Martial Mythology Chapter 1407

Chapter 1407 Conjecture

Looking at Xiao Yan, who was serious in front of him, Zhang Yu was surprised and said: “What’s the matter?”

“Just now when Yuan Tianyang Senior was present, it was not convenient for me to say.” Xiao Yanshen took a deep breath with a very serious expression, “Actually, Shura is of great benefit to us. I share Shura with Xin’er, cultivation base All have been amazingly improved. My cultivation base has almost reached the limit of True God’s upper realm, and Xin’er is about to break through True God’s middle realm… You know, we have just set foot on True God’s upper realm, True God middle realm before.”

Zhang Yu can’t help being emotional. He knew that Shura would help Xiao Yan and Zhou Xiner’s cultivation progress, but he did not expect such a big increase.

This effect is stronger than Divine Pill’s magical medicine!

“I suspect that this Shura is not only effective for me and Xiner, but also for the entire Cangqiong Academy teachers and students.” Xiao Yan said seriously.

Zhou Xiner echoed: “Xiao Yan’s big brother is right, Shura can greatly improve our cultivation base, and even Divine Soul can be improved. If we provide us with enough Shura, I think it may not be long. , We can break through to the legendary realm, and even set foot on immortality.”

If you don’t find that Shura has such a magical effect, that’s all. Now that you have discovered it, you should naturally pay attention to it.

For Cangqiong Academy, this is definitely something that makes everyone crazy!

Even students or mentors who hate Shura and reject them, I am afraid they cannot refuse Shura’s temptation to cultivation progress!

Zhang Yu looked dignified and said: “It seems that I still underestimate the effect of Shura on the promotion of the cultivation base. In this way, I have to take this matter seriously. Maybe Shura is the soaring Catalyst of the Sky Academy!” The establishment of Academy is too short and the foundation is shallow. Even with many talents and amazing potential, it will take a long time to grow up, and Shura can shorten this time to the shortest.

The combination of Shura and Dantian World Time Acceleration can enable the teachers and students of the Academy to grow up in the shortest time.

“You did a great job.” Zhang Yu praised Xiao Yan: “This is a great achievement for you!”

Xiao Yan respectfully said: “Xiao Yan dare not take credit. This is what Xiao Yan should do.”

Zhang Yu laughed and didn’t say much. He thought about it and said: “In this way, you go call Wu Mo, Ye Fan and the others.”

“Yes!” Although I don’t know what the dean intended, Xiao Yan still responded obediently and honestly.

In a short while, all the dísciples under Zhang Yumen were all here, and Xiao Yan and Zhou Xin’er stood by.

Seeing them arrived, Zhang Yu said, “You guys wait here for a while.”

The voice fell, and a dark and twisted vortex appeared in front of Zhang Yu, and then he stepped across the vortex, and the silhouette disappeared.

The entrance to God World in the wild.

“Hiss…hiss…” Xiaoxie swallowed Qi of Evil with big mouths. When the giant pot was almost corroded and penetrated, Qi of Evil finally disappeared, leaving nothing left.

After swallowing all the Qi of Evil, the little evil spirit looks like an immortal, swinging happily, and twitching from time to time. Its breath has also been significantly improved. Although distance to breakthrough is still far from the immortality of Rank 2, it is undoubtedly a great improvement compared to just now.

Xiao Qiang was drooling, staring at the giant pot, unable to move his eyes, as if his eyes were glued to the giant pot.

“Big brother Xiaoxie, are you familiar?” Xiaoqiang licked his lips, and asked with excitement and expectation.

Xiaoxie came back to his senses from the happiness of rising immortals, smelling the unstoppable fragrance, laughed: “Okay, let’s eat!”

While speaking, it extends the hand and prepares to fish a piece of fairy poultry meat, but what makes it strange is that when it stretches out its hand, it makes a hole.

Turning his head, the giant pot disappeared from Xiaoxie’s sight, replaced by a familiar silhouette, which trembled, and suddenly said trembling with fear: “Lord…Master.”

“Master!” Xiaoqiang also didn’t care about eating Shura, and he couldn’t see the expectation on his face. Instead, he lost one’s head out of fear.

Zhang Yu stared at Xiaoxie and Xiaoqiang indifferently, and said: “This Shura, I will borrow it for the time being, you can cook it again.”

After that, regardless of whether Xiaoxie and Xiaoqiang have any opinions, his silhouette flashes and disappears, as if he had never appeared before.

