“So, now, you have to call me Elder Sister.”

Chu Lingxi said to Chu Feng.

“Why?” asked Chu Feng.

“You forgot, we said two before, who is strong and who is the longest.”

“You were stronger than me, I called your brother, now I am stronger than you, of course you have to call me Elder Sister.” Chu Lingxi said.

“When is the matter, why don’t I remember?” Chu Feng frowned, and it was really unimpressive.

“Oh, I almost forgot, it was my dream when I was cultivation.” Chu Lingxi suddenly showed a shy smile.

“I said Shantou, don’t bring such a bully, what do you dream of yourself?” Chu Feng looked helpless.

“Yeah, it’s my own memorization. That dream is too real. I thought it happened. But I can’t blame me. You know, to the case of the reduction closed-door training cultivation, Illusion and Real, It’s a bit of a time to really get confused,” Chu Lingxi said.

“It doesn’t matter, forgive you,” Chu Feng said.

“But you still have to call me Elder Sister,” Chu Lingxi said.

“Why?” asked Chu Feng.

“Why, I am better than you, I am going to follow the age, you should also call this girl Elder Sister.” Chu Lingxi said.

“Yes, yes, what you said makes sense, but look at you, look like my sister, tell me how to call you Elder Sister?”

“Like this, let’s call me Chu Feng, regardless of their seniority,” Chu Feng said.

“How do you call me?” asked Chu Lingxi.

“I call you Lingxi sister,” Chu Feng said.

“You roll.” Chu Lingxi raised his hand and punched Chu Feng.

“Wow, help, my sister is playing with my brother.” Chu Feng ducked and yelled.

“This is Elder Sister playing Little Brother.” Chu Lingxi corrected.

“I am your brother, you just called my brother, everyone has heard it,” Chu Feng said.

“Fart, that’s me… dreaming mixed, hateful, I call your brother, you actually should, you are too shameless.” Chu Lingxi chased even more.

“Lingxi, are also big girls, what kind of system?”

But at this time, a figure suddenly appeared, is Gu Mingyuan.

“Mother, you said, my name is Chu Feng, why don’t you remind me?” asked Chu Lingxi.

“Who knows what two of you are?” said Gu Mingyuan.

“Are you not aiming at him? You are my mother,” Chu Lingxi said.

However, Gu Mingyuan did not pay attention to Chu Lingxi, but instead looked at Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, the juniors of today, have upgraded the cultivation realm with treasure. You don’t have it, it’s very bad.”

“This, you can use it.” Gu Mingyuan spoke and handed a jade to Chu Feng.

This piece of jade, full of red, is like a flame, beautiful.

However, it is also very unusual, which contains a strong Sovereign Rank Martial Power.

Chu Feng saw this piece of jade, knowing that this is a treasure, the kind that can enhance the cultivation realm.

“This jade is called the Fire Mantra.”

“If you can integrate with it, in Venerable Realm, you can upgrade a product cultivation realm.”

“Of course, the power of treasure is limited, and if it goes beyond Venerable Realm, it will lose its effectiveness.”

“Not only this piece of fire, but Lingxi’s ancient family, can only help her improve the cultivation realm in Venerable Realm.”

“Even with Linghu Hongfei, it’s the same as the Green Witch that is intimate with it. Venerable Realm is the limit. Beyond Venerable Realm, it will lose its effectiveness.”

“Although it will eventually fail, at least it can be useful in Venerable Realm, they have, you should have it, otherwise… you will suffer.”

Gu Mingyuan and Chu Feng said.

“Senior, this is too expensive.”

To be honest, Chu Feng and Nangong Yifan and others have already realized the role of treasure.

Chu Feng’s Thunder Mark, the blood of the Thunder, can only help Chu Feng to upgrade the Second Rank cultivation realm.

Can Nangong also ordinary, but they can upgrade the three products cultivation realm, the reason why one more than Chu Feng, preferred because they have this kind of treasure that can enhance the cultivation realm.

As Gu Mingyuan said, he did suffer.

However, such a treasure is worth the price, especially at the time of Gu Mingyuan’s fire curse, Chu Feng can see that the value of this treasure is afraid of being higher than the ordinary treasure, but it is real. Priceless treasure.

“When I was young with your father, destiny happened to have a secret.”

“This piece of fire curse is derived from the secret, but it is not me, but your father.”

“I always wanted to return this fire curse to him, but I have no chance.”

“Today, it is the same as returning it to you,” said Gu Mingyuan.

“Chu Feng, you just take it, my mother said it is true.” Chu Lingxi said.

“Chu Feng, you and Linghu Hongfei, are destined to have a battle, you need it too.” Gu Mingyuan continued.

The words of Gu Mingyuan are also mentioned in Chu Feng’s heart.

Chu Feng himself has a hunch that the relationship between him and Linghu Hongfei is not over yet.

Sooner or later, there is still a battle, and Chu Feng’s really needs to strengthen its own means.

“Senior, many thanks.” Chu Feng took the piece of fire, and took it down.

“Thank you for your exemption. It was your father’s, and it was for your father.” Gu Mingyuan smiled faintly.

“Right.” Suddenly, Gu Mingyuan spoke again, and this time, Gu Mingyuan was secretly sound transmission.

“Senior, what’s the matter?” Chu Feng realized that Gu Mingyuan had something to do with Chu Feng.

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