Martial Mythology Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241 Barman’s Invitation

“Regret?” Zhang Yu raised his eyebrows, “Why regret?”

Barman looked at Zhang Yu in surprise: “After knowing the true situation of endless time and space, are you not afraid?”

“Worry is inevitable, but fear is not enough.” Zhang Yu calmly said: “There are things that can’t be avoided, so accept them calmly.”

Hearing this, Barman gave a thumbs up and praised: “Your mentality is stronger than many people.”

Zhang Yu wondered: “What do you say?”

“Because many people can’t accept it like you are.” Barman said: “After knowing the truth of endless time and space, some people have no desire to improve and are greedy to enjoy, and some people are depressed and unhappy. Waiting for death, some people try to be together with Nightmare and Asura perish, but it is rare to be as calm as you.”

Zhang Yu laughed, noncommittal.

He does not feel that he is really better than others, but he still has a lot of cards, and he has not reached the moment of despair, otherwise, he does not know whether he will be with those who have no desire to improve same.

“Do you have anything else you want to ask?” Barman said.

Zhang Yu thought for a while and said: “There is one last question, do you know the time node of Transcendent at that moment?”

Legendary hero Transcendent will be promoted to Tier 9 Immortal for a long time, and a time-space Transcendent will be promoted to Tier 9 time-space for a long time. The ninth-order time and space will automatically break away from the original time and space and rise to the dimension of endless nothingness, becoming a member of this endless time and space.

Although Zhang Yu can find the time point by himself, if Barman tells him directly, it can save him some time.

Hearing Zhang Yu’s question, Barman shook his head: “If you are asking questions outside of Shenxu time and space, I can answer for you, but I am sorry for the internal questions of Shenxu time and space. Not sure.”

He looked at Zhang Yu and solemnly said: “Although I am a time-space patroller of the time and space of Shenxu, I don’t know much about the things inside the time-space of Shenxu, and I don’t dare to ask… I also said just now. Now, in the time and space of Shenxu, there are Mister objects in the layout, and there are many secrets hidden in them. It is simply not something we a nobody can mix.”

“It seems that it is really the people in the trial meeting.” Zhang Yu looking thoughtful.

Except for the trial meeting, other forces do not have that much energy, even the time-space patrolman Baman is so jealous.

Did not get the answer he wanted, but Zhang Yu was not disappointed. Even if Barman didn’t know where the empty node was at that time, he could find it by himself. He came retrograde from the distant future, which already cost a lot of money. Time, don’t care about spending a little more time.

“If this is the case, then I have no other questions.” Zhang Yu said: “Many thanks Mr. Barman for the puzzle.”

Paused, Zhang Yu said again: “If Mr. Barman has nothing else to do, I will leave first.”

But before Zhang Yu could leave, Barman hurriedly shouted: “Wait.”

Zhang Yu stopped and looked at Barman suspiciously: “Is there anything else Mr. Barman?”

“We have been talking for so long, don’t you know your name?” Barman said.

Zhang Yu was taken aback, and immediately showed a hint of apology, and said: “I’m sorry, I was negligent. Mr. Barman can call me by my name directly, Zhang Yu.” In the endless time and space, he has no reputation, as transparent. People are average, even if they give out their real names, they don’t have to worry about anything. Moreover, Barman answered so many questions and helped him understand the truth of endless time and space. He also sorry to make up a fake name to deceive him.

The sincerity of treating others should also be returned with sincerity.

“Zhang Yu Little Brother, I have a request, I hope you will consider it.” Barman hesitated and said.

Zhang Yu did not comment, and said: “Mr. Barman, can you talk about it first?”

If it’s not a matter of importance, he doesn’t mind agreeing to it, and treats it as a return to Barman, but if it’s a troublesome thing, he can only refuse it. After all, he has already traveled through a long river of time. It takes a long time to find the time node of Transcendent and then return to Sky Academy.

Barman did not speak immediately, but organized the language in the heart, and then said: “Zhang Yu Little Brother should still remember my identity?”

Zhang Yu nodded: “I remember this, the time and space patroller of the time and space of Shenxu.”

“Actually, there are three patrol teams in Shenxu Time and Space. Each patrol team has 31 people. One of them is to patrol Captain, and the other 30 are ordinary patrols. I am the third One of the members of the patrol team.” Barman did not rush to express his request, but first introduced the situation of the patrol. “It is until I joined the third patrol team, although only three rounds of time and space have passed. However, during these three rounds of time and space, we encountered Asura no less than ten times. Although we were all weak Asuras, our casualties were still heavy. The original 30 patrolmen, 23 died, and among the dead, There is no shortage of immortals who are stronger than me…To be honest, I am very lucky to be able to live till now.”

Although I don’t know why Barman said this, Zhang Yu has to admit that such casualties are indeed shocking and cruel.

“Before, when we had brothers casualties, we would report them to the trial committee, and then the trial committee would assign staff to fill up our manpower. But from the last round of time and space, the trial committee issued an order, from now on, if the patrol team is missing, the trial will only be responsible for adding half of the missing manpower, and the other half will be invited or recruited by the local patrol team…” Barman said slowly: “The trial will only be responsible for resources The patrol team will be responsible for the distribution and distribution of half of the manpower.”

Zhang Yu frowned: “Why did the trial issue such an order?”

