Martial Mythology Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 Evil King…Xiao Xie Mister!

In Battlefield of Gods and Demons, the powerhouses of the fairyland are more emotional than ever.

The three Legendary heroes Longzu, Yuwa Emperor, and Lu Di were also very happy.

The destruction of the five elites of the evil spirits means that Xianyu has no worries since then. They have been attacked by the five evil spirits for countless billions of years. The total number of dead cultivators is an incalculable astronomical number. They are living in the shadow of evil spirits and evil kings all the time, and they can’t worry all day long, but from this moment on, they don’t have to be afraid anymore!

Without the elites of the Five Clan of Evil Spirits, with those weak evil spirits, there is no threat to Battlefield of Gods and Demons at all, and it is not necessary for the people of Sky Academy to take action, just relying on the strength of Xianyu’s own side. You can easily hold it, and you can even learn from Sky Academy and actively hunt down evil spirits!

At the same time, the fairyland barrier has four legendary heroes: Wu, Longzu, Yuwa Emperor, and Lu Di, especially Wu the Legendary Paragon powerhouse, which is inexhaustible, even if the five evil kings are all together. Break the fairyland barrier!

They no longer have to worry about the five evil kings and the five evil spirits breaking through the fairyland!

They no longer need to live under the boundless fear and shadow!

“As long as we don’t leave the fairyland, and don’t walk out of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, the evil king will never help us!” Powerhouses of the fairyland, including Dragon Emperor Aolan, Lu Lingkong, Yueyaner and the others, They were all cheered up, the sharp sword hanging on their heads suddenly disappeared, and their mood became more relaxed than ever.

However, I think of countless years, the Great Influence, and even the countless Loose Cultivator, in order to resist the evil spirits and the five races, they have paid countless lives, and even in that battle, even the legendary hero Lu Di’s second Uncle Lu Lingyan fell, and everyone’s mood became heavy. No, it should not be said that it is heavy, but sad.

When they came, they had nearly 30 True God Upper Realm powerhouses, but after a big battle, only a dozen of them survived.

True God Middle Realm, True God lower realm, already numerous Transcendents, also suffered heavy casualties.

If it weren’t for the arrival of everyone at Sky Academy, perhaps today would be the end of Xianyu, and most of the cultivators present would have to die!

“Second Brother… have you seen it? We succeeded!” Lu Lingkong’s eyes were reddish, and he murmured, “from now on, we no longer need to be afraid of evil spirits and the threat of evil kings!” It should be a moment worth celebrating, a historic moment, but Lu Lingkong was suddenly happy that he does not raise.

Not only Lu Lingkong, but the countless powerhouses in the fairyland camp suddenly fell in mood.

The countless powerhouses who died, some were their friends, some were their relatives, some were their partners…

Those who die, death ends all one’s troubles, but those who survive, suffer pain and sorrow.

The final victory of the war is certainly worthy of joy, even if the credit does not lie with them, it is still worthy of joy, but… few people can laugh.

But their mood has not been low for too long. After all, when they participated in this battle, they had already prepared to accept the worst result, and now, the result is far better than they expected. , Hundred times, what else can they be dissatisfied with?

As long as it is a war, people will die. Xianyu has experienced countless battles in the past, and people have been dying every moment. Although the powerhouses of Xianyu are not numb, their psychological endurance has been strengthened as never before. After a brief period of grief and grief, they gradually walked out of the low mood.

No matter what, they won after all!


The four evil kings stared at the Sky Academy coldly, but they felt deeply powerless.

“If you have the ability, you will hide in the fairyland forever!” The evil king’Xi”s voice is icy, as if to freeze the entire fairyland, “As long as you dare to step out of the fairyland, this king promises you Will die miserably!”

Such a threat does not have the slightest deterrent to everyone at Sky Academy.

Lin Meng looked at the four evil kings and said with a smile: “To be honest, if we want to leave here, you really can’t stop us.” Everyone in Sky Academy has an identity token, and they True God powerhouse also has a purple identity token. As long as you want to leave, you can activate the Transmission Gate in the identity token at any time and leave through Transmission Gate.

The four evil kings is it possible that they can still rush into the Battlefield of Gods and Demons to prevent them from activating the Transmission Gate?

“Let’s speak loudly!” The evil king ‘Yi’ sneered, “If you can’t stop it, it’s not you who have the final say! Come and try if you have the courage!”

Lin Meng is not interested in explaining anything to the Four Great Evil Kings. He leisurely said: “Just try, but are you sure you want to stay outside here?” At this point, his face showed a joke Smile, “Did you forget the end of the evil king’Han’? Or do you think that with the strength of the four of you, you can compete with Dean?”

Hearing this, the faces of the four evil kings all changed.

When they think of that mysterious Dean, they panic!

They are so eager to attack Xianyu… Isn’t it because they are afraid of that mysterious Dean?

Only by taking the fairyland, they can hope to survive the attack of the mysterious Dean!

“Don’t say I didn’t remind you, we Dean, maybe we are already on the way here.” Lin Meng’s smile became brighter and brighter, “Maybe a quarter of an hour, maybe ten breaths…He can get here. Please pray quickly Okay, pray not to be run into by Dean. Otherwise, Dean might punch you to meet those dead evil spirits…”

It’s okay if Lin Meng doesn’t say that, the more he says, the more panicked the four evil kings.

