Martial Mythology Chapter 1332

Chapter 1332 Karma

“Do you really want to join Sky Academy?” Lei Jian stared at Yuan Tianyang.

Yuan Tianyang without the slightest hesitation nodded: “Of course!”

“Do you know what evil karma is?” Lei Jian asked.

Yuan Tianyang shook his head, with a daze in his eyes.

Lei Jian was silent for a while, and then slowly said: “The so-called karma is the ability shown in behavior, speech, thought and other aspects. It is the cause and effect of all things. It follows the laws of heaven and earth and is not affected by the subjective thoughts of creatures… …”

For the understanding of karma, Lei Jian is naturally inferior to many people in the world of mythology branch, only knows a trace of superficial knowledge.

However, this trace of superficial knowledge alone is enough to benefit Yuan Tianyang.

Listening to Lei Jian’s description, Yuan Tianyang’s heart little by little sank.

That fiery heart is like being poured with a scoop of cold water, and it is so cold.

According to Lei Jian, it is almost impossible to eliminate the evil karma, or even completely cleanse it.

As long as it is a creature, as long as it has Divine Soul and its own thoughts, karma will definitely be generated, and there must be a trace of evil karma, even if it is the most good person in the legend.

“Is there no one in this world who is not karma?” Yuan Tianyang asked unwillingly.

Lei Jian thought about it seriously, then shook his head: “No. So far, I haven’t encountered it.”

Paused, Lei Jian said: “According to my observations, our Sky Academy is the closest person to no karma. There is only one Hongjun Elder. But even Hongjun Elder is not without karma, just relative to the others. Power is almost nothing. Maybe Daofather Hong Jun had reached the state of not tainting karma before joining Sky Academy, and even maintained that state for a long time, but after he joined Sky Academy , It is contaminated with karma.”

“Hong Jun?”

The silhouette of Daofather Hong Jun appeared in Yuan Tianyang’s mind, the old man who seemed to have no emotional fluctuations, the ninth-order immortality cultivated by Dean Mister himself, Yuan Tianyang was very impressed with Daofather Hong Jun, not only because Daofather Hong Jun got it The first place in the final contest was not only because Daofather Hong Jun was the ninth-order immortal cultivated by Dean Mister, but also because of Daofather Hong Jun’s charm like regular incarnation.

Shaking his head, Yuan Tianyang came back to his senses and asked: “How many people are the wind impermanent?”

“Their karma is very heavy. Whether it is good karma or bad karma, they are countless times higher than ordinary people.” Lei Jian answered patiently.

Of course he cannot recognize karma, but there are many people at Sky Academy, and there are many people who can recognize karma.

Yuan Tianyang frowned, and then asked: “What about… Dean Mister?”

Lei Jian startled, then shook his head: “I don’t know.”

“Don’t know?”

“Teacher is deep and unmeasurable, no one can see him through.”

Speaking of this, Lei Jian looked very serious and serious: “But I guess that with Teacher’s means, karma will not affect him at all. If there really is a person without karma in this world, that person must only It will be the Teacher!”

The image of Dean Mister emerged in Yuan Tianyang’s mind, seemingly ordinary, but stalwart, as if surpassing matter and law, surpassing everything in the world.

He has to admit that Dean Mister may really be the only person in the world who has no karma.

“Completely clear away the evil karma before joining Sky Academy?” When Yuan Tianyang thought of Dean Mister’s conditions again, his original excitement and excitement were replaced by despair, and his heart was filled with deep powerlessness. “This Is it really something I can do?”

Yuan Tianyang couldn’t help being at a loss.

Dean Mister has set an almost impossible condition!

“Then how is my evil karma? Is it too much?” Yuan Tianyang had a trace of luck in his heart.

Lei Jian glanced at him and said: “Your evil karma is not too heavy, far less than the evil king Xiaoxie of our Academy, but your evil karma is too wide and involved too much, and it is almost impossible to eliminate Clean…”

Speaking of this, Lei Jian hesitated, took a stone from the storage ring and handed it to Yuan Tianyang.

“This is?” Yuan Tianyang came back to his senses, looking at Lei Jian in confusion.

“Karma Stone, you should need it.” Lei Jian said silently.

“Karma Stone?”

“For others, this stone is worthless, but for you, its role cannot be replaced by anything.” Lei Jian solemnly said: “Because it can sense a person’s karma and give different feedback The color.” Karma stone is a unique product of the mythical world. It is difficult to find the same thing in this endless time and space.

At this moment, the Karma Stone is in Lei Jian’s hands. The color is entwined with blue and red, the azure light is thicker, the red light is lighter, and the rays of light are about a few inches square.

When Yuan Tianyang took over the karmic stone, the colors of the rays of light suddenly changed. The entire karmic stone was pale red and the range was very wide. The range radiating all around several feet, at the edge of the rays of light, there is a faint A strand of azure light surrounds, but compared to that amazing red light, that strand of azure light is almost negligible.

