The fifth and third chapters of the sword, the Tiange Pavilion assassin, will count

    Lin Yi took a lightning bolt and slammed it into a collision with the daggers of the three men. The real power poured out, and the strong force drove the three people back.

    The three people repeatedly turned over a few buckets in the air, quietly landing, holding their chests and snoring, obviously Lin Yi's strength is so powerful, although they can't kill them with a sword, they also give them a shock. hurt.

    The three assassins of the Tiantian Pavilion looked at each other and saw the surprise in the eyes of the other party. Obviously, the three people are not aware of Lin Yi, who has not used the Kirin arm, and its strength is so terrible!

    What is even more frightening is that his reaction speed and the sword are crisp and crisp. From the moment I found them, there was no chance of giving the three people any assassination!

    Because of the fear of the two wives who were injured behind him, Lin Yi forced the three men to retreat, without any hesitation. When the family stepped, they killed the three people with lightning and did not give the three assassins any breathing space.

    When the fly flies away, the right arm is twisted and swelled.

    "No, he wants to use the Kirin arm!"

    The three assassins exclaimed, and they were stunned. Once they used the unicorn arm, they would have no chance of assassination. Not to mention the assassination, I am afraid that even the lives of the three of them will remain.

    "Block him, don't use him for the Kirin arm!"The three people hurriedly exclaimed, forcing the real yuan in the body to oscillate, the blood was boiling, holding a poisonous dagger, turning it into three sacred lights and stabbing Lin Yi.


    The Kirin arm was converted to half, and the three assassins rushed, forcibly interrupting Lin Yi’s intention to use the Kirin arm. Lin Yi snorted, but did not have any fear, although the Kirin arm made him more powerful, but his own strength can not be underestimated.

    What's more, he is now in the middle of the king!

    Three little assassins. Although it is a strong king, the Martial Arts used are all assassinations, and all of them are assassinated. If they are not found, Lin Yi may be jealous of them, but once they find out they are fighting hard. Lin Yi has no fear in her heart, but it is high in war!

    Nowadays, I set foot on the middle of the king of the kingdom, just take the three assassins who are kings of the kingdom and use them to test the sword! Immediately, I no longer want to use the Kirin arm. A sword will kill three people. Instead, he encouraged the powerful real yuan, holding the Zixia Excalibur, rushed up, and fought with the three.

    Lin Yi's Sword Technique and the three-player fighting style are really similar, all of which are quick and accurate, with a fatal blow and a trick.

    The only difference is that Lin Yi is more suitable for the battle of the bright and the big, and the three assassins. The tricks used are all unexpected.

    First, the three were exposed. If you don't care, you won't have it. Without any surprise, Lin Yi was prepared, and even if the three men joined forces to besiege Lin Yi, they were defeated by Lin Yi.

    Lin Yi has a very fast sword, and the sword is a killer. The attack is more like a storm. After brushing a few times, a purple sword light will cover the three.


    A stream of fire flashed in the battle of four people. Playing very intensely. Both sides did not keep their hands, and all the moves were all about killing people.

    Therefore, the battle is extremely fast, less than half a column of incense time, it will be the winner!

    Lin Yi's sword is getting faster and faster, and the Zixia Excalibur on his hand is almost a purple lightning. I can't see any sword at all.

    The three assassins, although learning the best stinging technique in the world, are far less in the frontal battle than Lin Yi. It’s rare to fight the front of the people, under the violent storm of Lin Yi. The three men went one after another and were shot by Lin Yi. Fall to the ground.

    Lin Yi also has no thoughts. The reason why the assassins are assassins is that they are almost in any desperate place, and there are incredible means to turn them over. He didn't want to overturn the ship in the gutter. He threw the three men in a sword and flew down to the ground. His body flashed like a purple light and chased it up.

    Facing the three is a sword!


    The blood splashed, the three heads flew out, and the three men were in different places, and they were all shackled.

    System Notification :

    Killing the Tiangege to seal the king assassin and get a trillion commut experience.

    Killing the Tiangege to seal the king assassin and get a trillion commut experience.

    Killing the Tiangege to seal the king assassin and get a trillion commut experience.

    System Notification came and got a three trillion combat experience, but Lin Yi's attention was completely drawn by the three words of System Notification. I couldn’t help but whisper: "It’s actually an assassin of the Tiange Pavilion. It’s no wonder that the assassination technique is so good….."

    "What is the Tiange assassin?"Huang Yiting and Wang Yuluo and the two women came up from behind and just wanted to ask if Lin Yi was injured, but Lin Yi heard a self-talk, and immediately asked for an exit.

    Lin Yi smirked and pointed to the three dead bodies in the underground: "The three assassins are actually assassins of the Tiantian Pavilion."

    "Butian Pavilion?"Huang Yiting frowned and thought about it, and quickly asked him: "But the one of the two divisions of the Devil's Gate is the assassination technique, and the world's Tiantian Pavilion?"

    CorrectLin Yi nodded, and there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth. Of course, he knew the reputation of Butiange. In this world, if the assassination technique is the first one, then Futiange said the second, no one dares to say first.

