The fifth and fifth chapters, even the thirty-eight kings of the strong, set off a feast of killing

    When the voice came out, the people of the magical gates saw Lin Yi coming from the town of the magic city, his face was ruddy, and there was no sign of injury. When I was on the verge of screaming, screaming and screaming, I wanted to retreat.

    "Not good, the swordsman was not injured, and he was not seriously injured. We were fooled!"

    "be cheated!"

    Quick! RUN!


    As soon as Lin Yi appeared, he scared the 100,000 demon army and then retired. Cangjie fled, and the prestige was fierce in the magic door! Up and down the town of Magic City, I was stunned, but it was a morale. When I arrived, I suddenly came over and what happened. Everyone laughed and was very excited.

    "Hahaha, that's great. It turned out that Lin's head was not injured. The news was released. It was just a plan to trick the army of the magic door!"

    "Lin Zhangmen’s plan is really amazing. I have been cheating on me, how can the people of the Magic Gate not be fooled!"

    "No wonder the lonely city owner Linghu Feng and the East China Sea Dragon King Ye Dong directly killed the city. I am still wondering, how can these two people not be afraid of anything, a look of death, they have already known, this is Lin Zhang The trick of the door!"

    "I have to say that this plan is too powerful. I said that Lin’s door was seriously injured. I believe it!"


    In the magic city of the town, a big laugh, reaction is the count of Lin Yi in the army of the magic gate. Everyone in the town of the magic city is screaming and screaming. The popularity of the people is soaring, the morale is like a rainbow, the momentum is like a tiger, no Then defend the city, but everyone like a tiger down the mountain, killing it!

    As soon as Lin Yi appeared, he scared off the 100,000 magic army, but Lin Yi was not happy, but looked angry. Roaring: "I am coming to the magic city of my town, still want to run?" Run it? ”

    "The town of the magic city will listen to the orders, with Lin, a demon slayer, kill him a piece of film does not stay!"

    "kill and kill!"Everyone screamed.

    After Lin Yi finished speaking, he said nothing, his face was cold, and the expressionless sword was unsheathed, summoning the unicorn arm, and looking coldly at the thirty or forty magic gates of the city. The eyes are flashing with fiery color.

    "DEATH!"A fierce scream, turned into a purple electric light, a slamming sound, from the town of the city of the magic city volleyed out, killing the thirty or forty magic door seal king strong.

    "Block him, never give him a kill!"

    "What to stop, kill him! I don’t believe it, I waited for thirty or forty kings to join forces, but I still can’t kill him! ”

    "It’s good to say, everyone is together. It is necessary to take this killing sword fairy and step into the town of Magic City! ”


    The demon gates of the kings are roaring and the voice is great. Give yourself a boost. The more you are so big, the more you can represent their guilty conscience!

    The killing swordsmen that have been sacrificed by the Kirin arm, how can they stop them? This is not a problem with many people at all. This is a qualitative gap!

    The Three Emperors and Five Emperors are not strong, and no one can stop the desperate sword of the swordsman!

    Although the mind thinks so, but behind the scenes is the emperor sitting in the town, how can these heroes who dare to abandon the army and flee? I can only be crazy and want to entangle Lin Yi for a moment. The time to retreat to the army.

    They want to fight for time, but Lin Yi doesn't give them a half chance!

    A shot is the most powerful sword!

    The right arm became a unicorn arm, and a sword was free. Its strength crossed the level of the king's kingdom. Even the strongest of the Three Emperors and the Five Emperors, facing Lin Yi, a sword with a unicorn arm, was very taboo. It is extremely difficult to catch it.

    How can this group of strong kings be able to stop?

    Under the arm of the unicorn, whether it is in the king of the king who is not on the list of kings, and whether it is repaired as the beginning of the king. Still Feng Yufeng!

    There is no difference under the sword of the Kirin arm!

    No one can stop it. Can't stop it! What's more, Lin Yi will not give them all the opportunity to defend their defenses. Every time a sword is issued, it is to lock one person and rush into a close-up!

    When a sword squats, it kills one person!

    A sword fell, and a strong king died!

    Coupled with Lin Yi's Sword Technique, and the amazing Speed ​​Technique, almost no one can escape the sword he locked!

    There is no one in the field!

    A strong king was defamed.

    Two strong kings were shackled.

    The three champions were shackled.


    Fifteen people who were strong in the king were desecrated.

    Sixteen Feng Wangqiang were detained.

    Seventeen strong men were shackled.


    Thirty-seven of the strong kings were shackled.

    Thirty-eight strong kings were smashed!

    A total of 38 famous Wang Qiang strong, want to entangle Lin Yi, but less than half a column of time, not only did not stop Lin Yi, but all were killed by Lin Yi clean, one did not escape!

    For a time, the blood stained the sky, the entire town of the magic city over the sky, are all the king of the strong, with the golden light of the blood, golden glitter, like the golden rain, very incomparable, very beautiful!

    Of course, the magic door up and down to see this, all stunned, one by one looking at Lin Yi's gaze, as if to see the world's most horrible murderous madman, all are air-conditioned, a stunned.

