Martial Mythology Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 Collective dumbfounded

Although the newly promoted evil king seems to be a little embarrassed and somewhat humiliating the image of the evil king, how can the four evil kings control that many at this time?

They only know that starting today, the number of evil kings has added another!

The five evil kings have become six!

This is definitely exciting news!

The evil king “Xi”, the evil king “聻”, the evil king “wei”, and the evil king “shape” are all looking at Xiaoxie with excitement and excitement. He is not in the least conceals his own happy mood .

They know better than anyone how difficult it is for an evil king to be born.

Don’t talk about the evil king, it’s the True God Upper Realm evil spirit. It also takes countless years to nurture and grow. In countless years, the number of evil kings has never changed. They only have five from the very beginning until they experience After several reincarnations, this number has still not changed, and now, a new evil king has finally been born. How can they be unhappy when they have a new member?

Moreover, the birth time of this new evil king is too critical.

It just so happened that the five evil spirits were devastated. When their five great evil kings and even the entire evil spirits were in a dire situation, a new evil king was born, which can share their pressure to a large extent!

Thinking of this, the eyes of the four evil kings looked towards Xiaoxie became softer.

“Come on, Xiaoxie, let’s quickly attack the fairyland and try to break through the barrier of the fairyland!” said the evil king’xi’.

In the eyes of the four evil kings, although the strength of the newly promoted evil kings is definitely not as strong as their old evil kings, they will still have the battle strength that the ordinary Legendary heroes are far incomparable, if they do not hesitate to pay the price , Continue to attack the fairyland barrier, maybe there will be a chance to break the fairyland barrier, even if they fail, they will lose some energy at most, at worst just spend some time to replenish it.

No wonder they are so anxious. After all, they know the horror of the mysterious Dean. Only if they win the fairyland, the probability of their survival will greatly increase.

Hearing the words of the evil king “Xi”, the powerhouses of the fairyland, including several Legendary heroes, are complexion greatly changed!

However, the next scene made everyone dumbfounded.

“Break the barrier of the immortal domain?” At first hearing the words of the evil king’Xi’, Xiao Xie couldn’t help but calm down. It suddenly occurred to him that he still had a purple identity token. It is willing to activate the Transmission Gate in the purple identity token at any time, and when it leaves this place, it was originally somewhat guilty. It immediately gained confidence, and the incredible smile appeared on its face again, like aloof and remote The Heavenly Emperor is average, overlooking the world.

“You mean, let this king join you to attack the immortal domain?” Xiaoxie looked at the four evil kings.

“Not bad.” The evil king’xi’ nodded, asked: “Why, is there any problem?”

The Evil King “Yi”, Evil King “Wei”, and Evil King “Shape” are also a little confused. The weird look in Xiao Xie’s eyes makes them feel a little strange. However, they didn’t doubt Xiaoxie’s identity. After all, Xiaoxie’s special form made it clear that he was a member of the Five Clan of the Evil Spirit. Now that he was promoted, he naturally became the Evil King. Everyone is the Evil King and naturally belongs to the same camp.

As for whether it is possible for Xiaoxie to join the Ten Thousand Clan camp, the four evil kings have never thought about it, that is simply impossible.

Xiaoxie suddenly laughed unfathomable mystery: “You don’t seem to figure out the situation.”

Several evil kings couldn’t help frowning, and they became more and more confused about Xiaoxie’s attitude. What does it mean to not figure out the situation?

Is it to fight or not to fight?

Xianyu powerhouses are also confused, and don’t understand what this new evil king really means.

“This king just wants to ask, who has given you the confidence to make you think that this king will listen to you?” The little evil is like a different person, and his arrogant appearance does not seem to control the world. People put it in their eyes, and even the Four Great Evil Kings did not put it in their eyes, “Also, please call this king…Xiao Xie Mister! Understand?”

Hearing this, the four evil kings looked at Xiaoxie in amazement. The newly promoted evil king seems to be a little too bloated!

Xianyu powerhouses are also looked at each other in blank dismay, is this…infighting?

“Little evil… brother.” The evil king’Xi’ suppressed the dissatisfaction in his heart, said solemnly: “cracking a joke also scored the occasion! Now our Holy Spirit five tribes have suffered a huge blow, and we are facing the mysterious Dean’s threat, only by laying down the immortal domain, can we get out of the crisis… As a member of the Five Clan of Holy Spirit, it is our duty to attack the immortal domain!”

“Shut up!” Xiaoxie’s voice suddenly became cold. “Don’t confuse the great Xiaoxie Mister with your five demons! This king is the noble Heavenly Dao, the great Xiaoxie Mister! Is it true? Are you lowly and stupid evil spirits comparable? You are insulting this king!” It looked angry and seemed to really feel insulted.

As soon as this statement came out, the four evil kings were deceived, several Legendary heroes were deceived, and the powerhouses of the fairyland were also deceived.

“I knew it!” Lin Meng disabled to bear patted his head, “This guy has made a little progress, and he is so swollen!”

Du Gubai heaven and the others are also impossible to bear. The corners of their mouths twitched slightly. They felt a little speechless. The cold and evil Heavenly Dao, who was once regarded as their archenemy, was actually such a joke. They received ten thousand critical hits in their hearts, and they didn’t even have the face to mention the sad past.

