The fifth and eighth chapters of the battle of the emperor (2)

    Knowing that Lin Yi has realized the true meaning of the martial arts, the Emperor also officially began to officially kill the opponent of Jianxian. It is no longer rude to make his field [dark cage], but it is a battle with Lin Yi.

    With a wave of hand, it is a black mang, like an arrow, with thousands of arrows coming out and going straight to Lin Yi. Every black mang, full of spirituality, is able to find the direction of the attack on its own, almost no difference, and the black mans follow Lin Yi.

    Dodge the attack of this black mang, if it is forcibly resisted, it must be killed by this black mang!

    Of course, Lin Yi has no such troubles at the moment. At this moment, the realm has reached the peak of Feng Yufeng, and there is a unicorn arm in his hand. The swordsmanship and the power of his attack are already comparable to the black mans of the emperor.

    Immediately, the look was normal, the face was dull, and a sword went, and the swords of the road swarmed out and went straight to the black mans of the emperor.

    Puff puff!

    The sword and the black mang collide and disappear with each other. It seems like a bubble. In an instant, the black mans and purple swords that have just been overwhelmed, the next moment, they will become each other and dissipate between heaven and earth.

    The emperor's brow was slightly wrinkled, and the vitality attack clearly couldn't be won or lost. After a moment of indifference, he was too lazy to throw out the black mans, but the hand was slightly shocked. A spear did not know where it came from, and it appeared quietly in his hand.

    This is his personal weapon – the magic gun.

    Holding a piece of black, like a black dragon's magical gun, the devil snorted, turned into a black light, and flew directly to Lin Yi.

    Spear shocked, the world shook, and a shot stabbed Lin Yi.

    Lin Yi is also a cold scream, not afraid, holding the Zixia Excalibur, Yang Jian will be embarrassed. Block its spear.

    Guns and swords collide!

    A bang, as if the sky is going to explode, the sound is sweeping on the spot, the aftermath of the battle is better like a big bang, the waves are sweeping around, the land is everywhere, everyone is swept down a large piece, the only one A person who can stand on the ground. Only Linghu Feng Ye Dong is waiting for a few people.

    Even if they were, they were extremely uncomfortable with the aftermath of this battle, and they were even a few steps away.

    Everyone is full of horror, what is called the heaven and earth discoloration, the ground shaking the mountain, one shot, it is overwhelming, like the scene of the end of the day, they are really seeing it at the moment.

    It is a horror. It was also dumbfounded, and he couldn’t speak without a look.

    Lin Yi, in the context of Feng Wang’s peak, was able to compete with the Supreme Emperor. Doesn't this mean that the three emperors of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors have to have one more?

    In the future, I am afraid that among the Jiuzhou Jiang Hu, there will be the name of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors!

    This fairy is the sword of death!

    No matter how shocked everyone is, how to stunned, the battle between the Emperor and Lin Yi. They can't get in, even the aftermath of their battles can't resist, helpless, have to retreat, return to the town of the magic city, waiting for the battle results.

    Even Linghu Feng and Ye Dong are no exception. They all shake their heads and never dare to stay. They turned around and skyrocketed and flew away from the town of Magic City.

    On the wall of the town's magic city, Huang Yiting and Wang Yu fell two women, a look of worry. Looking at the distant sky, the sound of the battle. Constantly coming.

    Even when there are hundreds of thousands of miles away, when it reaches the town of Magic City, its voice is great!

    Fortunately, the battle between the Emperor and Lin Yi, people have long been fighting because of the magic door and the town of Magic City, escaped, it is already empty.

    If not, the 100,000-mile land of the two battles in this World War will be swept away!


    Just when the Emperor and Lin Yi were in a fierce battle, the East Sky, two lights like the speed of light, lasing came, and in the blink of an eye came to the town of the magic city.

    Everyone looked up and looked awkward. The two dawns, one is wearing a golden glory of the armor of the armor, the emptiness of the sky, the world.

    The other is the body of Miao Man, wearing a star robe, the breath is like the stars, the mysterious, let people take a look, all have a feeling of sorrow.

    These two people, one is the female emperor, the other is the queen!

    It is the two strongest women, the Emperor Wu and the Emperor of the Stars. The two frown at this moment and look out over hundreds of thousands of miles away. The Star Emperor said something incredible to the female Emperor Wu: "Lin Yi has actually fought with the Emperor, and even the battle is comparable….."

    If there is anything in this world that can make the Supreme Masters feel incredible, then there is only one case. Lin Yi actually fought with the demons and could fight together, something she never thought of.

    Before, she had already killed the gods in Lin Yi, and when she sinned the emperor, she knew that Lin Yi was a dead elephant. The prejudgment was not wrong. Lin Yi then smothered the Emperor of the Emperor and the Emperor of the Devil, angered the Emperor to go out, chased millions of miles, almost killed the hands of the Emperor, and finally the female Emperor Come, save and save Lin Yi.

