Martial Mythology Chapter 913

Chapter 913 I Am Rulai

​​”Thank Dean, thank you Dean!” Bai Jie took three pieces of Demon God, expression excitedly said.

Zhang Yu waved his hand: “This is what you deserve.”

Zhang Haoran said: “OK, you go down first.”

Bai Jie and Bai Ling are nodded, ready to leave.

“Wait.” Zhang Yu shouted suddenly, intending to say something, but when he reached his mouth, swallowed it again, and shook his head, “Forget it, you go.”

Bai Jie and Bai Ling had some doubts in their hearts, but did not dare to ask more, nodded, and then walked out of the office building.

“Yuer, what did you just want to say?” Zhang Haoran said strangely, “Why didn’t you say it again?”

Zhang Yu said, “I originally wanted them Take out the identity tokens and refine them again, but after thinking about it, let’s forget it. It’s too early to refine now. Wait a while. “

Wait for him to advance to eight Master Star Refiner, at that time, if you refine the identity token again, you can do it once and for all without repeatedly refining it.

Zhang Haoran didn’t know what Zhang Yu thought, and thought Zhang Yu had other concerns, so he didn’t say much.

“You child, always have your own ideas, since you don’t think it is right now, wait a moment.” Zhang Haoran nodded.

Zhang Haoran asked, “Yes, how do you make it with the Demon God?”

After Bai Jie’s explanation, Zhang Haoran I don’t understand the true value of a batch of Divine Item made by Zhang Yu.

“I don’t know.” Zhang Yu was a little dazed, “I just made it according to the normal refining method. Didn’t expect the Divine Item that was refined, and all of them were equipped with Demon God. I haven’t figured out the specific reason yet. “

With the high value of the Demon God device, it must be difficult to make it, but Zhang Yu not at all finds it difficult.

Zhang Haoran was surprised: “Don’t you know?”

“I look back and maybe find out the reason.” Zhang Yu said, “Daddy, Academy. I ’ll leave it to you, I ’m going to do it first. ”

After saying goodbye to Zhang Haoran, Zhang Yu returned to Sky World and set out to study the issue with the Demon God device.

As time goes by, unconsciously, more and more people complete tasks, each and everyone World has gradually come under the control of Sky Academy.

Many Tiny Worlds have opened a channel to connect with a 7th grade Great World.

The 7th grade Great World such as Journey to the West World, Journey to the West post-biography World, and Pauline Lantern World have all established branches.

Zhang Yu took the time to come down to the major 7th grade Great World and used the advanced Insight Technique to create several new exercises, each of which is nearly perfect, and then passed on the exercises Go on, and then set up a wormhole to open up the major 7th grade Great World so that the major 7th grade Great World can communicate with each other to promote cultural, cultivation and other exchanges.

Apart from this, Zhang Yu also found the stone monkey, collected it as a Honorary Disciple, and named it Sun Wukong.

After staying at Journey to the West World for a while, teaching Sun Wukong Nine Revolutions Profound Merit, Heavenly Star and Earthly Fiend, and many other methods, Zhang Yu only looked at Sun Wukong with reluctance. Zhong Piaoran left.

Before leaving, Zhang Yu informed Sun Wukong that there were four Honorary Disciples under his door, and Sun Wukong ranked fifth and told him that if he encounters any difficulties in the future, he can go to four Senior Brothers and ask for theirs. help.

In the new batch of 7th grade Great World, Sun Wukong is the only Honorary Disciple that Zhang Yu has received. Although the rest of the World also has Child of Destiny, it has extraordinary luck and innate talent, but Zhang Yu really didn’t have that many time to take care of them. Even Sun Wukong decided to accept it after hesitating again and again.

The Great Sage Equal of Heaven was collected as a Honorary Disciple. Maybe it was just Zhang Yu’s obsession to satisfy his heart, and that’s it.

I went back to Zhang Yu of Sky World and told Ye Fan, Xiao Yan, Li Xiaoyao, and Tang Xuanzang about the sound transmission, and ordered them to take care of Sun Wukong in the future. Being bullied, and then immersed in Refiner again, trying to crack the truth of the demon God that he crafted.

Ye Fan and the others received Zhang Yu’s sound transmission, and their eyes brightened: “Great Sage Equal of Heaven became our Little Junior Brother?”

Li Xiaoyao didn’t feel much, but Ye Fan, Xiao Yan, and Tang Xuanzang were inexplicably excited, and immediately called Li Xiaoyao and went to Journey to the West World together to see what Teacher had newly received. This Little Junior Brother.

Ye Fan, Earth from Shrouding the Heavens World, Great Sage Equal of Heaven Sun Wukong’s name is like thunder piercing the ear, even if he comes into contact with the real cultivation World, deep in his heart, still Admiration for the Great Saint, a hero who symbolizes unyielding and resistance. When the story of Journey to the West spread, he was shocked. Absolutely didn’t expect that legendary Journey to the West World really existed. And many of these mythical characters are different from some of the mythical characters in Shrouding the Heavens World. They seem to have more horror and fit the original power. Today, I finally have a chance to see the true face of Lushan at Journey to the West World and have a better chance When I met the Great Sage Equal of Heaven Sun Wukong, the calm face was full of excitement.

Xiao Yan’s situation is very similar to Ye Fan’s. For Sun Wukong in Myths and Legends, it is naturally extremely longing for.

Tang Xuanzang is purely curious, because there is also a Sun Wukong in the Journey to the West, and this Sun Wukong is quite cunning and violent, known as Demon King, even if influenced by Sky Academy , Still makes people feel uncomfortable, and Sun Wukong of Journey to the West World is completely different. He would like to see, what exactly does Sun Wukong of Journey to the West World look like?

