Martial Mythology Chapter 1336

Chapter 1336 Yuan Tianyang’s Smile

“cough cough … what are you?” Feng Wuchang coughed and asked.

Xiao Yan was startled by the sudden voice, and Ou Shenfeng became stiff.

I saw Ou Shenfeng quickly reacted and put away all the Refiner equipment in an instant, as if he had done something wrong, and stammered: “No, we didn’t do anything, you read it wrong Up.”

In contrast, Xiao Yan calmed down instead.

“Aren’t you the three new consecrations from Academy?” Xiao Yan said curiously: “I wonder why you are consecrating here?”

The impermanence of the wind just remembered the business, and said: “Dean Mister made us come.”

Ou Shenfeng suddenly changed his expression, as if the Dongchuang incident had happened, and looked pale as paper.

“Don’t get me wrong.” Feng Wuchang seemed to have guessed Ou Shenfeng’s thoughts and hurriedly said: “Dean Mister asked us to come to you to learn Extreme Martial Arts.”

Ou Shenfeng’s mood is like riding a roller coaster, heaven for a while, hell for a while.

Ou Shenfeng sighed in relief after Feng Wuchang made it clear.

Despite this, Ou Shenfeng is still a little embarrassed. After all, the three Feng Wuchang broke through Xiao Yan and taught him Refiner. There is no way to explain this.

“Well, don’t worry, we didn’t see anything just now.” Feng Wuchang looked at Ou Shenfeng’s expression and couldn’t help lying.

But what he said is simply a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure.

Since I haven’t seen anything, why should I persuade Ou Shenfeng to rest assured?

Ou Shenfeng’s mouth twitched slightly, and his heart became more embarrassed.

However, things have been broken, and no amount of explanation is meaningful.

Ou Shenfeng sighed in his heart, and then said to Xiao Yan: “You should go to your own business first.”

Xiao Yan nodded, solemnly gave a salute, and then left.

When Xiao Yan left, Ou Shenfeng’s eyes fell on the three Fengwuchang, with a neither humble nor overbearing attitude: “Three Seniors, please sit down.”

He pointed to a few stone benches next to him.

“No need.” Feng Wuchang waved his hand and said: “We are here to learn Extreme Martial Arts from you. You only need to teach us Extreme Martial Arts. Don’t care about other things.”

Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun also followed nodded, and Luo Clear Sky Dao: “I would like to ask Master Ou for your advice.”

In front of Ou Shenfeng, they didn’t put on any airs, and they seemed extremely modest.

Hearing this, Ou Shenfeng did not entangle this point, nodded and said: “In that case, I will talk about it directly.”

Extreme Martial Arts is a combination of countless cultivation techniques. From the perspective of each paragraph, it is very simple. Qin Hu and the others have seen countless cultivation techniques. For these texts, it can be said that they are commonplace. I don’t feel any special features of this cultivation technique. It is neither as mysterious or obscure as they thought, nor is it surprising. It is more like an ordinary cultivation technique.

They can’t understand, what is the point of such an ordinary cultivation technique that deserves their attention?

However, they remained calm, listened patiently, and memorized every word Ou Shenfeng said, because no one was sure whether there was something peculiar in the latter part of the cultivation technique.

Different from the students who taught in the past, this time, Ou Shenfeng spoke very quickly, almost according to the script, read the content of Extreme Martial Arts directly, not at all for additional explanation, because he taught this time It’s too special. They are immortals who set foot in the domain of time and space. They have a deeper and more thorough understanding of the cultivation technique than Ou Shenfeng. Ou Shenfeng is not interested in displaying one’s slight skill before an expert. .

Soon, Ou Shenfeng finished talking about Extreme Martial Arts.

He stopped and looked at Feng Wuchang and the three of them: “Senior, that’s the content of Extreme Martial Arts.”

“This is it?” Feng Wuchang, Qin Hu, and Luo Qingyun looked at each other in blank dismay, which is unbelievable.

Ou Shenfeng frowned, with a deep voice: “Extreme Martial Arts seems to be a simple cultivation technique, but in fact it contains a mysterious avenue. I have a shallow knowledge and a very limited understanding of time and space, so I don’t know it is What kind of avenue, but several seniors have already set foot in immortality, don’t they see the mystery?”

Hearing this, Feng Wuchang is a little suspicious: “Is this cultivation technique really so amazing?”

“But why, I didn’t even notice it?” Qin Hu was also puzzled.

Seeing that their expressions do not seem to be fake, Ou Shenfeng is even more surprised: “You can’t even see the mysterious of Extreme Martial Arts?”

“In terms of cultivation technique, Extreme Martial Arts may be very subtle, even if I have stepped into immortality so many rounds of time and space, I have never seen such a subtle cultivation technique, but apart from this, I really don’t feel anything in it. profound mystery…” Qin Hu shook his head and said very honestly.

Ou Shenfeng was surprised: “Unexpectedly, not only I can’t see the profound mystery of Extreme Martial Arts, even Senior you can’t see it!”

But, doesn’t this also illustrate the power of Dean Mister?

Dean Mister’s arbitrarily created cultivation technique, even the impermanence of the wind cannot see its profound mystery. It can be seen that its realm is so high that it has exceeded the impermanence of the wind.

“Several seniors can try cultivation.” Ou Shenfeng persuaded: “Although your Cultivation Base out of the ordinary, this Extreme Martial Arts should also help you a lot! And, Sky Academy teachers and students are in cultivation Extreme Martial Arts, even Hongjun Elder is no exception. It can be seen that Extreme Martial Arts is also useful for immortals!”

