Martial Mythology Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294

“What are you doing?” Zhang Yu indifferently said: “Aren’t you leaving?”

His Dantian World, if he doesn’t get his permission, no one can get in, and no one can get out.

Yuan Tianyang seemed to be so scared that he was a little unconscious. He muddleheaded through the ultimate wormhole, next moment, and came to the wasteland time and space.

Zhang Yu without the slightest hesitation followed along, the silhouette flashes and appears in the wasteland time and space.

He carefully sensed the spatiotemporal energy planted in Yuan Tianyang within the body. What surprised him was that the spatiotemporal energy had not disappeared, and he could sense the existence of the latter.

It’s just that when he tried to lift the 1st floor confinement, he found that the confinement did not move at all.

“The test failed.” Zhang Yu was a little disappointed, but he expected the result. “It seems that trying to use this method to achieve the power to guide the Dantian World is still not feasible.”

Although the power not at all disappeared after leaving Dantian World, Zhang Yu also no longer possesses the invincible will in Dantian World. There is no way to lift the imprisonment, and he cannot control the space-time energy.

“But it doesn’t matter. Anyway, only I know this matter. Other people don’t know that I can’t control the spatiotemporal energy.” Zhang Yu is not worried about Yuan Tianyang leaking his own affairs. He believes that even with Yuan Tianyang 100 Yuan Tianyang didn’t dare to do that.

Almost all this guy was frightened by him. In a short period of time, he never dared to mess around.

Just as Zhang Yu thought, Yuan Tianyang was indeed frightened. When he came, he looked proud and domineering, but he was muddleheaded and trembling when he left, as if the whole person had been transferred. People who are familiar with Yuan Tianyang, if they see Yuan Tianyang’s appearance, I am afraid that this guy will simply be Yuan Tianyang, the domineering Little Overlord.

“Dean Mister.”


As soon as Xiao Xie and Xiao Qiang saw Zhang Yu’s silhouette, they flew over and saluted respectfully.

Zhang Yu was slightly nodded, but his eyes stayed on Yuan Tianyang, as if he was thinking about something.

“What’s wrong with that guy?” Xiaoxie looked at Yuan Tianyang who was like a soulless puppet with some curiosity, and watched him stagger and flew towards the direction outside the wasteland time and space, “How come it looks like a different person? “

Xiao Qiang is also very curious, not understanding what happened to Yuan Tianyang, as if he had suffered a tremendous blow.

This is very similar to the appearance when Feng Wuchang left, except that Yuan Tianyang appears more embarrassed.

Zhang Yu calmly said: “It’s nothing, just taught him a little lesson.”

“No wonder.” Xiaoxie and Xiao Qiang were not surprised at once. Dean Mister made the shot himself, and this guy was lucky if he could save his life.

Suddenly, Yuan Tianyang, who had not yet flown away, did not know what he sensed, but suddenly stopped, with an excited look: “Time and space, I sensed my time and space again!”

He didn’t notice Zhang Yu, Xiao Xie, and Xiao Qiang at all. He was so excited that he looked very excited.

In fact, when he had just passed through the ultimate wormhole and came to the wasteland time and space, he was able to sense his time and space, but he was still immersed in the shock at the time and didn’t notice it until he was a little calmer It took a little bit before I noticed this change.

The time and space was lost and regained. The surprise and excitement made Yuan Tianyang lose his temper.

After experiencing great sadness and great joy, his emotions almost collapsed and he became more sensitive as a result.

“What’s wrong with this guy?” Xiaoxie and Xiao Qiang looked a little confused, “How come you are like a lunatic?”

At the last moment, Yuan Tianyang still seemed to have experienced a huge blow. The panic and the crying without tears were vividly visible. In an instant, Yuan Tianyang was mad with excitement again. The excitement made people suspect that he was Not crazy.

Xiao Qiang said: “Is it because the master taught me too hard, so I was crazy?”

“Don’t worry, he is not crazy.” Zhang Yu stared at Yuan Tianyang, looking thoughtful.

Yuan Tianyang’s surprise voice can be heard clearly. The reason why the former is so excited seems to be because he can sense his own time and space. Does this mean that in his Dantian World, Yuan Tianyang cannot To the existence of own time and space?

Zhang Yu can be sure that he is not at all imprisoning Yuan Tianyang’s time and space. Moreover, he does not know where Yuan Tianyang’s time and space is, and he has no ability to imprison Yuan Tianyang’s time and space. Yuan Tianyang cannot sense his time and space, certainly not because of Zhang Yu What means was used, the most likely is…Dantian World!

“My Dantian World can isolate others from feeling time and space?” Zhang Yu pondered, “What is the principle?”

His Dantian World has been born for a long time, but until now, he still hasn’t figured out what type of world Dantian World belongs to, is it a ninth-order world like hell, or some kind of time and space?

Look at the endless turbulence of time and space, it should be very similar to time and space, but his Dantian World is too big. Until now, Zhang Yu has not figured out how big Dantian World is, as if simply has no boundaries, let alone sink. The time and space of the market, the endless time and space added together, may not be as big as his Dantian World.

On the other side, Yuan Tianyang was excited, and suddenly he saw Zhang Yu suddenly, his body stiffened.

He didn’t even know that Zhang Yu had followed. Now when he saw Zhang Yu, his cold sweat immediately shed, for fear that Zhang Yu would catch him back…

“The hospital…Dean Mister.” Yuan Tianyang squatted and shouted.