“I didn’t understand it originally, but later, I learned from Captain that all the Great Influence staff under the trial are not enough…” Barman said solemnly: “Although our guards have a heavier task , Rushing to the front line, but other forces also need experts to sit in. If all the experts are transferred to our patrol hall, it will inevitably cause a void in the rear defense. Once any accident occurs, it will cause a huge disaster.”

“Where is the expert transferred from the trial meeting?” Zhang Yu asked.

“Mostly from Saint Court!” Barman asked Zhang Yu at this moment, and he knew everything about Zhang Yu’s problems. “Saint Court can be said to be a talent base for the trial and its Great Influence. The source is continuously Most of the Tier 9 immortals are sent to the Great Influence, and even the members of the Trial Council are mostly from Saint Court…Of course, some of them are from various time and space in the place, but the number is relatively small.”

Zhang Yu is silent.

He can imagine the difficulties and entanglements of the trial meeting.

All forces under the Trial Society need Tier 9 Immortals, but there is only one Saint Court, and the number of Tier 9 Immortals is also limited. If Tier 9 Immortals are sent to the Patrol Palace, other forces will have problems. If it is not sent to the patrol hall, the line of defense in the patrol hall will collapse.

Use an idiom to describe it, that is…stretched!

“I’m afraid that the trial will now split a Tier 9 immortal into two for use?” Zhang Yu thought to himself.

But Zhang Yu is even more curious about Saint Court, what kind of Academy can provide the consumption of all influence at the same time, and Yuanyuan continuously sends Tier 9 immortals to Great Influence……

Compared with this Saint Court, the current Sky Academy is too immature!

“I have to speed up.” When thinking of Saint Court, Zhang Yu impatiently wants to develop Sky Academy, not to say that he is stronger than Saint Court, at least not much worse than Saint Court. Otherwise, how would he be Dean? Not very shameless, “Time, time, what Sky Academy lacks most is time!”

He believes that as long as Sky Academy is given enough time, Sky Academy will grow into an existence comparable to Saint Court.

“Returning to the topic just now, our third patrol team in the time and space of Shenxu experienced continuous tragic battles with heavy casualties. Although the trial will send ten immortals, we still have twelve talents full… It’s because we Captain was lucky enough to invite a Loose Cultivator immortal.” Barman’s voice was heavy, “So far, our third patrol team has only 18 members, plus Captain, there are only 19 members. I’m all I can’t imagine how many people will survive if we encounter Asura again…”

There are only 19 in the team of 31 people. No wonder Barman is so heavy.

This also indirectly reflects the current situation in endless time and space!

Hearing this, Zhang Yu also faintly guessed what Baman wanted to ask him to do.

As expected, after talking about the third patrol team, Bahman looked towards Zhang Yu with sincere and sincere eyes, saying: “Zhang Yu Little Brother, I hope you… join our third patrol team !”

For Barman and even the third patrol team, even one more patrol can improve their survival rate.

Barman was afraid that Zhang Yu would not agree, and added: “Don’t worry, I am definitely not letting you join the third patrol for free. In fact, although the patrol is dangerous, the reward is very generous. The power of the country must be more than three times richer!”

“Can it not be rich? After all, it bears the greatest danger!” Zhang Yu thought.

Seeing that Zhang Yu didn’t speak, Barman sank and couldn’t help saying: “If you think it’s not enough, I can even give one third of my reward, no, half, and give you half of my reward… …”

He has shown the greatest sincerity. If Zhang Yu is still unwilling to agree, then he has nothing to do.

To be honest, Zhang Yu really couldn’t bear to reject Barman, but he did not forget his identity. He is Sky Academy Dean, not only representing himself, but also Sky Academy, so naturally it is impossible to join the guard hall.

“Sorry, I may not be able to promise you…” Zhang Yu apologized.

“Why?” Barman was bitter in his heart, but he was very unwilling, and asked: “If there is any difficulty, you can tell it, and we will discuss it again. I can even ask Captain to come over and be as satisfied as possible. Your request…”

Zhang Yu shook his head and said: “There are indeed difficulties, but I am afraid you can’t help.”

Seeing what Barman wanted to say, Zhang Yu waved his hand and said: “Because of some special reasons, I really can’t join your patrol team.”

Barman is silent, his eyes are a little sad, and his mood is a little complicated: “Am I really wrong about him? Is he really like those greedy and selfish people?”

“I can’t join the patrol team, but…” Just when Barman was feeling down and bitter, Zhang Yu’s voice changed: “I can cooperate with your patrol team.”

“Cooperation?” Barman was startled.

“Yes, it’s cooperation.” Zhang Yu said with a slight smile: “If Asura comes, you can let me know, I will fight against Asura with you, and even lead more people together in the future Dealing with Asura, but joining the patrol is eliminated.”

Barman looked at Zhang Yu in astonishment: “But what is the difference between you and joining the patrol team? Don’t you want to be paid?”

Gratuitous help?

Barman suddenly felt that Zhang Yu seemed to be more dignified than he thought.

Don’t be paid, help free, and take huge risks. Such a person can be called Saint!

“Such a Saint, was I met by Barman?” Barman was a little confused.

He didn’t believe that there really is such a Saint in this world, but now, Zhang Yu’s behavior is no different from Saint in his eyes.

“Remuneration? Haha, no need!” Zhang Yu haha ​​smiled, with a bright smile and a row of white teeth: “Isn’t it right to protect my hometown, time and space?”

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