Martial Mythology Chapter 652

The 652 chapter of the war in time and space (top)

“Where did they go?” Hidden Dragon Academy everyone stared at Cao Yuan.

Facing the expression of everyone’s expectation and doubt, Cao Yuan’s mood became more and more heavy. For a long time, he only said with difficulty: “They can’t come back!”

A stone stirred up a thousand waves, and everyone heard the words of Cao Yuan, and they couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

“Dean, what do you mean by this?” Deputy Dean complexion slightly changed.

“Zhuge Yun and Huayu have both withdrawn from the Hidden Dragon Academy!” Cao Yuan took a deep breath, as if the heart was burning, and the burning heart was hot. “From now on, Zhuge Yun and Huayu With our Hidden Dragon Academy, there is no more.”

When I said this, Cao Yuan seemed to have been exhausted by the strength of the whole body. The whole person was aging for decades.


Sky Academy.

After getting the “Shrouding the Heavens”, Pang Long read it carefully, until the bells of the school sounded, he stretched out, stood up, and moved toward the classrooms.

About half an hour’s effort, Pang Long distributed all the “Shrouding the Heavens” to each student, faculty and staff, one person, without exception.

“This is the complete Shrouding the Heavens story?” Xiao Yan and the others, who just got the history of Shrouding the Heavens, are excited and excited to read them. Even the Medicinal Cuisine at night can’t take care of them. I have long been looking forward to the complete Shrouding the Heavens story, but I have no courage to urge Dean. Now I have the history of Shrouding the Heavens, which can finally relieve their curiosity and expectations of the story.

Not only Xiao Yan and the others, the Monster Race, the Dragon Race, and many Tutors are also attracted to Shrouding the Heavens.

According to Pang Long’s description, they know that “Shrouding the Heavens” tells the history of Shrouding the Heavens, and in fact, records the history of Shrouding the Heavens in the form of biographies about Shrouding the Heavens. Everything on the book, there are records, almost no omissions, even more shocking, Pang Long actually revealed that the people of the Sky Academy, the future is likely to enter the Shrouding the Heavens world.

Just the beginning of a story, it involves the mysterious powers such as Ancient Void Dragon and Alligator Ancestor, as well as a new cultivation system. No one can resist the charm of Shrouding the Heavens story, and get Shrouding the Heavens. After the history, almost the entire Sky Academy was immersed in the atmosphere of reading Shrouding the Heavens.

From this day on, everyone in the Academy is looking forward to it every day. The topic of chatting is also related to the history of Shrouding the Heavens. There are various speculations about the history of Shrouding the Heavens, about fierce. The guess of person Heavenly Emperor, Heavenly Emperor, Ye Tiandi and the others is also circulating in the Academy, but no one can convince anyone.

One day later, the content of “Shrouding the Heavens” was circulated outside the Academy, and all the streets and alleys had a wave of talking about Shrouding the Heavens.

The story of Shrouding the Heavens began to spread to farther places at even more amazing speeds, widely known and popular.

Sky World.

Zhang Yu is working hard to construct a blank avatar. In just two days, hundreds of avatars have been constructed. These hundreds of avatars have no real identity. Their only purpose is to cultivate and to practice sleeplessly. When Zhang Yu needs it, he can blend them in a flash, so that his own Culture Base has increased dramatically… Of course, their Culture Base is still very low, even if it is merged, it can’t help Zhang Yu, but Zhang Yu is confident that after a month, these cultivation bases will definitely be upgraded to a very impressive level. After one year, he will definitely be able to help him a lot.

After constructing the fifth hundred cultivating avatars, Zhang Yu stopped.

“Oh…” He vaguely sensed the change in the body Shrouding the Heavens. When he looked closely, he couldn’t help but be surprised. “It’s so fast!”

Compared to two days ago, the speed of the Shrouding the Heavens at this moment is ten times faster!

Moreover, this speed is constantly accelerating. If you continue to do so, the Shrouding the Heavens world is likely to be completely formed within half a month!

“What is the reason?” Zhang Yu stopped constructing the avatar, and a teleport, he returned to Desolate Small World.

He released his mind and took a closer look at the case of Desolate Small World, and soon discovered the source of the accelerated formation of Shrouding the Heavens.

“Shrouding the Heavens History”!

That’s right, everything is caused by Shrouding the Heavens!

I don’t know when, “Shrouding the Heavens” has spread to the outside of the Zhou Dynasty, spread throughout Desolate North, more and more people know the existence of “Shrouding the Heavens”, and also know the Shrouding the Heavens Existence, about the story of Shrouding the Heavens, countless people talked about it, invisibly set off a “Shrouding the Heavens fever”, even the Central Plains, there are also individual people, know the “Shrouding the Heavens History.”

“Very good, “Shrouding the Heavens History” really didn’t disappoint me!” Zhang Yu laughed and was very satisfied with the impact of “Shrouding the Heavens”, “When Shrouding the Heavens History spreads throughout Desolate Small World, Central Plains, East Wilderness, South Mountain Range, West Hills… When countless people sing the story of Shrouding the Heavens, the Shrouding the Heavens world will be completely shaped!”

