Martial Mythology Chapter 1334

Chapter 1334 The youngest immortality

After escaping the deserted land, Yuan Tianyang did not dare to stay at all. He entered the long river of time at the fastest speed and walked up the road. He only breathed a sigh of relief after he got away from this time-space node.

“What the hell is going on with Xiao Qiang and Xiao Xie?” Yuan Tianyang couldn’t figure out why they could make the karma stone react so violently, and the two are exactly the opposite, one is extreme good karma, and the other One is extreme evil karma, “Is this karma stone simply not allowed?”

Xiao Qiang is just a turn of immortality, and Xiao Xie has never set foot in immortality. How can such a Cultivation Base come with such amazing karma?

Whether it is good karma or evil karma, it is related to self-silhouette influence. Xiaoxie’s evil karma is limited and understandable, but what happened to Xiao Qiang?

Yuan Tianyang pondered: “Is it related to Dean Mister?”

Yuan Tianyang, like Feng Wuchang and others, think that Dean Mister is hidden here, silently guarding the endless time and space, resisting the existence that is more terrifying than nightmare. Maybe in places they can’t see, Dean Mister often will Start a stunning battle with unknown creatures.

Because of this, Yuan Tianyang suspects that Xiao Qiang might have participated in the battle between Dean Mister and unknown creatures, guarding this endless time and space, and thus born such an amazing good karma.

“Either… the karma stone is simply inaccurate, or…” Yuan Tianyang took a deep breath, “That Xiao Qiang really participated in the battle between Dean Mister and unknown creatures!”

Compared with the former, Yuan Tianyang is more willing to believe in the latter, because he really can’t think of Lei Jian’s reason to lie to him.

“If that Xiao Qiang was really born because of his participation in the battle between Dean Mister and the unknown creature…” Yuan Tianyang couldn’t think about it anymore, because he couldn’t imagine what level it was. The great battle of the trifling can make a trifling give birth to such an amazing good karma after a turn of immortality, and what amazing impact does this great battle have on this endless time and space?

Yuan Tianyang took out the karmic stone and watched it release the reddish rays of light, and the expression fluctuated.

After a long time, Yuan Tianyang put away the karma stone and rushed to the station of the senior patrol team.


God World in the wild.

The focal point of ten thousands contest has come to an end, the deserted land has returned to its usual desertedness, and everyone in the Sky Academy is also busy with their own affairs.

In the Atrium Plaza, the three Feng Wuchang sit in a position and sit cross-legged.

Compared with the excitement of Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun, Feng Wuchang is like prepare for there funeral, and the mood is very depressed. Only when I look at the identity token, I feel a little relief.

Just when several people were preparing to refining identity tokens, Zhang Yu appeared.

Before they could speak out, Zhang Yu opened the mouth and said: “This identity token, in addition to being the time and space Spirit Treasure, has another function. Among the tokens, there are many Transmission Gates that can be communicated. To different worlds in my time and space, the Time Flow Speeds of these worlds are different, but at least three times the flow rate of the outside world… the highest can even reach a thousand times!” This is the first time Zhang Yu has acknowledged the major branches. The world and so on are all worlds in his private time and space.

Feng Wuchang suddenly blushed, and their faces were full of shock.

“After refining the identity token, you can use this to enter the world inside my time and space. But remember, don’t make killings.” Zhang Yu exhorted, no longer paid attention to the three, silhouette flashing room, Came to the small garden again.

Until Zhang Yu left, Feng Wuchang and the three were still immersed in shock, and it took a long time before they came back to his senses.

“gu lu.” Qin Hu swallowed and said: “A thousand… thousand times the Time Acceleration! God!”

Time Acceleration is not a difficult task, let alone immortals, Legendary heroes, and even True God, can manipulate Time Flow Speed, and even get Time Reverse, but it takes strength of Divine Soul to cast the law… if it is only short It’s okay to maintain it for a while, but if it’s maintained for a long time, let alone ordinary immortals, the masters of time and space, including the seven presiding judges, Mister, can’t hold the strength of Divine Soul at all. Maintain, and even shake the origin of Divine Soul.

If Time Flow Speed ​​is really so easy to control, this endless time and space will be immortal, and Legendary heroes are not as good as dogs.

“It’s Dean Mister!” Luo Qingyun exclaimed: “I finally understand why Sky Academy can cultivate so many peerless genius! Obviously, Dean Mister has high hopes for Sky Academy and will not hesitate to display Great Divine Ability to help Sky Academy teachers and students have grown up. This Time Acceleration is one of Dean Mister’s methods. Maybe in other places, there are many secrets we haven’t discovered…”

It is definitely not a coincidence that Sky Academy can cultivate so many peerless genius.

Moreover, Luo Qingyun also firmly believes that these geniuses were cultivated by Sky Academy, not that they were so amazing innately, because any one of them, placed outside the time and space, is considered a genius of the age, and The disciplines of Dean Mister are even more amazing than the presiding judge Misters when they were young. When such geniuses are counted in ten, hundred, or even thousand, it has already explained many problems.

“Thousand times of Time Acceleration, I didn’t notice it before.” Feng Wuchang regretted, “If I knew it, I would be cheeky, and I have to rely on it.”

“I guess you were so scared that you were so scared that it was normal to not notice.” Luo Qingyun haha ​​smiled.

Impermanence curl one’s lip: “It sounds like you are not afraid.”

“Okay, hurry up to refining the identity token, a thousand times the Time Acceleration, don’t you want to experience it sooner?” Qin Hu interrupted the conversation between Feng Wuchang and Luo Qingyun.

Listening to what Qin Hu said, Feng Wuchang and Luo Qingyun suddenly shut up and began to refining identity tokens.

