Martial Mythology Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285 Uninvited Guest

Although Yuan Tianyang is a little jealous of the mysterious Dean, he is more at ease about his safety.

Feng Impermanence, Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun are extremely scared. They are not from Yuan Tianyang’s background. The most important thing is that they are afraid of Yuan Tianyang’s departure, which indirectly exposed them. If Dean Mister investigates them, look for them Xingshi asked sin, how should they respond?

Seeing the hesitation of Qin Hu, Yuan Tianyang said indifferently: “You have to go with me, too.”

Hearing this, the three-person complexion of Feng Wuchang greatly changed.

However, before they could speak, Yuan Tianyang said, “Either you will come with me, or…I will treat you as a lie and execute you on the spot. Choose your own choice.” He admitted that he had converged. He lost his temper. With his usual habit, trifling the three immortals, daring to rebel against his own will, I am afraid they would have been wiped out long ago.

Hearing Yuan Tianyang’s naked threat, Feng Wuchang’s hearts sank.

Is there still a choice?

Their complexion changed and they finally looked at each other and bowed their heads as if they were fate.

If you want to survive, you can only follow Yuan Tianyang.

“For the sake of your knowledge, I won’t kill you for the time being.” Yuan Tianyang said with satisfaction: “After seeing that Dean, I will prove that you have not lied, I will let you go, but if you Lie… Then don’t blame me for not being affectionate.”

Speaking of this, Yuan Tianyang turned around and took a step towards the lower reaches of the long river of time: “Let’s go.”

Next moment, Yuan Tianyang’s silhouette disappeared from the sight of the three Feng Wuchang.

Feng Wuchang three lightly sighed, can only brace oneself to keep up with Yuan Tianyang’s footsteps.

In the long course of time, Yuan Tianyang was at the forefront, and Feng Wuchang was behind. The former was too fast, and Feng Wuchang was struggling to keep up. This is because Yuan Tianyang did not advance at full speed. , Otherwise, Yuan Tianyang is afraid that they would have been thrown away.

The gap between the Lord of Lower Time and Space and the Immortal Middle Realm is no less than the gap between the Transcendent and the Legendary hero!

Temporal and spatial turbulence.

The breath of the 36 masters of time and space originating from the true God World of the wilderness still shrouds the turbulent flow of time and space, and the long river of time. Those breaths seem to exist in the past, eternal.

After getting used to the horrible atmosphere, the turbulence of time and space gradually returned to calm after experiencing the initial turbulence.

Although many people feel uncomfortable, there are also many people who use the oppression of the breath to continuously temper their will and spirit, bear the huge pressure, and feel the law. Some people with outstanding innate talent just insist Under this huge pressure, breakthrough broke through the shackles of Cultivation Base, showing a different style.

Outside the wasteland time and space, many Transcendentists and even True God powerhouse gathered unconsciously.

The most notable among them is Lu Fan, the third child of Lu Family patriarch, and the Third Brother of Lu Di!

Lu Fan is not a genius in the traditional sense. Compared to his big brother Lu Liang, who is also the legendary hero Lu Di, don’t cover up his rays of light completely. Under Lu Di’s light, Lu Fan looks sad Lost, even his second brother, Lu Family patriarch’s second son Lu Yan, received more attention than him.

The third son of Lu Family, the eldest son Lu Liang is a Legendary hero, the second son Lu Yan does not do business all day long, is keen on cultivating flowers, and has no intention of cultivation, but he casually reaches the True God lower realm, and the third son Lu Wei, you can say Among the three sons, the cultivation is the hardest one, but his Cultivation Base is only one small realm than Lu Yangao, who has abandoned cultivation all the time.

Lu Wei can be said to be the least existential among the three Lu Family.

But this time, it is not Emperor Lu that is eye-catching, nor is it the second child Lu Yan, but it is precisely the least existential Lu Fan!

There are many people who come to wasteland time and space to temper their will and Cultivation Base with the help of that terrifying aura, but Lu Wei is the only one who has been promoted to True God Upper Realm under pressure!

In Sky Academy, True God Upper Realm may not be considered, but in the outside world, True God Upper Realm is still a group of people standing at the top of the pyramid of time and space, only a few Legendary heroes can dominate Above them.

Lu Fei, who didn’t have much sense of existence, directly ranks among the top experts in the turbulent flow of time and space. Even Emperor Lu is unable to conceal its glory because of the prosperity of rays of light.

With the example of Lu Wei, there are suddenly more Transcendents and True God powerhouses, all gathering outside the wasteland time and space, as close as possible to the source of those horrible breaths, and using their pressure to temper themselves.

Zhang Yu naturally understands the situation outside the wasteland time and space, but he ignored it and turned a blind eye. As long as these guys do not enter the wasteland time and space and do not cause any trouble to Sky Academy, he will not bother to control it. .

It’s that Lu Wei. Zhang Yu still appreciates him. Zhang Yu has noticed him from the first day he came to the wasteland. This Lu Wei is different from ordinary cultivator. From the moment outside the domain, Lu Wei focused on cultivation. During this period, he never moved at all. He did not even open his eyes. The concentration and seriousness that even Sky Academy could not match.

Lu Fei gave Zhang Yu the feeling that he was a cultivator who sharpened himself and transformed his will in the most difficult environment.