    After the rescue of Lin Yi, everything that happened was gradually deviated from the orbit calculated by the Emperor. All the way leaps and bounds, from the beginning of the king of the king, rushed to the peak of Feng Wang, it is a rushing flying, and now it is fighting with the emperor, fighting back and forth.

    This is something she never thought of!

    Too fast, everything is too fast!

    Fast and incredible, the fast Star Emperor did not react, Lin Yi has the strength to fight the Emperor!

    "Is Lin Yi, the one who stirred the Kyushu situation and became the biggest variable in the land of Kyushu, the most likely to impact the broken virtual world?"Star King couldn't help but grin and exclaimed.

    "Xinghuang, this time you don't have to say it, you can see it." Also, you can't just call Lin Yi, you should call him a sword! After the First World War today, the name of the Three Kingdoms and Five Emperors of the Kyushu Lands had to be changed. The Three Emperors and Five Emperors added one more sin to come in. This fairy is the death of the sword! ”The female Emperor on the side shouted, and the exit would make the heavens and the earth discolored, as if the command was issued to the heavens and the earth, so that the whole world would accept the new name.

    The Three Emperors and Five Emperors added a sin–the sword of the dead!

    "Women, do you think he can defeat the emperor?"Star King couldn't help but be surprised.

    ABSOLUTELY NOTThe female Emperor Wu shook her head: "Although the swordsman has a unicorn arm in hand, but wants to repair the king's peak, the challenge to the emperor is still some distance. It is impossible to defeat the emperor. ”

    "Then why do you think of him, can you be on an equal footing with us?"The Star King did not understand.

    "Is it a battle with the Emperor, the battle is comparable, can not explain the strength of the swordsman? The strength of the Emperor is incomparably strong, and among the eight of me, I can also be in the forefront. It’s the same as the battle of the emperor. Do you think you can defeat the emperor? ”The female Emperor asked.

“…..”The star emperor was dumb and shook his head: "No!"

    The strength of the Emperor, the eight strongest are all obvious, extremely powerful. Although the female Emperor Wu can gain the upper hand, but want to kill him, it is impossible!

    As for herself, her star emperor is not famous for her combat effectiveness. She can even say that her star emperor is the weakest of the eight strongest.

    When I think about it, the Emperor of the Stars suddenly discovered a horrible fact. If she was killed at the moment with her, she might not even be the opponent of the swordsman!

    At the thought of this, she had no objection and immediately closed her mouth.

    After the female Emperor’s hands were negative, she saw the Emperor’s mouth closed, smiled lightly, and then stopped talking, and looked far away from the battle of hundreds of thousands of miles away.

    In her realm of the Xingqiang, there is no need to stand in front of the side, just rely on the perception of aerodynamics, you can know the battle situation of the two.

    Although it is not possible to clearly understand how many swords have been produced by both sides, the power of the move is strong, but it can be clearly perceived.


    The female Emperor and the Star Emperor Hengli Town Magic City watched the virtual air, the Emperor immediately knew. However, when they learned that the two were only watching the game and did not come forward, they settled a lot in their hearts and did not immediately turn around and ran.

    If it is normal, the Emperor sees the two great Xeons coming together. He has already run the road and escaped. But at this moment, his heart burned with anger, especially after fighting with Lin Yi, and found himself, even after a long battle, actually couldn't take Lin Yi, a small kingdom, almost mad!

    The move became more and more fierce, and the magical gun was almost made into a gun. Lin Yi was all over, and the storm-like attack gave Lin Yi almost no chance to breathe.

    However, Lin Yi does not want to let it, but instead fights against each other! With the unicorn arm, the Sword Technique will be used to make the sharp and decisive, and the eight words of the sword and murder are not to laugh.

    Almost every sword was placed at the point where the devil shot, and forced back. The more the wrath of the emperor is, the more angry it is, and the more Lin Yi is, the more relaxed he is.

    Adapted to the attacking rhythm and power of the Emperor, gradually, he gave the fighting rhythm back, fighting the Emperor, and more and more handy.

    The two of them were dizzy and dark, the mountains and rivers were broken, and the gods and gods were soaring. In the heart of the devil, when he made a trick, he used his field [Dark Cage] with spear. Lin Yi did not give up, and used his field [Death Sword Field] to come out. When his field came out, it was a thousand swordsmanship.

    [Dark Cage] Collided with [Death Sword Field], the magical gun collided with the Zixia Excalibur.

    It’s all up and down, it’s hard to tell the difference!

    The Emperor was completely angered. When he was out of the martial arts, he was completely fascinated by the "Demon Magic Hearts Dafa". The whole temperament changed suddenly, like a high-level, faceless, and mighty heaven. A shot fell, as if the sky had collapsed, and the weight of the entire sky was overwhelmed on Lin Yi's shoulder.

    Standing on the ground!

    At this moment, Lin Yi feels deeply, how uncomfortable it is!

    His legs almost slammed down, forcing the overwhelming pressure, screaming, and waving a sword!

    Created a sword that combines three swords! (To be continued~^~)

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