In addition, Journey to the West World also has a Tang Xuanzang. Tang Xuanzang also wants to know. How is Tang Xuanzang from Journey to the West World different from himself?

Almost after Zhang Yu sound transmission told them about it, they immediately rushed to Journey to the West World.

Soon, the senior and junior brothers walked out of the teleport wormhole of Journey to the West World at the same time.

In addition to the Ye Fan senior and junior brothers, there are other cultivation people from around the world. Obviously, they also came with curiosity.

“Tathagata Buddha!” ​​In the distance, Ye Fan saw a giant Buddha sitting cross-legged in the distance. Although its appearance is slightly different from that of Dairijuku in the Journey to the West, the overall image is But very similar, the unique charm of the Buddha, people can recognize their identity at a glance.

Tang Xuanzang murmured with some uncertainty: “Master … Buddha?”

Everyone around them looked at Tathagata Buddha from afar, everyone was very low-key, Be safe and secure yourself, for fear of angering this big guy. After all, the story of Journey to the West has already been widely known in the world such as Shrouding the Heavens. Everyone knows that this Tathagata Buddha is a Transcendent Upper Realm powerhouse, not strong In the past, Dean of the major branches of the University, if he offended him, the results can be imagined.

They didn’t go far, and everyone saw another mythical figure, Guan Yin Yin Bodhisattva.

She is holding a Clean Jade Bottle, she looks like a compassionate person, and she has a magnificent attitude!

As everyone walks in the Journey to the West branch, more and more mythical characters come into their sight. Gradually, many people are numb, and there is an illusion that they have strayed into the mythical World.

“Why are there so similar people in different worlds?” Tang Xuanzang was a little confused.

Ye Fan experienced and knowledgeable, thinking is also the most active, he thought about it and said, “I have heard a saying called ‘parallel space-time’. In our Shrouding the Heavens World, some people have mentioned To this theory, each World may have parallel space-time, there are many similar Worlds, where there are the same people and things, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. “

He A glance at Tang Xuanzang, said: “Maybe, Journey to the West World is parallel to each other.”

Xiao Yan nodded, “I have heard this Saying. “

” I don’t understand what you are talking about. “Li Xiaoyao laughed,” However, Journey to the West World and Journey to the West are indeed similar, and Journey to the West , Baolian Lantern World, Spring Glorious World, and a lucky sign World are all very similar. Even the new White Lady World has a Guanyin Bodhisattva. ”

Tang Xuanzang asked: “Whether they are the same person or different people?”

Ye Fan Shen Yin: “It depends on how you understand that there is nothing wrong with saying that they are the same person. But they also have independent thinking, saying that they are different people, and that’s right. Just as we shrouding the heavens into Dean Wine Sword Immortal Senior and Sword World’s Wine Sword Immortal Senior. So, can you understand? ”

“I understand.” Li Xiaoyao patted his palm, “First Senior Brother said that, I understand.”

Tang Xuanzang suddenly realized: “I understand. “

” After meeting Sun Wukong later, you can meet Tang Xuanzang from Journey to the West World. “Ye Fan said with a slight smile:” Meet with another World’s own This kind of special experience, I am afraid that most people have no chance. I am a bit envious of you. “

” Let ’s go and see our Little Junior Brother first. “Xiao Yan ca n’t wait : “! Great Sage Equal of Heaven Sun Wukong, that’s my idol”

Ye Fan a three-phase one, then have nodded.

After a while, the three Ye Fans left the square, but most of the others did not rush to leave, but looked at the big guys on the side of the square, looking respectful and admired. .

Many of them are Buddhism monks from Sword World, Shrouding the Heavens World, and Journey to the West, and each and everyone as if drunk and stupefied looking at Tathagata Buddha, they are devout, they are absolutely unexpected However, one day I can really see my faith and see the true Buddha, and the kind of satisfaction is difficult to describe.

Suddenly, there was a trace of movement in the teleport wormhole, and a fat, big-eared monk came out.

The monk has a very special charm, a charm of a true Buddha, no less than Tathagata Buddha!

At the same time, the Tathagata Buddha of Journey to the West World seems to have some sense, slowly eyes opened, and his eyes fall on the monk on the edge of the teleport wormhole.

For a moment, the two eyes collided in the air.

“Amitabha.” Tathagata Buddha of Journey to the West World couldn’t help but look at this monk with the Ancestral God rhyme in wonder and asked, “I do n’t know who the donor is? Buddhism? “He obviously felt that the monk had the Cultivation Base of the Transcendent lower realm, but the charm of his Buddha was no less than himself.

“Amitabha, I am a Journey to the West, and I heard that this world has Tathagata Buddha. It was a special occasion to exchange Buddhism.” Dayi Rulai also had her hands folded, her expression calm and peaceful, and her voice seemed to have Some magic gives a sense of serenity and peace.

Hearing this, the Tathagata Buddha at Journey to the West World is a bit blind.

You are Tathagata Buddha, then who am I?

Who am I? where am I? What do i do

Tathagata Buddha has a capital “懵” on his face.

However, the Tathagata Buddha of Journey to the West World had not had time to open, and the teleport wormhole flashed a golden glow again. Then, a monk wearing a ancestor of the Buddha walked out, and this person was actually It also contains the rhyme of Ancestral God, which is no less than the Tajagata Buddha of Journey to the West World and the great day of the Westward Journey.

“I am the Journey to the West posthumous World Tathagata Buddha!” ​​Before the two of them spoke, the comer revealed his identity.

In the square, everyone looked at the three Buddhas, all dumbfounded.

A group of monks were even more aggressive, looked at the Tathagata Buddha of Journey to the West World, and looked at the big day, and then looked at the new Buddha. Know who to respect.

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