    In fact, among the Jiang Hu in Kyushu, the name of Bu Tian Ge, let Jiang Hu people smell the color. Perhaps speaking of the Mozambique, such a strong person, they can still talk about some of the black history of the emperor, but once you talk about the Tiantian Pavilion, almost most of the Jiang Hu people will change their voices, not to mention the Tiantian Pavilion. if.

    Although the Tiantian Pavilion is one of the six schools of the Magic Gate, it has always been alone, on the edge of the Magic Gate. The scope of their activities is not in the territory of the Devils Gate. Perhaps they have no fixed site at all. The entire Kyushu Jiang Hu is their hunting ground.

    The entire Kyushu Jiang Hu, all over the world, are all over their people! Today, in the pub, I can't say a word about the swearing of the Tiantian Pavilion. Maybe tomorrow morning, the head of the bad guy will hang outside the pub.

    In the Jiuzhou Jiang Hu, Bu Tian Ge is so embarrassing and talks about it.

    "No wonder that in the past ten days, the spies released by the magic door have gradually become more and more. The original Emperor, the assassin of the Tiantian Pavilion, came out to assassinate me!"Lin Yi sneered, and the smile on her face was getting thicker and thicker. Haha laughed and said: "Okay, the more so, the more you tell me that the magic door is jealous of Lin Yi, the emperor is the strongest, and there is no such thing as me. Any countermeasures, but the assassination of these lower measures!"

    See Lin Yi laughing, Huang Yiting reacted very quickly, and quickly went forward and asked: "I am so happy, is there any strategy for making an enemy?"

    Lin Yi nodded with a smile and said with a confident face: "The emperor had never been out of the army, and now he has released a lot of spies. The reason why he did this is to make sure that Lin Yi has been given the assassin of the Tiange Pavilion. Assassinated."

    "It is true, the husband said it makes sense!"Huang Yiting indulged in a moment, nodded in agreement, and then asked: "What way does Nafujun think of to deal with the emperor?"

    Huang Yiting asked this, Lin Yi smiled, and still laughed: "If you are a demon, if you hear that Lin Yi was seriously injured by the assassin of Tian Tiange, you can't get out of bed, what would you do?"

    "If I am a demon emperor…"Huang Yiting indulged in a moment and immediately replied: "Without your death, Jian Yi, what is the fear of the army?" Will be sent out under the arm of the demon door army, nest out, stepping town magic city! ”

    Speaking of this, Huang Yiting suddenly responded and pointed to Lin Yi. "Why are you prepared to count?"

    smartLin Yi praised, pinched Huang Yiting's nose, and sneered: "I will spread the news immediately, and I will try my best to pass it to the ear of the magic door. I will say that I am killing the sword, Lin Yi, the day of the customs and two When the husband and wife were in the same room, they were assassinated by the Tiantiange assassin who had been ambushed in the house for a long time. A battle, although successfully killed three assassins, but also the assassin dagger a thorn, suffering from poison, life dying ….."

    Huang Yiting whitened Lin Yi and glanced at him: "It is good to say that you have been stabbed. Why do you still say that you are in the same room…..Speaking out, how ugly is it? ”

    Lin Yi laughed happily: "If you don't say this, how can the emperor believe that my life will be really assassinated?" The fake play is going to be done, no matter what the bar, just let the emperor believe it. ”

    Huang Yiting glanced at him, but bowed his head in a respectful manner: "All the listeners told me….."

    As his wife leaned over, she showed a large piece of white, and she saw Lin Yi’s heart hot. Immediately, she held the two wives and hugged them. “The fake drama is going to be done, let’s do it now. ….."

    No matter how the two wives are opposed, when the two wives are about to break into another room, throw them into the bed and immediately rush like a little wolf dog….

    In the place where I had just fought, I was seen by the town of the Magic City who was heard by the news. I saw the corpses of the three assassins, and I was stabbed by the swordsmen. I was seriously injured and reported in the town of the city, regardless of Linghu. Feng and Ye Dong, how to suppress, can not live in the town of the magic city, the atmosphere of people's hearts.

    Suddenly, Jian Xian was seriously injured, and suddenly the town of the city was full of soldiers, a mourning, morale fell to the freezing point.


    At the same time, when the desperate swordsman retired and was in the same room as the two wives, the assassin of the Tiange Pavilion rushed out and killed, and the news of a serious injury was also passed to the devil's ear.

    Hearing the Detectives, the Emperor couldn’t help but laugh: "The swordsman is killing the sword, and you are arrogant, and this Emperor wants to see how you are proud of it?"

    When I thought of killing the sword and the two beautiful and beautiful wives, the assassin of the Tiange Pavilion rushed out to assassinate, and the emperor could not help but smile.

    Although the three assassins of the Tiantian Pavilion died under the sword of the sword, they were able to seriously injure the swordsman, and it was worth the death. What he needs to do is to make some compensation for Bu Tian Ge.

    On the contrary, it is the next thing to do. The most important thing is that he immediately summoned all the powerful kings under the squad, patted the table, and screamed with great enthusiasm: "The order goes down, the whole army attacks, the town is beaten, the scorpion is killed." !"To be continued~^~)

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