Half a month?

No, maybe, the time that Shrouding the Heavens was formed, not even for half a month!

When the History of Shrouding the Heavens spread to the entire Desolate Small World, it was the time when the Shrouding the Heavens world was completely formed!

“The enchantment technique is really terrifying!” The more you feel the power of the enchantment technique, the more you sigh Zhang Yu is, the more out of nothing, the real power of the enchantment technique, the terrifying of its simple name is too much,” This is the power of the human heart, or the power of the mind! This power is more horrible than the original energy!”

The essence of the enchantment technique is to use the power of the mind, out of nothing, forcibly create a world that does not exist!

This is much more terrifying than any formation array and Illusion Technique. Of course, it can be said that this is the highest realm of Illusion Technique and formation array, an unreal realm!

With a slight sigh of relief, Zhang Yu converges and reconciles the cultivation.

His goal is to construct a thousand martial arts for the time being, and then use a thousand bodies as the base to use his own body as a melting pot. When the right time is right, a thousand cultivating smelts will be melted, which will make the Culture Base instantly rise to the extreme. At a high level, waiting for a thousand culture bases to reach Transcendent Middle Realm, maybe he can achieve Transcendent high realm after smelting a thousand cultivating avatars.

“What is cultivated does not exist at all.” Zhang Yu thought in his heart, “How can people who like me to be free and free, how can they be bound by cultivation?”

Let him honestly retreat and practice, which makes him uncomfortable than killing him.

In order to impact Transcendent Realm, he forced him to retreat and practice, which has made him very uncomfortable. The Transcendent Realm powerhouse has been practicing for decades and hundreds of years. For him, it is a kind of torture on earth, and it is tortured all the time. He is not willing to live like this.

The purpose of cultivation is to freedom, in order to control his own destiny, in order to live the life he desires, Zhang Yu will not put the cart before the horse.


Beyond tens of thousands of Worlds separated from Desolate Small World, there is a place of silence. This place is in the turbulence of time and space, but like a dead, cold universe, no light, no matter, even turbulence The energy does not exist, just like the real void space.

On the edge of nothingness, a woman dressed in a fox fur dress and a beautiful figure suddenly appeared. Her face was very pale, her mouth had a touch of blood, and a black hair stuck to her forehead, sweat dripping along her delicate cheeks. Slow down.

“White 婕!” The next moment, behind the woman, there appeared a group of mysterious creatures like black fog. Their bodies seemed to be a black mist. The facial features were transformed from black fog, and only one eye burned. The black smoldering of the regiment gives a feeling of gloom.

They seem to have no mood swings, no emotions, no voices, no sounds like mechanical sounds, no emotions, and even more strange, their language is the same as Desolate Small World, except for subtle accent differences, almost There is no difference.

“Give up, you can’t run away.” The black fog man headed said indifferently.

“Fart!” Bai Hao screamed in disregard of the image. “You are not squatting in a special form, can immunize most of my attacks, is it so proud? On the Culture Base, I am much better than you! If you are immune Material attacks and energy attacks, even if you come to a thousand or ten thousand, I can kill you with one finger!”

This group of black fog people, most of the Culture Base only Evading Revolving Lower Realm, even the head of the black fog, Evading Revolving high realm.

But such a group of Culture Base is not a powerful strange creature, it is forced to Transcendent high realm’s day, all the way to escape, almost into the desperate situation!

“There is the ability to wait, wait for my soul to recover, see how I can clean you up!” Bai Yan stared at a group of black fog people.

This group of black fog people is too special. It belongs to a special kind of energy body creature. It can attack the immune substance and can also immunize most of the energy attacks. Only the power of the spirit can cause substantial harm to them. It can be more powerful, the power of the soul is limited, and it is very slow to recover. After killing thousands of black fog people, her power of the soul has almost been warned, facing the hundreds of blacks remaining. The fog man, especially the black fog man of Evading Revolving high realm, felt deeply weak.

The head of the black fog, always expressionless, the voice indifferently said: “The king’s request is to let us catch you, so you still want to go with us, don’t force us to kill you!”

“Don’t think I don’t know what you are playing!” Say with a smile: “I want to put out the secret of how I escaped from my mouth? Tell your king, let him not dream.” I am dead, I can’t tell him! Besides, I don’t necessarily die…”

“Great King, what can you see through?” The black-headed man headed indifferently said: “Not to mention, I don’t care about your thoughts. We only have one task. That is to clean up your bugs regularly, if not great. The king gave orders and must catch you alive. Otherwise, you are already dead.”

Clean up!


These words make the white mouth slightly twitching. Although I have heard of the name of the black fog people, she is still difficult to understand. In the eyes of these black fog people, they are actually bugs, and they are regularly cleaned up… …She can’t understand these black fog people, and even their great king. What does it mean in the legend that there are countless people who are stunned by the wind?

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