Martial Mythology Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 Main Universe

After the font on the Zhutian mission monument continued for a while, it slowly dissipated. However, after a few breaths, the Zhutian mission monument refreshed a paragraph: “Congratulations Panlong Zhen God World True God Upper Realm powerhouse Hongmeng joined Sky Academy as Elder! “

The two passages are connected one after the other, completely shocking All Heavens Myriad Realms powerhouse.

The sudden news has caused great shocks in the Great World!

“legendary eighth-order true God World, finally open!”

“Hongmeng … True God Upper Realm powerhouse! God, Sky Academy is finally ushering in an era of soaring!”

Countless cultivators are boiling, and they are full of anticipation and yearning for the upcoming Panlong Zhen God World.

And the people in the major branches are a little calmer. After all, they have been reminded by Dean earlier. They have long known that Panlong Zhen God World is about to open, but the time is not yet determined until now To be sure.

The opening of Panlong Zhen God World, the people in the major branches are not surprised, but Hongmeng joined Sky Academy, but it made them feel a little excited!

According to Dean of the major divisions, Na Hongmeng, but True God Upper Realm powerhouse of genuine!

True God Upper Realm powerhouse!

Just thinking about it is exciting!

Be aware that Sky Academy has the strongest group of people besides Dean, that is, many Dean. At present, it is only True God lower realm powerhouse at the most, and Na Hongmeng is True God Upper Realm, even if it is placed in the fairy. In the domain, it is definitely a top powerhouse, second only to four Legendary heroes!

Wilderness World.

When Bai Jie heard of the news, she couldn’t help but feel refreshed.

“Although I have long known that this day will come sooner or later, didn’t expect, it came so fast …” Bai Jieqing gently put out a breath, bright light glittering in his eyes, “I have prepared for so long, it is time Experience the scenery of True God Realm. “

Among the many Transcendent Realm powerhouses in Sky Academy, she is the only one who has reached the limit of Transcendent!

She is the only one who has absolute self-confidence. After entering the eighth-order God World, in the shortest time, breakthrough to eighth-order True God Realm!

“Old Ancestor, congratulations!” Bai Ling heard this news and suddenly thought of Bai Jie, and couldn’t help being happy for Bai Jie.

“Unconsciously, you, this girl, are stronger than me.” Bai Jie smiled slightly, “At this time, it’s finally my turn to make a little breakthrough.”

When Bai Ling reached Transcendent lower realm at the beginning, her strength stabilized her head, almost as good as True God lower realm powerhouse.

Although Bai Jie didn’t say anything, she still lost her heart.

She was somehow the Fox Race Old Ancestor of the Wilderness World lineage, and the pure Illusion Domain Divine Fox Bloodline. She was surpassed by her juniors. Somewhat had a dull face. Now, she can finally turn over.

Panlong Zhen God World is about to open, all Heavens Myriad Realms people are boiling, so that the past few days to Shrouding the Heavens World Challenge Heavenly Dao avatars suddenly decreased, everyone began to enter Panlong Really God World is ready, no energy and interest to challenge Heavenly Dao avatar.

“Strange, the past few days, why are there so few people …” The evil Heavenly Dao murmured secretly when he saw this.

If Bai Jie is the only creature in Sky Academy that reaches the Transcendent limit, then the evil Heavenly Dao is the only creature outside Sky Academy that reaches the Transcendent limit. If it has the opportunity to go to Panlong Zhen God World, there are also very A large probability can break through to True God lower realm.

When a Spirit Revolving Realm powerhouse challenged the Heavenly Dao avatar, and had n’t waited for him to leave, the evil Heavenly Dao would be unable to bear and asked: “Boy, the past few days, why did the people who challenged my avatar suddenly become fewer? “Although it has long been tired of such days, but suddenly it is idle, but it is not used to it.

The character whom the evil Heavenly Dao called the “boy”, although only Spirit Revolving Realm’s Cultivation Base, but Age is at least a few hundred years old, his mouth twitched slightly, and the thought of the evil Heavenly Dao’s age, and It’s relieved, yes, compared with this Old Monster, I really can’t talk about “old”.

