Martial Mythology Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337 Testing

“gu lu.” The two senior patrolmen were both as if was struck by lightning, their bodies froze, and they swallowed subconsciously.

Heaven knows What a shocking psychological impact Yuan Tianyang’s smile caused them!

Compared with Yuan Tianyang’s arrogant and indifferent appearance, his smile is undoubtedly more lethal, almost frightening the two senior rangers’ minds.

At this moment, the two senior patrols both felt a chill rushing to the top of the head, as if they were being watched by Death God, and they were chilly all over.

They even suspect that this is an Asura King wearing Yuan Tianyang’s skin, even more terrifying than Asura King.

“Yuan Yuan Yuan… Yuan Mister.” The senior patrol kowtowed for a long time before finishing a sentence.

The senior ranger who was replaced by Song Yuanqiang was too scared to swing, and his feet seemed to be nailed, unable to move even a little bit.

Yuan Tianyang has some doubts. He can see the fear of the two senior rangers, even more fearful than before, but this is different from what he imagined. In his opinion, he has acted as gentle as possible. Even keeping a smile, these senior rangers shouldn’t be so afraid of themselves, right?

Why are these two senior rangers more afraid of themselves after they smile?

“What the hell is going on?” Yuan Tianyang didn’t understand.

He watched Song Yuanqiang and another senior patrolman and fell into deep thought.

The two senior patrolmen are trembling with fear, as if they have encountered some terrible event.

Just when Yuan Tianyang was puzzled, the senior patrol team Captain Shi Ming returned from patrol and saw Yuan Tianyang’s back from a distance. He suddenly felt tight and hurriedly accelerated his pace, stopping behind Yuan Tianyang, slightly lower Started and said: “Shi Ming has met Yuan Mister!”

Hearing Shi Ming’s voice, Yuan Tianyang immediately turned his head happily, and the strange smile on his face became even brighter: “Just right, Shi Ming, I have something to look for you.”

Shi Ming felt a little bit in his heart. For fear that Yuan Tianyang would make any excessive demands, he couldn’t help but say: “As long as you don’t violate the rules of patrolling the temple, don’t hesitate to speak if Yuan Mister has any instructions.”

While speaking, he slowly straightened his waist, lifts the head, and cast his eyes on Yuan Tianyang.

However, when he saw Yuan Tianyang’s weird and brilliant smile, Shi Ming’s head was empty in an instant, and his pupils shrank a bit, and he couldn’t help but have one’s hair stand on end.

He travels north and south, has been to countless time and space, has seen countless racial creatures, and even seen an Asura King from a distance. He has cultivated a calm and powerful heart. Moreover, he has been fighting with Asura all the year round. Fighting with space-time robbers from time to time, wandering on the edge of life and death, his will is extremely tenacious, but Yuan Tianyang’s smiling face instantly defeated his powerful inner defenses, giving him the feeling of facing Death God.

However, a strong heart is not completely useless. Compared with the two high-level guards, Shi Ming was sluggish for an instant, and he quickly reacted.

He lowered his head and dared not look directly at Yuan Tianyang, as if that face contained some kind of horror.

“Why, even you think I am scary when I smile?” Yuan Tianyang narrowed his smile and said unhappy.

Hearing this, Shi Ming heaved a sigh of relief. He just wondered if Yuan Tianyang was pretending to be an Asura King. It seems that it should not be…

However, Yuan Tianyang’s problem also stumped him.

Yuan Tianyang’s smile is so permeating that people have one’s hair stand on end. There is no doubt about it, but no amount of horrible smile will make them react like this. The reason for this is more It’s because Yuan Tianyang’s previous image was too arrogant and indifferent, and it has already left a deep impression in everyone’s minds. When Yuan Tianyang’s image changes and he reveals that weird smile, people have one’s hair stand on end at the same time. Subverted his previous image, forming the ultimate contrast.

“No…not scary.” Shi Ming said with ambiguity: “Mister’s smile is very friendly and charming.”

He forcibly endured his nausea and insisted on finishing the sentence.

The two senior guards couldn’t help but give Shi Ming a thumbs up secretly, their eyes full of admiration.

“It’s no wonder that Shi Ming Mister can serve as the Captain of the senior patrol team, and we can only be the senior patrol…” Song Yuanqiang and another senior patrol couldn’t help sighing, “This is the gap between us, this We are afraid we will never catch up with the gap.”

Hearing Shi Ming’s flattery, Yuan Tianyang couldn’t help but smile, and his mood was extremely comfortable: “It seems that you are more discerning.” This heartfelt smile seems a lot more natural, less weird , A little more affinity, no longer feel scary.

Paused, Yuan Tianyang took out a stone and said: “Shi Ming, you call all the senior patrols nearby, I have something to help everyone.”

Shi Ming did not ask Yuan Tianyang what kind of help he needed. He without the slightest hesitation nodded and said: “I will call everyone here, Yuan Mister wait a moment.”

“Go ahead.” Yuan Tianyang waved his hand.

A moment later, Shi Ming returned to the Patrol Palace and brought back six senior Patrolmen.

Counting the number of patrols who stayed at the Patrol Hall and Captain Shi Ming, there are 13 people in total.

“Advanced Patrolling Hall.” Yuan Tianyang walked straight into the Patrolling Hall, as if entering his back garden, looking very casual.

Many senior patrolmen, led by Shi Ming, followed Yuan Tianyang.

