Martial Mythology Chapter 827


Chapter 827 Legend of the Magic Realm (1)

“Quick, Old Ancestor, first refining Spirit Stone Spiritual Qi.” Bai Ling immediately took out a Spirit Stone and handed it to Bai Jie.

Bai Jie said, “Useless, my Divine Soul and Cultivation Base are both Dean Sealed. I can’t refining Spiritual Qi at all.”

Hearing this, Bai Ling couldn’t help but panic: “How can this happen, Old Ancestor, you shouldn’t be in trouble!”

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“Don’t panic, girl, I just collapsed and wasn’t fatal.” Bai Jie took a few breaths and spoke a little bit harder. “I was seriously injured when fighting Dean before, but I recovered a little later, But it has n’t been thorough. Now, when more than a dozen drops of blood essence are extracted and the injury is induced, this kind of situation will occur. If it is normal, if I refine a dozen drops of blood essence, I will be weak for a while, but I will never be weak. To this point, speaking of which is my own fault … “

She gently held Bai Ling’s hand and said, “Relax, I’m just a little weak, and my life is worry-free.”

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“foolish child, what good is it for me to lie to you?” Bai Jie laughed abruptly. “You still care about these little fellows first. Although my Cultivation Base and Divine Soul are Sealed, the coercion in the bloodline, But it ’s not Seal. Whether they can carry it or not! ”

Hearing this, Bai Ling was in a hurry, and quickly looked towards a group of Small Foxes.

I saw a lot of Small Foxes that were cold coldly and trembling. One or two of the Small Foxes were a little fuzzy.

“Little raccoon! Hongye!” Bai Ling suddenly called.

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Bai Ling sighed in relief, and then said seriously: “These blood essences were refined by the Old Ancestor at a great cost, and they have endless benefits to you, but you also feel the blood pressure contained in blood essence. , Elder sister, I hope you are stronger, you must hold on to the coercion and refining blood essence, don’t let down the efforts and kindness of Old Ancestor!

A group of Small Fox seem to understand, but their eyes are much firmer.

“Since Qingqiu Mountain Fox Race was destroyed, you have been taking care of them?” Bai Jie asked at this time.

Bai Ling took his eyes back, and was lightly nodded: “The Qingqiu Mountain suffered a catastrophic disaster, and clansman almost died down. Except for me, they never depended again. If I do n’t take care of them, who will take care of them?” The group of Small Fox survived and died in the Wilderness World. I ’m afraid it wo n’t be long before the entire Fox Race has only Bai Ling.

Although she is not a Fox Race patriarch, she shoulders the responsibility of the Fox Race patriarch.

“It’s hard for you.” Bai Jie looked at Bai Ling with some distress.

In her eyes, Bai Ling is still just a child, but it is not easy to take care of a group of Small Fox.

Bai Ling smiled on his face and said, “In fact, I’m not at all struggling. As long as I watch them happily living and growing up slowly, I feel very satisfied. And, besides sending Spirit Stone to them , And occasionally accompany them, nothing else, the real hard work is Teacher. Although he didn’t say, but I know, in order to ensure the safety of these little fellows, he took a lot of thought and sent many Monster Race powerhouse Stationed around the valley, and secretly gave some gifts to these little fellows … “

“He will be so kind?” Bai Jiehu doubted.

“Old Ancestor, you are too prejudiced against Teacher.” Bai Ling solemnly said: “Actually, Teacher is a real hero!”

Bai Jie raised an eyebrow: “Big hero?”

Bai Ling seriously nodded, saying, “Teacher thousands of years ago was slaved by a human Beast Tamer …”

She talks about Chen Gu ’s past. In her narration, Chen Gu is a great Mister with wisdom, commitment, strength, dedication, and many other valuable qualities in one body. It is the spirit of Monster Race. The leader is completely worthy of the title and role of Demon King. Its position in Monster Race is no less than that of Bei Long in Human Race.

“Have he ever experienced this?” Bai Jie was surprised. “Who told you this? He said it himself?”

Bai Ling shook his head: “It was Dean who told us.”

“Dean …” Bai Jie was silent. She was still a little skeptical at first, but when Bai Ling said that this was what Dean said, she believed 70%.

A character like Dean’s mighty shore, how can you lie to someone like this?

“Putting it that way, I really despised this person.” Bai Jie sighed with admiration in his words. “For Monster Race in Wilderness World, he is really a hero, And it ’s a big hero who is able to support both heaven and earth! ”Originally because Chen Gu ’s Cultivation Base only had Transcendent lower realm, she slightly despised Chen Gu, and for the first time changed her opinion and attitude towards Chen Gu. Her selfless dedication to Monster Race deserves her admiration.

Bai Jie recognized Chen Gu and Bai Ling was very happy. After all, on the one hand, she was Fox Race Old Ancestor, and on the other hand, she regarded her as a teacher. She was really uncomfortable sandwiched between the two.

