Martial Mythology Chapter 1163

Chapter 1163 Sensation (third more)

“Yuwa, you can stay and guard the fairyland.”

Wu Gang took a step, suddenly stopped, looked at Long Zu, Yuwa Emperor, and Lu Di, and then said to Yuwa Emperor.

The emperor Yuwa stagnated and looked at nothing.

“The barrier of the fairyland needs someone to guard, in case the evil king breaks the barrier of the fairyland while we are not prepared.” Wu calmly said: “With you, how much can I hold on for a moment…”

Emperor Yuwa was silent for a while, and then nodded: “Okay.”

Long Zu and Lu Di faintly understood the meaninglessness, but did not have any opinions. After all, Xianyu does need a Legendary hero to sit down.

If they all leave the fairyland, the fairyland barrier will be in vain. To the four evil kings, it is almost equivalent to being undefended.

Their trip, Extremely Dangerous, no one dared to say that they would survive, this kind of danger… They did not want to hide behind a woman and let a woman charge forward.

Let Yuwa Emperor stay and sit in Xianyu, but they have no psychological burden.

“Let’s go.” Without stepping out of the soles of his feet, he quickly passed through the fairyland barrier.

Next moment, Wu, Long Zu, and Emperor Lu all came outside the barrier of the fairyland.

Among them, no position is relatively forward, and the expression is indifferent. Although the face is covered by a layer of fog, which makes people look indifferent, it still gives people a sense of indifferent and calm, that kind of strong confidence and calmness. , People have no doubt about his strength.

Long Zu and Lu Di are like two younger brothers, one from left to right, standing behind Wu’s, closer to the direction of the fairyland barrier.

The appearance of the three legendary heroes immediately attracted everyone’s attention!

“No, nothing!” Countless fairyland powerhouses and expressions all become hot, looking towards Wu, full of respect and admiration, and I am extremely excited. Even many True Gods are moved towards no vote to awe Gaze.

The rays of light of Long Zu and Emperor Lu are covered by no one!

Nothing is like a halo of some kind of glory. Once it appears, people can’t help but look at him, unable to move their eyes!

Under the dazzling halo, Long Zu and Lu Di are like passersby, and they don’t seem to have any sense of existence, even if… they are Legendary heroes standing in the pinnacle of the fairyland!

“None!” The four evil kings were just about to take action against Xiaoxie, but suddenly they noticed the three terrifying auras. After seeing the three silhouettes clearly, the four evil kings suddenly became dignified and their eyes locked on Wu , The evil king’s “Xie” voice said solemnly: “At this time, I still dare to walk out of the fairyland, why, I don’t want the barrier of the fairyland?”

Wu Wu stared at them indifferently and did not speak.

The evil king’xi’ coldly snorted: “This king hates the look in your eyes! If you have the ability, you will fight with this king farther away!”

This is close to the fairyland barrier. If Wu wants to leave, no one can leave Wu, nor can the four evil kings join forces.

Long Zu and Emperor Lu looked at each other, they were both bitter. They were Legendary heroes anyway, and they were ignored by the four evil kings…

It seems that in everyone’s eyes, there is nothing but nothing, such as the powerhouse of many immortals, and the same as the four evil kings.

But Wu had not had time to speak, Xiaoxie suddenly became excited in the center surrounded by the four evil kings. At the first sight of Wu, he became excited, like a child, and exclaimed excitedly: “Dean Mister!” There is a mist covering the faceless face, and most people can’t see it at all. However, Xiao Xie has become the Evil King, and the mist cannot block its sight.

“Dean Mister!”

“Dean Mister!”

“Dean Mister!”

The excited voice of Xiaoxie, passing through the turbulence of time and space, passing through the barrier of the fairyland, was heard by countless people, even the countless creatures of the ten thousand races within the realm in the fairyland can faintly hear it.

At that moment, the entire Battlefield of Gods and Demons, the entire fairyland, and the endless turbulence of time and space around them all fell into silence.


God, isn’t it the mysterious Dean from Sky Academy here?

Countless powerhouses in the fairyland all jumped in their hearts and held their breath.

The four evil kings were also startled, their faces were pale, and their bodies tremble instinctively. There was almost an urge to turn around and run away. The terrifying existence that crippled the evil king with one punch was definitely not What they can contend with, even if they join hands, can’t change the ravaged ending.

“Courtyard… Dean?” The evil king ‘Xi’ swallowed, apparently instinctively afraid of the owner of this title.

But when they followed Xiaoxie’s gaze, they found that Xiaoxie’s gaze was facing Wu, and it was just shouting at Wu!

They suddenly thought of what the evil king “Han” had said before, Wu seems to be Dean’s Avatar…

So, what Xiaoxie said about Dean is nothing, not the deity of Dean?

Thinking of this, the four evil kings suddenly sighed in relief, and their hearts were settled.

It is indeed very difficult to deal with, but compared with the deity of Dean, there is still a huge gap. They fear and even fear the existence of the dean, not nothing.

In Battlefield of Gods and Demons.

Supreme Taoist, Lin Meng, Bai Jie and the others stared blankly at the familiar silhouette. Except for the face covered by the mist, the rest was almost the same as Dean, even The temperaments are quite similar.

They looked at each other in blank dismay: “He is nothing? Dean’s Avatar?”

Known as the most powerful Legendary hero in the history of the fairyland, the legendary Paragon recognized by the fairyland, a great existence that has tied with the evil king, is it really Dean’s Avatar?

Xianyu powerhouses don’t even know whether the Dean Mister in Xiaoxie’s mouth is or not. They are still wondering where the mysterious Dean Mister is? Is it Xiaoxie… Xiaoxie Mister is scaring the four evil kings?

