Martial Mythology Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289 Solicitation

Wind Impermanence, Qin Hu, and Luo Qingyun began to sweat on their faces.

Looking at Zhang Yu’s faint smile, they felt a chill in their backs for some reason, for fear that they would follow Yuan Tianyang’s footsteps.

At this time, they hated Yuan Tianyang to death. This guy, because of his own courting death, that’s all, he must pull them down.

“Then Yuan Tianyang provokes Dean Mister you, death cannot wipe out the crimes.” Feng Wuchang brace oneself said: “Dean Mister, I Feng Wuchang swears that you will never reveal to anyone the news of you killing Yuan Tianyang. This oath, the sky thunders.”

Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun didn’t react when they heard Feng Wuchang swear. They were already numb.

They have been working with impermanence for many years, and they know too much about impermanence. This guy likes to swear when he has nothing to do. They are used to it.

“Really?” Zhang Yu looked at the impermanence of the wind, faintly said: “But I think it might be safer to kill you. After all, the dead cannot speak.”

As soon as these words came out, Feng Wuchang suddenly froze.

Feng Wuchang swallowed and tremblingly said: “Dean Mister is not necessary. If Dean Mister is really worried, I will take the initiative to erase this memory…”

“No, I still think that the dead is the safest.” Zhang Yu said seriously.

“No!” Feng Wuchang was so scared that he almost cried, “Dean Mister, you are such a great person, why bother with a nobody like us? You just treat us as a fart, let us go!”

Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun couldn’t help but say such things, but if they could live, who would die?

For the impermanence of the wind, Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun still admire a bit. Tier 9 is immortal. Few people are able to put down their body and stretch their skin like the impermanence of the wind. Such people are destined to live better than ordinary people. Live longer, and even live better.

“Haha, all right, I won’t tease you anymore.” Zhang Yu haha ​​smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Yuan Tianyang is not dead, I just temporarily imprisoned him and gave him a little punishment without hurting his life.” /p>

Hearing this, Feng Wuchang was dumbfounded. He really thought that Dean Mister had killed Yuan Tianyang.

Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun were also taken aback, half-believing.

“Why, I didn’t kill him, are you disappointed?” Zhang Yu asked.

“No.” Feng Wuchang said immediately: “If Dean Mister kills him, it is because he has only oneself to blame, death cannot wipe out the crimes. If Dean Mister does not kill him, it can only show that Dean Mister is broad-minded Up.”

Zhang Yu looked at Feng Wuchang a few times, and said in surprise: “When I met you last time, I didn’t realize that you are so good at flattery.”

When Zhang Yu said this, Feng Wuchang was immediately embarrassed. How should I answer this?

He chuckled, then lowered his head, not daring to answer.

“Okay, let’s talk about Yuan Tianyang first.” Zhang Yu didn’t intend to kill Yuan Tianyang, but now that he knows that Yuan Tianyang has such an identity, he will not kill him. “I’m busy with Secret Realm. However, this person has been bothering repeatedly, and it is really impossible to explain without giving a lesson. You said, how should I deal with this person?”

Is this asking for the opinions of the three of you?

The impermanence of the wind startedled, and then he shook his head. How would Dean Mister care if he was too weak?

“Dean Mister really does not intend to kill him?” Feng Wuchang asked cautiously.

“Why, in your eyes, am I a Great Demon King killing without blinking an eye?” Zhang Yu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “Although Yuan Tianyang is wrong, he can’t be guilty Death… If I were so stingy, I’m afraid this Shenxu time and space would have been killed by me!”

From Feng Wuchang’s point of view, this Dean Mister is certainly not a Great Demon King, but he is almost like the Great Demon King.

I murmured in my heart, but Feng Wuchang said honestly: “How Dean Mister handles Yuan Tianyang, I dare not comment.”

Regardless of whether this Dean Mister killed Yuan Tianyang or let him go, Feng Wuchang dare not say anything.

“Why, I am afraid that I will be angry? So I dare not say it? You are not worthy of your immortal status!” Zhang Yu raised his eyebrows.

“What Mister said is that the villain has been timid since childhood. After so many years, there is no way to change it.” Feng Wuchang nodded bowed.

Zhang Yu took a deep look at Feng Wuchang, then moved his eyes to Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun, and said, “Don’t talk about Feng Wuchang, you have to talk about it? It seems that you two should also guard Captain?”

“The villain is the first patrol team Captain Qin Hu.” Qin Hu forced himself to calm down, but his voice still trembled.

“The villain is the second patrol team Captain Luo Qingyun.” Luo Qingyun’s performance is no better than Qin Hu.

Zhang Yu nodded, said: “Let’s talk about it, I want to hear your opinions.”

Qin Hu hesitated for a moment, and stopped talking.

“Speak boldly, rest assured, I won’t be angry.” Zhang Yu encouraged.

In Zhang Yu’s encouraging eyes, Qin Hu took a deep breath and brace oneself said: “In the opinion of the villain, Dean Mister had better not kill Yuan Tianyang.”

