Martial Mythology Chapter 1340

Chapter 1340 Saint Court Meteorology

When Zhang Yu devoted himself to studying secret techniques in Sky World, Sky Academy exploded because of the advanced immortality of Niu Xinghai, Ao Xiaoyu and the others.

Although everyone has a hunch, when Niu Xinghai and the others walk out of the Secret Realm, their strength may explode, but when they learn that Niu Xinghai and the others have really set foot in immortality, everyone is still Can’t help being shocked, the envy in his eyes almost overflowed.

“Yes, Star Sea, you who are silent, have stepped into immortality!” Zhang Hengyang was excited and envious.

Lei Jian also gave a thumbs up to Niu Xinghai: “I thought that when we came to Sky Academy together, now I am still struggling with True God Realm, but you have already set foot on immortality, amazing!”

“Unexpectedly, the bloodline of Devil Ox King actually came from the longicorn Senior…”

Everyone is full of emotion.

They knew that Niu Xinghai was carrying the bloodline of Devil Ox King, but they didn’t even think that Devil Ox King bloodline came from 36 celestial beetles of the lord of time and space, although its status and strength are not as good as barking, eating and burying the sky. , But also a Middle grade master of time and space, and there are 36 Secret Realms in the sky, each of which represents an ancient power and is eligible to be buried here. Which one is not a battle strength madman?

Compared with barking sky, biting the sky, and burial sky, the beetle may be weaker, but compared to the middle grade masters of time and space in this endless time and space, the beetle is definitely the top powerhouse, and can even be compared with Saint Court Dean Yuan Tianji Wrists off.

Everyone is envious of Niu Xinghai, this small transparent in everyone’s eyes, silently, is actually ascending to the skies with a single leap, and has achieved what everyone desires, even surpassing the nine stars Students, become the first among Sky Academy students to set foot on immortality. For many students, it is definitely a Supreme glory!

“It’s okay, ha, okay.” Niu Xinghai scratched his head and laughed in a naive manner.

He didn’t want to be so high-profile, but, as the first one among Sky Academy students to set foot on immortality, he wanted to be low-key and could not be low-key, because from the moment he set foot on immortality, he was destined to receive countless people Attention, like a magnet, attracts everyone’s attention.

Chen Gu, Ao Kun, Ao Yue, and Bei Long are among the many Tutors and older generation powerhouses, especially Chen Gu, Ao Kun, and Ao Yue, they are also the old people of Sky Academy, all of them They are all very familiar with them. Now, they have changed their minds. They have emerged from many teachers and students, and they have been promoted to immortality, which also made many Tutor, Elder, and the older generation of powerhouses feel very complicated, envy, sigh, and so on.

Supreme Taoist, Lin Meng, Hongmeng and the others are also in a very complicated mood. They never thought that Chen Gu and the others, who were only a group of Transcendentists at the beginning, completed the magnificent transformation from tiny ant to powerful. At the beginning, they could pinch to death with one finger, but they changed their minds, and they actually set foot on the Domain that they all need to look up to.

They don’t even know what kind of attitude to face Chen Gu and the others.

However, with Chen Gu and the others’ current Cultivation Base and strength, they are finally worthy of the identity of their head of the department and Tutor.

Many older generation powerhouses, including Chen Gu and the others who just walked out of the Secret Realm, stayed for a while, then left one after another, leaving only a group of young people.

“Big brother Niu, why did you come out after spending so long in Secret Realm?” Lin Ming asked Niu Xinghai.

Everyone also looked at Niu Xinghai curiously. They wanted to know what Niu Xinghai experienced in the Secret Realm, and how did he get his senior inheritance?

Niu Xinghai obediently and honestly said: “The Secret Realm is a real illusion. Time Flow Speed ​​is different from the outside world. I stayed in it for a long, long time… When I passed all the tests, I got the ancestor of the sky cow His inheritance, inherited the sentiments and experience of the ancestors of the longicorn beetle, is like…” He paused, “It’s like Dean’s enlightenment technique.”

Although he has not received enlightenment technique, he has seen Dean Mister perform enlightenment technique and witnessed the instant transformation of Wu Mo and the others. The feeling is very similar to the inheritance he accepted.

“It’s that simple?” Wu Mo was surprised.

Niu Xinghai nodded: “It’s that simple.”

It is simple to say, but in fact, it is not simple at all to pass those tests.

In addition to those tests, you must also have the bloodline of the longicorn. Both are indispensable.

For Sky Academy, it is not difficult to pass those tests. After all, they all have amazing battle strength. Few tests can hardly beat them. What really restricts them is the bloodline conditions. Among them Most of them have only weak bloodlines that are almost negligible, and the bloodlines are mixed. It is too difficult to get the approval of the masters of time and space!

Unless they have an extremely amazing performance in the test and completely cover up their bloodline defects, it will be difficult to get the inheritance of the masters of time and space. In contrast, Niu Xinghai, Xiao Qiang, Ao Kun and the others It occupies the innate bloodline advantage, and the difficulty of obtaining inheritance is much lower than the others.

“You guy… is really enviable!” Xiao Yan looked at Niu Xinghai enviously, “Ai, why don’t I have any special bloodline?”

Niu Xinghai did not agree with this, he said seriously: “No, I think you are worthy of envy.”

Xiao Yan startled.

