Martial Mythology Chapter 1333

Chapter 1333 Fear

Until now, Yuan Tianyang was afraid of Dean Mister, and his impression of Dean Mister was only powerful and invincible.

But now, Yuan Tianyang respects Dean Mister in addition to his fear.

If someone else does the same thing, Yuan Tianyang will maliciously speculate about its purpose, which can be replaced by Dean Mister. Yuan Tianyang will only think that Dean Mister is really, as Lei Jian said, a person with a broad mind and noble feelings.

Thinking of Dean Mister hiding in the time and space of Shenxu, silently resisting threats from the unknown in the unknown world, and guarding the endless time and space alone, Yuan Tianyang was inexplicably touched in his heart, and even felt ashamed.

“It is precisely because I understand Teacher’s painstaking effort that I am willing to help you.” Lei Jian slowly said: “Although…my help may not be at all, you are unlikely to get rid of all the evil karma. , But at least I helped, with a clear conscience.”

Yuan Tianyang was silent for a while, then raised his head: “Thank you.”

This thank you is more sincere than any previous thank you.

If Lei Jian hadn’t appeared and told him the truth of the matter, maybe he was still immersed in his own dreams.

“Thanks no more, I only hope that you can change yourself, change your thoughts and behaviors… Even if you can’t clear all your bad karma in the end, or join Sky Academy, don’t repeat the same mistakes.” Lei Jian admonished.

Yuan Tianyang solemnly nodded: “I will remember your words.”

A True God Upper Realm admonishes a low-level master of time and space. This sounds like an absurd joke, but it actually happened to Lei Jian and Yuan Tianyang.

The most important thing is that Yuan Tianyang listened to Lei Jian’s exhortation instead of perfunctory.

As for whether he can really make changes, and how long he can persist, this is not known.

Yuan Tianyang didn’t dare to say that he could really do what Lei Jian said, but from this moment, he is willing in his heart.

“Okay, I tell you what I know. Next, everything depends on you.” Lei Jian said with a smile: “I hope I can see you at Sky Academy one day in the future.”

After speaking, Lei Jian turned around, took a step, and instantly passed through the entrance of the wilderness God World, and the silhouette disappeared.

Yuan Tianyang clasped the karmic stone in his hand and looked at the light red rays of light. He felt dazzling inexplicably. No, it was not his eyes, but his heart.

The rays of light seem to be telling Yuan Tianyang all the time, as if there is a voice in his ear all the time, saying: “You are a bad person.”

Although evil karma cannot be directly linked to bad and evil, it can also reflect something from the side.

“I will remember our agreement.” Yuan Tianyang stared at the entrance of the Wilderness God World, muttered: “One day, I will set foot here again, and stand in front of you as a teacher and student of Sky Academy! “

He stared for a long time, as if he wanted to engrave the appearance of Lei Jian deeply in his mind. No matter what happens in the future, he will never forget that there was such a virtual breaker who was only True God Upper Realm Cultivation Base. Had such an agreement with myself.

“Hey, what to see.” When Yuan Tianyang came back to his senses, a voice suddenly came from his ear.

Yuan Tianyang lifts the head and saw the little evil staring at him fiercely.

“Uh…” Yuan Tianyang stagnated.

Xiao Xie asked: “What did the kid Lei Jian give you mysteriously and secretively? Take it out and let me see.”

“Are you talking about this?” Yuan Tianyang was taken aback, then raised the karma stone in his hand.

“What is this?”

“Karma stone.” Yuan Tianyang was polite to Xiaoxie, and patiently explained: “This karma stone is…”

He repeated what Lei Jian said.

Xiaoxie was confused and said: “Stop, stop talking, don’t understand.”

Yuan Tianyang stopped immediately. He wasn’t afraid of Xiaoxie. The dignified low-level master of time and space would be afraid of a Legendary hero-level evil king?

However, Xiaoxie represents Sky Academy. Yuan Tianyang wants to join Sky Academy, so naturally he will not offend it.

“Show it to me.” Xiaoxie was a little bit intolerant.

Yuan Tianyang hesitated.

Xiaoxie displeased: “Don’t worry, I will not be greedy for ink even if the things sent by people from Sky Academy are precious.”

“Uh, okay.” Yuan Tianyang breathed a sigh of relief, then cautiously handed the karmic stone up, as if he were treating a Supreme Treasure, for fear of bumping.

Xiaoxie took the karmic stone at will, and when the karmic stone touched its mist claws, she suddenly released a dazzling red light.

The red light has a small radiation range, only a few feet, but it is so red that it looks like blood.

Yuan Tianyang was taken aback. Compared with this red light, the red light he had just contacted with the karma stone was simply pediatrics, not worth mentioning.

He looked at Xiaoxie and couldn’t help swallowing.

“God, what terrible things this guy has done!” Yuan Tianyang hadn’t put Xiao Xie in his eyes, but because of Xiao Xie’s identity, he was so polite to him, but when he saw The red light was so red that I couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath, “Is this guy a Great Demon?”

