Martial God Asura Chapter 4063

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  “Young Master, Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head’s cultivation realm is said to have failed to reach a Sovereign and to remain in Venerable Realm. Think… no, no, no.

  That is when an old man with relative stability and strength formidable came to that man.

  And old man, this opening, people know this, and it looks like a young man.

  He’s Young Master of Aristocratic Family.

  Hyun-Aristocratic Family, in fact, has a number of famous losers.

  But eating is so ugly, there’s only one.

  That’s Hyun-hung.

  And whoever knows the secrets of Aristocratic family, he knows what the universe is like.

  This man, sexual tyranny, does everything out.

  He was angry, and even clansman of Aristocratic Family could be killed.

  But if he were pleased, he would have given treasure to the lowest slaves.

  Although this is a notorious bastard, for his mother’s sake, Aristocratic Family Patriarch is in love with him.

  It is also for that reason that this is the most powerful among the many daughters of Aristocratic Family Patriarch.

  “Hahaha, really just Venerable Realm.”

  “Ah, Hahaha, ha.”

  “That’s ridiculous.”

  “How can Clan Head be so weak in the sky?”

  “It’s gonna be such a weak family.”

  “The most ridiculous thing is that such a family became the host of Ancestral Martial Star Region.”

  “Now Ancestral Martial Star Region,”

  When it was learned that Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head cultivation realm was just Venerable Realm, which was laughing more and more ironic.

  “Young Master, although Chu Celestial Clan’s overall strength is weak.”

  “But I heard that within Chu Celestial Clan there was a great genius.”

  “This man, Chu Feng, is very good at innate talent.”

  “Chu Celestial Clan is said to have access to Ancestral Martial Star Region, precisely because of Chu Feng.”

  “Because of that Chu Feng, Chu Celestial Clan was able to sit, Ancestral Martial Star Region Overlord.”

  The old man next to Hyun-jing continues to say.

  “Oh, what a genius.”

  “In my eyes, it’s all foolish.”

  However, after hearing the two words of genius, laughed heartily’s unknown face became somewhat uncomfortable.

  In this case, the old man was also busy talking and dared to continue.

  “What’s Chu Celestial Clan doing here?”

  The Unseen will stare down and ask.

  “Lord Young Master, the subordinate knows.”

  He just fell, and there were a few voices down there.

  Immediately, a few silhouette flew from the lower group and kneeled out close to the big army.

  These people, precisely, were previously in the crowd, humiliating Chu Celestial Clan, the people of Aristocratic Family.

  They’re all henchman of the Unseen.

  “Come and listen.”

  Hyun-hung said.

  “Return to Lord Young Master, they claim to have found Vitamin here.”

  “That is why it stays here.”

  Those henchman said.


  The four words were heard, and the eyes of Hyun-jin suddenly became bright.

  Less, in his eyes, he saw it seriously.

  “Where is it, where is the flower of Video?”

  Hyun-jing is watching.

  In fact, it can’t blame Hyun-hung for being so nervous.

  He was, with the army, swimming around UV Upper Realm.

  It’s just trying to find Purple Treasure, and then invite him to work.

  Like these henchman, he sent it all out of his mind.

  Like this henchman, he sent out tens of thousands.

  The aim is also to find Vitamin.

  It’s just a pity that he’s been swimming for half a month on Purple Upper Realm.

  It was time-consuming, but it didn’t even see the shadow of the Purple Tree.

  Now, listen, there’s purple vines here, and he’s naturally excited.

  “Young Master, Chu Celestial Clan, you believe it.”

  Suddenly, there was another old man’s voice ringing.

  With that voice, it was an old man in the world Spirit robe.

  The World Spirit robe, the strength of the old man, was exposed.

  He’s a Snake Mark level Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

  This man, because he has two special eyes.

  So it’s called Grandmaster of the fairy eye, the expert looking for treasure.

  This fairy Grandmaster, is a very high price for Hyun-jing.

  The aim is to find the Purple Tree.

  “Grandmaster, isn’t there a purple seed here?”

  Hyun-hung asked.

  For Grandmaster of the fairy eyes, he was convinced.

  After all, the search for treasure is what the World Spiritist is good at.

  Besides, this fairy Grandmaster, even more famous.

  “Young Master, this place is a place of balls, not to mention the noble savanilla, such as Vitamin, which cannot come here, even if it is a little valuable herb, it will not be chosen to grow.”

  Grandmaster said.

  “It’s a bunch of waste, and there’s a place where they’re lying, and there’s a purple seed.”

  “As far as I see it, I want the Purple Star Hall to be rejoicing, and I want to go crazy.”

  After disappointment, Yang Hung will be angry and cast into Chu Celestial Clan.

  When he opened his mouth, his henchman, in order to make the master happy, began to insult Chu Celestial Clan.

  For such humiliation to the general public, Chu Celestial Clan’s clansman, who, although angry, was obstructing the power of the unseen Aristocratic family, was furious and could only be tolerated with silence.

  In this case, the UV Upper Realm’s native Cultivator is just shy.

  They all saw it.


  fact, Aristocratic Family was the first time to meet Chu Celestial Clan.

  Hyun-Aristocratic Family and Chu Celestial Clan, before which there was no hatred, it was lacking hatred and enmity.

  Only because Chu Celestial Clan was too weak to meditate Aristocratic family as soon as he first met will Chu Celestial Clan be insulted.

  Even all the hard words, all of them.

  And Chu Celestial Clan, even a fart.

  Even if Lord Clan Head was humiliated, they chose to be patient.

  In this case, although inevitable, Chu Celestial Clan was ignored.

  But Cultivator from Upper Realm, too, is sympathetic to Chu Celestial Clan.

  Even though weakness was an original crime, it was too much for Hyun-Aristocratic Family to bully Chu Celestial Clan.

  Isn’t that typical, weak, soft?

  In fact, Chu Celestial Clan would have left this place soon if it were to be done.

  But now, they prefer to be humiliated and remain here.

  Just because of someone, that’s Chu Feng.

  At this time, Chu Celestial Clan’s many clansman, while enduring humiliation, turned his eyes on Chu Feng.

  Chu Feng is their only hope, and only Chu Feng can protect them.

  So they’re all waiting, patient waiting for Chu Feng eyes open.

  The book’s hair came from, the first time I read the original version.

  Martial God Asura

  Martial God Asura

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