Martial Mythology Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331 Opportunity?

Looking at the smile on Zhang Yu’s face, Yuan Tianyang was overjoyed and felt that he had a chance.

“Yes, the villain begs to join Sky Academy, and I hope Dean Mister will be pleased!” Yuan Tianyang bowed respectfully.

Zhang Yu neither fast nor slow, and asked: “Why do you want to join Sky Academy?”

Hearing this, Yuan Tianyang could not startled.


Of course it is for the Spirit Treasure of Time and Space, Good-Fortune Pill of Time and Space, and the Banquet of Time and Space!

But Yuan Tianyang is not stupid, so naturally he will not speak out his true thoughts.

He turned his mind and said: “The villain hopes to join Dean Mister’s command and relieve Dean Mister’s worries.”

Zhang Yu faint smile: “Really? Then tell me, what are my worries?”

Yuan Tianyang was suddenly speechless and did not know how to answer.

After thinking about it for a long time, he cautiously replied: “The villain doesn’t know what Dean Mister has to worry about, but the villain is willing to pony the horse for Dean Mister. Anything Dean Mister orders, the villain will go all out. Serve Dean Mister.”

“Really? Then should I thank you for your kindness?” Zhang Yu smiled faintly, “But, I’m sorry, I don’t need you to serve me for the time being. So, please go back.”

Yuan Tianyang is very unwilling. Joining Sky Academy is the only chance to obtain the Spirit Treasure of Time and Space. How can he give up so easily?

He gritted his teeth and brace oneself said: “The villain has long been impressed by the demeanor of the Sky Academy teachers and students. I hope to join this Holy Land. I implore Dean Mister to allow the villain to join Sky Academy!”

What he said is not a lie. Although his main purpose is to aim at the Spirit Treasure of time and space, but the performance of the Sky Academy teachers and students really moved him. He has no doubt that if he can join Sky Academy, in the future, there may be hope to become a monster like these teachers and students.

He is the lord of low-level time and space. If he could have the terrifying battle strength of the teachers and students of Sky Academy, he would even dare to challenge the master of Middle grade time and space.

“Enough.” Zhang Yu narrowed his smile, and his expression became cold. “What are you talking about, when I don’t know? Do you think I’m a fool?”

Yuan Tianyang immediately trembled with fright, his face turned pale, and his breathing stopped.

At that moment, he even smelled Death Aura.

Although Zhang Yu did not release the slightest breath or even feel a trace of energy fluctuations, his emotions seem to be terrifying more than the most terrifying force in the world.

“Little, little man…” Yuan Tianyang was trembling, and he couldn’t speak clearly.

Everyone around, including the creatures of the ten thousand races who have not yet gone far, stopped, and their eyes fell on Yuan Tianyang.

Seeing Yuan Tianyang’s panic, everyone couldn’t help being shocked.

Who would have thought that Dean Mister would scare a Tier 9 immortal into a pale face with just one sentence, making him afraid to look like this.

“Your idea is very good. Joining Sky Academy, you really have the opportunity to get the Spirit Treasure of Time and Space, Good-Fortune Pill of Time and Space, and the Banquet of Time and Space.” Zhang Yu seemed to see through Yuan Tianyang’s psychology, and in one sentence he said that Yuan Tianyang truly He said indifferently: “These things, in the eyes of ordinary people, may be an incredible Supreme Treasure, but in Sky Academy, they can’t be considered.”

Hearing these words, Yuan Tianyang trembled even more severely. He didn’t dare to look up or face Dean Mister’s gaze.

The creatures of the ten thousand races have eyes shined, and a certain idea in their hearts begins to stir.

“But…” Zhang Yu said, “Why should I agree to let you join Sky Academy? Is it based on your status as the lord of time and space? Or based on your relationship with Saint Court Dean?”

If someone else said this, Yuan Tianyang would have refuted it coldly, but it was Dean Mister who said this. Not only did he dare not refute, but he didn’t feel unconvinced at all.

Yes, in Dean Mister’s eyes, what is his strength?

As for his big brother Yuan Tianji, although his power is overwhelming all over the world, he is essentially the messenger of the presiding judge Mister. Dean Mister may not even look at the presiding judge Mister, let alone the messenger of the presiding judge Mister?

In this endless time and space, only Dean Mister is qualified to speak this way. For the rest of the people, even the presiding judge Mister, he will not ignore his big brother Yuan Tianji.

After being exposed to his own thoughts, Yuan Tianyang was ashamed and terrified, and buried his head even lower.

Faced with Dean Mister, who seemed to know everything, the fluke thoughts in Yuan Tianyang’s heart dissipated, and he did not dare to hope to join Sky Academy anymore. He only hoped to be able to safely leave the wasteland and leave the time and space of Shenxu.

What Yuan Tianyang absolutely did not expect was that Dean Mister suddenly opened the mouth and said after revealing his thoughts: “Actually, it is not impossible that you want to join Sky Academy.”

Yuan Tianyang took a breath, rising in the mind uncontrollably with excitement.

He lifts the head in surprise, excited and unbelievable: “You, did you agree?”

His voice trembled because of excessive excitement.

“No.” Zhang Yu shook his head, indifferently said: “I mean, you can join Sky Academy, but there is one condition.”

