Martial Mythology Chapter 1293

Chapter 1293 terrifying gifts

Hearing the impermanence of the wind, Zhang Yu couldn’t help but startled. He didn’t know what the impermanence of the wind had made, how could he feel lonely?

But he did not refute the words of impermanence. No matter what the impermanence of the impermanence, he just don’t let him solve the “nightmare”.

Zhang Yu smiled: “You don’t have to blame yourself for this. After all, you are also thinking about endless time and space, which is understandable.”

Speaking of which, although Zhang Yu does not recognize the habit of swearing or kneeling at every turn, he still appreciates the impermanence of the wind.

In the case that no one else thought of it, Feng Wuchang was the first to think of asking him to take action to solve the “nightmare” and relieve the crisis of endless time and space. It can be seen that Feng Wuchang still retains relative kindness in his heart. Among the immortal, It is undoubtedly very rare.

And more people, no matter what they do or think about, they are used to putting their interests first.

Looking at Zhang Yu’s smiling face, Feng Wuchang’s heart is even heavier. The former smile falls in his eyes, but it is a heavy smile…

“Okay, I have said so much, I just want you to understand that there are countless secrets and dangers hidden in this emptiness. Even the presiding judge is not invincible. Don’t think that there is a low Waiting for the power of the Lord of Time and Space, you will be able to run wild…” Zhang Yu indifferently said.

Hearing this, Feng Wuchang looked towards Yuan Tianyang subconsciously.

Yuan Tianyang, whose emotions have eased a little bit, suddenly felt the tremendous pressure again, and his face was covered with fine cold sweat.

“The villain knows that I was wrong, and please Dean Mister to spare my life!” Yuan Tianyang bent down deeply, his voice trembling.

At this time, he has no chance of luck. He has no other way except to pray for the forgiveness of Dean Mister.

Zhang Yu slowly said: “If it is normal, even if you disturb me, I won’t be angry, but this time, I am busy with the affairs of the Secret Realm of the sky, and the Secret Realm of the sky is related to the safety of the endless time and space. Don’t make any mistakes. If you are disturbed like this, if there is an accident, the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, what you commit must not be taken lightly!”

The impermanence of several people is not surprised at all.

Think about it, too, Dean Mister is such a great person. If it hadn’t touched the bottom line, would Dean Mister care about a low-level master of time and space?

Yuan Tianyang trembled more severely, and he even felt that he was on the verge of death.

The threat of death made Yuan Tianyang let go of the only trace of dignity and pride in his heart, knelt down tremblingly, prostrated on the ground, and said: “Dean Mister forgive me!”

He did not mention his big brother Yuan Tianji again, nor did he say that Yuan Tianji was doing things for the presiding judge, because that didn’t make any sense.

This Dean Mister may not even look at the presiding judge, so does he care about his big brother Yuan Tianji?

Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary immortals, Saint Court Dean Yuan Tianji is a top-level Mister thing, which controls the pattern of endless time and space, but in the eyes of Dean Mister, Yuan Tianji is probably only a slightly larger tiny ant.

“Don’t worry, I said that I won’t kill you.” Zhang Yu said.

Yuan Tianyang breathed a sigh of relief, but he was still nervous. After all, some punishments are more scary than killing a person!

He is still kneeling, not daring to look up.

“lifts the head here.” Zhang Yu said to Yuan Tianyang.

Yuan Tianyang brace oneself lifts the head, with fear and anxiety in his eyes.

I saw Zhang Yu with one hand behind him, and the index finger of the other hand still controlling the dust-like space-time energy, and asked: “Have you seen this space-time energy?”

Everyone once again cast their eyes on the energy of time and space, and that terrifying energy fluctuation made everyone tremble.

Yuan Tianyang swallowed and trembled: “Look, I saw it.”

That is not an ordinary particle of dust, but a particle of space-time energy that can obliterate the presiding judge. It is a particle of dust that is infinitely compressed by endless space-time energy. Even if that particle of dust releases 1/10000th of power Yes, I’m afraid it is enough to kill him instantly, and even the ashes will not be left.

“As punishment, I will give you this energy of time and space.” Zhang Yu calmly said.

Yuan Tianyang almost fainted in fright, can this thing be given away?

This joke is not funny at all!

The impermanence of the wind was also stunned, and immediately cast a sympathetic look at Yuan Tianyang.

“The villain, the villain…” Yuan Tianyang was so scared that he stammered, “Isn’t you going to see you off?”

Zhang Yu shook his head and said seriously: “You must accept this gift. If you don’t accept it, I’m not at ease.”

Looking at the little “dust”, Yuan Tianyang only felt his mouth dry and his whole body shrivelled.

Without waiting for Yuan Tianyang to speak, Zhang Yu continued: “In this endless time and space, no one can refuse my gift, and the presiding judge can’t do it.” The calm words made people feel boundlessly domineering, “You better consider Clearly, my gift, do you want it!”

Yuan Tianyang dare not say no?

If he dares not accept this gift, he will probably die in the next second.

Yuan Tianyang’s face was covered with cold sweat. For Zhang Yu’s gift, he resisted 10,000 in his heart, but he uttered two words with difficulty: “I accept.”

