Martial Mythology Chapter 826


Chapter 826 Old Ancestor’s Gift

A dozen Spirit Stones, not to mention Bai Jie’s willingness or not, even if she would, she could not find so many Spirit Stones.

Looking at a group of Small Fox and Bai Ling getting along well, Bai Jie felt a little comfort, Fox Race … After all, it was not destroyed.

“Thirteen elder sister, who is she?” At this moment, a small Fox saw Bai Jie, and blinked naively, and asked curiously.

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Then Small Fox spat out his tongue mischievously, laughing.

Bai Ling shook his head helplessly, then said with a smile: “This, Illusion Domain Divine Fox, our Old Ancestor for Fox Race!”

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hearing this, many Small Fox were moved towards Bai Jie with curiosity and restraint, and the immature voice was uneven: “Old Ancestor.”

“Thirteen … Bai Ling elder sister, what does Old Ancestor mean?” Small Fox asked immediately.

“Old Ancestor means … Old Ancestor. Bai Jie Old Ancestor is the Old Ancestor of all of us, is the legendary Super Divine Beast Illusion Domain Divine Fox. Remember the endless magic forest on the hillside of Qingqiu Mountain? That is Bai Jie Old Ancestor laid it out a few hundred thousand years ago … “Bai Ling explained patiently.

Hearing Bai Ling’s words, many Small Foxes were shocked, and all looked at Bai Jie in shock: “Old Ancestor is too great!”

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A soft smile appeared on Bai Jie’s face. I just wanted to say hello to them, but I suddenly heard a Small Fox say, “But … But Old Ancestor is so powerful, why did that human kill us clansman, Old Ancestor didn’t show up? Bai Ling elder sister, did you lie to us? “

Bai Jie’s smile was stiff, and her mood was heavy.

Looking at the Small Fox innocent and unaffected expression, Bai Jie’s mood is very complicated, and his heart is full of guilt and self-blame.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Bai Ling glanced at Bai Jie, afraid of Bai Jie’s anger, and hurriedly said to Small Fox: “At that time Old Ancestor was not in the Wilderness World and I didn’t know that this happened to Fox Race, otherwise, Old Ancestor You can kill that human 10,000 times with one finger! “

Bai Jie was sighed with a sad expression: “They are right. As Fox Race Old Ancestor, I did not shelter Fox Race, so that Fox Race suffered such a disaster, and almost annihilated it, indeed it has an unshirkable responsibility. Even if they blame me, it makes sense … “

“Old Ancestor.” Bai Ling froze.

“Sorry, children, Old Ancestor is late.” Bai Jie moved her lips and her eyes were moist. “If you want to scold me, just scold me, I’m sorry for you.”

Seeing Bai Jie doing this, many Small Foxes are at a loss, and don’t know what to say.

Bai Ling advises: “Old Ancestor, you don’t have to blame yourself. This is an accident, and no one would expect it to happen.”

Stop, Bai Ling said: “If Old Ancestor really owes them, why not give them some small gifts to make up for it?”

“Small gift?” Many Small Fox eyes were suddenly shined, as if they heard something happy.

Bai Jie froze for a while, and then looked towards the many Small Foxes, looking at the pair of anticipating eyes, she couldn’t say the words of rejection.

But …

She looked at the Storage Bracelets on the wrists of many Small Foxes. Just now, Bai Ling just gave them one Spirit Stone, and now, as a Fox Race Old Ancestor, what gift is appropriate?

Spirit Stone?

Not to mention she is reluctant, even if she is reluctant, she can’t take out so many Spirit Stones. More importantly, Bai Ling has just loosened the Spirit Stone. She sent the Old Ancestor to Spirit Stone, doesn’t she seem to be insincere?

medicine pill? arms?

She does have a lot of medicine pills and weapons in her Storage Ring. She originally prepared them at Fairyland. She plans to return to Wild World and give them to some juniors in Fox Race. High-end medicine pill and weapons are worth less than one ten thousandth of the Spirit Stone, and help to this group of Small Fox is extremely limited. After Bai Ling sent out the Spirit Stone, where can she get her hand?

speaking of which, she owns an enchanted weapon. Although the enchanted weapon is damaged and the formidable power is greatly reduced, it is still a top-notch Divine Item and the top-level Divine Item. The value is no less than the real Divine Item. It can be said that it is her greatest harvest in hunting thousands of years in Xianyu, and it is also the treasure of her life.

The Demon God device that she named “弑 神 扑” has already become an integral part of her life, how can she be willing to give it away?

Even if you want to send it, a magic whip is not enough!

“Old Ancestor?” Seeing that Bai Jie hadn’t moved for a long time, her expression was tangled, Bai Ling couldn’t help getting nervous, “I said something wrong?”

Bai Jie waved his hand and said, “No, I’m just thinking, what should I give them …”

She was helpless in her heart, and she herself was dignified Fox Race Old Ancestor, who was even poorer than Bai Ling. After choosing for a long time, she couldn’t choose any suitable gift.

Bai Ling sent Spirit Stone. She can’t be too shabby with what Fox Race Old Ancestor took out?