“It seems that Xianyu is not all people with eyes high above the top.” Zhang Yu smiled and commented: “This Lu Fan is very practical!”

The overall impression of powerhouses in Xianyu powerhouses is impetuous and arrogant. He always looks condescending and looks down on people, but this Lu Wei is different from the general powerhouse in Xianyu. This temperament is not like a top-level Xianyu. The Young Master of the family is more like a child who has experienced countless hardships but still has a persistent pursuit of the Peak Road.

After observing Lu Yan for a while, Zhang Yu took back the divine sense and continued to guard 36 secret realms.

In a blink of an eye, the time for the Myriad Realms competition is very close, and only the last three days are left!

Zhang Yu naturally hopes that everyone in Sky Academy can participate in the Myriad Realms competition, especially Bei Long, Ao Xiaoyu and the others. If they can get the inheritance of their predecessors and set foot in the ninth order of immortality, then the Myriad Realms competition will appear even more Shocking and more influential. If they are not there, although the Myriad Realms contest can still be held, there is always a trace of regret.

It’s just that, in the last three days, are they still in time?

“Bei Long, Ao Xiaoyu, Chen Gu, Ao Kun, Ao Yue, Ao Wuyan…” Zhang Yu has expectations in his eyes. I don’t know what kind of gains they have in the secret realm. Several of them can completely awaken their blood, and Get the inheritance of the predecessors?

Just when Zhang Yu was thinking about the future, he suddenly sensed something, which could not be caused by the complexion slightly changed. Although there was a barrier of time and space in the wasteland, he couldn’t see anything, but his divine sense could penetrate the time and space of the wasteland. , Perceiving the situation of the outside world, in the vast turbulence of time and space, the stalwart, vast river of time appeared from a higher dimension without warning.

The vast long river that almost conceals the turbulence of time and space is in the middle of the river, and a few silhouettes can be vaguely seen.

One of them is the impermanence of the wind, the other two are similar to the impermanence of the wind, and standing in front of the three of them is a mysterious young man whose breath is extremely terrifying, much more terrifying than the three of them. It was deep and unmeasurable like the sea, but what shocked Zhang Yu the most was that the young man’s breath was very familiar to him, because that was exactly the breath that he was shocked by when he fought against the evil king “聻”.

“It’s him!” Zhang Yu’s pupils shrink slightly.


The Lord of Time and Space!

Two identities of mysterious youth popped up in Zhang Yu’s mind.

In an instant, Zhang Yu mobilized the will of the world. With the addition of the will of the world, with terrifying power, he created a huge superior grade wormhole in the wasteland time and space. The superior grade wormhole is certainly not better than Saint Court It’s superior grade wormhole, but it’s not a problem to cover the time and space of the wasteland. After all, the time and space of the wasteland hasn’t grown up yet and its size is not big.

Zhang Yu breathed a sigh of relief after the teleportation wormhole covered the entire wasteland time and space.

He secretly followed several silhouettes in the long river of time, with a solemn expression: “If I didn’t guess wrong, this person should be the Mister Yuan Tianyang mentioned by Feng Wuchang before…”

Zhang Yu finally confirmed that the a thread of aura came from the master of time and space.

It’s just that he doesn’t know. It’s not the aura of Yuan Tianyang’s deity, but the aura released by his Divine Soul Avatar. Even if he really killed the evil king at that time, it was far in other time and space. Yuan Tianyang can’t help him. As for the Divine Soul Avatar, it only has a monitoring function, and there is no battle strength.

Of course, even if Yuan Tianyang really controls the Divine Soul Avatar to shoot Zhang Yu, I am afraid that Zhang Yu can’t help Zhang Yu. Zhang Yu’s Source Power restrains Divine Soul. In other words, Divine Soul is one of many restrained targets One!

“This guy will not come sooner or later, but he will come at this time…” Zhang Yu frowned, now is the critical period for Bei Long and the others to transform, and he doesn’t want any accidents.


At the same time, outside the wasteland time and space, the eyes of the creatures of the ten thousand races are also attracted by the long river of time. Although they have seen the long river of time many times, each time they see it, they cannot suppress the shock in their hearts. The sight of vastness, vast and boundless, is breathtaking, and the seemingly endless power of time is even more trembling.

“Is it here?” A calm voice sounded over the course of time.

Immediately, another voice sounded: “Yes, this is it.”

With the second voice falling, four silhouettes walked out of the long river of time in the sight of the creatures of the ten thousand races.

“This future time and space… is getting more and more declining…” Yuan Tianyang shook his head, “This kind of power is probably not as good as the stronger Middle grade time and space… Except for the new master of time and space in Xianyu, this Shenxu Time and Space is simply not worthy of the name of Special Time and Space…” It is not the first time he has seen the ruin of time and space in the future, but every time, he can’t help expressing similar emotion.

Divine sense swept through the turbulence of time and space, and Yuan Tianyang instantly locked the time and space of the wasteland.

Next moment, his silhouette flashed, and he came outside the wasteland time and space.

He glanced over the surrounding creatures of the ten thousand races, and paused on Lu Wei: “Interesting.”

At this time, Lu Yan was still immersed in the cultivation, without any influence from the outside world.

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