He lowered his head, feeling anxious in his heart.

Zhang Yu glanced at Yuan Tianyang, indifferently said: “In the time and space of Shenxu, stay as long as you want, and I am not interested in mixing with your affairs, but there is one thing, don’t provoke Sky Academy, otherwise, go Once, you won’t be so lucky.”

“Yes, yes, the villain remembered.” Yuan Tianyang hurriedly nodded, nodded bowed, like another impermanence.

Zhang Yu waved his hand and said: “Okay, you can go.”

Yuan Tianyang, such as the amnesty, hurriedly flew toward the wasteland time and space.

But he just flew out a short distance, Zhang Yu said again: “Wait.”

Yuan Tianyang stiffened, crying, stopped, then turned around, brace oneself and said: “What else does Dean Mister have to say?”

“I can’t talk about the order.” Zhang Yu indifferently said: “I just want to remind you that the new Lord of the Immortal Domain is my Avatar.”

“Avatar?” Yuan Tianyang suddenly showed an incredible expression.

Can Avatar also become the master of time and space?

But when he thinks of Dean Mister’s magical methods, Yuan Tianyang doesn’t feel strange. After all, this is a Peak boss who has surpassed the presiding judge, the most terrifying existence in endless time and space, no matter what kind of magical means. , All understandable.

“The villain understands what to do.” Yuan Tianyang took a deep breath and said: “Don’t worry, Dean Mister, your Avatar will be taken care of by the villain and will never let the experience of the Venerable Void reappear.”

He came to Shenxu Time and Space this time, and one of his tasks was to investigate the new Lord of the Immortal Territory, but now, it seems that he doesn’t need to investigate again.

Dean Mister’s Avatar, borrowed his a hundred courage, he did not dare to explore anything.

Seeing that Yuan Tianyang is so acquainted, Zhang Yu didn’t want to embarrass him any more and waved his hand. Zhang Yu said, “Okay, it’s okay, you can go.”

Yuan Tianyang turned cautiously, and then flew towards the time-space barrier of the wasteland until he crossed the time-space barrier of the wasteland, and then he was completely relieved, as if he had escaped from the wolf’s den with a lingering fear in his mouth and a big mouth. respite.

“You continue to be here.” Zhang Yu retracted his gaze and said to Xiao Xie and Xiao Qiang.

“Yes, Dean Mister (Master)!” Xiaoxie and Xiao Qiang replied respectfully.

Next moment, Zhang Yu entered the God World of Fengshenzhen, and then broke through the space wall barrier of God World of Fengshen God World, passed through the void, and once again came to the turbulence of time and space of Dantian World.

“Dean Mister!” Feng Wuchang several people hurriedly saluted.

Zhang Yu glanced at them and said: “Feng Wuchang, Qin Hu, Luo Qingyun, I will give you three days to quit your job in the patrol team, is it okay?”

Hearing this, Feng Wuchang hesitated, then gritted his teeth and said: “No problem.”

“Why, is it difficult?” Zhang Yu asked.


“Say if you have any difficulties.” Zhang Yu frowned, said: “I am not unreasonable. If there are difficulties, I will not force you.”

Feng Wuchang said: “Although we can immediately quit the job of patrolling Captain, we will not be able to leave until we send someone to replace us at the patrol hall…”

“How often can they send someone over?”

“Fast is three days, and slow is seven days.” Feng Wuchang answered obediently and honestly.

Zhang Yu thought for a while, and said, “Well, I will give you seven days. I hope that within seven days, you can handle your affairs and report to Sky Academy.”

“Thank you Dean Mister for understanding!” Feng Wuchang said gratefully.

Zhang Yu waved his hand: “Go, hurry up.”

After all, Zhang Yu once again created the ultimate wormhole.

Wind has never seen the ultimate wormhole, but it seems a little calm. The reactions of Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun are similar to those of Yuan Tianyang. They are all shocked by this huge ultimate wormhole, even if they have heard of the wind. The description of impermanence, with a certain degree of psychological preparation, but when they really saw this boundless ultimate wormhole, they still couldn’t help but shock the spot.

“Let’s go.” Feng Wuchang gently patted the shoulders of the two of them, and then took the lead into the ultimate wormhole.

Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun came back to his senses, with a shocked mood, following the impermanence of the wind.

After they left, Zhang Yu removed the ultimate wormhole and said to Hongjun Daozu: “Let’s go, return to God World.”

Turning around, Zhang Yu passed through that piece of nothingness, as if walking on the ground, and returned to the God World, Hongjun Daozu did not hesitate to spend a lot of Time and Space Strength to resist the erosion of nothingness, and was abolished After a great deal of strength, it was difficult to return to the God World.

Just as Zhang Yu bid farewell to Hongjun Daozu and just returned to Sky Academy, a Secret Realm suddenly broke out with an astonishing breath, and the entire wilderness of God World trembled violently under the impact of that breath. .

Zhang Yu was not surprised and rejoiced: “It’s another one!”

Yuan Tianyang, who has just entered the long river of time, felt the sudden eruption of immortality, and almost failed to stand firm and fell in the long river of time.

Feng Wuchang, Qin Hu, and Luo Qingyun immediately stopped and looked back towards the direction of the wasteland time and space.

“Following the Hongjun Elder and the mysterious boy, Dean Mister has cultivated an immortality so quickly!” Feng Wuchang has shocked faces on the faces of several people. How long has it been before Dean Mister is an immortal One after another is born, it is as cheap as weeds, which is too fake.

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