The atrium square gradually calmed down, and the three Qin Hu quietly refining the identity tokens, as if they were turned into three stone sculptures, but their hearts were surging like a tide, feeling the vastness of the identity tokens Power, they can’t contain the excitement in their hearts…

In the small garden of the Champs Xie Xiaoju, Zhang Yu slightly nodded, saying: “My deity, I will go to God World first.”

Zhang Yu waved his hand: “Go.”

Waiting to leave, Zhang Yu is lying on a stone chair, holding a teacup, and the divine sense covers the 36 Secret Realm. So far, a few of the teachers and students of Sky Academy have not yet stepped out of Secret. Realm, Ao Xiaoyu, Ao Kun, Ao Yue, Bei Long, Chen Gu, Niu Xinghai…

Although they have missed the Secret Realm competition, Zhang Yu believes that they will gain even more in the Secret Realm.

The next day.

The impermanence of the wind that had been sitting all night, several people woke up one after another, all refreshed.

After refining their identity tokens, they have an unprecedented sense of security. They have the defense of the top-level Spirit Treasure. Even if they face the low-level masters of time and space, they have the courage to confront without shrinking.

At the same time, after refining the identity tokens, they faintly understood how terrifying the defense of identity tokens is. That seems to be endless power, which truly interprets the meaning of the top-level time-space Spirit Treasure. No wonder Yuan Tianyang is so proud All of them are willing to join Sky Academy for the Spirit Treasure of Time and Space.

Just as a few people were preparing to activate Transmission Gate and enter Dean’s Time and Space World, an immortal breath suddenly erupted from the direction of the deep sea, instantly sweeping the entire wilderness of God World, extending to the entire time and space turbulence, Even the long river of time can sense this terrifying breath.

Along with the eruption of this immortal breath, a majestic and mysterious roar sounded between Heaven and Earth: “Roar…”

The impermanence of the wind and the few people were all refreshed, and the silhouette quickly rose into the air, releasing the divine sense to cover the entire wilderness. God World, next moment, they locked the source of this breath and sound. It was a huge mysterious creature. It is majestic, noble, mysterious, and powerful, like a perfect masterpiece from heaven. The most important thing is that there is a trace of ancient charm in its breath, as if it had existed since ancient times.

At this time, Zhang Yu appeared beside them without warning.

“Dean Mister!” The three Feng Wuchang hurriedly saluted.

“This is my contract partner, not an enemy. You don’t need to care.” Zhang Yu said.

Before the three of Feng Wuchang could reply, the breath quickly converged, and the huge monster disappeared in an instant. Next moment, a petite silhouette came in the sky and arrived in front of them in the blink of an eye.

“Big brother!” The girl looked excited, and said, “I got the inheritance of Senior!”

Zhang Yu smiled and brushed her black hair: “It’s not bad, it didn’t disappoint me.”

This girl is Ao Xiaoyu.

The three of Feng Wuchang are a little confused. It is difficult for them to connect the huge monster that just broke out with an amazing breath with the pretty girl in front of them. This girl looks so pure, innocent and unaffected. The turning eyes are also extremely smart, making people feel extraordinarily cute. Such a girl who has not been in the world has already set foot in immortality?

“Hey, what are the three of them?” Ao Xiaoyu blinked and looked towards Feng Wuchang.

“These are the few offerings that the Academy just solicited. This is the offering of impermanence, this is the offering of Qin Hu, this is the offering of Luo Qingyun, you have to respect them in the future, don’t be foolish, understand?” Zhang Yu said.

The impermanence, Qin Hu, and Luo Qingyun were immediately flattered. Dean Mister’s contract partner, or the contract Monster Beast, is what a position. Her few people have what skills and abilities. Dean Mister actually made her respect in the future A few of my own.

“No, no, no need.” Feng Wuchang stammered: “Dean Mister praised us too much.”

Zhang Yu waved his hand and said: “Since you have joined Sky Academy, you will be members of Sky Academy from now on. Don’t despise yourself so much. Although Xiaoyou is my contract partner, the courtesy is indispensable. , Otherwise, how can Sky Academy come in order?”

“The big brother is right, the three seniors, if there is something wrong with Xiaoyou in the future, please forgive me.” Ao Xiaoyu was rarely serious.

Zhang Yu nodded with satisfaction: “Very good.”

“Then, big brother, can I go now?” After staying in the Secret Realm for too long, Ao Xiaoyu was already too greedy.

“Go, go.” Zhang Yu shook his head helplessly, and when he saw Ao Xiaoyu’s expression, he knew what this girl was thinking.

Ao Xiaoyu cheered, and then the silhouette disappeared out of thin air, as if instantly disappear from the face of the earth.

It is not surprising that several people are accustomed to this.

“Dean Mister, if I am curious to ask, how old is my…how old is my sister?” Feng Wuchang asked cautiously.

Zhang Yu glanced at him, pondered then said: “It is less than three years from the date of breaking the shell.”

As soon as these words came out, Feng Wuchang’s three eyes opened wide and their heads were in a mess.

Three years, immortality!

This is definitely the youngest immortal and most amazing genius of all the creatures of all races in history!

“You don’t need to be too surprised, as young and immortal as Xiaoyou, she is the only one in the entire Sky Academy, and her existence is almost unrepeatable…” Zhang Yu thought they were hit, comfortingly Said: “The others are much older than her, such as Wu Mo, Xiao Yan and the others. Some are almost 20 years old, and some are even more than 20 years old, but their Cultivation Base is only True. God Realm…”

Feng Wuchang and the three were completely dumbfounded.

They have some doubts about life. ?