understood.

  That blue flat attitude is like talking to Chu Feng.

  But with their power, it is clear that there can be no need for that.

  So for this, Chu Feng also makes Chu Feng feel, something’s wrong.

  “Chu Feng, would you like to be on my condition?”

  See Chu Feng is hesitant, and that blue flat question.

  “Huh, that sounds good.”

  “If I wasn’t here today, this Chu Celestial Clan wouldn’t have.”

  “Now you say, you have no evil, you want peaceful coexistence, who will believe it?”

  “I feel like you’re just because you’re weak, so that’s why you’re listening, so you’re trying to get out of here.”

  “Wait till the day when you move to rescue the soldiers, it’s definitely not the face of the present.”

  Suddenly, Bai Liluo opened the door.

  She doesn’t believe in blue flat security.

  “Girl, what old man says is true.”

  “If you don’t believe it, old man can prove it.”

  Blue Flower Ping said to Bai Liluo.

  “Well, then prove it to me.”

  Bai Liluo’s face is unbelievable.

  She tone barely fell.

  This space is suddenly shaking.

  Not too big a wave, but Chu Feng and Bai Liluo, even Wuming Doutian, acted as expression.

  They can all feel, blue flash.

  that is, seven souvereign breaths.

  He didn’t lie, and if he was really like that blue sword, he’d be able to kill Chu Celestial Clan now.

  Even Bai Liluo is not his opponent.

  “Girl, do you believe me now?”

  Blue Lung Ping asked Bai Liluo.



  Bai Liluo was a little outrageous, first coldly snort of arrogant and pampered, and that said, “I still don’t believe it, so you better say it or I’m Bai Liluo, but not a weakling.”

  “Girl, don’t worry, my blue flat guarantee, from now on, no one will ever touch you again, Chu Celestial Clan.”

  Blue Lung Ping speaks with a guarantee kiss.

  And while speaking, again for a week.

  This is a compliment, and this is a welcome attitude, even the proud Bai Liluo, which has some bad meaning.

  The power of each other is stronger than them, but it is so kind that even the festival is in place.

  Honestly, the goodwill of each other is quite enough.

  “Senior, I promise you the terms.”

  Chu Feng opens.

  Indeed, he did not promise or do not. He had no choice.

  Moreover, the blue flat attitude does not allow Chu Feng to pick up a gross illness.

  “Chu Feng, I can’t reveal the Blue Flag, so today’s business, as well as our relationship with Wuming Clan, please be kept confidential.”

  “I’ll keep it confidential.”

  Chu Feng said it.

  “Many thanks Chu Feng’s little friend.”

  “If there is nothing, we will say it first.”

  All right, Blue Flower Ping grabbed the blue sword, ready to leave.

  “Wait a minute.”

  Suddenly, Chu Feng opened again.

  Chu Feng this opening, Blue Flower Pington’s heart is tight.

  From cultivation realm, he’s not really afraid of Chu Feng, but he’s afraid of Chu Xuanyuan, and that’s indirect, and he’s scared of Chu Feng.

  He’s really scared, Chu Feng. It’s hard for them.

  But he was trying to say, “Chu Feng, there’s something else.”

  “Senior, I have a word to say to Wuming Doutian.”

  Chu Feng looked for Wuming Doutian, “Wuming Doutian,” I hope you can say no more of Ancestral Martial Star Region’s affliction to the people of Paris, or I won’t let you go, even if your son asks you. “

  “Now Ancestral Martial Star Region, it’s your place, Chu Celestial Clan.”

  “I Wuming Doutian, only the rules will remain within Star Region Main Realm.”

  “And Chu Feng, some rumours are unbelievable, and I don’t actually have that much injustice in the rumors, that we have the opportunity to talk, and maybe you’ll get rid of my misunderstanding.”

  Wuming Doutian said.

  “Don’t worry about him. Even if you let him go, old man won’t let him go.” That’s when Blue Lung Ping is supplemented.

  Thereafter, three people left the Blue Flower.

  Just, after they left, Chu Feng was thinking about it.

  Chu Feng Little Brother, what’s wrong with you?

  Bai Liluo asked.

  “Liluo Elder Sister, do you have any idea that the blue flat attitude is a little too much better?”

  “Just like, he’s a little scared of us.”

  “Especially when I just got them going, I stopped him.”

  “His body, as if it was shaking.”

  “It’s too unreasonable.”

  Chu Feng said it.

  “There’s something that might be afraid of you Elder Sister me.”

  “After all, you Elder Sister, I’m not his opponent, but sooner or later than him.” Bai Liluo has an interesting saying.

  And Chu Feng was laughing.

  “Well, as I see it, it must be afraid of my Liluo sister.”

  “Sister Liluo, today is thanks to you, or I can’t imagine Chu Celestial Clan today.” Then Chu Feng said it again.

  “All right, and I’m kind to what, what do we have to do with this?”

  “As long as you’re there, this whole Chu Celestial Clan, I’ll cover it.”

  Bai Liluo took a chest guarantee.

  Suddenly, Bai Liluo’s smiling little face changed.

  And then, on her face, there was a painful color.

  Later, even the station was not stable.

  In this case, Chu Feng was busy holding Bai Liluo.

  At a moment when Bai Liluo was held, Chu Feng was more likely to find that Bai Liluo, whose body was as cold as ice, in the breath of the body, was even more confusing.

  The body looks like ice, but in the body, it’s as hot as the plasma, and it’s sweeping.

  “Sister Liluo, what’s wrong with you?”

  Chu Feng panic, he can feel that Bai Liluo’s situation is very dangerous.

  There’s even the possibility of death.

  “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s just forced out of the mess.”

  Bai Liluo said with a smile.

  And after Chu Fengs’s medical treatment, Chu Feng found that Bai Liluo did not lie.

  Indeed, her illness was caused by forced customs.

  Fortunately, Chu Feng is now Saint-cloak World Spiritist at Dragon Mark level, and the bloodline is awake, making his Spirit Formation technique extremely sophisticated.

  Under his medical treatment, Bai Liluo’s illness has finally begun to alleviate.

  Martial God Asura

  Martial God Asura

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