Martial Mythology Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338 Remuneration and Apology

What kind of logical relationship is there between killing Asura and karma? Yuan Tianyang doesn’t know much about it. However, Shi Ming and the others are far better than bad karma. There is nothing to say about killing Asura. Yuan Tianyang naturally didn’t believe it because of this.

If only Shi Ming is like this, maybe it can be explained by coincidence, but everyone in the senior patrol team is like this, then impossible is a coincidence, and there must be a certain logical relationship in it, but Yuan Tianyang still Did not sort out the clues.

“Okay, the test is over, you can go away.” Yuan Tianyang waved his hand.

He just used Shi Ming and the others as tools and discarded them at will after using them, and didn’t care about their feelings.

In his view, being able to be used as a tool man by himself is already an honor for Shi Ming and the others.

Shi Ming and the others have long been accustomed to this, and they are not surprised. If Yuan Tianyang behaves more politely, they will find it strange.

“I will retire.” Shi Ming and many other senior patrolmen retire one after another, even though they are the masters of the patrol hall.

They just walked to the door of the hall, Yuan Tianyang’s voice sounded again: “Wait.”

Everyone shook their hearts. They didn’t know what other moth Yuan Tianyang was going to make, but they didn’t dare to defy Yuan Tianyang’s order, so they could only stop and turn around tremblingly to face Yuan Tianyang.

Shi Ming brace oneself asked: “I wonder what else Yuan Mister has to order?”

“There is no order.” Yuan Tianyang shook his head, glanced over Shi Ming and the others, fell silent for a while, and then waved his palm.

Everyone was shocked, thinking that Yuan Tianyang was going to take action against them, subconsciously preparing to avoid them, but before they acted, they saw a dozen rings slowly flying towards them, each ring corresponding to a senior guard The number of rings is exactly the same as the number of senior rangers, one is not many, one is not many.

Shi Ming calmed down and did not dare to pick up the ring directly. Instead, he looked towards Yuan Tianyang and asked in confusion, “Yuan Mister, are you?”

The other senior rangers also forced themselves to calm down, and all their eyes focused on Yuan Tianyang.

“Remuneration.” Yuan Tianyang thought for a while, and said: “This is your payment for your help, accept it.”

As soon as this was said, many senior patrolmen, including Shi Ming, were stared wide-eyed, and their faces were full of incredible.


This should be a normal term, but when it comes to Yuan Tianyang’s mouth, it feels absurd.

From the time when Yuan Tianyang came to Shenxu for the first time, they have been guarded here. During this period, they helped Yuan Tianyang to do countless things, including some dangerous things, but until now, they all obeyed unconditionally Yuan Tianyang’s order never expected any reward.

But now, Yuan Tianyang took the initiative to pay them!

Is this true?

Shi Ming and the others couldn’t help but wonder if he was dreaming.

Yuan Old Hu actually wants to pay them!

Looking at the storage ring in front of him, Shi Ming’s expression is a bit complicated. If he can, he would rather not have these remunerations. He only hopes that Yuan Tianyang will temper his temper a little bit in the future, and don’t blame them at all times. He will take a lesson from the senior ranger at the beginning. The tragic situation is still vividly remembered.

Many senior patrolmen are also hesitant, not knowing whether they should pick them up.

They don’t know what Yuan Tianyang has gone through, why suddenly unfathomable mystery want to pay them?

They are even more unclear about what is in this storage ring, worrying that Yuan Tianyang is just playing with them.

“Don’t worry, these storage rings are filled with ordinary cultivation resources, and there are no precious things.” Yuan Tianyang calmly said: “You can accept it without worrying about it.”

With his original temperament, it is naturally impossible to give him any reward, but in order to clear his own evil karma, he must make changes.

Joining Sky Academy has almost become an obsession in his heart!

Everyone looked towards Captain Shi Ming, I hope Shi Ming will make a decision for everyone.

Shi Ming looked at Yuan Tianyang, and then at the many senior guards behind him. He was uncertain for a while. He was also afraid of holding a hot hand for this reward, but if he didn’t pick it up, Yuan Tianyang would get angry, and the result seemed to be no better go with.

“Accept it.” Shi Ming was silent for a few breaths before finally sighing and sounding transmission to everyone.

With Shi Ming’s words, everyone no longer hesitated and reached out to take the storage ring. However, no one dared to sense what was inside the storage ring in front of Yuan Tianyang. With Yuan Tianyang’s strength, they could be easily detected The Divine Soul fluctuates.

After accepting the storage ring, everyone was in a state of anxiety and wanted to leave but did not dare to leave.

Shi Ming took a deep breath and said: “Does Yuan Mister have any more instructions?”

“It’s gone.” Yuan Tianyang saw that they had accepted the payment, and smiled on his face. Although this smile was a bit stiff, it was undoubtedly much more natural than the zombie smile at the beginning.

Shi Ming and the others sighed in relief, then said: “I will wait to retire.”

They impatiently want to leave, away from Yuan Tianyang, away from this dangerous judge.

However, what made them almost collapsed was that they only took a few steps and Yuan Tianyang’s voice sounded again: “Wait.”

Shi Ming and the others want to bullshitting in their hearts. Is there anything that can’t be done at once?

It’s always like this, making everyone frightened and flustered. Is it really fun?

But they can only complain in their hearts and dare not show it on their faces. Instead, they have to be extremely patient and ask respectfully: “What else is Mister?”

What surprised everyone was that they waited for a long time, and Yuan Tianyang didn’t move.