“No matter how great the ancestor of the celestial bull can be better than Dean?” Niu Xinghai looked at everyone and said: “I got the inheritance of the ancestor of the celestial bull, and I am immortal, but if I can choose, I would rather worship Dean’s family, instead of accepting the inheritance of the ancestor of Tianniu. Xiao Yan, although you were not taken in as a disciple by Dean, Dean nurtures you regardless of return. Everyone is in the eye. You and Big Brother Wu Their actual treatment is not at all too different. I am better than you now, but I believe that in the near future, you will surpass me and reach a higher height!”

After hearing what Niu Xinghai said, everyone looked towards Wu Mo and the others.

Yes, how can accepting the inheritance of the Seniors, the Lord of Time and Space, compare to worshipping Dean?

How can the short-lived scenery compare with a brighter and brighter future?

Everyone has no doubt that Wu Mo and the others who come to Dean’s door will definitely reach a higher height than Niu Xinghai in the future!

“If it weren’t because I didn’t have any hope to join Dean, how could I accept the inheritance of the ancestor of the longicorn?” Niu Xinghai sighed.

Niu Xinghai is certainly happy to be able to accept the inheritance of the ancestor of Tianniu, but he is more yearning to come to Dean.

“Come on, Star Sea, you can get the inheritance of Tianniu Senior. I don’t know how many people secretly envy you. Are you still not satisfied?” Lei Jian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and said: “If the longicorn Senior knows that someone has got his inheritance, he is still not satisfied, I wonder if he will jump out of the coffin board with anger!”

Niu Xinghai shrank his neck and said with a smile: “No, I don’t dislike it, don’t talk nonsense.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

At this moment, a slightly surprised voice sounded: “Hey, what are you laughing at?”

Everyone looked up and saw Feng Wuchang, Qin Hu, and Luo Qingyun dropping from the sky.

“I have seen Fengwuchang worship, Qin Hu worship, Luo Qingyun worship.” Everyone hurriedly saluted, Wu Mo, Xiao Yan, Lei Jian and the others were no exception.

The impermanence of the wind almost fell down in mid-air with fright. They finally stabilized their bodies and hurriedly released a ray of strength to stop everyone from saluting, especially Wu Mo and the others, saying: “No need to be polite, no more Ceremony…” These are the Official Disciple of Dean Mister. They dare not receive a gift from Wu Mo and the others.

Very soon, Feng Wuchang was stunned, because they found that they released their power to stop everyone from saluting. It should have been a very easy thing, but when Niu Xinghai came, they didn’t suffer them at all. The impact of the ray of power released.

The impermanence of the wind shrinks slightly, and he carefully senses Niu Xinghai’s Cultivation Base, and then he is shocked: “Immortal!”

Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun also looked at Niu Xinghai suspiciously. This young man who looked 20 years old had set foot in immortality!

“This is?” Niu Xinghai calmed down and asked everyone.

“He is Niu Xinghai, a generation student of our Sky Academy…” Lei Jian said: “Star Sea has just set foot in immortality, and we are celebrating here. I wonder if the three enshrines have any advice?”

Hearing what Lei Jian said, Feng Wuchang’s three heads are a little messy.

They couldn’t believe it. They were just cultivated in a closed-door experiment for a few days. How come a new immortality emerged?

“Have we remembered the time wrongly, in fact, we have been retreating for more than a few days, but millions and millions years have passed?” Feng Wuchang several people were in a daze.

“By the way, in addition to Star Sea, Chenshi, Ao Kun Tutor, Ao Yue Tutor, and Bei Long Senior have also set foot in immortality. The three consecrations can go to them to exchange their experiences. I believe Chenshi will definitely welcome them. To.” Lei Jian reminded.

The impermanence of the wind, Qin Hu, and Luo Qingyun are even more confused. In a few days, how come so many immortals pop up at Sky Academy, the immortal desert?

Originally they thought it was not difficult to gain a foothold in Sky Academy with their Cultivation Base, but they were a little panicked when they learned that Sky Academy one after another had new immortals. There are many more immortals. If one month passes, how many times the number of immortals?

“How do I feel…like being at Saint Court?” Feng Wuchang swallowed, sounding transmission to Qin Hu and Luo Qingyun.

Qin Hu deeply sounded the transmission and said: “In addition to the smaller scale and fewer people, the overall Cultivation Base is lower. This is like a reduced version of Saint Court!”

Although they have never entered Saint Court, they have heard too many legends about Saint Court, and they have some understanding.

Luo Qingyun said: “But there is one thing that Saint Court can’t match, that is… the potential of the teachers and students of the Sky Academy! Not to mention Dean Mister’s disciplines, nor to win in the sky The stunning geniuses of the top three, the teachers and students who were eliminated, are probably the super-class Heaven’s Chosen that can shock the world and cause endless time and space sensation when placed in Saint Court!”

The potential of Sky Academy is something that Saint Court can’t keep up with!

“Although Sky Academy is currently unknown and inferior to Saint Court in many aspects, it can be predicted that in the near future, Sky Academy will crush Saint Court. I can even imagine the spectacular scene after Sky Academy’s complete rise!” Feng Wuchang is a little excited. The Sky Academy now has the atmosphere of Saint Court, with a trace of Saint Court’s shadow. Many years later, when Sky Academy grows into a huge monster that spans endless time and space, I am afraid that it will really be able to compete with Saint Court competes. ?