Martial Mythology Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242 The Door of Magic Domain

“Does it really need to be paid?” Barman still couldn’t believe it.

Is there really such a selfless person in this world?

Zhang Yu faintly smiled: “I just want to contribute to Shenxu Time and Space, remuneration and so on, so I don’t have to mention it again.”

Don’t get paid, which naturally means that he doesn’t have to join the patrol team.

It looks like he has suffered a loss, but in fact, without this layer of restraint, he and the patrol team are in cooperation, not subordinates, let alone obedient to the trial… This is Zhang Yu The real purpose.

If you can get revenge if you can’t join the patrol team, Zhang Yu doesn’t mind.

But this kind of pie in the sky, he simply doesn’t expect it.

“How about… I personally compensate you for some compensation?” Barman was a little worried, probed.

“If you say that again, I’ll just leave.” Zhang Yu frowned seemed a little dissatisfied.

Barman was taken aback, and hurriedly said: “Don’t go, okay, I won’t say it. As long as you are willing to contribute.”

Zhang Yu is satisfied and said: “This is right.”

Paused, Zhang Yu looked around all around, and then said, “I have other things to do next, so I won’t talk to you more. If Asura appears, you can go directly to the future time and space of Shenxu Me. Remember, my name is Zhang Yu, Sky Academy Dean, Zhang Yu!”

The voice fell, and Zhang Yu’s silhouette disappeared before Barman answered.

“Wait, where is Sky Academy?” Barman asked.

“When you go to the future time and space, you will understood!” Zhang Yu’s voice rang in Bahman’s ear, but his silhouette completely disappeared.

Barman stood in place, muttered: “Sky Academy? Future time and space?”

He turned his head and looked towards the lower reaches of the long river of time, as if he wanted to search for the existence of Sky Academy through the endless time and space, but unfortunately, that era is too far away from now, he can’t even see the era of fantasy Through, even more how and the Magic Domain Era separated by a future era of Dark Era and Fairy Domain Era?

It’s a pity that he still shoulders the responsibility of patrolling, otherwise, he really wants to go to the future time and space to see what that time and space is like.

On the other side, after saying goodbye to Bahman, Zhang Yu continued to move forward, searching carefully along the way.

The time node of Magic Transcendent must be different from the ordinary time node. There must be something special about the time node. Zhang Yu carefully looked for the special time node with this idea. Although the efficiency is more Low, but at least not prone to errors.

After continuing to go retrograde for a while in the long river, Zhang Yu suddenly stopped.

“This is it!” Zhang Yu stands on the long river of time, and the divine sense covers the turbulence of time and space.

At this point in time, there is a slight change in the environment of space-time turbulence. If you only look at parts of it, you don’t seem to see anything. If you look at the entire space-time turbulence, you can see that the volume of space-time turbulence has increased. A little bit, this is just one aspect of the change. On the other hand, the fantasy domain that was originally like nothingness now has a qualitative meaning, as if born out of nothingness. On the other hand, it is from materialization. Being nothingness is not real nothingness, but hidden from the visible state.

Zhang Yu is 90% sure that this time node is the time node of the magic domain promotion moment!

Because it is from this time point that no one has entered the magical domain again…

However, it is not enough to find the time node. The most important thing is to find the door of the magic domain.

Zhang Yu walked out of the long river of time and entered the turbulent flow of time and space. He could clearly feel that when he walked out of the long river of time, there was a terrifying force of time impacting his body, and he felt a The shocking resistance seems to want to stop him from entering this era, even if he breaks through the resistance and enters the turbulence of time and space, the invisible sense of bondage still exists.

His strength was also greatly weakened invisibly because of that sense of restraint.

“The resistance of time?” Zhang Yu looking thoughtful.

This reminded him of the time when Shrouding the Heavens Great World was just created. Not long ago, he entered Shrouding the Heavens Great World and went retrograde. From the past era, he took the big brother of the fierce person Heavenly Emperor and Great Accomplishment Saint Physique and Empress Mother of West brought them to the future era. At that time, he also felt similar resistance, but he was absolutely invincible among his own dantians, and that resistance to him was like tickle , Has no effect, and the time resistance of Shenxu Time and Space has obviously weakened his strength.

Zhang Yu estimates that his current strength is about the same as Peak’s Legendary hero. Even if he is stronger, his strength is limited.

From here, we can see how exaggerated the time resistance has weakened his strength.

Even if it reaches the ninth level of immortality, in this long time, it can’t act wilfully!

“I got used to the power of Tier 9 and suddenly fell back to the Legendary hero. Even the Peak Legendary hero is very uncomfortable…” Zhang Yu adjusted to the current power again, and then moved towards the direction of the fantasy domain, although he was just He took a gentle step, but his step was directly across several realms, just two or three steps, and he went directly outside the magical realm.