Outside the fairyland barrier.

Long Zu and Lu Di were also taken aback by Xiaoxie’s shouts. They divine sense swept all around: “Where? That mysterious Dean, where is that?” That is a supreme existence that seems to have taken the final step. , Is the existence that the five evil kings fear, how can they calm down?

After searching for no results, Long Zu could not help but looked towards Wu and asked: “Mr Wu, have you sensed the existence of Dean?”

Emperor Lu also looked towards No.

Ke Wu did not answer Long Zu’s question, but looked at Xiao Xie.

Seeing Xiaoxie staring at him intently, without slightly startled, and then reluctantly sighed: “Is he recognized so soon? Well, since he is recognized, there is no need to hide it…”

Next moment, the mist above the faceless face slowly dissipated, revealing the true face. It was a face exactly like Dean, with deep eyes, a lightly dusty temperament, and a calm gaze. The same high cold, but a bit less majestic, a bit more cold and lonely, like a lone wolf who lost the pack.

That face is not handsome, even a little ordinary, but the extraordinarily strong temperament and the deep eyes that seem to hide the endless story make people feel a kind of wonderful charm, an extremely attractive Charm of personality!

“Mr. Wu, you are…” Long Zu and Emperor Lu, as well as Emperor Yuwa in the fairyland, were puzzled.

The powerhouses of the fairyland were extremely excited. They finally saw the true face of Wu Mister, younger than they thought. Although they are not handsome, their special temperament is unforgettable after watching them. They are poisonous. Generally convincing charm.

Without looking at Long Zu and Lu Di, he calmly said: “As you can see, I am the Dean in their mouth. To be precise, I am Dean’s Avatar, one of many Avatars…” The plain voice penetrated the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, penetrated the fairyland, and passed into the ears of endless creatures.

Long Zu, Emperor Lu, and Emperor Yuwa in the immortal domain were stunned for an instant.

The number one expert of thousands of races, the pillar of the fairyland, the legendary hero of pinnacle, the legendary paragon, the genius who has been amazing for a long time, the fairyland Savior, etc., have countless reputations and titles, but they are just an Avatar of others ?

If you don’t reveal your identity, it means that when you reveal your identity, it’s earth shattering, which instantly caused a sensation throughout the fairyland!

At this moment, the entire fairyland, Battlefield of Gods and Demons, fell into silence, as if Time Freeze.

From the moment of no rise, it has become the most dazzling existence in Xianyu. It is the most sacred belief of countless people in mind. Everyone has guessed countless times, guessing the origin of Wu, guessing Wu’s identity, guessing everything There is something about Wu, but even if they exhaust their thinking and imagination, they can’t guess that Wu is just an Avatar!

One Avatar can make a tie with the evil king “Han”, then its deity…

Everyone is a little dizzy, and some dare not think about it.

“The secret message…is it true?” Longhuang Aolan, Lu Lingkong, and Yue Yan’er were all dumbfounded. Their eyes were round and their voices were trembling, “No…no Mister, really It’s Dean’s Avatar!”

God, do you want to be so exciting!

The news that they consider to be the most absurd and ridiculous is actually true!

Everyone was buzzing with the thunderous news.

“It’s really Dean!” Everyone at Sky Academy glanced at each other and completely determined Wu’s identity. Although it was Dean’s Avatar, for them, Dean’s Avatar was also Dean.

They saluted respectfully one after another, shouting in unison: “Dean!”

Immediately, in the stunned gaze of the powerhouses of the fairyland, they flew in the direction of the outside, because nothing was beyond the barrier of the fairyland.

Although there are four great evil kings there, they still fly over, and they have no hesitation.

Seeing that they were about to cross the barrier and fly out of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, no frowned, suddenly stopped and said: “Hold on! Don’t come out!”

Everyone at Sky Academy startedled.

“It’s too dangerous outside, you guys obediently and honestly stay in Battlefield of Gods and Demons.” Nothing said.

After he finished speaking, he didn’t give everyone at Sky Academy a chance to speak, he turned his head and looked towards the Four Great Evil Kings, and then asked Long Zu and Emperor Lu: “Four Evil Kings, we will contain one of them. The next one should not be able to kill Xiaoxie…how is it, is there any difficulty?”

“One person pin down an evil king?” Long Zu and Emperor Lu glanced at the four evil kings, and then complained in their hearts, “We two…may not be good…” Fight alone with one evil king, even if you don’t need to fight They didn’t have the courage to fight head-on.

Although it is a bit embarrassing to say it, they can only brace oneself and say that it is better to be ashamed than ashamed.

The bad luck eggs that died in the hands of the evil king in the past were killed easily by the evil king because they couldn’t let go of their face.

No slightly frowned: “None of this works?” He felt that he seemed to overestimate Long Zu and Emperor Lu, the dignified Legendary hero, who did not even have the courage to fight the evil king, let alone a head-on fight, just a little bit They didn’t dare to check it, and they really tarnished the legendary hero’s name.

However, if Long Zu and Emperor Lu are allowed to work together to refine an evil king, he will fight the two evil kings alone, which is somewhat reluctant.

The Four Evil Kings will not give time for non-discussion and thinking. After they calmed down, they locked Xiao Xie again and prepared to take action.

At this moment, Supreme Taoist, Heavenspan Cult Lord, Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning flew out of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, making the face changed slightly.

The reward is over 200 yuan, plus one more. The last round of rewards is cleared, and the new round of rewards has accumulated 60 yuan.

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