Xiaoqiang sluggish: “My Shura.”

“It’s my Shura!” Xiaoxie wanted to cry without tears.

It’s finally hard to cook another pot of Shura. As a result, I haven’t eaten a bite of hot food yet, it’s gone!

“Why is it so hard to eat Shura?” Xiaoxie was so depressed that he almost vomited blood.

It cooked a total of three pots. Except for the first pot, neither the second nor the third pot was able to eat a bite, especially the third pot. Let alone one bite, even the pot was gone!

Looking at the direction of God World in the wilderness, Xiao Xie said: “Master, you can borrow it, but you have to leave the pot for me…”

The pot is gone, why are you cooking?

“Well, big brother Xiaoxie, it’s really no good, we will just eat it and roast it?” Xiaoqiang is very persistent in eating Shura. As long as he can eat Shura, any difficulty can be overcome.


Zhang Yu returned to Cangqiong Academy, but he appeared a giant pot in his hand.

Xiao Yan and Zhou Xin’er looked at the tattered giant pot, but their eyes shined, as if the giant pot was a peerless treasure.

Ye Fan, Wu Mo, and the others have a look of confusion, some do not understand what is in this pot, or what Xiao Yan and Zhou Xiner are happy about.

“You guys taste it first.” Zhang Yu gestured to many dísciples: “After you taste it, tell me how you feel.”

“Dean, may I try again?” Xiao Yan almost drooling.

Zhou Xiner also looked at Zhang Yu, looking forward to it but nervous.

Zhang Yu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “Let’s eat, but each person can only eat one piece, not more.” He has other uses for the rest.

Xiao Yan and Zhou Xin’er immediately took out two pieces of fairy poultry meat and put them into their mouths, chewing with enjoyment on their faces. The intoxicating appearance made Ye Fan and the others more curious. What exactly is in this pot?

Ye Fan, Sun Wukong, Li Xiaoyao, Qin Yu, Lin Lei, Bai Ling, Wu Mo, Deng Qiuchan, and the others took out a piece of fairy poultry meat from the giant pot and tasted it. Because of the presence of the Teacher, everyone They were all scrupulous about their own image, and the first bite was relatively gentle, but their expressions changed the moment the fairy poultry was taken. The chewing speed was almost instantaneously accelerated several times, which seemed a bit funny.

Their expressions have also become the same as Xiao Yan and Zhou Xin’er, all indulging in the ultimate deliciousness.

When they finished eating the whole piece of fairy poultry meat, they all had the feeling that they were still unfinished, and they could not wait to grab all the fairy poultry and fairy treasures left in the pot to eat. The ultimate delicacy is something no one can refuse The temptation, of course, is that they don’t know that there is Shura in it.

“How do you feel?” Zhang Yu’s voice awakened everyone.

“It’s delicious! This is absolutely unsurpassed delicious!”

“It is ten times, a hundred times more delicious than the medicated food cooked by Teacher Wu Qingquan, I am afraid that there is no more delicious thing in the world!”

“What the hell is this?”

“Does the Teacher cook it himself?”

Everyone expressed their thoughts.

Only Dubai Ling, Ye Fan, and Wu Mo did not speak.

“My cultivation base… has improved a lot.” Ye Fan’s focus is not on the deliciousness of Shura, but the changes in the cultivation base. “Just such a piece of meat is comparable to my long-term cultivation!” There was shock on his face.

Bai Ling nodded: “Not only is the cultivation base, Divine Soul has also been quietly improved.”

Wu Mo is also a little shocked: “I refine medicine pill, and the effect is far inferior to it.”

Hearing the voices of the three people, the others reacted and immediately checked their own cultivation base, and immediately everyone was shocked.

“What they said is true! My cultivation base has also improved!”

“God, what heavenly materials and earthly treasures are that? The effect is so strong!”

Everyone is very happy. Just such a piece of meat saves them a lot of cultivation time.

Zhang Yu glanced across all dísciples and asked: “Has everyone’s cultivation base improved? Are there exceptions?”

Everyone said in unison: “No.”

Actually, Zhang Yu doesn’t need to ask. His divine sense always covers everyone, and he can clearly feel everyone’s cultivation progress. The reason for asking again is just to reconfirm.

