Martial Mythology Chapter 1291

Chapter 1291 Peak Big Brother (Part 2)

Yuan Tianyang’s heart continuously breeds fear, and that fear is still spreading.

For him, time and space are his life. If there is no time and space, he cannot imagine what he will be like in the future!

“Time and space, where did my time and space go?” Yuan Tianyang was panicked.

That is his big brother Yuan Tianji spent a lot of thought to help him get the seed of time and space, and help him become the lord of the low time and space. If the time is gone, even his big brother will have no choice. Get him a second space-time seed.

With the gradual deterioration of the living environment of endless time and space, and the aggressive invasion of the Asura family, the seeds of time and space are becoming rarer and rarer. Each one is a priceless treasure. Even Saint Court Dean Yuan Tianji can hardly get another time and space seed!

Seeing Yuan Tianyang almost collapsed with fear, Zhang Yu couldn’t help being surprised. Even before he scared him, he was afraid that he would be like this?

Feng Wuchang and the three of them also looked at Yuan Tianyang questioningly. They could understand Yuan Tianyang’s fear and fear, but they wouldn’t be so fearful, right?

“As for? Dean Mister didn’t say to kill him either!” Feng Wuchang was puzzled.

At this time, Daofather Hong Jun silhouette slowly appeared beside Zhang Yu and the others.

He saluted Zhang Yu slightly, saying: “Dean.”

Zhang Yu looked at Hongjun Daozu, and then said to Feng Wuchang: “This is Hongjun Elder, the leader of the Sky Academy Elder group, you can make time to communicate… Hongjun Elder only has a second turn. Immortal Cultivation Base, but its battle strength is amazing, don’t underestimate him.”

Hearing this, Feng Wuchang was surprised and said: “The second revolution is immortal!”

He immediately felt Daofather Hong Jun’s Cultivation Base, and as expected, it was the second stage of immortality.

“Brother Feng, didn’t you mean that Hongjun is a new immortal?” Qin Hu asked stared wide-eyed, sound transmission.

Luo Qingyun also frowned sound transmission: “How long is this? He has grown from a new immortal to second rank immortal?”

He couldn’t help but wonder, did Feng Wuchang lie before?

“Two Old Brothers, I swear that what I said before is true, and there is absolutely no falsehood.” Feng Wuchang said: “I can guarantee that when I came last time, he was just promoted to immortality. !”

“This…” Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun hesitated, not knowing whether they should believe in impermanence.

They are not to blame for being so suspicious. After all, it is incredible to go from one rank immortality to rank two immortality in just over a month.

Zhang Yu seems to see the doubts of the impermanence of the wind, lightly said with a smile: “Hongjun Elder just promoted to immortality more than a month ago, and later entered the Secret Realm of the sky, and gained something, so he was promoted again, achievement two Turn immortal. You are also members of Sky Academy now. When you are free, you can also enter the Secret Realm and have a try. There may be unexpected results.”

When these words came out, Feng Wuchang and the three were completely shocked. Even Yuan Tianyang’s eyes were wide open and his expression was incredible.

In less than two months, I have continuously improved two realm. What kind of talent is this?

The point is Secret Realm!

What exactly is the Secret Realm in the sky that enables a person who has just been promoted to become immortal to be promoted again in such a short time?

The three of Feng Wuchang’s eyes were hot, and their breathing was rapid. They couldn’t even dream that there was such a magical place in Sky Academy. Such a magical Secret Realm, even Saint Court had never owned.

They are more grateful for their decision to join Sky Academy, he is really wise!

Zhang Yu did not mention the Secret Realm of the sky. He introduced to Daofather Hong Jun: “Hong Jun Elder, these three are the Captain of the three major patrol teams in Shenxu Time and Space, and they are the first patrol team Captain Qin Hu. The second patrol team Captain Luo Qingyun, and the third patrol team Captain are impermanent. All three of them have the immortal Middle Realm Cultivation Base, and their combat experience is extremely rich. Now they have joined Sky Academy and everyone will be their own. Now, if you have any problems that cannot be solved in the future, you can ask them to help.”

“Yes, Dean.” Daofather Hong Jun nodded.

He cast his eyes on the Feng Wuchang three and said: “Hello.”

The three wind impermanences not at all because Daofather Hong Jun’s Cultivation Base is lower than them, so they underestimate Daofather Hong Jun, not to mention that Daofather Hong Jun joined Sky Academy earlier than them and is highly regarded by Dean Mister. No one would dare to underestimate him if he was promoted continuously within two months.

“Hello.” Feng Wuchang, Qin Hu, and Luo Qingyun replied solemnly, appearing extremely serious.

After introducing them, Zhang Yu asked Daofather Hong Jun: “Is there anything going on with Elder Hong Jun here?”

Daofather Hong Jun said: “I saw Dean is here, so I came here to see if Dean has already figured out how to deal with Yuan Tianyang?”

If you change from the past, a second-tier immortal dared to call his own name, Yuan Tianyang would have taken action to sanction the other party, but now, even if he borrowed his a hundred courage, he would not dare to attack Hongjun Daozu.

Hearing what Daofather Hong Jun said, Zhang Yu turned to Yuan Tianyang.

Yuan Tianyang suddenly became nervous, and there was a trace of fear in the nervousness, and it seemed that there was already a shadow.

Zhang Yu looked at Yuan Tianyang and asked indifferently: “What do you think, what should I do with you?”