“I admit that I had some preconceptions about him before, but …” Bai Jie said: “For his contribution to Monster Race and the kindness of Fox Race, I don’t mind being with him peacefully, as long as he If you do n’t mess with me, I will be my deputy head honestly, otherwise, I do n’t mind competing with him for the position of head of the department! “

Her dignified Illusion Domain Divine Fox, Transcendent Upper Realm powerhouse, seven-star Illusion Technique division, was actually riding on a head by a Transcendent lower realm powerhouse, naturally she will not be reconciled, but if this Transcendent lower realm powerhouse has an outstanding contribution to Monster Race , And kind to Fox Race, then she has no reason to oppose it.

Do n’t hesitate, Bai Jie continues: “What I care about most now is not your position in Sky Academy, but you!”

“We?” Bai Ling blinked.

“Yes, that’s you! This group of Small Foxes, and you!” Bai Jie said seriously: “As long as you are alive, the Fox Race lineage in our Wild World is not sever! The most important thing is that you Wilderness World Fox Race is the first clansman who has the potential to become the Eight Star Illusion Technique Master! Once you become the Eight Star Illusion Technique Master, you can verify the truth of that legend! “

Bai Ling is a little confused: “Master of Eight Star Illusion Technique? Legend? Old Ancestor, what exactly do you want to say?”

Bai Jie was silent for a moment, then exhaled a long breath: “Well, you can soon become the eight-star Illusion Technique master. It’s time to tell you the secret about that legend.” >

“What you said was the secret you didn’t want to tell me before?” Bai Ling paused, said curiously: “What’s the secret?”

She remembers that nearly a month ago, Bai Jie said that she must be an eight-star Illusion Technique teacher, otherwise she would not forgive her even if she died.

She still remembers that Bai Jie also learned the secret from another World ’s Fox Race patriarch. That secret seems to have great significance for the entire Fox Race.

It’s just that she has asked many times. Bai Jie has been reluctant to say that didn’t expect. After returning to Wilderness World, Bai Jie intends to tell her.

“Remember what I said before? I once met a Fox Race group with dozens of Transcendent Realm powerhouses, and talked to that Fox Race patriarch, and learned a lot about Fox Race Secret! “Bai Jie didn’t rush to reveal the secret, but asked Bai Ling.

Bai Ling nodded, I feel a little itchy.

Bai Jie took a deep breath, with a very serious look: “Actually, before I met the Fox Race patriarch, I had similar speculations, but there was no evidence until I met the Fox Race patriarch. Determined his guess. “

“Old Ancestor, you can just say it, don’t you torture me like this?” Bai Ling has a terrifying urge.

“What’s the hurry?” Bai Jie glanced at her, but didn’t hang her appetite again, and asked, “Do you know why I’m Illusion Domain Divine Fox?”

Bai Ling shook his head confusedly: “What does this have to do with secrets?”

Bai Jie’s expression became serious. She has never been so serious and serious. Obviously what is to be said next must be an extremely important thing.

“That’s because … I got some inheritance memory after I activated the blood vessels, Illusion Domain Divine Fox, which is the name of this blood vein in inheritance memories!” Bai Jie’s tone became unconsciously excited. , The sound is also slightly trembling, “The so-called Illusion Domain Divine Fox is actually derived from the magic fox family!”

Bai Ling Yiyi: “Fantasy? What is that place?”

Bai Jie’s voice suddenly lowered, and said, “Fantasy Realm is the ancestor of the legendary Fox Race! There is no time and space, countless Worlds, all Fox Races, the original birthplace! Legend, the realm is a Similar to Fairyland, the difference is that it existed for a longer time than Fairyland, almost drowned in the vast history, little known, and only the Magic Race existed in the Magical Land, which is the Holy Land of Fox Race Supreme. ! “

Bai Ling’s eyes widened and his eyes widened: “Ancient than Fairyland? Holy Land of Fox Race?”

What kind of place is that?

In the mind, the subconscious imagination looks like a magical domain. Bai Ling is inexplicably with a trace of longing. Fox Race’s ancestor, Holy Land …… As a fox demon possessing part of the blood of Illusion Domain Divine Fox, how can she not yearn? ? Those two words seemed to have a certain magic power, which actually made her heart feel a little throbbing.

“It is said that in the fantasy realm, there are a lot of Illusion Technique masters under the Seven Stars, and there are also a lot of Seven Star Illusion Technique Masters. Even the Eight Star Illusion Technique Masters are more than one.” Bai Jie voice Getting more excited, “The legendary fantasy realm is the place that Fox Race most yearns for and desires! It is a place completely controlled by our Fox Race! Even the five evil kings, there is nothing more!”

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Apart from the fairy realm, is there a mysterious magical realm? Is Magic Land the ancestor of Fox Race, Holy Land?

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