The fifth and fourth chapters are famous in the world, and the homesickness is unforgettable.

    Within the two big pits that were pulled out, Lin Yi and the Emperor were both blood, and they stood up and stood unsteadily. Lin Yi did not care about the already seriously injured himself, shaking his hand, holding the Zixia Excalibur, the sword pointed to the Emperor, and shouting loudly and screamingly: "This sword has not yet won the game, come again!"

    The Emperor handcuffed his chest and looked at Lin Yi, who was still crying out loud. The scalp was numb, and he glared at Lin Yi. He didn’t have such a big war. This time, he let him know Lin Yi’s. It’s amazing that it’s impossible to take Lin Yi’s life.

    On the contrary, he himself is also seriously injured, the strength is greatly reduced, hundreds of thousands of miles away, but also the two strongest women of the Emperor Wu and the Emperor of the Stars, he will continue to fight with Lin Yi.

    "Death the sword, come to Japan, the emperor will take your life!"Coldly screaming, let go of the swear words, immediately do nothing, forcing the body to turn over the sea, boiling blood, luck rising into the sky, to the depths of the magic door, far away, fleeing.

    "The emperor actually ran?"

    "The emperor was actually beaten by the head of the forest!"

    "Lin Mamen is mighty!"


    Up and down the town of the magic city, all the soldiers felt the breath of the emperor, and the breath was far less powerful than the one that came when it came, and the emperor ran away! It was a stunned stunned moment. Then, the whole city was sensational!

    Linghu Feng is skyrocketing and flies away to Lin Yi.

    "Lin Yi, brother, are you okay?"Linghu Feng rushed to Lin Yi and asked with concern.

    "Luxury Junior Brother, are you here? I'm fine.Lin Yi turned her head and smiled at Linghu Feng. She shook her head and said nothing. She immediately fell to the ground and fainted.

    "Lin Yi brother!"Linghu Feng screamed and immediately rushed to Lin Yi, holding Lin Yi in his arms, rising into the sky, turning into a dawn and returning to the town of Magic City.

    "What happened to Lin's head?"

    "Lin's head is all right?"


    Everyone saw Linghu Feng coming with Lin Yi, and Lin Yi's eyes were closed, and a look of faintness was on the way. Everyone hurriedly asked, the scene was chaotic.

    The female Wudi looked slightly frowning and snorted: "Silence!"This cold voice, in the ears of everyone, made everyone's souls tremble, immediately shut up, no longer speak, just looking at Lin Yi with a worried look.

    "It’s okay to kill the sword, but it’s just too much blood loss. It’s exhausted and exhausted. After a few months of rest, it will be fine!”The female Emperor Wu explained this to a faint person.

    "Great, Lin's head is fine!"

    "I was scared to death just now!"

    "Yeah, I was almost scared and half dead!"

    "Don't put on a dead face, the emperor was beaten, we won, we defeated the great army!"

    "Yeah, we have defeated the great army!"



    After hearing that Lin Yi had nothing to do, everyone was relieved, and immediately thought of Lin Yi running the emperor. This battle with the magic gate was finally over, and they defeated the magic gate army under the town of the magic city. This is A big victory!

    On time, a cheering sound!


    The town of Magic City is a great victory. It is a battle between the swordsman and the Emperor. The news of the battle is not flat, and it is like a storm. It spreads quickly through every corner of the Kyushu. Among Jiang Hu, he was shocked and shocked.

    The name of the sword-soul is beginning to make a name for yourself!

    No one knows, no one knows!

    Some people call it one of the nine masters of the Kyushu Land, the Three Emperors and Five Emperors!

    The last fairy is the death of the sword!

    Huashan also fought and became famous. The identity of Jinmen’s descendants also spread throughout the territory of Kyushu, letting all the people in Jiuzhou Jiang Hu know the origins of the swordsman, the origin of Huashan!

    This Golden Gate, which has disappeared for a long time in the land of Kyushu, has also officially appeared in the land of Kyushu, and is known to people in Jiuzhou Jiang Hu.

    "Dugu Nine Swords" "Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms" and other golden gates of the martial arts, but also began to become famous in the land of Kyushu.

    On the land of Kyushu, many people have also become interested in the Martial Arts in the Golden Gate Holy Land. People who want to worship Huashan are more like a flood.

    For a time, Huashan became a new giant in the Kyushu, a new holy place for practicing swords!

    On the land of Kyushu, I don’t know how many teenagers who want to practice martial arts. The biggest wish is to worship under the Huashan door and worship under the sword of Jianxian.


    Time has passed quietly, three years have passed, and the battle of that year has gone away, but the impact has not been eliminated. On the contrary, with the precipitation of time, the influence of Huashan and the desperate swordsman is more and more on Jiang Hu. .

    Every year, the people who want to enter Huashan are like a cow, and the threshold of Huashan is almost leveled.

    More and more people are pouring into the territory of Huashan, Kyushu, and almost all of them are gathered in the land of Kyushu.

    In Huashan, you can see the scenery of all over Kyushu!