“Dean Mister.” Yuan Tianyang had to say against his will: “A great person like you, why bother with a tiny ant like a villain? Please also Dean Mister be magnanimous, let the villain be magnanimous. Mister has instructions, and the villain will do his best to complete it! Although the villain is not very strong, he knows a lot of people, and the ordinary trivial things are definitely not difficult for the villain!”

“Why should I trust you?” Zhang Yu indifferently said.

Yuan Tianyang was silent for a while, he couldn’t prove himself.

You can never learn to be impermanent, so swear at every turn?

Even if you swear, this Dean Mister must believe it!

Taking a deep look at Yuan Tianyang, Zhang Yu suddenly broke the space wall barrier of God World in Kaifeng God World and said: “Follow me.”

Next moment, he directly crossed the space wall barrier and entered the nothingness outside the God World.

Feng Wuchang looked at each other, without the slightest hesitation followed along.

Daofather Hong Jun silently stared at Yuan Tianyang. The latter expression fluctuated. After a while, the brace oneself crossed the space wall barrier and entered into nothingness. After Yuan Tianyang went up, Daofather Hong Jun took a deep breath, dignifiedly pass through the space wall barrier and enter into nothingness. Although there is a second-turn immortal Cultivation Base, that nothingness still poses a big threat to him. The moment he enters into nothingness, he feels that his whole body has been attacked. Erosion, disappearing in little by little, this is still because of the blocking of Time and Space Strength, otherwise, I am afraid that after a few breaths, he will be completely assimilated by nothingness and cease to exist.

Fortunately, that piece of nothingness is not big. Hongjun Daozu traversed the nothingness with difficulty and finally entered the vast turbulence of time and space.

At this moment, everyone except Zhang Yu was shocked by the sight in front of them!

Yuan Tianyang, Feng Wuchang, Qin Hu, Luo Qingyun, and Hongjun Daozu who finally entered the turbulence of time and space, all looked at the vast turbulence of time and space in shock. Their divine sense can’t capture the chaos of time and space. The boundary of the flow, that feeling, is as if they have entered the long river of time in the time and space of Shenxu, but the problem is that this is a turbulent flow of time and space, not a long river of time.

Yuan Tianyang was dumbfounded, and his mind was getting confused.

“Time and space turbulence!” He was shaking in his heart, shouting: “Such a vast space and time turbulence!”

He doesn’t know how big the space-time turbulence is. He only knows that his divine sense can’t explore the boundary of the space-time turbulence. The endless space-time energy is surging in the space-time turbulence. Even 1/10000th is enough to kill him instantly!

At this moment, Yuan Tianyang no longer thinks that Zhang Yu is the incarnation of a certain presiding judge.

This is definitely the presiding judge!

Even if he is not the presiding judge, he is definitely a Peak boss at the same level as the presiding judge!

The impermanence of the wind is also shocked beyond repetition. Even if the impermanence of the wind has been seen once, they still cannot stop the shock that surges up in my heart. No matter how many times I see such a scene, it is difficult to hide the shock!

Everyone stood respectfully behind Zhang Yu, afraid to make a sound.

Although Daofather Hong Jun has many questions in his mind, it is not the time to ask Dean at this moment, so he closed his mouth very wittily.

After Zhang Yu entered the turbulent flow of time and space, he quietly stared at the turbulent flow of time and space, standing upright on the edge of nothingness, as if thinking about something, his breathing seemed to lead the turbulent flow of time and space. With each of his long breaths, the turbulence of time and space seems to be ebb and flow, the vast and terrifying energy of time and space, seemingly gentle, but carrying a trembling power…

“This is the real big brother!” Yuan Tianyang’s body was trembling, “A great existence that is a hundred times stronger and a thousand times stronger than my big brother!”

Zhang Yu suddenly turned his head, his gaze fell on Yuan Tianyang, the plain gaze, but like a thunderbolt, made Yuan Tianyang tremble suddenly, lowered his head subconsciously, and his heart became more nervous and fearful.

“Do you think that the presiding judge is the existence of this endless time and space pinnacle?” Zhang Yu asked.

Everyone can’t help startled, isn’t it?

Zhang Yu smiled and didn’t say anything. He waved his hand, and the endless space-time energy began to frantically converge towards his palm. In an instant, the space-time energy gathered in his palm was almost comparable to the time and space of Shen Xu , However, he did not stop, and continued to control the convergence of space-time energy, and continuously compressed it to make it smaller and smaller, just like a bean.

Feeling the breath of that bean, everyone felt frightened and scalp numb.

They even suspect that this bean can destroy the entire Chenxu time and space in an instant, and destroy the entire river of time!

“God. What is this?” Everyone was too frightened to speak out, for fear that the beans would explode and wipe them away in an instant.

For a long time, when Zhang Yu felt almost done, he stopped, and after the energy in the surrounding space-time was extracted by him, it was quickly infused by space-time energy from other places. The entire space-time turbulence was unaffected, as if it disappeared The space-time energy is insignificant.

“believing or not, the space-time energy I created with my hands is enough to easily obliterate a presiding judge!” Zhang Yu put one hand behind him, and the other hand stretched out his index finger, that one was compressed into dust General space-time energy, spinning at his fingertips, exudes the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

If this dust really explodes, maybe that endless time and space will be destroyed in an instant!

Amidst the invisible fluctuations of the enchantment technique, Yuan Tianyang, Feng Wuchang, and the others did not have the slightest doubt about Zhang Yu’s words. They looked at the dust and had no doubt that the dust could really be Kill the presiding judge!

Because of this, everyone feels even more shocked.

God, there is even more terrifying existence in this world than the presiding judge!

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