“Teacher, what kind of medicinal meal was that just now? Did you cook it yourself?” Wumo said curiously: “Heavenly materials and earthly treasures among them, should all be considered the highest heavenly materials and earthly treasures if you look at the sky and space? “

After hearing this, Xiao Yan and Zhou Xin’er couldn’t help but smile, heavenly materials, earthly treasures?

Speaking of which, Shura may really be regarded as heavenly materials and earthly treasures for them, and it is the highest!

“That’s Shura.” Zhang Yu said calmly.

The atrium square quieted down for a moment, and the needle dropped.

Everyone’s body is frozen, like Time Freeze.

“Xiu… Shura?” The crowd was dumbfounded.

“Yes, there was a head of Shura in that pot. Although the meat you eat is not Shura meat, the essence of Shura has been incorporated into it.” Zhang Yu said indifferently.

Everyone suddenly felt nauseous, and they looked at Zhang Yu with small sad eyes.

“Teacher is deliberately cheating us?” Everyone was depressed.

Except for Wu Mo and other very few people who often deal with Ao Xiaoan and Ao Wuyan, most of the other dísciples are still not comfortable with eating Shura.

Zhang Yu seems to be unable to see their resentful eyes, and still said indifferently: “You have personally experienced the deliciousness and magical effects of Shura. If you want to continue eating in the future, you can decide by yourself.” Paused, Zhang Yubai Waved his hand and said: “Okay, you can go. If you have anything, you can ask Xiao Yan. From now on, Xiao Yan will be responsible for the affairs of Shura.”

He summoned Ye Fan and the others, just to verify the thoughts in his mind. Now that there are results, the tool man has no value.

After sending Ye Fan and the others away, Zhang Yu selected a few lucky ones from the deserted city below and invited them to taste Shura.

“How do you feel?” Zhang Yu asked when a few people finished eating.

“Delicious, extremely delicious!” One of them was extremely excited: “This is definitely the most delicious food in the world!”

“Are there any more?” Zhang Yu asked.

“Uh…” The man hesitated for a moment, and probed: “I feel full?”

“Has your cultivation base not changed?” Zhang Yu asked again.

“There seems to be a little bit, but the difference is not big.” The person answered obediently and honestly.

Several other people also said one after another: “I have improved a little, and the effect is almost the same as that of ordinary medicine pill.”

The effect is indeed very poor, even not as good as the ordinary medicine pill, because the results induced by Zhang Yu’s divine sense are consistent with their answers.

“Okay, thank you.” Zhang Yu gently said with a smile: “Thank you for running this time, these medicine pills are a reward for you.” He held a few emerald medicine pills, the medicine pill Contains endless life force, “Under the ninth rank, take this pill, no matter how serious the injury can be recovered.”

Soon, Zhang Yu sent those people down the mountain, and then left the wilderness of God World with the giant pot and moved around.

It was not until one hour later that Zhang Yu returned to Cangqiong Academy. At the same time, he also came up with the final answer.

“People outside the Wilderness True God World, eating Shura has no effect. Those of the Wilderness God World, the effect of eating Shura is similar to that of ordinary medicine pill, or even worse. Only the people from the Celestial Academy have amazing effects on eating Shura. The cultivation base has been greatly improved.” Zhang Yu thought about the connection, “Could it be… Jiwujue?”

People in Wilderness True God World basically cultivation the extreme martial arts, that is the low-level version of the extreme martial arts that Zhang Yu deliberately passed out. The advanced version of Jiwujue, the ultimate version of Jiwujue, and the perfect Jiwujue!

Cangqiong Academy’s teacher and student cultivation is the advanced version of Jiwujue, and his disciplines cultivation is the ultimate version of Jiwujue, which corresponds to the difference in Shura’s effects.

Of course, this is just a conjecture of Zhang Yu, and it has only received preliminary verification. To be completely determined, more experimental data is needed as support, but it doesn’t matter, as long as it is determined that Shura is amazing for the teachers and students of the Academy The effect is enough.

“However, eighty heads of Shura seem to be a bit inadequate!” Zhang Yu realized a serious problem.

At this moment, the wilderness is the entrance to God World.

According to Xiaoqiang’s suggestion, Xiaoxie grilled a head of Shura alive, and stuffed it with a variety of fairy poultry meat and seasonings. Although it is not as fragrant as the cooked Shura, it should be delicious. .

Also at this time, Zhang Yu’s disciplines, including Xiao Yan and Zhou Xin’er, are quickly moving towards the entrance of Wilderness God World. ?