    The center of this Kyushu has also completely begun to become the center of Kyushu. Lin Yi and the Emperor battle completely laid the status of Huashan in the land of Kyushu, and because of that battle, Huashan became the ninth force of the new students in Kyushu!

    In three years, it is not long or short, but the strength of Huashan is growing by leaps and bounds. In addition to recruiting a large number of disciples to enter Huashan. Under the order of Lin Yi, Linghu Feng went to the Golden Gate Holy Land and moved almost all of Huashan in the Golden Gate Holy Land to Huashan in Kyushu.

    Only leave a group of people, continue to operate the Golden Gate Holy Land, and gather the talents within the Golden Gate Holy Land. As long as they enter the peerless world, they can recall from the Golden Gate Holy Land and return to Kyushu Huashan to resume martial arts.

    As for the old people in the Golden Gate Holy Land, the old ones were all brought back to the Khushu Huashan by Linghu Feng, which fully enriched the strength of Huashan!

    In the past three years, Lin Yi’s First Disciple has read Xiaobai, and he has successfully broken through the peerless bottleneck and stepped into the Houhou.

    As a result, within the Huashan, the strong people of all realms have gotten up. There is Lin Yi, the strongest who can fight the Emperor, and then Linghu Feng, who is on the top of the list.

    In the next is the reading of Xiao Bai, Lei Leopard and other Feng Hou strong, as far as the world is peerless, there are many.

    Although the number of Feng Houqiang and Feng Wangqiang is scarce, Linghu Feng and Xiao Bai are extremely young and have unlimited possibilities. Nowadays, Huashan is in a period of rapid development. Huashan's strength is getting stronger almost every moment!

    Three years later, everything in Huashan is on the right track. The Lower Courtyard Upper Courtyard is a true disciple, the top ten true disciple, and everything is built and officially entered the rocket development stage.

    After Lin Yi and the Emperor, they also closed for three years!

    In the past three years, he rarely came out to move around, and even the only time he appeared, he was also treated with a good injury. Linghu Feng took Huashan from the Golden Gate to Kyushu Huashan.

    The rest of the time, all are in retreat!

    In the battle with the Emperor, he was seriously injured, but the injury was only treated for three months and it was good. The rest of the time, Lin Yi has been in the closed room, silently thinking about the day when the battle with the Emperor, open the void channel. Let the world project the scene of the fall.

    Everyone saw the projection of the fairy world on that day. He asked Huang Yiting that Wang Yu fell two women and Linghu Feng, and they all knew it.

    There has always been a doubt in my heart. Why do people see the projections of the fairy world, and what he sees is the earth?

    This matter has always kept him in his arms!

    I can't help but give birth to a lot of conjectures, even guessing whether the world is not true. After guessing the broken void, he will fly up to the fairy world or return to the earth.

    This problem has been entangled in his mind and is hard to forget.

    Even from time to time, there will be hallucinations. When I wake up one day, I suddenly find myself returning to the earth. Everything in the Golden Gate Holy Land is a dream.

    But in the end, it is an illusion!

    This problem has always caused him a headache for a year, so he slowly put it down. In the battle with the Emperor, although there was no defeat to the Emperor, but because of the battle with the Emperor, he was beaten, won the battle with the Magic Gate, and won the prestige of Jiang Hu.

    The system rewards him with a lot of combat experience, although he can't directly enter the realm of the Supreme Emperor, such as the Three Emperors and Five Emperors, but it is not far behind. What's more, the battle with the Emperor, let him comprehend a lot, even the symmetrical Emperor Fengdi, such a strong realm, there are many.

    Stepping into the emperor's emperor's territory is just a matter of time.

    His heritage is already quite different from those of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors. The five senses of qualitative change, the understanding of the thorough Dugu Nine Swords, let him realize the true meaning of a sword.

    A sword breaks through the law, no matter whether it is the enemy's Martial Arts, or the sky, the earth, and even the bottleneck that leads him to the emperor's emperor, it can be broken.

    However, after the battle with the Emperor, Lin Yi did not think about entering the realm of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors. What he thought was how to break the void!

    After a battle with the Emperor, the two condensed the attack into a point, collided with each other, and after making a void passage, he had a doubt about the broken void that Jiang Hu said.

    According to Jiuzhou Jiang Hu, the broken void is a realm, called the broken void. Let Lin Yi always think that after the Three Emperors and Five Emperors, they must step into the realm of broken voids before they can break the void.

    But a battle with the Emperor, but let him realize that the broken void is not a realm!

    Perhaps it is not necessary to reach the so-called broken void, only to break the void and fly up the fairy world.

    As long as you have enough power, you can break through the void, break the world, create a void passage, or break the void!

    This is Lin Yi. After thinking for a long time, I came to the conclusion that he has enough confidence. Eighty of his conclusions are correct!

    Since seeing the earth that day, he has never forgotten about the earth, and suddenly he has lost his mind. After all, he really grew up in a small land, his hometown. In this world, although it has been fascinating for decades, it is not his hometown after all!

    The heart of returning home, everyone, and Lin Yi can not be excused. But in the Kyushu world, there are people who are hard to give up….

    For a moment, the heart of the house made it difficult for him to make a decision! (To be continued~^~)

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