Yuan Tianyang asked: “What do azure light and red light stand for?”

“Azure light represents good karma, and red light represents evil karma.” Lei Jian explained seriously.

Looking at the red light of the several feet surrounding the radiation and the wispy azure light, Yuan Tianyang was immediately embarrassed.

“Is this thing really accurate?” Yuan Tianyang gave a dry cough. Although he is not a good person, he has never done anything evil to himself. Such an amazing red light really praises him.

Lei Jian nodded, said: “This is what I came from Tathagata Senior. Tathagata Senior is proficient in this way and has a deep understanding of karma. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this karma stone.”


Paused, Lei Jian was surprised: “However, I didn’t expect, you still have a trace of good karma.”

Before Yuan Tianyang could speak, Lei Jian said to himself: “That’s right, the most good people also have evil karma, and the most evil people naturally have good karma…”

Yuan Tianyang’s mouth twitched slightly. If someone else talks to him like this, I’m afraid there will be no more scum left.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Lei Jian noticed Yuan Tianyang’s face, and then realized that his words were ambiguous, and couldn’t help but apologize: “I don’t mean you are the most evil person, it’s just that…” The karma stone’s reaction has been It proves what kind of person Lei Jian is, and what he explains is nothing more than an extra effort.

“Continue to talk about karmic stones. Azure light and red light represent good karma and evil karma respectively.” Lei Jian changed the subject: “The depth of rays of light represents the degree of good karma and evil karma. The scope of rays of light represents the size of the impact. From your point of view, the evil should be done frequently, and the implications are wide, but the big evil should have not been done… As for the good, I don’t know the specifics. What is called a good deed, but it can be seen that you basically have not done any good deeds.”

“What I mean by good and evil is not simply good and bad. Good deeds do not completely mean good deeds. Similarly, doing bad deeds does not completely mean evil. Good karma and evil karma are not simply Judging by good or bad things, this endless time and space, the supreme law has its own standard of measurement. It involves not only a person, but a world, a time and space, and even an endless time and space… thoughts, behaviors, worlds, Time and space, etc., the superposition of all these is the source of good karma and evil karma.”

After a lot of chattering, Lei Jian looked at Yuan Tianyang with a blank face: “Do you understand?”

Yuan Tianyang’s lips moved, and his eyes were filled with confusion: “I don’t understand.”

“If you don’t understand, it’s right.” Lei Jian laughed, “To be honest, I don’t understand either. These all are what the Tathagata Senior told me, I just repeat what he said, the specific meaning, I don’t know much. But you only need to know one thing. This karma stone can feed back your good karma and bad karma. After you have completely eliminated the bad karma, the karma stone will no longer have red light.”

Yuan Tianyang wanted to laugh too, but he couldn’t laugh at all.

Complete elimination of evil karma, this is simply impossible to accomplish!

He is holding a karma stone in his hand, but it is like holding a heavy mountain, and his hand is heavy, and his heart is like pressing a boulder.

“Do you know how to eliminate evil karma?” Yuan Tianyang asked after a long silence.

Although it is almost impossible to complete this matter, Yuan Tianyang is still unwilling to give up. He is eager for the Spirit Treasure of Time and Space, Good-Fortune Pill of Time and Space, and the Banquet of Time and Space. He is more eager to become a super genius like the teachers and students of Sky Academy. .

Lei Jian shook his head and said: “I don’t know how to eliminate evil karma. The theories mentioned by Tathagata Senior are too profound and I don’t understand it at all, but I can tell you to eliminate evil karma. There are two things that must be done, one is to change your thinking, and the other is to change your behavior. As for how to do it, you can only find out on your own.”

“Thoughts, behaviors?” Yuan Tianyang looking thoughtful.

The coverage of two simple words is too wide and too wide, and Yuan Tianyang has no clue.

However, there is a vague direction of struggle, which is better than thinking about it.

For a long time, Yuan Tianyang cast aside his distracting thoughts and turned to Lei Jian, and asked curiously: “Why are you helping me?”

“Because…” Lei Jian calmly said: “You look so much like me, just like another me. Before joining Sky Academy, I also hurt some innocent people. The whole city is afraid of me , Call me Little Overlord…It wasn’t until I joined Sky Academy that I gradually gained the ability to distinguish right from wrong and learned to restrain myself… The difference between you and me is that I only harm a city, and you harm this endless time and space .”

Lei Jian looked at Yuan Tianyang and said seriously: “It stands to reason that people like you and me are not qualified to join Sky Academy. Before, I didn’t quite understand why Teacher allowed me to join Sky Academy until I heard Teacher gave you After setting the conditions, I gradually understood that Teacher’s painstaking efforts… On the surface, Teacher seems to be making things difficult for you, but in fact, making things difficult is not the purpose. Teacher may just want to wash you away from your sins in this way. Let this endless time and space, from now on, one less person with evil karma and one more person with good karma!”

Listening to these words, Dean Mister’s image suddenly became taller in Yuan Tianyang’s heart. ?

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