Martial Mythology Chapter 1239

Chapter 1239 Changes in Times

Zhang Yu dumbfounded.

He has thought that those names all refer to the same Tier 9 world, but he did not expect that those names actually refer to different eras.

And Barman’s last sentence also made Zhang Yu faintly disturbed.

What happened to the ninth world, so that endless time and space are in danger of destruction?

For some reason, Zhang Yu suddenly thought of the unmentioned scary hell creature.

Is the danger facing endless time and space related to those terrifying hell creatures?

“Mr. Barman.” Zhang Yu solemnly asked, “Excuse me, what happened in hell?”

Barman was silent for a moment, thinking of the ghosts in hell, his dignified ninth-order immortal felt shuddering.

He took a deep breath and said solemnly: “Before the endless years, hell used to be called Heaven Realm. At that time, Heaven Realm was the only time and space in this endless time and space. The seven judges of the trial, Mister, , Was born in that period. They were born not old fart, they are above time, and without any cultivation, they have achieved the ninth-order immortality. It can be said that Heaven Realm is the most primordial in this endless time and space. The prototype, and the entire Heaven Realm, there are only seven lives, that is, the seven presiding judges Mister.”

Zhang Yu was taken aback. He didn’t expect that the seven presiding judges were such an ancient existence.

According to Barman, the seven presiding judges have existed since the birth of Heaven Realm!

The real super Old Monster!

Compared with the seven presiding judges, what are the other ninth-tier immortals?

Originally Zhang Yu thought that the fox ancestor Su Mei had lived a long time, but now it seems that his vision is still too low. The fox ancestor Su Mei is far less than the 9th-order immortal, let alone the seven Compared with the presiding judge.

“After the birth of Heaven Realm for countless years, the seven presiding judges, Mister, have all successfully become immortals of Rank Nine. It was also at that time that the second batch of lives appeared in Heaven Realm one after another, and eight special time and space were born. The seed, the Heaven Realm First Stage battle, took place at that time. In order to compete for the eight special seeds of time and space, the seven presiding judges Mister and many newly born ninth-order immortals launched an amazing battle, and finally seven presiding judges Mister ended in victory. Seven of the special time-space seeds fell into the hands of the seven presiding judges, Mister, and one was missing.” Barman said.

Zhang Yu listened quietly without interrupting.

He has some doubts in his heart. The High grade space-time seed that he gave to his father is not the eighth special space-time seed that disappeared in the legend?

It wouldn’t be so coincidental, right?

Although on the surface it seems calm, Zhang Yu can’t calm down.

“As the seven presiding judges Mister refining special space-time seeds and become the masters of special space-time, Heaven Realm began to breed more and more space-time seeds. Although those space-time seeds are not as powerful as the first eight special space-time seeds, Most of them are Middle grade spatiotemporal seeds, and they belong to the highest Middle grade spatiotemporal seeds, and the batch of natural Tier 9 immortals at that time also became the masters of time and space without exception, and most of them were the masters of the highest Middle grade time and space!”

Seven special masters of time and space, a large number of top middle grade masters of time and space, Zhang Yu can fully imagine what a grand occasion.

What makes Zhang Yu most emotional is that both the seven presiding judges and the second batch of beings born by Heaven Realm are all born immortal.

Such a congenital condition is simply not comparable to an ordinary person.

There are countless creatures of all races in time and space today, cultivation for a lifetime, but a whole time and space, endless years added together, may not be able to give birth to a ninth-order immortal, but in the Heaven Realm period, those lives have ninth-order immortality as soon as they are born The strength, you say you are not angry?

“The birth of the Lord of Time and Space also marks the end of the Heaven Realm era, ushering in the Age of the Holy Realm! The entire Holy Realm is governed by the seven presiding judges and many Lords of Time and Space. The original desolate Holy Realm is also It prospered quickly, and gradually entered the flourishing period of the creatures of all races. During that period, the number of time and space masters was astonishing and they were not worth at all. You can imagine what a glorious era that was… However, although the Holy Realm era was powerful, but It is still not the most glorious moment for the creatures of all races!”

As a modern young man who has received a high grade education, even a school manager in his previous life, he will never lose the basic principles and bottom line, not to mention setting an example.

“I probably understand what Shura World means. But what about hell?” Zhang Yu asked.

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