Shi Ming quietly raised his head and glanced at Yuan Tianyang, only to see Yuan Tianyang hesitating and entangled. He seemed very distressed.

“What on earth does he want to do?” Shi Ming, as well as many senior patrolmen, became more and more puzzled.

A series of abnormal behaviors by Yuan Tianyang today made them puzzled. The scary smile that oozes people’s heart, the test of karma, and the unfathomable mystery’s remuneration, all kinds of weird behaviors are very different from Yuan Tianyang’s usual manners. They Accustomed to Yuan Tianyang’s domineering and domineering, Yuan Tianyang is now behaving a bit more normally, but they are not used to it, like stabs the back with needles.

They even wonder if Yuan Tianyang was dropped by someone!

Because the person in front of me is exactly the same as Yuan Tianyang except for his breath, appearance, Cultivation Base, etc., but his temperament is completely different.

Just when everyone bowed their heads and thought about it, Yuan Tianyang finally spoke.

I saw that Yuan Tianyang seemed to have made some important decision. He looked at them with a low voice: “I used to have a bad attitude towards you. I used to beat and scold you, and even did some more excessive things… Yes. So, I’m very sorry. I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive me.”

As soon as this was said, everyone lifted the head and looked at Yuan Tianyang in disbelief.

Lei Old Hu… actually apologized to them!

“God, I…Aren’t we dreaming?” Everyone couldn’t believe it.

Yuan Tianyang felt very uncomfortable with everyone’s eyes, he was frowned.

Everyone immediately bowed their heads in fright and dared not look at Yuan Tianyang again.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Yuan Tianyang startedled, and the trace of dissatisfaction in his heart disappeared instantly.

He took a deep breath and said: “I sincerely apologize and hope to get your forgiveness!”

He did not really feel that he was wrong, nor did he sincerely want to apologize, but according to Lei Jian, he changed his behavior and eliminated his own evil karma in this way, although he did not It must be useful, but you have to try it.

His apology is utilitarian and purposeful. It is not as sincere as he said, but… it is not easy for him to make an apology decision.

Shi Ming and the others were silent, they didn’t even dare to look at Yuan Tianyang.

“Who is this guy playing now?” They didn’t believe Yuan Tianyang would sincerely apologize.

They have had countless dealings with Yuan Tianyang. They know Yuan Tianyang too well and know what kind of person Yuan Tianyang is. Yuan Tianyang’s domineering and domineering image is also deeply ingrained in their hearts. Simply not just an apology What is changed is not something that can be changed with a little reward.

They only think that Yuan Tianyang is playing some tricks and want to play with them.

However, they are not so elegant and leisurely to play with Yuan Tianyang!

Shi Ming straightened up, looked at Yuan Tianyang, and said: “Yuan Mister is the judge of aloof and remote. I am just a humble patrol. What qualifications do I have to accept Yuan Mister’s apology? Yuan Mister, you teach me, etc. That is your right, what’s wrong?”

Thinking of the subordinate who was maimed by Yuan Tianyang and almost lost his life, Shi Ming had a fire in his heart, but he never dared to vent it.

It’s already a risk to say these things boldly today. If Yuan Tianyang is not happy, he might be abolished on the spot!

But with this breath, he held back for too long, and in this special environment, he finally couldn’t help but break out.

The rest of the senior patrolmen all bowed their heads in silence, and no one made a sound.

Not to mention that they simply don’t believe Yuan Tianyang apologizes sincerely, even if Yuan Tianyang apologizes sincerely, they will not accept it!

There are some things, but it’s not a lighthearted sentence of sorry that deserves to be forgiven!

Yuan Tianyang is frowned. On the surface, Shi Ming seems to say that he is not wrong, but he is not a fool. He can naturally hear the hidden meaning of Shi Ming’s words. Obviously, Shi Ming is only due to his identity and strength, so he dare not attack , Shi Ming’s heart is absolutely grieving!

“You hate me very much?” Yuan Tianyang eyes slightly narrowed.

At this moment, Yuan Tianyang is the Yuan Tianyang that everyone is familiar with, and the indifferent and domineering Yuan Old Hu.

“Don’t dare!” Shi Ming broke the jar and was not afraid of being taught by Yuan Tianyang.

Many senior patrolmen are nervous, and there is a trace of worry in their eyes.

Many people secretly sound transmission to Shi Ming, persuading Shi Ming to stay a bit lower and not to provoke Yuan Tianyang.

“Don’t dare, not hate.” Yuan Tianyang looked at Shi Ming, “It seems that these years, your complaints are not small!”

Shi Ming startedled, and immediately said: “If Yuan Mister is not happy, you can teach me, this matter has nothing to do with other patrolmen.”

He is ready to be killed by Yuan Tianyang, although he has a certain position in the patrol hall and is highly regarded by the Misters who patrol the main hall of the hall, but if Yuan Tianyang really killed him, patrol the hall It is also impossible to retaliate against Yuan Tianyang because of Yuan Tianyang’s big brother, Saint Court Dean… Yuan Tianji, who makes endless time and space jealous.

Yuan Tianyang stared at Shi Ming, his eyes full of danger.

Everyone’s heart is suspended.

The atmosphere in the hall suddenly became tense and depressed.

But when everyone thought Yuan Tianyang would take action, Yuan Tianyang laughed suddenly: “Lesson? Why should I teach you? Didn’t I just say it? I sincerely apologize to you, please forgive me. How can I add mistakes to my past mistakes?”

Hearing this, everyone was a little bit confused.

Does this Yuan Old Hu really want to apologize? ?