Martial Mythology Chapter 1406

Chapter 1406 Stimulated Avatars

Xiao Yan and the others are not clear about Yuan Tianyang’s thoughts, otherwise, they will reconsider the issue of delivery time.

“Can it really be delivered once every ten days?” Xiao Yan asked seriously.

Ten days, this time is much shorter than he originally imagined. Even if it is delivered once every three months, it will be faster than he expected.

He doesn’t doubt Yuan Tianyang’s strength. With the strength of Yuan Tianyang’s inferior Lord of Time and Space, it’s not difficult to capture some ordinary Asuras. On the contrary, it takes more time to find Asuras and spend a lot of time on the way. It’s not easy to get 80 Shura in a month.

Eighty heads of Shura, this was what Yuan Tianyang said in front of the dean, it was not Xiao Yan who wanted to embarrass him.

Yuan Tianyang without the slightest hesitation said: “Of course it can. Now that I said it, I will definitely do it.”

Paused, Yuan Tianyang continued: “I have my own way to capture Shura, you don’t have to worry about it. You only need to consider how often you choose to deliver it.”

Xiao Yan glanced at him deeply, and then said: “Then deliver it every ten days.”

Xiao Yan is completely foreseeable. In the near future, Cangqiong Academy is likely to set off a wave of eating Shura. After all, eating Shura can increase cultivation base. Who wants to miss such a good thing? Xiao Yan didn’t know whether people from outside would increase cultivation base by eating Shura. He only knew that Shura should be effective for all teachers and students of Cangqiang Academy.

In this way, no amount of Shura may be enough.

After all, Cangqiong Academy has a total of about three hundred people. If you count the three new generations of students, Cangqiong Academy has a total of 1,300 teachers and students. How can 80 Shura be enough?

“I hope that the number is the more the better.” Xiao Yan added.

“Eighty heads are not enough for you?” Yuan Tianyang asked in surprise.

“Don’t talk about eighty heads, it’s one hundred and eighty heads, or even 1,800 heads, we can eat them too!” Xiao Yan said.

Yuan Tianyang raised his eyebrows, and then said: “Okay, I try to get as many asuras here every time, as long as you get paid, I can’t guarantee that if there are more, the minimum is 80. The number of Asuras will definitely not It’s lower than this number.” He hasn’t discussed with Yuan Tianji yet, and he doesn’t dare to set the number too high, lest he will pit himself when the time comes.

“Haha, don’t worry about remuneration, we will never default.” Xiao Yan haha ​​smiled.

Xiao Yan does not lack Spirit Stone, or the nine star students do not lack Spirit Stone. They refining anything at will, medicine pill, weapons, medicated food, array, etc., can be exchanged for many Spirit Stones, even if They are cursed masters, and they can also refine some enchanted cursed objects in exchange for Spirit Stone. Among the teachers and students of the Sky Academy, they can be said to be the richest existence.

In contrast, Ye Fan, Xiao Yan, Qin Yu and the others are also Zhang Yu’s Official Disciple. They have never lacked resources, but their wealth is still worse than Wu Mo, Xiao Yan and other nine star students. some.

Hearing Xiao Yan’s stress-free response, Yuan Tianyang couldn’t help being curious: “How many Spirit Stone deposits does this guy have?”

Yuan Tianyang never imagined that Xiao Yan and the others’ Spirit Stone deposits are almost comparable to him, the inferior master of time and space!

“If this is the case, then I will leave first. I will come again in ten days.” Yuan Tianyang said goodbye, “I hope our cooperation can proceed smoothly.”

Xiao Yan bowed his hands: “Then I will trouble Senior.”

Not long after, Yuan Tianyang left the wasteland. Only Xiao Yan, Zhou Xin’er, Xiaoxie, Xiaoqiang, and the empty giant pot were left in the field. However, the inside of the giant pot was pitted and corroded extremely badly. already not far anymore.

“Big brother Xiaoxie, I have to go too.” Xiaoqiang is weak.

“Where are you going?” Xiao Xie asked in confusion.

“The master asked me to cultivation the extreme martial arts, and I am not allowed to leave the customs until I have completed the training.” Xiaoqiang is a bit distressed. Although it has gained the inheritance of Huotian, it is difficult to calm down. That boring cultivation, yes For it, it was undoubtedly a torture, but it did not dare to disobey the master’s will.

Xiaoxie was silent for a while, and said: “Then you should go to cultivation with peace of mind.”

It’s about the owner…it’s also helpless.

“By the way, Xiao Yan, those 80 Asuras, 30 belong to me, and you just divide the remaining 50.” Xiaoxie said to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan glanced at Xiaoxie, and said: “We don’t count this matter, but the dean does it.”

He indifferently said: “Yuan Tianyang Senior was here before, and there are some things I can’t say. Now that he is gone, I don’t have to worry about it. This Shura is not only useful for you, but also for everyone in the Academy Benefits, Shura is comparable to secluded bitter cultivation for a long time…In a sense, Shura is not only a top-notch food material, but also a strategic material that is in short supply. It is of great significance to our Celestial Academy! So, including you and me Inside, no one wants to take Shura alone.”

Little evil is anxious: “Why are you so stubborn. Let’s hide Shura, so that others will not know, hide and eat secretly, is it not fragrant?”

“Did you heal the scar and forget the pain?” Xiao Yan was speechless, “Are you a decoration for the dean?”

Hearing this, Xiao Xie stopped and shuddered immediately.

The picture of being beaten up just now is vivid, and until now, the tearing pain has not completely subsided.

“But the master said that part of Shura will belong to me!” Xiao Xie shook his head and still didn’t give up.

