Martial God Asura Chapter 4062

Phone reading.

  Chu Feng, you’re telling the truth, there’s a lot of vessel of Flowers here.

  After hearing Chu Fengs, General Chu Celestial Clan, who was supposed to have gone straight to the Purple Star Hall, had stopped and landed in the position of Sea of Flowers, as Chu Feng said. Web phone address: https/

  It’s just that they can’t feel anything, either by stepping on your feet or by hand, and it’s empty here, like it’s a normal grass, not like the sea of Flowers.

  “Wait a minute.”

  Chu Feng while speaking, close your eyes and sit on your knees.

  See this, Chu Celestial Clan’s crowd clansman is all looking forward to it.

  They know Chu Fengs, Chu Feng never speaks loud, and since he says there’s Sea of Flowers here, there must be.

  There’s Teleportation Array, there’s Cultivator.

  Besides, it’s Purple Upper Realm, which is a very prosperous world.

  Outside this Teleportation Array, a lot of people are gathered.

  It’s just that they stopped at this point.

  Start looking around Chu Celestial Clan.

  Chu Celestial Clan, a lot of people were sent this time.

  They were desperate, and since Teleportation Array came out, they were remarkable.

  Moreover, Chu Celestial Clan is also very stranger to Cultivator here.

  So the UV Upper Realm native Cultivator, while speculating where Chu Celestial Clan came from, most people were also reported as a gesture of fear.

  However, there is also a heterogeneous presence in the crowd around it.

  “Chu Celestial Clan ”

  “Is this the new Overlord of Ancestral Martial Star Region?”

  “Why is Sovereign Realm so weak?”

  “But don’t talk about it. Maybe someone’s crouching tigers, hidden dragons, deliberately hiding cultivation realm.”

  “Hahaha, don’t be funny. The news is long gone. Chu Celestial Clan is just a weak family, but Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s henchman.”

  “He was able to sit on Ancestral Martial Star Region Overlord, solely because Ancestral Martial Dragon City was sheltering that’s all, as for his own strength, weakness, and in the entire Ancestral Martial Star region, it was a dubious garbage.”

  “I can’t imagine how powerful they are to come to the Purple Star Hall.

  This is not, in the crowd, there are five or six people, singing together, humiliating Chu Celestial Clan.

  And they say a lot about it, and they deliberately let all those present hear them.

  When their words are disseminated, the point of reference to Chu Celestial Clan has also begun, although more of them have been questioned.

  look towards Chu Celestial Clan’s eyes, no longer as fearful as before.

  “These bastards, I’ll teach them a lesson.”

  At this point, there is Clansman of Chu Celestial Clan, who can’t stand humiliation and who wants to learn from it.

  “Stop it.”

  But they just got up, and they got pulled back by Chu Celestial Clan Elder.

  “How many times have you been taught?”

  “Get out of the house and act low.”

  “martial practitioner World, people beyond the heavens, you know where they are?”

  “Look at their waist plates.”

  That Chu Celestial Clan’s Elder Avenue.

  Listen to this, Chu Celestial Clan’s many clansman are also watching it carefully.

  That is why it was discovered that the people who had previously humiliated Chu Celestial Clan.

  Not only are they wearing the same services, but they still have the same plates in their waist.

  It is not only precise, but it is also written in the four words “Aristocratic Family”.


  After seeing the words on that plate, Chu Celestial Clan clansman, who was prepared to do it, sucked in a breath of cold air, scaring even the guts of the other side.

  And it would be more interesting to see Chu Celestial Clan clansman react, who came from the Unseen Aristocratic Family.

  “It was the man of the Unseen Aristocratic Family.”

  “Well, it seems that they’re telling the truth.”

  “This group of people from Chu Celestial Clan is really today, Overlord of Ancestral Martial Star Region.”

  “What, so weak?”

  Soon, this Purple Star Upper Realm, native Cultivator, also found the identity of those people.

  To that end, those who had previously spoken to them, half of whom had doubted, began to no longer doubt.

  For a while, in the crowd, the sound of Chu Celestial Clan is beginning to rise.

  That would change, because the secretary Aristocratic family came up with a lot.

  The secretary Aristocratic Family, one of the 10 who abandoned Star Region, was one of the rulers.

  It’s Overlord of the Unseen Star Region.

  Because the ten big abandonment of Star Region’s party was largely organized by the Purple Star Hall.

  So these Overlord forces, actually, are ordinary guests of the Purple Star Hall.

  Such forces as the Hydrone Aristocratic Family are also highly prominent in the Upper Realm of Purple Star.

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  Suddenly, Gold Light, far away.

  Targeted observation is a big golden cloud, like the golden tsunami, and it’s blown up with the air and rolled over here at a very rapid pace.


  voice is sweeping, but the blinking kung fu, the golden cloud is nearer and stops.

  Observing, everyone can see that, in that golden cloud, there are huge beast, the palace, and, more importantly, the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

  Most importantly, in their waist, there are the same plates.

  Unseen Aristocratic Family.

  This is the Great Army of Aristocratic Family.

  When the Great Guard of Aristocratic Family approached, it became quiet.

  oppression, that’s a sense of oppression from powerful forces.

  Although Ultimator Upper Realm is far above the abandonment of Star Region, Cultivator, who is Ultivator Upper Realm, has some sense of superiority.

  But in the face of the unseen Aristocratic family, one of the rulers of Upper Realm, the usual Cultivator, is still a man of fear and guilt.

  Following the approaching of the Great Guard Aristocratic Family, one of them has left a man in the macro palace.

  This man looks like a young man, who looks very handsome, even more so.

  It was only his ritual, but it was a mess.

  Left hand with a big pig leg, right hand with a pot of wine.

  A pig’s hoof, a drink, a big rock walk out.

  In theory, it’s nothing. Eat it, everybody likes it.

  Although Cultivator, he had long been removed from the food of the human being, even if he did not drink, it was only Martial Power in the refining heavens and the earth that could continue life.

  But delicious, they still love.

  It’s just this meal, it’s kind of hard to see.

  The oil was full of faces, and alcohol was spinning all over the clothing, and it looked very wolf.

  But when he came out, the army of the Unseen Aristocratic Family was all slight down to pay tribute.


  can be seen, this identity is absolutely different.

  This one, eat on one side, walk outside.

  And look, keep looking down.

  Eventually, it fell on Chu Celestial Clan’s flag.

  Chu Celestial Clan.


  When you see Chu Celestial Clan’s flag, this is a joke.

  He laughed, the meat in his mouth, the wine, all sprayed out.

  But he was laughing but very happy.

  “It’s really Chu Celestial Clan, they’re really here.”

  “Have the guts, the guts.”

  “In the past, Wuming Clan came to the Purple Star Hall to humiliate himself.”

  “I can’t imagine that this year Ancestral Martial Star Region came up with a weaker one.”

  “I heard their Clan Head, not even a Sovereign cultivation realm.”

  This, you’re welcome to humiliate Chu Celestial Clan.

  Martial God Asura

  Martial God Asura

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