They are afraid that others will ask: “This is the enemy you have fought for countless years?”

What a shame!

They don’t know if Xiaoxie is essentially like this, or was she disabled by Dean Mister?

This guy, wherever there is the power and majesty of the evil king, he looks like a bully who is afraid of hardship and scrutinizes his life.

“Enough!” The evil king’xi’ complexion is gloomy came down and stared at Xiaoxie coldly, “What the hell do you mean?”

The eyes of the Evil King “Yi”, the Evil King “Wei”, and the Evil King “Shape” have also changed. Their eyes are no longer soft, and there is anger in their hearts, and even faintly exuding a killing intent.

“Are you angry?” Xiaoxie is not scared at all, but be eager to have a try, “It just so happens that this king has just been promoted to the evil king, so I just use you to practice hand skills! If good luck, kill you One of them, that can make a lot of money! Although this king does not need merit points, but Predator has you, this king’s strength will definitely increase a lot, even if he can’t beat Dean Mister, it is estimated that he can fight Hongjun’s old man One fight…”

Merit Points, Dean Mister, Hong Jun… When these words came out of Xiaoxie’s mouth, everyone woke up.

This newly promoted evil king comes from Sky Academy!

Countless powerhouses in the fairyland have opened wide and their eyes are round: “God, Sky Academy has cultivated a… evil king?”

What Divine Immortal operation is this?

“So, this little evil Mister… is his own person?” In the fairyland, several Legendary heroes are also a little dumbfounded.

None Although it seems calm on the surface, but I am still a little speechless in my heart, my deity possesses great magical power, this operation is true six!

“You joined the Sky Academy!?” The four evil kings were shocked and angry. The evil king Xi asked even more: “You are a member of the five families of the Holy Spirit, the noble Holy Spirit, and now even more Is it to achieve the honor of the evil king and join the forces created by these ten thousand species of insects?” They felt extremely humiliated, and the pride and dignity of the five families of Holy Spirit were trampled by Xiaoxie’s behavior to nothing.

“Come on, this king has nothing to do with you!” Xiaoxie twitched his lips, disdainfully said: “Don’t put gold on your face!”

The four evil kings looked at Xiaoxie coldly, and their hearts became more and more angry.

They simply can’t believe that the great Holy Spirit five races will give birth to traitors!

For countless years, the powerhouse of the ten thousand races has fallen countless, and the five evil spirits have also lost a lot. However, no evil spirit has ever surrendered, and no evil spirit has joined the camp of the ten thousand races. Even if they meet the strongest opponent, even No matter how scared and scared, I would rather fall down than betray.

But now, a new evil king has become a traitor!


The silhouettes of the four evil kings flashed and surrounded Xiaoxie in the center. They could tolerate the escape of their subordinates, but they absolutely could not tolerate their betrayal. Xiaoxie was promoted to become the evil king, and his status was almost equal to them. They Even more can’t tolerate Xiaoxie’s betrayal, the pride of the Holy Spirit five races must not be destroyed in Xiaoxie’s hands.

Seeing the actions of the four evil kings, Xiao Xie not only is not afraid, but eyes shined, looking forward to it.

“It’s almost done, Xiaoxie.” Panlongzhen God World Hongmeng frowned, sound transmission said: “You are not their opponent.” They don’t worry about Xiaoxie’s safety, as long as Xiaoxie wants to go, the four evils Wang estimated that it would be difficult to keep Xiaoxie, but Xiaoxie’s strength compared with the four evil kings, there is still a slight gap, and it makes no sense to fight a game.

Xiaoxie has just been promoted to the evil king after all, even if the battle strength is high, it is difficult to beat these old evil kings.

Powerhouses in the fairyland are some not knowing what to do. After understood Xiaoxie’s identity, they regard Xiaoxie as their own person, but after all, Xiaoxie is the evil king and cannot pass through the barrier of the fairyland. Under the siege of the four evil kings, Xiao Xie had no place to hide, and could not even escape.

They don’t want Xiaoxie to have an accident, but their strength can’t help Xiaoxie.

In Xianyu.

“What to do?” Long Zu frowned and asked.

They don’t know where Xiaoxie’s confidence comes from. They face the four evil kings alone but don’t panic. Maybe he still has some cards, but no matter what the cards, maybe he can’t help him defeat the four evil kings?

Emperor Yuwa and Emperor Lu also hesitate a little, and some have difficulty making a decision.

They subconsciously looked towards No, I hope No can make a decision on their behalf.

Feeling the gazes cast by the Longzu trio, there was no silence for a moment, and then he shook his head and said: “It must be impossible to fight. The four evil kings, any of them have their peak battle strength. Together, they are definitely not We can fight… But Xiaoxie comes from Sky Academy, and we can’t stand by.”

Took a deep breath, without continuing to say: “Well, let’s go out to contain the four evil kings, and give Xiao Xie as much time as possible to escape.”

The Long Zu trio became serious and nodded solemnly: “I can only take a risk.”

Fortunately, they don’t need to fight to the death of the four evil kings. They only need to be restrained a little. Although it is dangerous, as long as you be careful, there is still a high probability of escape from the four evil kings.

Xiaoxie’s waywardness made Wu and Longzu who had no idea, had to risk rescue.

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