Martial God Asura Chapter 4061

Phone reading.

  And when Bai Liluo’s wounds are slowed down,

  Chu Feng is more applicable, and he’s in Reincarnation Upper Realm, the way he learned about the curse to break Bai Liluo’s curse. Publications Web:/

  It’s just that Chu Feng didn’t think that Bai Liluo’s curse was so powerful that he had nothing to do with it.

  That makes Chu Feng extremely upset.

  After all, he saw himself, Bai Liluo was tortured by that curse.

  He doesn’t want Bai Liluo to spend his whole life with that curse.

  “It’s okay, don’t worry.”

  “Is this curse on me? Is everything okay? I don’t know?”

  “The curse has not been there for a long time, even if I’m going to undergo the critical moment of closed-door training cultivation, it will not be possible for me to go so well to undergo closed-door training.”

  “And you, Elder Sister, my cultivation realm, can make so much progress and depend on that black ghost.”

  “Although I was unable to refining it, I still had great benefits on it.”

  “So you Elder Sister me, and you need to keep going to undergo closed-door training, and I can’t miss this opportunity, and if that power is removed from me from the body, I would be too bad.”

  “I have to turn it into my own use before that black ghost leaves me in the body’s power.”

  “As for Chu Celestial Clan, you don’t have to worry, Elder Sister, that I can feel the outside situation, and you Elder Sister, I won’t be able to die if you’re really in danger.”

  “In fact, when Clan Head was in danger before, I just saw you back, so you Elder Sister, I’m going to undergo closed-door training immediately.”

  Bai Liluo said to Chu Feng.

  “Sister Liluo, I’ll deal with the family thing, and you don’t have to worry.”

  “Since you’re so dangerous, don’t waste your time, go to undergo closed-door training.”

  Chu Feng’s catalyst.

  Subsequently, Bai Liluo went again to undergo closed-door training.

  And as for that blue-consistent thing, Chu Celestial Clan and others are naturally very curious.

  Bai Liluo and Chu Feng were blocked after suddenly sending a voice.

  When the blockade was lifted, not only did you see the man who spoke.

  Even that, the Blue Gowned of Chu Celestial Clan was gone.

  What happened in this middle, Chu Celestial Clan Head and others, is also very curious.

  Chu Feng did not, however, inform them that since the Blue Flag was promised, Chu Feng was committed to it.

  See Chu Feng’s reluctance to say that Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head and others have not been asked much.

  After all, it seems to them that only Chu Feng and Bai Liluo can be safe.

  The following day, Chu Feng went to undergo closed-door training cultivation for a while.

  He wants to try, refining in the body’s tree seed.

  And try to communicate with that very fast deer.

  Chu Feng knows that if the tree seed is refining, cultivation realm fixes the president in.

  And the deer doesn’t have to say that, if it is in control, it will be a life-saving tool.

  Just, without exception, Chu Feng failed.

  He was unable to refining the tree seed, nor was he able to communicate with that deer.

  And turn your eyes around, and it’s the day to go to the purple paradise.

  Chu Celestial Clan was well prepared for this episode.

  This time, Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head, Chu Hanpeng, and many powerful people will be there.

  Chu Celestial Clan, only Chu Xuan Zhengfa, and the prison Hall.

  Of course, if they were to rely on them, they would not be able to stop Chu Celestial Clan.

  Bai Liluo is here to undergo closed-door training, Chu Celestial Clan clansman, and it’s also reassuring.

  They were afraid not of Chu Celestial Clan, but of influencing Bai Liluo to undergo closed-door training, after all, before Bai Liluo had forced a switch, resulting in backlash.

  They don’t want Bai Liluo to be so tired because of themselves.

  Although Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head did not wish Chu Feng to join them.

  But when Chu Feng really came out with them, Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head’s heart was great.

  In Chu Hanpeng’s words, he hasn’t seen Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head laugh so long.

  But on this road, Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head’s face has always been smiling.

  Everyone knows why Lord Clan Head is so happy.

  Naturally because of Chu Feng.

  Think, Chu Feng just went back to Great Thousand Upper Realm.

  Chu Celestial Clan, most clansman at that time, was resistant to Chu Feng, even looking at Chu Feng.

  This Lord Clan Head has always believed in Chu Feng, protecting Chu Feng.

  So far, Chu Fengs’s achievements have proved that the old Clan Head’s eyes are right.

  Chu Feng, indeed, is his hope for Chu Celestial Clan, Chu Feng has given them Chu Celestial Clan the honour of today.

  In the ancient Teleportation Array, after the passage of First Rank Time,

  Chu Feng Chu Celestial Clan’s army finally came to the World where the UV Hall was located.

  Purple Star Upper Realm

  Here, the name is Upper Realm of Purple Star, not Purple Star Hall.

  In fact, the name of UV Upper Realm is longer than the purple gallery.

  Even the name of the Purple Star Hall came along with the UV Upper Realm.

  Even in Ancient Era, the name here is Purple Star Upper Realm.

  That would be the case, because in this ultraviolet Upper Realm, there is a special plant called Purple Tree.

  This purple vine flower, is a cultivation resource.

  Moreover, such flowers can survive only on the soil of Upper Realm, Purple Star.

  If you leave Purple Star Upper Realm, you will die immediately.

  And this purple vine flower cannot be cultivated.

  It can only grow naturally, and it’s not fixed where it grows every year.

  Most importantly, Virtual Fujima, within UV Upper Realm, has only the right to use.

  Cultivator from other forces or non-purple gallery, if he had the courage to use purple vines for cultivation, would have been a major crime of killing.

  Of course, it’s not so good to find Purple Fujima.

  Vitamin, with natural Oddity, they’ll hide.

  Even when they hide, even if you walk from them, you can’t feel them.

  Except for the World Spiritist, which is highly observable, it is only the Purple Star mirror of the Plateau that can be found.

  Reference was made to the Virtual Tree, in fact the Purple Star Hall, as also mentioned in this invitation to Chu Celestial Clan.

  They gave Chu Celestial Clan a gift.

  Just this gift, but Chu Celestial Clan needs to look for it himself.

  This gift, it’s a purple vine.

  The letter of invitation states that Chu Celestial Clan, during the stay of Ultimate Upper Realm, could be used in refining and planting if he was fortunate to find Vitamin.

  Of course, the letter of invitation provides that only one opportunity is available.

  That is, when we find the first place, if refining’s gone.

  Then you can’t touch the second place again.

  Naturally, if Chu Celestial Clan hadn’t found out, it would have missed the courtesy, and the purple gallery would not have prepared the Virtual Treasure in front of Chu Celestial Clan.

  And it’s a coincidence that Chu Feng just walked out of Teleportation Array and found Sea of Flowers of Purple Saturn.

  And there’s still a lot of sea of Flowers.

  Martial God Asura

  Martial God Asura

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