Martial God Asura Chapter 4106

Phone reading.

  Purple Star Hall, for fear of the dragon road, has been kneeling. Web phone address: https/

  How dare you get up before dark.

  But on your knees, it’s always embarrassing, especially to be surrounded by a group of people who are weaker than themselves.

  So under rage, Purple Star Hall Master, all the other powerful men were expelled.

  Eventually, the curtain came.

  And the Phantom hall master, and the people of the Purple Star Hall, finally stood up.

  Of course, it also includes that, Supreme Elder of the Seven Star Alliance, Toronto.

  Ray was seriously created, so he didn’t leave directly, but chose to stay in the purple gallery.

  The people of the Purple Star Church, who are behind them, return to their positions.

  But the shame of this day will not be mentioned.

  Even though it looks like nothing has happened.

  But in their hearts, it’s not taste.

  That feeling was that they aloof and remote’s self-esteem had been crushed.

  At this point, the Purple Star Hall hall master, with her girl Lee Dreamh, is in great hall and is talking.

  They’re talking about Li Dreamh, why did you die and help Chu Feng?

  This is the thing that was before the UV Hall Master, unknown.

  After all, if Chu Feng didn’t do it in a timely manner, Li dreah could die in the hands of the Lord of the Star Island.

  And the truth of the purple gallery hall master, is a lot of comfort.

  So Li Dreamh, helping Chu Feng, is not a good idea, but her purpose.

  Li Dreamh thinks Chu Feng innate talent is good, and it’s probably good for Chu Feng to grow up in her purple gallery.

  However, she had no idea that the Lord of the Star Fairy Island would be so strong.

  If it was known that life would be at risk, she would not have turned out.

  Of course, Li Dreamh has always focused on the Purple Star Hall.

  That is why Li dreah did not dissuade her father when she wanted to forcibly retrieve cultivation treasure from Chu Feng.

  Because she doesn’t want that kind of treasure to fall on Chu Fengs.

  Even if there was a commitment, she would not allow that to happen.

  “Father, is that dragon road really a dragon man?”

  “Why don’t you show up in the name of the Dragon, and instead do Ancestral Martial Dragon City lord?”

  “He should, and he was, the one who was expelled by the Dragon.”

  Lee Dreamh asked.

  Although she was a descendant, she was well aware of Saint Light Galaxy.

  Don’t look on the surface, she’s not a compliment, but she’s actually very ambitious.

  “Even if he was expelled by the dragon clan, he had a plate on him, and he was the one who wanted to protect the dragon.”

  “Just this medal is enough to keep the Seven Star Allies afraid of it.”

  “Not to mention our purple gallery anymore.”

  “This is the deterrent of the dragon.”

  “But the terrifying, not the dragon, but Chu Feng.”

  “The child innate talent is too much more terrifying, growing up beyond that.”

  “It is not today that he will be removed and will suffer from poverty.”

  Speaking of this, Purple Star Hall Master is full of regret.

  The early notice would be like this ending, and he wouldn’t be as hard as Chu Feng today.

  It’s just a pity that things have come to this, and regret is useless.

  But the only thing that makes him happy is that Lee Dreamh has a relationship with Chu Fengs, or something delicate.

  Regardless of what Li Dreamh is, at least on the surface, Lee Dreamh is still on Chu Feng, save himself.

  So he’ll look for Lee’s dream.

  “Dreamh, you’re not ashamed to be the most powerful child for your father.”

  “Now, you made a deal with Chu Feng before, and it was a very correct decision.”

  “Even if Chu Feng had a very bad impression of my purple gallery, he might even see me as an enemy, but at least he had a good impression of you.”

  “You’re the only hope if it comes, if you need to melt this grudge.”

  Purple starboard hall master sighs.

  “Lord Father, I will take the opportunity to contact that Chu Feng later.”

  “This Chu Feng, can’t get out of my hand.”

  “He will not be an enemy of my purple gallery, but will become, my puppet in the purple gallery.”

  Li Dreamh said that when he said it, he was confident.

  And in the face of beauty, there was a blasphemy.