After walking into the hall of the Patrol Hall, Yuan Tianyang stopped, turned his head and looked towards everyone, and finally his eyes stayed on Shi Ming, saying: “Not long ago, I got a magical treasure named Karma Stone. The strength stone can detect a person’s karma. I came to you this time just to see what your karma is.”

“Yuan Mister, forgive me for my shallow knowledge, I don’t know what karma is?” Shi Ming asked everyone’s doubts.

For the entire senior patrol team, only Shi Ming has the courage to talk to Yuan Tianyang. The other senior patrols can’t wait to stay away from Yuan Tianyang, or even stop contacting Yuan Tianyang for the rest of their lives.

Yuan Tianyang also has a little knowledge of karma, but he is not panicked, but looks like a profound mystery: “The so-called karma is the behavior, thoughts, etc. of creatures…” Although he is half-hearted, he remember Lei Jian only needs to repeat what Lei Jian said. As for whether Shi Ming and the others can understand it, he doesn’t care.

A rough introduction to karma, Yuan Tianyang asked: “I think I have said enough, do you understand?”

The corners of Shi Ming’s mouth twitched slightly, but under Yuan Tianyang’s gaze, he could only say against his will: “Understood, many thanks Mister for understanding.”

Actually, he knows a fart!

Even Yuan Tianyang doesn’t understand, what can he understand?

Yuan Tianyang glanced over many senior patrolmen, and everyone agreed: “Understood, Yuan Mister, we understand.”

Seeing their determined look, Yuan Tianyang couldn’t help being shocked, wondering: “Why do they all understand? Is it because I am so stupid?” Karma’s rhetoric is too profound and has a complete theoretical system , Lei Jian only listened to a part, and only told him a part. Similarly, he only knew a part, and there was a vague outline in his mind, but he had to elaborate, and he couldn’t tell why.

This karma is like a special law, which can be understood but cannot be said.

Gathering suspiciously, Yuan Tianyang didn’t know if they really understood or pretended to understand.

Shaking his head, Yuan Tianyang did not entangle this point, nor did he follow-up questions, lest he expose his ignorance.

He took out the karmic stone and said: “This is the karmic stone. It can detect the karma of any creature. Come and try.”

“Dare to ask Mister, how does this karma stone distinguish karma?” Shi Ming asked curiously: “What does this rays of light refer to?”

Everyone can clearly see that the karmic stone is releasing light red rays of light and a ray of azure light. The light red rays of light cover a very wide area, while the azure light is like the night In general, the Fire Insect lingers on the edge of the red light. If you don’t look closely, it will be hard to see.

Yuan Tianyang fiercely glared at Shi Ming. Why didn’t this guy find him so curious before!

Although I don’t want to answer this question, I even plan to ignore it, but after thinking about it, Yuan Tianyang changed his mind again. After all, Lei Jian said that in order to eliminate bad karma, he must change his past habits, whether it is behavior or Thinking, not to mention being a good person, at least not being able to do some negative things.

Yuan Tianyang looked gloomy and uncertain, and finally made a decision.

He said solemnly: “red light represents evil karma, azure light represents good karma. The depth of the color…” He relayed Lei Jian’s description of the karma stone without reservation.

After everyone listened to Yuan Tianyang’s explanation, they looked at the rays of light released by the karmic stone, and vaguely understood Yuan Tianyang a little bit further. As expected of Yuan Old Hu, look at the rays of light fed back by the karmic stone. It’s hard to imagine how many evil things this guy has done to accumulate such an amazing red light. Although the red light is lighter in color, its influence is too wide. Does this mean that this endless time and space has too much Many creatures have been harmed by this guy?

“Okay, hurry up and probe your karma!” Yuan Tianyang was extremely annoyed by everyone’s gaze. In the past, he had already slapped it and let these guys taste the lower master of time and space. The feeling of slap in the face, but he finally endured it and tried to restrain himself.

Seeing Yuan Tianyang’s impatient appearance, Shi Ming didn’t dare to talk more.

He walked forward directly, took the karmic stone from Yuan Heavenly Sun Hands, and then quietly looked at the karmic stone.

Everyone’s eyes also shifted from Yuan Tianyang to Shi Ming. They also wanted to know what kind of karma their Captain Mister was tainted with.

At the moment that the karma stone fell into Shi Ming’s palm, the original reddish rays of light quickly shrank, while the faintly discernable azure light was the rays of light. Although it was not as dazzling as Xiao Qiang, the range was even greater It is less than 1% of Xiao Qiang, only a few feet in radius, but it is also eye-catching.

Compared with azure light, which represents good karma, red light, which represents evil karma, has a smaller range, about 10% of azure light, and the color is very light, just like a faint halo.

Yuan Tianyang was a little surprised: “You have such a high level of good karma.”

Later, Yuan Tianyang let the other senior patrols one after another probe. The final result is very similar to Shi Ming, except that they have less good karma and less evil karma, just like a reduced version. Shi Ming.

Yuan Tianyang couldn’t help being silent after everyone had probed.

The ratio of good karma to bad karma for these senior patrols, including Shi Ming, is about ten to one. That is to say, good karma occupies a dominant position in their karma. , Yuan Tianyang’s evil karma, which occupies an absolute advantage, is also very different.

“Can killing Asura improve good karma and eliminate evil karma?” Yuan Tianyang couldn’t help but guess. ?