Martial Mythology Chapter 1007

“Come out!”

Lin Lei’s voice echoed throughout the Green Fire City.

This is lei’s first high-profile appearance in three years since he entered the Gobada Plane Prison!

Perhaps Lei ’s way of playing was too high-profile, so that it attracted the attention of many people, even the “Green Fire Mister”, the owner of the Green Fire City, the head of the Five Great Kings in the Gobada plane prison Was alarmed.

After a while, a large number of powerhouses gathered outside the Green City.

“Lei!” William saw lei at first glance, and recognized lei. In the past three years, during the process of lei ’s chasing and fleeing, his name was gradually known by many people. William naturally understood the enemy Name, he broke out into laughter caused by anger, “You dare to appear in front of me, take the initiative to die, yes, I admire your courage!”

He hates lei and gnashing teeth.

Lin Lei looked at William indifferently and said, “I am about to leave the plane prison. This time I came to you to end this period of grudge.”

“Leave? Where is the prison where you are in the plane, and you can leave if you want to leave?” William snorted. “However, you have been right. Three years later, this period of grievances should be over. Boy, die! “

The voice fell, and William silhouette suddenly rushed to lei.

Lin Lei put his fingers together, clenched his fists, and smashed them out in the direction of William’s charge!

With a punch, the power of terrifying is transmitted in the air, and the surrounding space bursts.

At the same time, a terrifying Will Might, which contained the power of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, locked William.


As a huge explosion sounded, William ’s body was shaken into a powder by a huge wave of power.

A High God Divine Spark, stagnated in the sky for a while, and then slowly dropped.

“Another High God Divine Spark is here.” lei put away the Divine Spark left after William’s fall, with some regrets: “It’s a pity that the storage ring is too fragile and completely shattered by the aftermath of power, Everything inside is sucked into space turbulence … “

hundreds of thousands of powerhouses outside the city were all stunned by this scene and collectively petrified.

The six-star demon High God has William Mister, who is famous in the entire plane prison, and was killed by a second!


All around falling into deathly silence!


Over the city gate, a silhouette slowly walked, like stepping on a stone ladder, step by step toward lei: “lei? baruch?”

“It’s ‘Qinghuo Mister’!” When I saw the silhouette, thehundreds of thousands of powerhouses were all excited. Although “Qinghuo Mister” had an invincible reputation, there were very few people who really saw him People have watched his battle through the photo stone, but have never seen him personally.

Everyone is excited, but that is the green fire Mister, the most powerful house in the Gobada Plane Prison!

Lin Lei looked towards Qinghuo, a little surprised: “Do you know my name?”

Lin Lei is the first name, Baruch is the surname, the person in plane prison, only knows his name is Lei, but does not know that his full name is Lei Lei Baruch. I didn’t expect, and he gave out his full name in a single bite.

“Of course I know.” Qinghuo said with a slight smile: “Beirut Mister once explained me some tasks, let me cooperate to complete, otherwise, you think that Stewart alone can really stop countless prisons in the plane. Star demons? “Not only Green Fire, but the other four kings were also told by Beirut.

Listening to this, lei understood that this green fire is his own.

“You don’t say, I haven’t paid attention.” lei said with a smile: “many thanks for your care over the past three years.”

He successfully broke through to High God realm, and Stewart and the five Great Kings of Plane Prison contributed greatly.

paused, lei said again: “Now I have reached High God, in this noodle prison, I am invincible. Next, I plan to leave. Qinghuo, do you have anything to tell me to Beirut Mister ? “

“Qinghuo is just my title, you can call me Lei Lin.” Qinghuo said: “If I remember correctly, your three-year contract with Beirut Mister seems to be a few months away, isn’t it? Beirut Mister is not here, how do you leave? “

Lei Lei tore apart a space with his bare hands, terrifying space turbulence, surging violent energy, even the seven-star demon High God, and even the master, Commander-level powerhouse, could not bear such violent energy impact.