Xiao Yan said: “That’s because the dean didn’t know that Shura’s effect on our cultivation progress was so amazing. I’ll go to the dean to clarify this matter later… I believe the dean will reconsider Shura’s allocation. .”

“…” Little evil is so angry that he wants to bite people.

“Well, I have to go now, so I won’t play with you.” Xiao Yan waved his hand, then turned to Zhou Xiner and said, “Xin’er, let’s go.”

“Hold on.” Xiaoxie hurriedly shouted.

“What else is there?”

“Pot!” Xiaoxie yelled: “Don’t forget to refine for me and make a few pans! This pan is going to be broken soon!”

Xiao Yan waved his hand: “I will deliver it to you later. You will use this bad pot first.”

When the voice fell, the silhouettes of Xiao Yan and Zhou Xiner disappeared together.

“Abominable guy.” The little evil is very angry and helpless.

It retracted its gaze, looked at Xiaoqiang who had said to leave but had not left, and asked: “Xiaoqiang, aren’t you going to secluded cultivation? Why aren’t you leaving?” There was a relieved smile on its face, “Could it be that” You can’t bear your little evil big brother?”

Xiaoqiang is somewhat sorry, and whispered: “Big brother Xiaoxie, can you cook another Shura?”

His voice was almost inaudible.

“What did you say?” Xiao Xie asked.

“Yes, just…can you cook another Shura?” Xiaoqiang mustered his courage and looked straight at Xiaoxie.

“…” The smile on Xiao Xie’s face freezes.

It looked at Xiaoqiang, and it was speechless for a long time.

Xiaoqiang also became more embarrassed, and almost buried his head under his neck.

“So, you haven’t left for so long, just to eat another Shura?” Xiaoxie opened his mouth and found that Xiaoqiang has changed, not as innocent and simple as when he first met. The previous Xiaoqiang, everything Listen to him, but now, Xiaoqiang has his own opinions, and will actively ask him to cook another Shura.

The world’s wind is going down, people’s hearts are not old!

Xiaoxie lamented.

Can it refuse Xiaoqiang’s request?

If you make Xiaoqiang angry, heaven knows that Xiaoqiang will come to the owner to file a complaint and tell him about the things he had complained about the owner…

“Cook!” Xiaoxie had tears in her eyes and blood dripped in her heart, “I cook!”

Xiaoxie’s tragic and trembling voice echoed in the barren land.


In the long river of time, Yuan Tianyang, in order to gain time, did not stop at all, and crossed the river at the fastest speed. As soon as he arrived in the void, he instantly took out the Ark of Nothingness. With the burning of the Spirit Stone, the Ark of Nothingness flickered. Disappeared in an instant.

For ten days, he only had ten days to prepare, and he did not dare to waste a minute.

At the gate of the patrol hall, the two senior patrols all felt saw a blur, as if something flashed away.

“Did something flash past us just now?” a senior patrolman asked.

His companion scratched his head: “It seems to have, but it does not seem to be.”


Cangqiong Academy.

After Zhang Yu came back, he was just about to go to God World, when he suddenly noticed that there was movement in the Secret Realm of the sky, and suddenly stopped.

“The deity.” Sword Immortal, Mystery Old Person and many other branch deans, as well as the dean Avatar, appear almost in no particular order.

Their cultivation base has all reached the Legendary hero realm, and even the Mystery Old Person who does not have the wilderness bloodline has reached the Legendary hero realm. On the whole, except for the dean’s Avatar cultivation base which is slightly higher, the rest of the Avatars are almost No distinction.

Zhang Yu checked their cultivation base and nodded with satisfaction: “Yes, all of them have been promoted to the Legendary realm.” Now they, each of them is comparable to the early “No”, and even stronger. Of course, this is without calculating the power bonus of the fairyland.

The only regret is that none of the many Avatars has the inheritance of the 36th Lord of Time and Space.

Obviously, this should not be a question of luck, but something that Zhang Yu has overlooked.

“The improvement of the cultivation base is second, and the improvement of mood training is the main thing.” Dean Avatar calmly said: “After all, even without this Secret Realm. This long time is enough for us to break through to the Legendary realm. Now, even, we cultivation by ourselves, and the cultivation progress is getting more.”

Cangqiang Secret Realm does not have Time Acceleration. Even if it does, it is just an illusion. Naturally, it cannot be compared with Dantian World.

“By the way, Wu has also come here. After you go back, let’s say hello to him by the way.” Zhang Yu said: “During this period, his cultivation base has improved a lot. It seems that it should be Peak. Legendary is now in the realm, and maybe soon we will be able to break through the shackles of Legendary and set foot on immortality.”

Once you step into immortality, Wu’s battle strength will soar.

The superposition of power from Source Power and medium time and space fairyland, combined with the immortal Time and Space Strength, may be comparable to the old low-level masters of time and space, and even better than most low-level ones. The Lord of Time and Space, such battle strength, can definitely be regarded as an expert when looking at the time and space of the universe.

Hearing what Zhang Yu said, the Avatars suddenly felt pressure.

They are all Avatars, but they are so much behind “No”, how can they be convinced?

“This deity, I’m going to consolidate the cultivation base first.” The dean Avatar gave a salute, and then the silhouette disappeared instantly.

Sword Immortal, Mystery Old Person, Greed Wolf Dog and many other branch directors also hurriedly bid farewell to Zhang Yu and left in a hurry.

Just as the Avatars left their front feet, Xiao Yan and Zhou Xin’er arrived on their back feet.

“The Dean.” Xiao Yan looked very serious, and said: “I have a very important thing to tell you!”?