“Very good.” Seeing that Yuan Tianyang is so intrigued, Zhang Yu was nodded with satisfaction.

Next moment, he flicked the fingers, the “dust” that contains the energy of endless time and space, suddenly passed through Yuan Tianyang’s skin and entered him within the body.

Yuan Tianyang’s body trembled suddenly, and even Divine Soul trembled.

Seeing this, Zhang Yu immediately imprisoned the “dust”. After a while, the terrifying energy fluctuation disappeared, as if from start to finish did not exist.

Yuan Tianyang is gradually recovering. Although his face is still pale and his body is trembling slightly, he was trembling with fright at that time instead of trembling by the impact of energy fluctuations.

“This gift is for you. Don’t worry, I have imprisoned it, and it will not affect you.” Zhang Yu looked at Yuan Tianyang, said with a slight smile: “Unless someone wants to take it Forced from your body, or I personally induce its power, otherwise, it will be like ordinary dust.”

To be safe, Zhang Yu deliberately added a few more layers of imprisonment, even the presiding judge, it is impossible to break that imprisonment.

Zhang Yu is not worried that Yuan Tianyang will be obliterated by that “dust”, but that his power will spread to endless time and space!

Apart from this, Zhang Yu still has another consideration, that is… he intends to use Yuan Tianyang as a test product to see if he can indirectly guide his own power of Dantian World in this way. Will a “dust” disappear after leaving Dantian World?

And those layers of imprisonment are the key link in Zhang Yu’s experiment.

Hearing Zhang Yu’s words, Yuan Tianyang is still nervous. Anyone who knows that there is such a terrifying thing in his body is impossible to remain calm.

“Then what if someone forces it out of the villain within the body?” Yuan Tianyang asked with a trembling voice.

“Then it will explode, just like a beautiful firework, with a bang, releasing the power it contains.” Zhang Yu smiled and said, “You can find someone to try it, your big brother Yuan Tianji, or the presiding judge, maybe they can suppress this space-time energy. After all, how can you give up if you don’t try it?”

Actually, Zhang Yu was purely frightening Yuan Tianyang. That piece of “dust” was imprisoned by him, and it was impossible to detonate it anyway, unless someone possessed a more terrifying power than he was in Dantian World. , Otherwise, the “dust” would be impossible to explode. Even if someone moved it and forced it out of Yuan Tianyang’s body, it would not trigger any danger.

But Yuan Tianyang doesn’t know!

“gu lu.” Yuan Tianyang swallowed hard.

Give it a try?

Only when he is crazy will he bet his life to try.

Even more how, he doesn’t believe that his big brother Yuan Tianji has the ability, and even the presiding judge can do it.

Although he is very reluctant to accept it, he has to admit this cruel fact, that is, this “dust” may follow him for the rest of his life. During his lifetime, it is impossible to leave him.

“Okay, let’s get up.” Zhang Yu waved his hand and said, “I have given you a gift. What should I do next? I don’t need to teach you what to say? What should I say? It should be said, consider yourself…”

At this point, Zhang Yu glanced at Feng Wuchang intentionally or unconsciously.

The impermanence of the wind and several people immediately watched their noses, noses and hearts, as if all this had nothing to do with them.

“The villain swears, never…”

“Okay, when did you become impermanent?” Zhang Yu waved his hand and said, “You go, if you don’t go, I will change my mind.”

“What does it have to do with me?” Feng Wuchang scratched his head awkwardly.

“Because you don’t know what you will swear,” Qin Hu said quietly and sound transmission.

“Qin Hu’s big brother is right.” Luo Qingyun agrees.

Yuan Tianyang, such as the amnesty, not even think, teleported away from this place, teleported crazily towards the distance, as if he wanted to escape from here, away from this demon-like Dean Mister.

Seeing Yuan Tianyang running away in the blink of an eye, Zhang Yu couldn’t help but froze, and then didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “Why are all people so frizzy now?”

Shaking his head helplessly, Zhang Yu said to Feng Wuchang, “You guys wait here first.”

When the voice fell, Zhang Yu silhouette flashed, blinking billions of light years, and time and space were distorted wherever it passed.

On the other side, Yuan Tianyang is still fortunate to have escaped from Dean Mister’s hands, but he was dumbfounded when he ran, because he has teleported countless times, but all around is still endless turbulence of time and space, divine Sense swept through, still unable to capture the boundary of time and space turbulence, as if this time and space turbulence simply has no boundaries.

He doesn’t give up and feels the long river of time, but he can’t sense the existence of the long river at all.

“What the hell is going on?” Yuan Tianyang felt like he was in an illusion.

At this moment, Zhang Yu appeared, and he helpedlessly said: “I let you go, not from here…”

I saw Zhang Yu waving his palms at will, and then in Yuan Tianyang’s horrified gaze, endless time and space energy surged, and a huge wormhole that exceeded the limit of his perception slowly formed.

“Finally… the ultimate wormhole.” Yuan Tianyang’s eyes widened and his voice trembled.

This is the ultimate wormhole mentioned by Feng Wuchang. It is bigger than Yuan Tianyang imagined, and it is more spectacular and shocking. Even if Yuan Tianyang’s thinking is exhausting, he can’t imagine what kind of power this ultimate wormhole represents. .

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