“Talk about the reason.”

“Although Yuan Tianyang is no different from tiny ant to Dean Mister, his background is out of the ordinary and he is a judge. Once he dies, he will definitely attract more experts. Mister doesn’t care about those experts, but there are so many people coming, it will cause some trouble after all.” Qin Hu calmed down a little, and said: “Dean Mister is hidden here, so many rounds of time and space have passed, without revealing his identity. It should be planning a major event. Before this matter is completed, if too many eyes are drawn, maybe even the seven presiding judges Mister will look at you…”

Speaking of this, Qin Hu didn’t say any more, because he had already expressed his meaning, and the rest, even if he didn’t say it, presumably this Dean Mister could understand.

After speaking, Qin Hu lowered his head nervously and held his breath.

“Well, it’s reasonable.” Zhang Yu nodded, said: “So what do you think, how to deal with it?”

Seeing that Zhang Yu was not angry, but instead approved of his own opinions, Qin Hu seemed to be encouraged, and he was more courageous. He was less terrified and over-cautious. He pondered for a while and said, “How to deal with , It depends on whether Dean Mister wants to be punished harder, or just a little lesson.”

“oh?” Zhang Yu said curiously :”What is special about it?”

“If the punishment is more severe, Yuan Tianyang’s Cultivation Base can be abolished. He is in control of time and space and will not lose his life because the Cultivation Base is abolished. However, it will take a long time to re-cultivation to restore the current one. “Strength.” Qin Hu said: “If you just teach a little, you can be a little deterred. With Dean Mister’s strength, a little bit of power can be enough to deter him. The villain believes that as long as he is not a fool, he will be absolutely deterred. I dare not divulge news about you, Dean Mister!”

“What do you think?” Zhang Yu looked towards Luo Qingyun.

Luo Qingyun hesitated for a moment, and said: “The villain thinks Dean Mister will be enough to frighten him. Yuan Tianyang is a man of domineering, supercilious, and has never suffered any setbacks. The villain is worried that if Dean Mister will He taught hard, he couldn’t bear it in his heart, and took the initiative to seek death…”

Zhang Yu indifferently said: “If he actively seeks death, has anything to do with me?”

“The trial meeting and the people behind him will count this account on Dean Mister’s head.” Luo Qingyun brace oneself said: “Dean Mister is not afraid of them, but Yuan Tianyang disrupted the plan for a trifling. not worth it.”

He said this not only for the Dean Mister, but also for the three of them.

Yuan Tianyang’s identity is too special. If Yuan Tianyang has any accident here, the three guarding Captains will not be able to avoid responsibility. If the trial committee or the characters behind Yuan Tianyang are held accountable, all three of them will be in big trouble. , Even life will be threatened.

Based on such considerations, Luo Qingyun would have the courage to intercede for Yuan Tianyang.

Zhang Yu stared at Luo Qingyun, as if he was thinking about whether Luo Qingyun’s opinion is worthwhile.

He did not speak, Feng Wuchang, Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun did not dare to speak out, Feng Wuchang knelt on the ground and did not dare to move, Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun also bowed their waists respectfully, bowed their heads, and aired. I dare not breathe.

An invisible pressure gradually engulfed the three of Feng impermanence, and Dean Mister, who was silent, was the most scary.

After a long time, Zhang Yu finally spoke out, but he did not mention Yuan Tianyang’s affairs. Instead, he asked Feng Wuchang and the three of them: “How about you come and help me do things?” The three immortal Middle Realm, right now As far as Sky Academy is concerned, it can be regarded as a good battle strength. Before Sky Academy fully grows up, if it is sheltered by the impermanence of three people, Sky Academy will reduce a lot of trouble.

Feng Impermanence, Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun are all dumbfounded, they lift the head in shock, some can’t believe it.

“Why, not willing?” Zhang Yu frowned.

“no no no.” Feng Wuchang spoke immediately, his voice was pleasantly surprised, even very excited, “The little man is willing, so willing!”

You must know that this is the same existence as the presiding judge Mister, the endless time and space Peak Level other big guys!

As long as he speaks, even the masters of Middle grade time and space are very happy to serve him, go through water and tread on fire!

I can’t even dream of impermanence. Such an opportunity has fallen on my immortal Middle Realm’s little shrimp!

Compared with those masters of time and space, the immortal Middle Realm really can’t be considered. Even the immortal Upper Realm can hardly be considered by the presiding judge. Look at the people in the trial. Which one is not the master of time and space? Even the weakest people, such as Yuan Tianyang, are the masters of inferior time and space…

“I will follow Dean Mister to the death!” Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun also expressed their attitudes impatiently.

For them, this is definitely an opportunity to ascending to the skies with a single leap. As long as they follow this Dean Mister, they will even have a chance to become the lord of time and space in the future. This is definitely enough to make those immortal Upper Realm jealous Things to go crazy!

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