  It’s a real snake scorpion.

  “Dream, you’re really a good girl for your father.”

  Looking at such a Li Dreamh, on the face of the Purple Hall Master, finally smile.

  He’s been looking at Li Dreamh as his successor.

  Not only do you look at the innate talent of Lee’s dream, but more like her kind of means.

  “Make Chu Feng your puppet.”

  “Who gives you confidence?”

  “Do you think Chu Feng, that kid, is such a good liar?”

  Suddenly, a woman’s voice ranged from great hall.

  It makes the purple paradise hall master and Li Dreamh all out of panic.

  Because this great hall is a barrier, and at this point the door is closed, it should not have come in.

  But that voice came from great hall.

  This means someone has broken in.

  “Somehow a man of ability came to my purple gallery.”

  Purple Star Hall Master, realizing the other side cannot be underestimated.

  So he dared not to be angry, but to be polite in one fist in the other hand in an extremely welcome language.

  And after he fell, a silhouette came out and fell before them.

  Just floating before them now is a little girl with golden hair.

  This little girl, she looks so naive, he’s 13 years old. That’s a child.

  However, Cultivator’s World, does not qualify as age.

  The experience of the purple gallery hall master tells him that the present one, although very modest, is probably an old demon in cultivation for 10,000 years.

  So he dared not to take it seriously, but to compliment again, “Somehow senior came from, to my purple gallery, what’s the matter?”


  That little girl, show the charming smile.

  “You guys, before you find me, pick up that Chu Feng.”

  “Now, I’m here to see you. You don’t know each other.”

  That little girl, too speaking, not only Gold Light, but also thunder.

  At the same time, a unique divine aura was released from the body.

  Feel that breath, the purple starboard hall master and Li Dreamh.

  Is that breath, not precisely in the ultraviolet? That cultivation treasure breath?

  Don’t you think this little girl is the cultivation treasure in the ultraviolet?

  “Senior, are you from the ultraviolet?”

  Purple Star Hall Master, test interrogation.

  “Yes, I am what you think about, what you want to get, what you’re talking about.”

  That little girl said with a smile.

  Listen, the Purple Star hall master has a dream of Lee, all of which is stuck.

  They are happy and unhappy.

  I thought cultivation treasure was taken away by Chu Feng, and I didn’t think it’d come back again.

  That’s what they didn’t expect at all.

  “Why, I came to see you. Aren’t you happy?”

  Little girl asks.

  “Happy, happy.”

  “So Chu Feng didn’t lie to us, he really didn’t get you.”

  Purple starboard hall master was thrilled by unknown measures.

  Happy, even wrinkles come out.


  “You purple gallery, waiting for me for so many years, it’s not easy.”

  “I’ve prepared for you a big gift.”

  “Just do it, you wait for my answer.”

  Little girl said it.

  “The Grand Prix.”

  Listen to this, the Purple Star Hall hall master and Le Dreamh, even more fantastic.

  “Look outside, you’ll know.”

  Little girl said it.

  Neither did you hesitate, nor did you hesitate to cast your eyes outside the palace.

  Although great hall, there are guards of Formation, people outside can’t see them in there.

  But they use special observation tools, both internal and external, to be able to cross Formation and see the situation outside.


  But in this case, the Purple Star Hall hall master and Li Dreamh, are a big change in expression and a bleak face.

  They, they were extremely surprised.

  They found that the entire purple gallery at that time was completely empty.

  All people in the Purple Star Hall, including Supreme Elder of the Seven Star Alliance, Ray.

  All dead.

  And everyone dies, almost the same.

  All of them are extremely stubborn, as if no one else sucked their souls and died.

  Everyone, all of them, has made a dead, dead dry corpse.

  And again looking for that little girl, the Purple Hall Master and Li Dreamh, are scary to breathe.

  They were surprised to find out that that looks so sweet to the little girl.

  And at this time, she had a blasphemy on her face, an extremely evil smile.

  “This big gift, but I like it.”

  That little girl, said with a smile.

  The book’s hair came from, the first time I read the original version.

  Martial God Asura

  Martial God Asura

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