“After reaching High God, I can bare hands tearing space and defense can barely resist the energy impact of space turbulence.” lei said with a smile: “Plane prison and Yulan mainland are two sides in one, I just need to enter the space turbulence, and then through space turbulence, you can enter the magnolia continent. “

For High God Great Perfection, the plane prison is useless!

This is also the reason why there is absolutely no High God Great Perfection in Plane Prison!

“Almost forgot, your current strength is comparable to High God Great Perfection.” Qinghuo reacted and couldn’t help sighing: “In just three years, from the lower god, it has transformed into High God Great Perfection, if you have not seen it with your own eyes , I ca n’t believe it … “

Will Might is a sign of High God Great Perfection!

Lei Lei took control of Will Might and bare hands tearing space, just like the real High God Great Perfection!

“Do I need to bring anything to Beirut Mister?” lei asked.

“No need, as long as Beirut Mister sees you, he will understand.” Qinghuo shook his head.

lei nodded, not much to ask, said: “Well, we if fated will meet again!”

When the words fell, lei ripped through the space again, and burrowed into the space turbulence. At the same time, he said to Stuart sound transmission: “Stewart Uncle, I will see Beirut Mister later, and let him pick you up.” Reluctantly resisting the energy impact of space turbulence, but unable to protect Stuart, to protect others in space turbulence, only the main god can do it.

Stuart does n’t mind staying a little longer, anyway, Qinghuo is his own, this face of the prison, for him, there is no danger.

Magnolia Continental Plane, Forest of Darkness.

In the otherwise silent forest, a huge space gap suddenly appeared in the sky.

Lei Lei got out of the gap. Although the whole person looked a little embarrassed, it did n’t matter.

He was about to fly to the dark castle in the middle of the Forest of Darkness, but suddenly two silhouettes appeared in front of him.

Among the two silhouettes, one is Beirut, and the other is a person that lei did not expect, a person who changed his destiny!

After seeing the man, lei was stunned, shocked, excited, and a little unbelievable.

Zhang Yu smiled and looked at Lin Lei: “What’s the matter, Little Brat, in just a few years, you don’t know as a teacher anymore?”

“Teacher!” Lin Lei looked at Zhang Yu with a smile, his emotion was suddenly excited, his face excited.

After three years of tempering in the Plane Prison, he has already learned how to manage his emotions. Such violent mood swings rarely occur, but after seeing the smiling young man, he is Unable to control his emotions, as if he once again became the confused and ignorant teenager.

Zhang Yu stared at lei with a smile and said: “Yes, in just nine years, you will reach High God realm, good!”

Beirut respectfully said: “Dean Mister, you and lei have been away for a long time, there should be a lot of things to say, I will not disturb.”

He walked away with interest.

Lin Lei glanced at Beirut, feeling faintly that he seemed to have forgotten something.

However, it was difficult to see the Teacher side. He had no time to think about what he had forgotten and stared at the Teacher without blinking his eyes, as if afraid of the Teacher suddenly disappearing.

“Why, is there a flower on the teacher’s face?” Zhang Yu jokingly said.

“No, Teacher, I …” Lei was so excited, some words were incoherent.

“You don’t have to be excited.” Zhang Yu said with a smile: “It makes the teacher feel that he who is a teacher is too incompetent!”

Lin Lei suddenly panicked, anxious to explain.

Zhang Yu laughed, said: “Okay, just a joke for the teacher, you do n’t need to explain.”

Paused, Zhang Yu said: “To be honest, you can reach High God realm in nine years, which is somewhat beyond the expectations of the teacher. Originally, the teacher also planned to live a few days before considering letting you a few Senior and junior brothers met, but now, it ’s time to change your mind for the teacher. Perhaps, it ’s time for you to meet. ”High God, which is the Evading Revolving environment. Although it took lei nine years to reach the Evading Revolving environment, Zhang Yu is very satisfied with this result. After all, the rules of Panlong Zhen God World are very obscure, but it is not as easy to understand as those 7th grade Great World.

Lin Lei eyes shined, looking forward: “I can see Senior Brothers?”

He has longed for those Senior Brothers.

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