“Maybe it is because Panlong Zhen God World is about to open.” The Spirit Revolving Realm powerhouse obediently and honestly replied: “Everyone is ready to enter Panlong Zhen God World, come here to challenge your avatars, naturally fewer … “

The evil Heavenly Dao was shocked: “Panlong Zhen God World is going to open?”

Over the years, it has learned more and more about Sky Academy and All Heavens Myriad Realms, and heard people mention Panlong Zhen God World. That is a World that is one level higher than the Great Tomb of the Great God. In the World, there exists legendary True God Realm powerhouse, which is an extremely powerful World!

Something unpleasant to say, its evil Heavenly Dao, when it comes to Panlong Zhen God World, it has to act low-key, otherwise, there are not many people who can clean it up, but there are definitely many …

“True God World! It would be nice if I could enter the real God World!” The evil Heavenly Dao wanted to go to the real God World in dreams, breaking through his own shackles and reaching a higher level.

It has been extinct again and again, plundering the power of all living creatures, isn’t it to enhance its own strength and achieve a real eternity?

In a blink of an eye, three days passed by.

Among the major branches, the new teleport wormhole has already been set up!

On this day, everyone waited outside the branch to transmit the wormhole. The people standing in the innermost are all the people of the major branches, and the outer circles are the people of the other Great Influence …

The teachers and students of the General College all have identity tokens. Their identity tokens were taken back by Zhang Yu and re-refined. Not only did their grades be improved, they also reached the grade 8 of True Divine Item level of terrifying, Moreover, several Transmission Gates have been added, but the Transmission Gate leading to the eighth-order True God World, such as Star Change, has not yet been activated.

In addition to the teachers and students of the headquarter, the five Honorary Disciple of Zhang Yu, Ye Fan, Xiao Yan, Li Xiaoyao, Tang Xuanzang and Sun Wukong also have their own identity tokens. These five people are also among the major branches. Among the most special existence in the world, it has a sacred status.

Time passes bit by bit, everyone is waiting, nervous and looking forward.


In each branch, the teleport wormhole to Panlongzhen God World blooms a dazzling rays of light, as if the entire world is illuminated, the teleport wormhole exudes a vast, The mystery of mystery makes everyone feel their infinite insignificance. There is no doubt that the breath comes from the stronger World and comes from a higher Life Level.

“Transmission Gate is activated!” Bai Jie said suddenly in the wilderness World Sky Academy.

Chen Gu, Ao Kun and the others were also excited: “Go!”

In the next moment, many silhouettes disappeared in one place.

Both the teachers and students of the head office and the people of the branch have entered Panlong Zhen God World immediately.

Countless people are pouring into the transmission wormholes continuously as the tide flows in the major branches.

“Hey, here …” When everyone came to Panlong Zhen God World, they were stunned. The scene in front of them was completely different from what they imagined Panlong Zhen God World. Office.

Chen Gu is a little puzzled: “This is Panlong God World? How does it feel that it is no different from other 7th grade Great World, at most it is just bigger, expert is more, Spirit Qi is more intense … … “

Ao Kun also frowned: “No, the story of Panlong, I have read it more than a hundred times, there is no such place in it …”

Everyone calmed down, looking at the strange scene around them, a little dazed.

Four of the highest planes, seven elemental planes, and endless material planes, none of the places mentioned in the story of Panlong can match the world they are in now.

“Dean is it wrong?” Journey to the West, the posthumous world, Qitian Great Saint, wondering: “Is n’t this simply Panlong God World?”

This is very different from the Panlong Zhen God World they envisioned.

When everyone was in doubt, Zhang Yu’s silhouette slowly appeared above everyone’s head.

“Dean!” Immediately when Zhang Yu appeared, Bai Jie noticed his presence and immediately saluted him.

The rest of the people responded quickly, saluting salutingly.