The small evil is not very powerful, but its past identity is the real evil Heavenly Dao. It has buried one era after another and harvested one crop after another. The entire world is under its control. Before it, who would dare to call himself the devil?

It is the biggest demon!

If it has stronger strength and lives in this endless time and space, I am afraid that this endless time and space will have been abandoned by it long ago. Those demon commiting any imaginable misdeed, those who plunder and wipe out an entire time and space Time and space robbers, those killing stars that take lives at every turn, are as pure as a baby in front of Xiao Xie.

Yuan Tianyang doesn’t know what Xiaoxie has done, but he knows that this is definitely a ruthless character!

“Don’t provoke!” Yuan Tianyang immediately popped up a single thought in his mind.

Although Xiaoxie’s Cultivation Base is not high, Yuan Tianyang is still inexplicably scared. Seeing Xiaoxie’s harmless to humans and animals, he is shocked.

It is hard to imagine what kind of person can make the Karma Stone cause such a strong and extreme reaction.

“che, a broken stone, it seems to make you nervous.” Xiaoxie looked at Yuan Tianyang’s fluctuating expression, thinking that Yuan Tianyang was afraid of taking his karma stone.

Yuan Tianyang closed his mouth, but he didn’t have the courage to refute Xiaoxie’s words.

In his heart, the threat of Xiaoxie has already risen to countless levels, second only to Dean Mister!

“Xiao Qiang, try it too.” Xiao Xie handed the karma stone to the young man on the side.

The young Xiao Qiang took the karmic stone, and suddenly the red light disappeared, and the azure light flourished. No, the red light did not disappear, but was completely covered by the dazzling azure light. If you don’t look carefully, it will be very difficult Noticed.

Yuan Tianyang was shocked again, he looked at the azure light in disbelief: “How is it possible!”

The range of azure light radiation is wider than the range of red light he feedbacks when he touches the karma stone, reaching several ten zhang close to hundreds zhang. What does this mean?

The red light feedback by Xiaoxie is dazzling red, while the azure light feedback by Xiao Qiang is dazzling blue, which can be described as two extremes.

The only difference is that Xiaoxie’s red light range is very small, only a few feet, while Xiao Qiang’s azure light has almost reached the limit of karma stone!

Yuan Tianyang even noticed that the karma stone was trembling, and his reaction was more intense than ever.

Xiao Qiang was taken aback, and subconsciously threw the karma stone out, and asked Xiao Xie: “Xiao Xie big brother, what is this?”

Yuan Tianyang hurriedly caught the karmic stone, cautiously received his own time and space, and then turned his head, looking at Xiao Qiang a little suspiciously.

Why did this young immortal boy cause such a violent reaction from the Karma Stone?

What does the azure light, which covers the range of several ten zhang, mean?

“Why is his good karma so strong? Did he do anything that involves endless time and space?” Yuan Tianyang couldn’t understand, what on earth can involve endless time and space, and this endless nothingness. “It’s not just a trial Long, Dean Mister, is there the ability to influence this vast nothingness?”

Yuan Tianyang has become increasingly unable to see Xiaoxie and Xiao Qiang.

The Cultivation Base of the two people, one is lower than the other, but the reaction of the karma stone is more intense than the other, especially Xiao Qiang, the coverage of azure light even exceeds Yuan Tianyang’s understanding, it’s hard to imagine. For those who have only one turn of the Immortal Cultivation Base, where does their ability affect endless time and space?

Oppositely, Xiaoxie heard Xiao Qiang’s question and shook his head and said: “I don’t know, this guy just said a lot, but I didn’t understand it. It seems to be good karma and evil karma.” /p>

Yuan Tianyang lowered his head slightly, quietly listening to Xiaoxie’s conversation with Xiao Qiang, without daring to interrupt.

He faintly discovered that these two unremarkable guys seem to be incredible characters, and there is definitely a big secret hidden in them!

However, Yuan Tianyang did not dare to explore their secrets, only awe in his heart.

“I dignified the inferior lord of time and space, I would be afraid of a Legendary hero and an immortal…” Yuan Tianyang himself felt incredible, but it was a fact, a very absurd fact.

Xiaoxie talked to Xiao Qiang for a long time, accidentally lifts the head, noticed Yuan Tianyang’s existence, and couldn’t help frowning: “Hey, why are you still here? Isn’t it because you want to secretly inquire about the secrets of our Sky Academy?” There is a hint of danger in its eyes.

The corners of Yuan Tianyang’s mouth twitched slightly. He wanted to leave, but Xiaoxie didn’t speak to Xiao Qiang. How could he leave casually?

“Yes, yes, I, the villain quit.” Yuan Tianyang can don’t dare provoke this evil star, this guy with so strong evil karma, Yuan Tianyang was afraid from the bottom of his heart and heard it The sound will feel shocked.

Before Xiaoxie could speak, Yuan Tianyang’s silhouette flashed and disappeared.

Xiaoxie twitched his lips, disdainfully said: “Che, he is still the lord of time and space, so courageous.”

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