“Just give me whatever you want?” Bai Ling was puzzled, some wondered why Bai Jie was so entangled, “What’s the hesitation?”

Bai Jie rolled the eyes, said ill-humoredly: “Do you think that people in the world are as rich as those in Sky Academy?”

“Uh …” Bai Ling vaguely understood why Bai Jie was so entangled, she forced a smile, “If it is really inconvenient for Old Ancestor, you can give them a gift when you meet next time, don’t worry about it for a while.”

Bai Jie eyes shined, this is indeed a solution.

But when she saw the disappointed eyes of many Small Foxes, she immediately dispelled the thought.

She doesn’t want to disappoint many Small Foxes!

“Well, that’s all, it seems that this time has to bleed!” Bai Jie was sighed. For the present, she has no other choice. Spirit Stone, she obviously can’t get it, those low-end ones. She was even more embarrassed to take out medicine pill, weapons, and so on. Now, the only thing she has value on and has great help to many Small Foxes is her blood essence, “hehe, I ca n’t think of it, I Illusion Domain Divine Fox , One day I could n’t even give a gift, and fell to the point of using blood essence as a gift … ”

gently put out a breath, Bai Jie immediately began to control within the body blood, and began to refine the blood essence in front of many Small Foxes.

Many Small Fox don’t understand what Bai Jie is doing, so they cannot help but look at each other in blank dismay.

Bai Ling has seen scenes where Chen Gu and Ao Kun refined blood essence. Looking at this similar scene in front of me, there is some suspicion in my heart.

But she didn’t stop it!

She knows very well that Bai Jie is a Super Divine Beast Illusion Domain Divine Fox. She has the most complete Illusion Domain Divine Fox bloodline, and her blood essence has an incomparable help for every clansman. The effect is far. It beats the blood essence of the other Super Divine Beast. Once these Small Foxes merge and refining the blood essence of Illusion Domain Divine Fox, it will produce bloodline evolution. It possesses part of the power of the bloodline of Illusion Domain Divine Fox, and some lucky people even inherit it directly. To the Illusion Domain Divine Fox bloodline, of course, the possibility of inheriting the bloodline is very low. Even an incomplete bloodline is difficult as heavenly ascension, which requires great luck.

“Even if they don’t inherit the bloodline of Illusion Domain Divine Fox, they can get a lot of benefits.” Bai Ling thought, “In this way, they can grow up in the shortest time!”

She can’t be by their side all the time. What they can really rely on is only themselves.

In Bai Ling’s thoughts, Bai Jie has refined a drop of blood essence, and the blood essence is bright red. As soon as she leaves Bai Jie’s body, she seems to break away from any bondage and Seal, exuding an extremely terrifying power. As if it can crush the entire sky, even the clouds in the sky change color, triggering strange visions.

Near the valley, countless Monster Beasts were shiver coldly by this sudden coercion. The monster Beasts horrified, but trembling on the ground, trembling and pitiful.

Transcendent Upper Realm is the blood essence of Divine Beast. For any Monster Beast, it is the top treasure in the world. However, its coercion makes any Monster Beast dare not approach, but if it is blood, If there is a hint of Divine Soul in essence, this treasure will instantly become the most terrifying poison in the world …

Bai Jie’s face has pathological paleness and her body is shaking slightly, but she doesn’t stop. After extracting a drop of blood essence, she still continues.

Bai Ling didn’t dare to approach her, because the breath essence in her palm was too terrifying. She even suspected that if she dared to approach, she might be crushed directly by the blood essence …

“Just go away!” Bai Ling said to many Small Foxes.

Many Small Foxes are very obedient, their movements quickly moved towards the distance, and they quickly left the small boulder like a hill, and looked far away from them, their eyes full of curiosity.

Time passes slowly, Bai Jie refines drops of blood essence, and later, her body is a bit unstable, as if she had a serious illness, she was debilitated, her body was sweating, as if she had just come out of the water It’s the same as the fish, and with that beautiful face, anyone can’t help but feel sorry for it when they look at it, and can’t wait to hold it in their arms.

Bai Ling regrets a little, she is worried about saying, “Old Ancestor, are you all right?”

Bai Jie in this matter looks even more embarrassed than Chen Gu and Ao Kun.

“Refining more than a dozen blood essence that’s all, what can I do?” Bai Jie looked indifferent, “I have suppressed the energy contained in blood essence, these little fellows can rest assuredly integrate refining Do n’t worry about the energy burst hurting them … ”She said a long line of words in a breath, her face paled again,“ As for this breath … I ’m temporarily sealed by Divine Soul and ca n’t dissipate the breath, so I need them myself To resist, but this is also good. If they adapt to such a breath in advance, they will be able to exercise unparalleled will … This is only good for them, not bad.

A dozen blood essences are stored in a dozen transparent small bottles with special materials.

“Children, this is the gift from Old Ancestor. It may not be as precious as Spirit Stone, but it is not as good as Spirit Stone for you.” Bai Jie has more than ten small fingers The bottle was gently thrown at a group of Small Foxes, but the body lost its balance for a moment and fell directly to the ground.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

If Bai Jie’s air is fascinated, her voice is so weak that she can hardly hear: “Don’t worry, I … take a break … just fine.”

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