Zhang Yu stopped outside the magic domain and looked all around.

In his induction, you can see countless creatures, as well as the silent five evil kings and five demons.

Let’s not talk about the Five Great Evil Kings and the Five Clan of Evil Spirits. Those countless creatures give Zhang Yu the feeling that they are strange, real, and unfamiliar, because he has lived through this era in the future, and has no little intersection with this era. , The truth is because the creatures here have flesh and blood, souls and thoughts, and their consciousness is very clear, as if there is no difference from the era he was in, except that the fairyland has been replaced by the magical domain, and a group of creatures that’s all.

Of course, there are also some silhouettes that resemble nothingness. Those are undoubtedly the existence that has been completely erased from the long river of time.

In this time and space, it is difficult for Zhang Yu to regard it as a historical time and space, because everything is too real!

It is as if he came from the turbulent flow of time and space to another place similar to the turbulent flow of time and space!

“It seems that I should change my attitude towards the time and space of the past.” Zhang Yu has always regarded these as history, as the history of the past, but when he really entered the time and space of this era The turbulence and the sense of reality made him realize that although he is in the historical era, for this era, this is not history, but now, a real time and space. This time and space and future time and space are each other. Independent existence, but there is a back and forth connection between the two.

Killing people here means really killing people, and it may even have a series of effects on future time and space.

Thinking of this, Zhang Yu felt that he had to keep a low profile to avoid any accidents that would affect Sky Academy.

Zhang Yu used the Illusion Technique, shielding everyone’s perception, hiding in the turbulence of time and space, and then cautiously approaching the illusion, when his body passed through that layer of illusion barrier, he thought he would pass through Just like the fairyland barrier, he entered directly into the fairyland, but unexpectedly, he actually entered a strange space. The strange space is like a passage. On this side of the passage, there is a turbulent flow of time and space, and the other end of the passage is A piece of nothingness.

The entire strange space is empty, and there is no trace of life.

Going forward, Zhang Yu came to the end of the passage. There was a huge teleportation wormhole. Although it was much smaller than the superior grade wormhole that the Venerable Venerable Void had seen before, it was also Amazing enough. As Zhang Yu approached the teleportation wormhole, a layer of white rays of light similar to spider web emerged on the surface of the teleportation wormhole, exuding a palpitating breath, even with the strength of Zhang Yu as a Peak Legendary hero at the moment. I felt that breath was extremely shocking, even more terrifying than his normal breath.

“The lord of the phantom!” Zhang Yu instantly popped a name in his mind.

There is no doubt that this teleportation wormhole must be the master of the illusion.

“The lord of the fantasy domain has advanced to the ninth rank!” Zhang Yu is extremely affirmed of this, “the ninth rank is immortal, and it is also a middle grade master of time and space…her strength, compared to the general new rank ninth immortality, It’s definitely much stronger!”

Even the Middle grade Lord of Time and Space, who has just been promoted to the ninth-order immortal, is probably comparable to the fourth-order immortal or even the stronger immortal!

Zhang Yu is back in time, wanting to see everything that has happened here, especially the lord of the fantasy domain.

Regrettably, in the past time and space, not at all the traces of the lord of the illusion, the other party is the same as him, all of the 9th-order immortal, from that time and the transcendent, and therefore, the other party is in time and space All the traces of the turbulence have disappeared, and it is not realistic to spy on the other side through time.

Of course, Zhang Yu did not achieve nothing.

Although he did not see the Lord of the Magic Domain, he saw many things that have happened here, dating back to the long history, and even can see that countless wars have erupted here. The powerhouse and evil In the battle of the five spirits, countless powerhouses and evil spirits were buried here. Unlike the fairyland, the magical domain was weak at the beginning, and gradually resisted the evil spirits from the five races, and then finally crushed by force. , Can be described as a model of counterattack.

Zhang Yu took a look at the teleportation wormhole: “This teleportation wormhole, where it leads, should be the legendary fantasy domain, right?”

The gate of the magical domain is the huge teleportation wormhole in front of Zhang Yu.

It’s a pity that Teleportation Wormhole seems to be sealed by a powerful force. With Zhang Yu’s current strength, it is simply impossible to break that Seal. The only way is to wait for Baijie to become a Legendary hero, which can withstand a long time. Weili’s impact then brought Bai Jie here, through Bai Jie’s Bloodline, to open this Seal.

“I found the door of the magic domain, and my task is perfect.” Zhang Yu gently put out a breath, “Next, it’s time to develop Sky Academy!”

Saint Court?

Zhang Yu feels that perhaps the future Sky Academy is more suitable for this title.

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