“This is of course true, Lingxi, do you really feel that change?”

Hearing Chu Lingxi and saying that she didn’t feel the change, Chu Xuan Zhengfa was equally surprised.

“I can’t feel the change,” Chu Lingxi said.

At the time of the puzzle, Chu Lingxi and Chu Xuan Zhengfa, the father and the daughter, both turned their attention to Chu Feng.

“Lingxi, your understanding is already high, so you don’t need to use this method.”

“My method, combined with the use of blood power, may not work elsewhere, but within this Bloodline Cultivation Formation, it does enhance understanding.” Chu Feng said.

“It turned out to be like this. I seem to understand why the same cultivation, some people are slow in cultivation, some people are cultivation faster, and for a long time from the beginning, they have not felt the same power.”

“For a long time, the gap in talent is like this.”

“But Chu Feng, how do you know that with this method, my father can improve his understanding?” Chu Lingxi asked.

“To be honest, I just had this idea. After all, only the help of Venerable Realm is a little bigger. I can only open it after entering the Venerable Realm.”

“Actually, I am not sure, I just want to give it a try, but since I can help the senior, it is naturally the best,” Chu Feng said.

“It’s more than helping me, Chu Feng. With this method, my ethnic group will benefit, and even Clan Head will have the opportunity to become a Sovereign strong.”

“Chu Feng, you are so genius, you are the hero of my Chu Celestial Clan.”

Chu Xuan Zhengfa’s excitement has not diminished, and even more excited.

His excitement is sentimental.

First of all, it is possible to make this Bloodline Cleaning Formation permanent. This is Chu Feng’s credit.

Now, Chu Feng has taught them that this special cultivation method can speed up their cultivation.

This is not only helpful to him, but to the descendants of Chu Celestial Clan, sons and grandchildren.

Chu Xuan Zhengfa even thinks that if he continues this way, his Chu Celestial Clan will become a powerful Celestial Clan like the Linghu Celestial Clan.

All of this depends on Chu Feng.

“Father, you are a bit exaggerated.”

“You are like this, Chu Feng, is he under a lot of pressure?”

Just, looking at his father, Chu Lingxi frowned.

Even her, for the first time, saw her father, excited to be like this.

“Lingxi, you don’t know, this is a very important thing for me, Chu Celestial Clan.”

“He will change the fate of my Chu Celestial Clan and change the fate of my Chu Celestial Clan. Do you know?”

“And it all depends on Chu Feng, shouldn’t he be called a hero?”

Said Chu Xuan Zhengfa.

“Senior, I am also a Chu Celestial Clan, this is what I should do,” Chu Feng said.

“Father, you are still calm and calm, then start cultivation, and Chu Feng and I have to cultivate,” Chu Lingxi said.

“Well, your cultivation, cultivation is important, cultivation is important.”

“I will tell this good news to Hanpeng adults first, and let Hanpeng adults feel that the energy of heaven and earth here is so rich.”

Chu Xuan Zhengfa said that when he said this, he laughed, and even if he went far, the laughter still echoed.

“I said Chu Feng, you seem to have stimulated my father.”

“However, you are really amazing. I didn’t think that it might be that my father’s method of comprehension was wrong, and I couldn’t find a way to help them improve their understanding.”

“Although, I don’t know how much change my father and he have after using your method.”

“But looking at his reflection, it should be quite big. It seems that you really want to be the hero of my Chu Celestial Clan.” Chu Lingxi said to Chu Feng.

“It’s not me who is amazing, but the builder here. This is a great person and a benefactor of my Chu Celestial Clan.”

Chu Feng is more and more curious about the builders here.

“It’s really great, but don’t think about it, let’s hurry up cultivation.”

“Remember, concentrate on cultivation and be indifferent,” says Chu Lingxi.

“Shantou, you urge me to cultivate, do you know what?” Chu Feng asked.

She always felt that Chu Lingxi urged her cultivation in this way, for some reason.

“Don’t you know, Linghu Hongfei is out?” asked Chu Lingxi.

“Going out? When did he go to the trial of closed-door training, I don’t know.” Chu Feng said.

“No wonder you have no sense of urgency.”

“You need to know that Linghu Celestial Clan has a very powerful formation technique called Rayfire.”

“As long as the bloodline can come out, the cultivation realm will definitely rise, and even the talent will increase.”

“It is said that Linghu Hongfei entered the thunderbolt after a battle with Nine Dragons Upper Realm.”

“And now, he has come out of the blood of the thunder, although I don’t know how he has changed now, but the cultivation realm is definitely not what it used to be,” Chu Lingxi said.

“It turns out that it is no wonder that your mother kissed him. At this time, give me the fire curse,” Chu Feng said.

“That is the fire curse that belongs to you, but my mother is eager to give it to you, and it is indeed because of Linghu Hongfei.” Chu Lingxi said.

Later, Chu Feng sat down with Chu Lingxi, feeling the energy of the heavens and the Dao of Martial Cultivation.

Both of them hope to upgrade the cultivation realm as soon as possible, even if it is only a product.

It is only here that, unlike the place of adventure, the land of adventure can raise the cultivation realm in a short time.

But here is not the same, here is the place of cultivation, it must take time, and slowly comprehend.

However, the two of them, only cultivation, were interrupted for less than half a day.

Newcomer is Chu Xuan Zhengfa.

“Chu Feng, the big thing is not good,” said Chu Xuan Zhengfa.

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