“Teacher!” Ye Fan and Xiao Yan were very happy. Zhang Yu has always seen Sees The Head Of The Divine Dragon But Not The Tail. These Honorary Disciple, they rarely see Zhang Yu, but now it ’s hard to see To Zhang Yu, of course they are happy.

“This is the main universe in the Hongmeng universe.” Zhang Yu smiled at the densely packed crowd below, “The Panlong story mentioned the main universe, which is the land under your feet. Exactly Say, this is God World of the main universe, similar to the fairyland of Shrouding the Heavens Great World. “

Hearing this, everyone responded.

Yes, Hongmeng Universe includes four subsidiary universes and one main universe. The universe in which lei is located is one of the four subsidiary universes. The main universe is more powerful, and there are many Transcendent Upper Realm powerhouse, and the number is amazing. Throughout the Panlong story, the main universe has not been described in detail, so that everyone has not recognized it immediately.

Everyone was a little disappointed in their hearts. They also wanted to see Hongmeng Space!

“The teleport wormholes in your major branches are connected to this main universe. In the future, you can travel between your World and the main universe. I set up a Formation at this place. The teleport wormholes are all within the array, only Only those with the cultivation technique within the cultivated Sky Academy can pass through the Formation … “Zhang Yu ignored the lost emotions of everyone, slowly said:” If you want to go to Hongmeng space, or the four major universes, you can only rely on yourself ! “

“On our own?” Chen Gu was puzzled.

Zhang Yu nodded, said: “Since you have read the story of Panlong, you should understand that the Hongmeng space is full of endless Qi of Primordial Chaos, which is a higher-grade energy that most people cannot bear. Only by reaching the limits of Transcendent Realm can we barely withstand the impact of Qi of Primordial Chaos … “

He does n’t mind sending them to Hongmeng space, but can they bear the impact of Qi of Primordial Chaos?

If he really does this, it is estimated that everyone must die!

Although he can protect them, how can he have so much time to take care of everyone?

The main universe is the most powerful, and it is more suitable for cultivation than the auxiliary universe. This is why Zhang Yu sets the transmission wormhole in the main universe, rather than the four auxiliary universes.

“You can cultivate and roam in this main universe. When one day, you can rely on your own strength to break the shackles of the universe, then it proves that you can resist the impact of Qi of Primordial Chaos …” Zhang Yu slowly said: “At the same time, it also means that your breakthrough opportunity to True God lower realm has arrived!”

Paused, he glanced at Bai Ling and said: “Of course, I am talking about doing this solely by my own divine force and Law Comprehension, without resorting to special powers and means …”

Bai Ling is a top eight-star Illusion Technique teacher. If she uses the eight-star Illusion Technique, she can easily break the shackles of the universe and can withstand the impact of Qi of Primordial Chaos, but her own Culture Base Realm, distance Eighth-order True God Realm, there is still a big gap.

At present, the entire Sky Academy can only break the shackles of the Hongmeng universe, only Bai Jie and Bai Ling.

The rest of the people, no matter how powerful the battle strength is, cannot do this.

By relying on pure divine force and Law Comprehension to break the shackles of the universe, Bai Jie is the only one!

“It is up to you to decide what to say, it’s up to you.” Zhang Yu threw a sentence, no longer paid attention to everyone, he said to Ye Fan several people: “Ye Fan, Xiao Yan, Li Xiaoyao , Tang Xuanzang and Sun Wukong, the five of you will follow me. ”

The voice fell, and his silhouette rose slowly, gradually away from everyone.

Ye Fan Several people looked at each other and chased them one after another.

Below, Chen Gu and the others tried to impact the cosmic bondage, but soon stopped.

“No, it ’s easy to break the space, but it ’s too difficult to break the cosmic bondage.” Shrouding the Heavens Great World Heavenly Emperor looked at the cracked Space Crack in front of him, frowning and saying, “It seems … … We are still not far from True God Realm! “

Bai Ling is looking towards Bai Jie, looking forward to authentic: “Old Ancestor, you give it a try!”

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