“You said.” Yuan Tianyang resisted his excitement and said respectfully.

He is willing to agree to any conditions.

Zhang Yu’s gaze stayed on Yuan Tianyang for a few seconds before slowly saying: “If you can wash away the evil karma from your body, I will promise you to join Sky Academy.”

“Evil karma?” Yuan Tianyang was taken aback and didn’t quite understand.

The term karma comes from many mythological worlds. Everyone at Sky Academy understands its meaning. Many mythological powerhouses have a deep understanding of karma. If Yuan Tianyang has heard the stories of many branch worlds, he will understand karma The meaning, but unfortunately, he did not know.

Zhang Yu didn’t explain anything, but asked: “Have you ever done anything evil?”

Yuan Tianyang was silent.

He never thinks he is a good person. On the contrary, there are not a few people who have been bullied by him. If bullying others is regarded as evil, he is definitely regarded as a bad person. Of course, compared to those actions that destroy the world and harm the world Compared to a fiend in time and space, those things he did were nothing.

Yuan Tianyang is self-aware, and his behavior is definitely a bully, but the methods are not that extreme and will not take human lives at will. However, those who offend him will end up miserably, and some people even live It’s better to die.

“Your bad karma is too heavy, Sky Academy doesn’t welcome you.” Zhang Yu indifferently said: “When you wash away your bad karma, and you no longer have any bad karma, then talk about joining Sky Academy Right.”

Want to wash away the evil karma, easier said than done?

It is not that Zhang Yu looks down on Yuan Tianyang, even if Yuan Tianyang’s ability is greater, it is impossible to completely wash away his evil karma!

Because of this endless time and space, including the teachers and students of Sky Academy, there simply does not exist people without evil karma, even those who are the most good are contaminated with a trace of evil karma.

Yuan Tianyang does not understand the meaning of karma, otherwise, he might be able to understand Zhang Yu’s meaning and let him wash away the evil karma, even more difficult than letting him kill a Middle grade master of time and space!

Zhang Yu simply is playing with him!

It’s a pity that Yuan Tianyang simply didn’t know, and thought Dean Mister really gave him a chance!

“Thank you, thank you Dean Mister!” Yuan Tianyang said seriously: “The villain must clear away his evil karma as soon as possible and meet the conditions for joining Sky Academy!”

Zhang Yu raised his eyebrows, and then said indifferently: “Okay, I’ll wait.”

Taking a deep look at Yuan Tianyang, Zhang Yu turned around, stepped on the soles of his feet, and went straight through the entrance of the wilderness God World, and his silhouette disappeared.

Everyone at Sky Academy looked at Yuan Tianyang with weird eyes, watching the latter’s excited and excited look, and hesitating in their hearts whether to tell him the truth of the matter, or to wake him up from his dreams.

In the end, everyone at Sky Academy did not destroy Yuan Tianyang’s beautiful fantasy and left here one after another.

“Lei Jian, are you still going?” Wu Mo had just walked a few steps, and when he saw that Lei Jian hadn’t followed, he asked in confusion.

“Let’s go first, I’ll go back later.” Lei Jian shook his head.

Wu Mo looked at Lei Jian, then at Yuan Tianyang, looking thoughtful: “Okay, then you will be careful.”

In a short while, everyone in Sky Academy left, and the foreign domain creatures did not dare to stay anymore. Near the entrance of God World in the wilderness, only Lei Jian and Yuan Tianyang were left.

Yuan Tianyang was immersed in joy. It took a long time before he noticed Lei Jian. Although Lei Jian was far less popular in the competition than Ye Fan and the others, Yuan Tianyang recognized him at a glance, Dean Mister’s discipline, a Master the super genius of Power of Fortune!

In this endless time and space, there is a special group. Although their cultivation base and strength are not necessarily strong, each of them has the battle strength of Heaven Defying Level. Within the same level, they are invincible and even He collided head-on with the higher Cultivation Base. His big brother Yuan Tianji was one of them. The time and space bandit from Ranked 1st is also of this kind, apart from this, as well as some lower Cultivation Base. .

However, no matter what their Cultivation Base is, no one dares to provoke them.

They are like a taboo, an untouchable taboo. Anyone who provokes them will have no good end. Even Yuan Tianyang has been warned by his big brother many times and must not provoke these people. .

And this group of people has a common characteristic, that is…Power of Fortune!

They are all super genius masters of Power of Fortune. His big brother Yuan Tianji, the first space-time bandit, the nine disciplines of the presiding judge Mister, and many nine-star professionals, these people are all clearly understood. The profound mystery, mastered Power of Fortune, that is the mysterious power over Time and Space Strength. Legend has it that it has the effect of change something rotten into something magical, even Asura fears it 30%.

Yuan Tianyang clearly remembers that this group of people has a special title-Breakers!

Yuan Tianyang doesn’t know the meaning of the breaker, but he knows that every breaker is an unprovokable existence. If you provoke one, a group of breakers will retaliate…

Lei Jian, one of Dean Mister’s disciplines, is a super genius who masters Power of Fortune!

Although Lei Jian’s Cultivation Base is very low and he has not even set foot in immortality, Yuan Tianyang does not dare to look down upon him…

“Does Little Brother have anything to say?” Yuan Tianyang asked politely. ?

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