They have seen the tragic situation of the evil king “Han” with their own eyes. They may not be able to recover for hundreds or even thousands of years. It is hard to imagine that it is just the might of a single fist of the mysterious Dean!

That mysterious Dean is probably a supreme existence that has already taken that step!

The opponent is able to beat the evil king “Han” whose battle strength is close to the peak with one blow, and naturally they can also beat them with one punch!

The four evil kings are panicked. The fear and panic can even be felt by the many powerhouses in the fairyland and several Legendary heroes.

Just a name makes the four evil kings panic and tremble. What kind of deterrent is this?

Countless fairyland powerhouses are all stunned!

The face of the four evil kings changed, and finally the evil king Xi said: “This king spares you today. If I meet you again next time, he will take your lives!” His voice was a little hastily, and he hurriedly said. With a ruthless word, he wanted to escape from this place, lest he was really targeted by that mysterious Dean.

It may be at this time–

A breath of horror that made countless people tremble suddenly broke out!

The breath seemed to be suppressed to the extreme, and then bounced back, instantly sweeping through the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, sweeping the fairyland, sweeping the endless turbulence of time and space!

Under that horrible atmosphere, the endless fairyland powerhouse, Legendary hero, evil king, Sky Academy, and even Legendary Paragon, their faces all changed.

Suddenly, countless line of sights are all thrown out of the edge of Battlefield of Gods and Demons, and that terrifying breath came from there.

What can shock countless people is that there is nothing there, no, not nothing, but a mysterious token. The token is purple. Under the stimulus of the terrifying breath, As if activated, it exudes amazing enchanting power. That enchanting power is not inferior to the defense enchanting True God tool of everyone in Sky Academy.

Everyone can’t see anything, even Supreme Taoist and the others can’t even see, only the weird floating token.

Except for the four evil kings and the four Legendary heroes in the fairyland, no one can see that transparent silhouette at all.

“It’s Xiaoxie!” Bai Jie criticized out in surprise.

The familiar breath and the purple identity token can all prove the identity of the owner of the terrifying aura.

Hongmeng, Lin Meng, Chen Gu, Dubai Gubai, and the others are all a little blinded. The little evil breath makes them all feel their heartbeats and palpitations. That breath is not much worse than Way Ancestor Hongjun , You know, Way Ancestor Hongjun has been in Legendary for countless years. It can be described as a veteran Legendary hero. Xiaoxie’s breath is not much worse than Way Ancestor Hongjun?

The Demon Lord’s eyes widened: “Isn’t it? This guy…Is this a breakthrough to Legendary?”

Is this a hang-up?

At this moment, the purple identity token, or the almost completely transparent ghost, becomes the only focus!

The four evil kings, the four legendary heroes, the Sky Academy people, and the hundreds of millions of powerhouses, all eyes are on the purple identity token.

Soon, the horrible breath quickly converged, and then Xiaoxie laughed wildly, his voice penetrating the fairyland, and sounded in the endless turbulence of time and space: “hahaha…from today, please call me… the evil king , Xiaoxie Mister!”

While speaking, its silhouette appears. Its transparent body is more transparent than the four evil kings. If it hadn’t taken the initiative to show its silhouette, even the legendary heroes and even the four evil kings would not be aware of its existence. , It laughed, with a cruel, arrogant and domineering smile: “Dead bald head, Tathagata, where are you? Come on! This king wants to contact you!”

Its voice is full of excitement.

For it, there is nothing in the world that makes it look forward to more than torturing those three bald heads!


When it looked towards all around, when it felt the eyes of countless people, when it saw the four evil kings staring here with weird eyes, the smile on its face suddenly froze.

“That… sorry, I’m bothering you.” Xiaoxie smiled, and then rushed towards the Battlefield of Gods and Demons.

“Wait!” the four evil kings hurriedly shouted.

The countless powerhouses in Battlefield of Gods and Demons, as well as a few Legendary heroes, look a little ugly.

God, the new evil king!

They even witnessed the birth of a new evil king with their own eyes!

The original five evil kings, plus the new evil king, can the fairyland barrier still be able to hold it?

I don’t even have much confidence in it.

The three Tathagata Buddhas were sweating coldly, and they seemed to have a premonition that they might not get better in the future.


Xiaoxie slammed into Battlefield of Gods and Demons and shook the fairyland barrier slightly.

Its head is a little dizzy. It seems to have been knocked out by that moment, and it is also a bit blinded. After a few breaths, it reacts. It has become a Legendary hero and cannot enter Battlefield of Gods and Demons anymore. , And because of the life form, it is impossible to pass through the fairyland barrier.

“Haha!” The evil king’xi’ said with a big smile: “Little evil, right? Don’t be afraid! We are also evil kings and won’t hurt you! Our Holy Spirit five clans have only five evil kings for countless years. Now that the sixth evil king is finally born, with new people joining, it is too late to be happy, how can it hurt you?”

The Evil King’Yi’, the Evil King’Wei’, and the Evil King’Shape’ all have kind smiles, and they are very happy.

The birth of a new evil king is definitely exciting news for the five evil spirits who have just lost countless evil spirits!

The Four Great Evil Kings even feel that it is too worthwhile to trade the elite of the five evil spirits for a new Evil King!

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