    "Scorpio, is he still a man?" Become stronger, stronger than last time! ”

    "The last time was a half-column scent to kill 16 Feng Wangqiang, this time is a semi-column scent killed thirty-eight strong! More than doubled! ”

    "What is this enchanting metamorphosis? How can there be such a person in this world, killing the same level masters, such as killing chickens and slaughtering dogs, this is not fighting at all, this is clearly killing!"

    "The Three Emperors and Five Emperors are not out, no one in the world is the opponent of the swordsman!"

    "Terror, it’s too horrible!"

    "The devil is not a big man, this battle, you can't fight again!"

    "Yeah, I can't fight at all. This is a swordless immortal in the kingdom of the kingdom. No one can stop it. Who dares to fight?"

    "What are you still talking about? Run away! This kills the sword and kills people, and goes crazy. You will never see your strength weak, so you will spare your life! ”

    "Yes, run away!"


    One side of the magic door, a piece of gloom, all were shocked, and even more terrible. Looking at Lin Yi's eyes one by one, I was terrified. As long as Lin Yi was close, all of them were frightened and screamed and fled.

    Crash, completely collapsed, the magic door up and down, 100,000 army, no war!

    "Kill, demon slayer. Kill the magic door! ”Up and down the town of the magic city, see this scene, everyone screamed, madly chased up, and launched a big chase.

    Many people are killing and sighing Lin Yi’s fierceness.

    "Lin Zhangmen is really mighty, too powerful, and following him, it is almost invincible." No matter who the enemy is, just keep your eyes open and pursue it! ”

    "Yeah, I have never played such a smooth and smooth battle. I played twice in the town of Magic City, and both of them were killing the magical buttocks, killing millions! ”

    "Haha, this time is an unprecedented victory, the loss of the magic door is heavy, we should chase after victory, kill him a piece of film does not stay!"

    "Yeah, kill and kill!"


    With a big laugh. Up and down the town of the magic city, everyone with a smile, killing, the momentum is chasing like a tiger.

    Lin Yi did not suffer from the 38-year-old Wang Qiang strong. Instead, Qilin’s arm absorbed the blood of 38 champions and became more and more violent. The strength brought to Lin Yi seemed to become stronger. It is.

    Lin Yi even has a feeling. He doesn't need a sword, as long as he tears it against the sky, even the sky can be torn by him like a rag!

    The strength of the Kirin arm can be seen in general!

    The more you see the blood, the more you fight, the more powerful you are!

    "kill and kill!"

    "Drink blood and eat meat. Drink blood and eat meat! ”

    "Kill them all, eat up!"


    It seems that enough blood. It aroused the killing power of the Kirin arm. The spirit was in the mind of Lin Yi. It was crazy and screaming. It was very exciting, even Lin Yi wanted to appease. What's more, he didn't want to appease.

    The murderousness of the Kirin arm seems to have affected him too, making his eyes red, like a hungry wolf, staring at the magic door army, turning into a purple sword light, madly chasing it up.

    See the people of the magic door, kill the sword!

    Regardless of the realm, as long as it is the person of the magic door, he will swing the sword!

    Wherever he went, blood was dripping, a bloody rain and blood sprinkled the sky, but the scene of the blood sprinkling the sky was quickly condensed by a drop of blood and turned into a bloody river, all absorbed by the Kirin arm!

    The more blood sucked, the more murderful Lin Yi is. In the end, he is almost mad with his eyes red!

    He could see his purple dawn everywhere, and he could see the shadow of his sword everywhere. In the end, everyone in the town of Magic City did not kill, just staring at Lin Yi crazy chasing the magic door army.

    "Insane, crazy! Lin Yi brother killed crazy! ”Ye Dong paused in the air and looked at Lin Yi, a savage murderer, like a killing machine, with a look of expressionless expression, couldn't help but screamed, his eyes bounced straight, Lin Yi looked like this, he I am afraid when I see you.

    "Lin Yi brothers should be influenced by the killing power of the Kirin arm. You see that the Kirin arm is madly absorbing the blood, and the sword that Lin Yi brothers took out is getting stronger and stronger. This unicorn arm is the killing weapon, the stronger the Vietnam War! If no one is going to stop Lin Yi’s brother, Lin Yi’s brother, you have to kill this group of demons, all of them must be clean! ”Linghu Feng's calm analysis.

    "Stop the army of the demon, what do we do, since Lin Yi is so savage, let him kill him, haha!"Ye Dong haha ​​laughed. After listening to Linghu Feng's analysis, instead of not having any worry, he smiled and looked at Lin Yi to kill the devil.

    Linghu Feng nodded, and he didn't think that there was anything to kill these great men. The town of Magic City is so thought of all the way up and down, looking at Lin Yi one by one, picking up the killings and watching the fun.

    However, there is a madness in the door of the magic door. One by one, the strong king, seeing this, did not dare to approach Lin Yi, and did not want to see Lin Yi crazy to chase them. Finally, I can't just fly back to the Magic Army camp one by one, and report to the Emperor: "The Emperor of the Emperor is not good. We counted it. The swordsman was not injured. Instead of being injured, he will kill it. Even the thirty-eight strong champions of ours, even now, are killing crazy!"

    "When he continues to kill, my 100,000-strong army will not leave the film!"To be continued~^~)

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