“Your father, he is really gone?” Gu Mingyuan asked.

“Senior, I think my father, he, is not dead.”

Chu Feng truthfully said his own thoughts.

For Gu Mingyuan, Chu Feng feels no need to hide.

“okay I know.”

After hearing this, Gu Mingyuan did not ask more, but on her face, there was a smile that was relieved.

Chu Feng sees that Gu Mingyuan may not be particularly familiar with his father.

But the relationship should be good too, at least Gu Mingyuan senior, is hoping his father is safe.

Later, Chu Feng and Chu Lingxi and Gu Mingyuan came to the place where the Blood Devouring Hall was interrogated.

However, when they came to the trial place, they found that many of the experts of Chu Xuan Zhengfa and Punishment Hall who were good at interrogation were unable to do anything.

Interrogation is nothing more than a torture to force the other person to say what he wants to know.

Blood Devouring Church Expert Although the cultivation realm is tyrannical, it can be bundled by Gu Mingyuan’s special chains, so the means of Chu Xuan Zhengfa and others can also play a role for them.

Just what, Blood Devouring Hall master and those experts, although not a good person, but they are all reinforced and iron, very boned.

No matter what means Chu Xuan Zhengfa used to torture them, they did not mention anything.

Look at the posture, even if they will kill them like this, they will not tell who is behind the scenes.

“Chu Feng, Lingxi, how come you?”

Seeing Chu Feng and others appear, Chu Xuan Zhengfa has some surprises.

Obviously, he did not want Chu Feng and Chu Lingxi, especially Gu Mingyuan, to see that he could do nothing.

But Gu Mingyuan did not care about the idea of ​​the primary selection technique. Instead, after entering here, he waved his hand: “You all go on.”

Her tone is still cold, compared with when she was talking to Chu Feng.

When talking to Chu Feng, she is a gentle and gentle senior.

But at this time, she is high, indifferent Queen.

Although, Gu Mingyuan is not a member of Chu Celestial Clan, but for the character Gu Mingyuan, even Chu Xuan Zhengfa can not be neglected, let alone other people.

Therefore, Chu Xuan Zhengfa, he did not even ask questions.

Instead, they took all the people of Punishment Hall directly and handed over the auditorium that belonged to them to Gu Mingyuan.

Thus, in the dark and wet interrogation hall, except for those, the bundled, outside of the Blood Devouring Hall expert.

Only Chu Feng, Chu Lingxi, and Gu Mingyuan.

“I really can’t think of you, but you have a professional literacy.”

“The mouth is strict enough,” Gu Mingyuan said in an extremely ironic tone.

“Oh, what kind of means do you want to torture the old man?” Blood Devouring said the hall master.

“Torture? Torture you have no meaning,” says Gu Mingyuan.

“Torturing them, the old man doesn’t care,” said the Blood Devouring Hall master.

“Of course I know that you don’t care if you torture them, but torture your grandson?” said Gu Mingyuan.

“Grandson? Jianghu is rumored, you believe this kind of thing?”

“Let’s tell you the truth, the rumor is that the old man is out, just want to confuse you.”

“The old man didn’t even have a son, but where did he come from?”

Blood Devouring Hall master master smiled and shook his head, and his face was also full of irony.

It is as if Gu Mingyuan mentioned his grandson, which is a very funny thing in itself.

“If it is really a rumor that you deliberately let go, it is not better to confuse me, why should you explain it here,” said Gu Mingyuan.

“In fact, it is in your hands, the old man did not think about living, so I don’t want you to waste time.”

“Gu Mingyuan, in the Ancestral Martial Star Region, you are also a character, you can die in your hands, it is not awkward.”

“It’s better to give the old man a good time.” Blood Devouring hall hall master said.

“I want to die, can.”

“Tell me, who told you to deal with Chu Celestial Clan?” Gu Mingyuan asked.

“There is no behind-the-scenes instigation, the old husband and Chu Xuanyuan have a personal grudge.” Blood Devouring hall hall master said.

“Do you think I am good at cheating?”

“I tell you, you want to die.”

“But that was after you said the behind-the-scenes instigation.”

“Before this, I won’t let you die, wait… I will personally bring your grandson to you,” said Gu Mingyuan.

“Hahaha, I really can’t think of it, Gu Mingyuan is so stupid, to waste time for a rumor.”

“Since you have to waste time, then go ahead and do it.”

Blood Devouring Hall suddenly mastered a laugh, and the smile was full of irony.

“Hahaha…” But at this time, Gu Mingyuan suddenly laughed, and her laughter was louder than the Blood Devouring hall master.

“Let’s live well, I don’t want to commit suicide, because if you die, I am guarantee… your grandson will be worse than you.”

“Chu Feng, Lingxi, Let’s go.” Gu Mingyuan said this, then took Chu Feng and Chu Lingxi out.

At this time, Chu Feng did not look at the Blood Devouring Hall master.

With the Spirit Formation technique, Chu Feng can see his expression changes even if he is facing him.

Blood Devouring Hall, in the eyes of the master, flashed a panic.

This made Chu Feng conclude that what Gu Mingyuan said might be true. Blood Devouring Hall master him, maybe there is a grandson.

And that grandson, obviously the soft underbelly of the Blood Devouring Hall master.

Although he has tried his best to cover up, he was still found flawed by Chu Feng.

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