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  Finally, Chu Feng’s close eyes are open. Web site: http://www.tps/

  And then he stood up, too.

  But his hands still overlap, as if there was something in it.

  After Chu Feng started, he looked at that aloof and remote, the Great Guard of Aristocratic Family.

  His vision, very powerful, was like two invisible blades, stabbed to Void.

  But Chu Feng just looked at it, but he didn’t say anything, and he took it back.

  Although Chu Feng didn’t say anything, his eyes were still bleak.

  “The kid was staring at me.”

  “He’s courting death.”

  Hyun-hung is unhappy to say.

  “Young Master, these ants are not enough to let you do it.”

  The old man next to him said.

  “Well, that’s true, but it can’t be used to it, and if you look at me like that again, people will be asked to dig his eyes off.”

  Hyun-hung said.

  “Did you hear what Young Master said?”

  That old man asked.


  Thereafter, the sound of the thunderbolt is ringing.

  They say nothing like that, and they have no protection against others.

  So everyone here is clear and clear, including Chu Feng.

  But Chu Feng, it’s not reasonable, but it’s the duplicate hands that keep changing.

  Chu Feng, in the absence of a separate hand, used his hands to pinch a curious French print.

  His actions have attracted the attention of the whole spectrum, and naturally include the Hydrone Aristocratic Family.

  “What’s the boy dressing up as God, playing the devil?”

  Hyun-hung asked.

  “Back to my lord, that man was Chu Feng, who said,” There’s a purple vine here. “

  “Even Chu Celestial Clan’s clansman was not convinced, but Chu Feng was bitten, and there must be Purple Tree.”

  “And before you came, he sat on the ground as if he could show the truth to Purple.”

  “Most ridiculous, these Chu Celestial Clan people believe that they are, each and everyone are looking forward to it.”

  A few henchman from Aristocratic Family said.

  Oh, he’s Chu Feng.

  When you know, that’s Chu Feng.

  Chu Feng is rebooted without reason, as well as by the old man around him.

  “That print is indeed World Spiritist’s print.”

  “Just a very rough French print.”

  “Young Master is right, he’s actually dressing up as God, playing the devil.”

  “As far as I see it, this Chu Feng, is nothing but a fugitive named that’s all.”

  The fairy Grandmaster, said earlier.


  “No wonder Chu Celestial Clan is so weak.”

  “Good luck is a family, and it’s a small generation, and it’s a powerful force.”

  “Forget it, Ben Young Master doesn’t want to see these inferior bride clowns, let them continue to dream here in the daylight, and let’s go find Purple Treasure.”

  Hyun-hung while speaking, looking towards the Palace.

  And the great army of Aristocratic Family is also prepared to continue.


  It was just that Hyun-hung had not yet gone to the palace, and Chu Celestial Clan was down there, but suddenly there was a difference.

  The glorious rays of light are spreading from the bottom.

  That rays of light, which was extremely bright, covered by that rays of light, even the immense Aristocratic Family Army at the top of the ten thousand meters.

  Such a move was immediately brought to the attention of the unseen Aristocratic family.

  Everyone, all of them, looked at the past in the direction of that rays of light.

  And that doesn’t matter, all of us in the Unseen Aristocratic Family, are startled.

  They found that glorious rays of light came out of Chu Fengs’s heart.

  When Chu Feng opened his hand completely, they could see that there was a thing in Chu Feng’s hand, and that was the ball, but it was constantly crying like life.

  If you look closely, it contains a very pound of Formation.

  “How could it be?”

  “Is it treasure?”

  Seeing Chu Feng in hand, the fairy Grandmaster, has become complicated.

  As Snake Mark Level Saint-cloak World Spiritist, he can see how powerful Chu Feng is.

  Category: Hydraulics

  Suddenly, only the Chu Feng sleeves waved, and the things in their hands were fragmented, and the fossil energy was spreading.

  It is a direct rush to the heavens and the earth, and then it descends from the sky like a storm.

  And with this gloomy landing, this land has changed.

  There was purple plants on the earth.

  It’s a beauty wheel, and it’s a fairy creepy.

  And when they show up, the earth and the earth have become abundant in abundance.

  And then, precisely Purple Treasure.

  Vitamin, based on size and size, is also in the initial phase, and in the medium term, Great Accomplishment three levels.

  The original purple seed flowers are only one inch tall, while the mid-term purple vine flowers can grow up to half a metre high.

  But here’s the purple seed, but there’s a metre tall.

  This is Great Accomplishment’s purple vine.

  And there are so many more of these Purple Treasure flowers.

  It’s true, the Sea of Flowers, compiled by the Purple Tree.

  And, like this, the great Sea of Flowers, is very rare throughout Purple Star Upper Realm.

  For one of the simplest examples, the sea of Flowers, most of which are purple fibres, has been compiled from the early and medium stages of the operation.

  And in every sea of Flowers, the amount of purple vine flowers does not exceed 1,000.

  But here, there are tens of thousands, Great Accomplishment’s Virtual Treasure.

  This is Legend, King of Flowers.

  “The King of Sea of Flowers, the King of Sea of Flowers in Legend, is not even found in the Purple Star Hall.”

  “Oh God, hard letter, the king of Sea of Flowers in legend, appears here.”

  “If it were refining, it would be inconceivable to have the amount of the plant’s resources.”

  “The young man. He found this place.”

  “He has no eyesight. It’s too good.”

  Between time and time, the downstairs are exaggerating Chu Feng.

  But those people’s exaggerated voices, the more loud, the more ugly the Grandmaster’s face.

  “Didn’t you say that this is where the balls are?

  “Why is the Sea of Flowers in this legend here?”

  The Unseen Hung, an angry look towards Grandmaster.

  At this point, his attitude has changed dramatically.

  There are no previous compliments, some just anger.


  “It shouldn’t be, old man.”

  “I know, it must be treasure in his hand.”

  “That makes Vitamin flower, purple Sealight, a treasure.”

  “The Chu Feng was found by that treasure.”

  Grandmaster, explain.

  “Then you have such treasure.”

  Hyun-hung asked.

  “Oldman didn’t.”

  Grandmaster shake his head.

  “Nothing useful, I ask you to use.”

  “Forget the rest of it, and I gave it to you before, and you will return it to me, or I will take your life.”

  Hyun-hung shouted.


  Grandmaster, dare not speak, and finally only silent nodded.

  At this point, Hyun-hung was really pissed off.

  He spent so much time searching for the Purple Treasure that he couldn’t find.

  Chu Celestial Clan, the garbage found in his eyes, and found it not to be an unusual purple vine, but to the King of Sea of Flowers in legend, which makes him extremely upset.

  Looking down, that beauty, the sea of Flowers, the more he wants to be angry, even breathing.

  Suddenly, he looked at it, and he seemed to have thought of something.

  And then, in his eyes, not only did he reveal a flash of joy, but also in his mouth, it was a smile of greed.

  The book’s hair came from, the first time I read the original version.

  Martial God Asura

  Martial God Asura

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