“Hong Jun also cultivated Extreme Martial Arts?” This time it was the turn of the impermanence and several people were surprised.

Ou Shenfeng nodded, said: “Everyone in Sky Academy is cultivated Extreme Martial Arts, without exception.”

Feng Ichang’s heart moved: “Including Dean Mister’s discipline? And Dean Mister’s contract partner, Ao Xiaoyu?”

“Yes.” Ou Shenfeng without the slightest hesitation and nodded.

Feng Impermanence, Qin Hu, and Luo Qingyun glanced at each other, their expressions all became dignified, and the emphasis on Extreme Martial Arts has also increased several levels in an instant.

They originally planned to try cultivation Extreme Martial Arts, but now they have heard Ou Shenfeng’s words and they have strengthened their determination.

They also want to see whether this seemingly strange cultivation technique really contains a profound mystery.

“Master Ou knows where else in this world is suitable for cultivation?” Feng Wuchang asked.

“The 33 layer above the sky is Hongjun Elder’s dojo. Few people come here.” Ou Shenfeng said: “You can find a place for land of cultivation. However, it is better to talk to Hongjun. Elder said hello. After all, this is Hongjun Elder’s private property. If you don’t know it, you will directly occupy the land for cultivation, which is somewhat rude.”

The impermanence of the wind nodded: “It should be so.”

After thanking Ou Shenfeng, the three Feng Wuchang found Daofather Hong Jun, but Daofather Hong Jun was refining and attacking the Spirit Treasure of Time and Space. They were not easy to bother, so they branded the message on a jade slip and then jade The slip will be kept by a Taoist boy and he will explain to the Taoist boy. When Daofather Hong Jun leaves the customs, be sure to hand the jade slip to Daofather Hong Jun.

Solved many problems, Feng Wuchang and three people came to a floating island.

“I want to see what mystical place is in this Extreme Martial Arts!” Qin Hu immediately sat cross-legged and started running Extreme Martial Arts.

Feng Wuchang and Luo Qingyun are also seriously cultivation.

They have not been in contact with the cultivation technique for countless years, and have never been cultivated in this way. Now they are cultivation in the form of the cultivation technique again. For a while, they were a little uncomfortable, and the whole process seemed very jerky, just like the first scholar, but Different from the beginning Scholars, after all, they have the experience of the cultivation technique. After the initial stage of unsuitability, they gradually get better.


Outside the time and space of Shenxu, there is a huge palace in the endless nothingness. The palace is ancient and majestic. It has withstood the erosion of years, has gone through countless time and space cycles and has been eroded and not corrupted. It floats in nothingness, as if Telling a bleak story.

On the front of the palace, there are three characters: Patrolling Hall.

This is the resident of the senior patrol team, patrolling the Shenxu Time and Space Division Hall!

Under normal circumstances, except for the patrol team, no one dares to patrol the temple, especially those time and space robbers who are very afraid of patrolling the temple, such as avoiding snakes and scorpions.

But today, there was a person in the Patrol Palace. The moment when the senior patrol team saw the silhouette, they all felt a little bit of jealousy in their eyes.

“Yuan Mister.” The senior patrol guarding the temple trembling with fear greeted him.

Seeing the latter’s cowardly look, Yuan Tianyang couldn’t help but frown, just about to scold him, but he didn’t know what he thought of, but he miraculously endured it, and tried to squeeze a smile: “Where are you Captain?” In his opinion, his smile must be a spring breeze, gentle yet majestic, and extremely charming, but he didn’t know how stiff his smile was, and it made people feel like a fake smile, like a smile. Smiling tiger.

When the senior patrol saw Yuan Tianyang’s smile, he felt that his scalp was about to explode, and he was almost shocked.

It was as if he had lost his soul, his eyes were round, and he stood in a daze, showing how violent Yuan Tianyang’s smile impacted him.

“I want to ask you something!” Yuan Tianyang frowned, his smile disappeared.

The senior patrol trembled in his body, but his heart was quietly sighed in relief: “This is right! This is the Yuan Old Hu that I am familiar with…” Yuan Old Hu refers to Yuan Tianyang, they The nickname given to Yuan Tianyang in private.

But just when the senior ranger breathed a sigh of relief, Yuan Tianyang seemed to feel that his attitude shouldn’t be so bad, so he immediately stretched his brows and smiled again on his face, perhaps because he tried too hard, he His smile is like a chrysanthemum blooming, and his mouth is almost cracked near the base of his ears. The smiling face is almost like a grimace, which is terrifying!

The senior patrol suddenly have one’s hair stand on end, and the cold hair instantly stands upside down, and the body seems to be imprisoned, becoming stiff…

“Song Yuanqiang, what’s the matter with you, staying there motionless?” There happened to be another senior patrol walking out of the patrol hall, and seeing the motionless senior patrol at the gate of the patrol hall, plus Yuan Tianyang’s silhouette was It blocked it and couldn’t help shouting in doubt.

While shouting, the senior patrol came over, and when he approached Song Yuanqiang, he finally saw Yuan Tianyang’s silhouette.

However, when seeing Yuan Tianyang’s brilliant smile, the senior ranger immediately had one’s hair stand on end, covered with densely packed goose bumps, as if he had seen something extremely scary. ?