Martial Mythology Chapter 951

Chapter 951 Gap

If only a Heaven Defying Level powerhouse appears, such as Bai Ling alone, then the evil Heavenly Dao will only feel shocked, but will not feel unacceptable, but now, suddenly a group of Heaven Defying Level powerhouse, each Heavenly Dao avatar can easily defeat it, which makes it fall into self-denial.

Is the Heavenly Dao-class powerhouse really so weak that even casual individuals can beat it?

Dignified evil Heavenly Dao, is it just a joke?

“Hey.” Xiao Yan looked at the evil Heavenly Dao doubtfully: “What are you doing? Wo n’t you be hit?”

This slightly mocking remark, Instead, the evil Heavenly Dao awakened from the extreme denial, and the whole body of black mist shivered, and it gradually stabilized.

I saw that the evil of heaven line of sight fell on Xiao Yan and the others, the voice was low, and asked: “Why?”

Xiao Yan was shocked: “What is why?”

“Why can you beat my avatar so easily?” The evil Heavenly Dao stared at the Xiao Yan entire group, and the voice became deeper, “Why can your battle strength be so strong?”

Xiao Yan shrugged and said, “Is n’t this normal? We are the first generation of Sky Academy students, the first to cultivate Extreme Martial Arts! Although we only have the Cultivation Base in the Evading Revolving environment, our spin power And Divine Soul is far superior to this realm! What’s so strange about defeating your avatar? “

It’s just an avatar that defeated the evil Heavenly Dao, and it’s not worth being proud and showing off.

At least, according to Xiao Yan entire group, only when they can defeat the evil Heavenly Dao ontology, they are a little proud of capital.

Especially Xiao Yan, Wu Mo, Deng Qiuchan, they not only cultivated Extreme Martial Arts very early, but also have Special Innate Talent, Divine Soul is stronger than the rest, and the battle strength is also more natural Horror is even higher than Lin Ming, Zhang Hengyang and the others, and even Zhou Xin’er, Wu Xinxin, Wu Chen and the others are not their opponents in the same realm situation.

The evil Heavenly Dao has been silent for a long time, and then said: “I admit that your battle strength has exceeded the boundaries of the Heavenly Dao level. Under the same realm, my avatar is not your opponent.”

Paused, the evil Heavenly Dao said indifferently: “Congratulations, you get the rating of Heaven Defying Level battle strength!”

“Is Heaven Defying Level?” Xiao Yan laughed, but not very concerned , “It’s almost what we expected.”

Stretching his waist, Xiao Yan said to Wu Mo, Wu Chen and the others: “Big Brother Wu, dance uncle, Xin’er, we go back.”

The purpose of their coming here is to challenge the Heavenly Dao doppelganger. Now that the challenge is over, there is no need to stay any longer. Compared with the people of All Heavens Myriad Realms, they cherish the time of cultivation more because the Wild World does not have a hundred times Time Acceleration makes them more aware of the value of time.

Wu Mo and the others Weiwei nodded, said no nonsense, said goodbye to Bai Jie, Ou Shenfeng and the others, and left immediately.

Wherever they went, the crowd dispersed to both sides with awe.

After Xiao Yan and Wu Mo entire group left, there was a burst of excitement and discussion in the independent space.

“The first generation of students, really is name is not in vain!”

What Heaven Defying Level battle strength means, they know very well that such a genius is indeed worthy of the identity of the first generation of students.

Although many people present have higher Culture Base and stronger strength, no one dare to look down on Xiao Yan entire group, heaven knows. When these guys ’Culture Base reaches Transcendent Realm, they will What a horror.

“How are we going to challenge?” Divine King Jiang Taixu asked among the crowd in the Shrouding the Heavens branch.

Everyone was silent for a while.

Xiao Yan and Wu Mo entire group exhibited incomparable battle strength, even Heavenly Dao ’s avatars were not their opponents. Zhuyu was in front. If everyone in the Shrouding the Heavens branch would challenge again and the battle strength was too bad, I’m afraid it will only be ashamed.

Chuanying gently puts out a breath, slowly lifts the head: “Challenge, why not challenge?”

“But …”

at The worst is to lose face that’s all, what’s so good about you? “Chuan Ying indifferently said:” I want to know how big is the gap between us and the first generation of students. The battle strength is not terrifying, what terrifying is that we lose confidence in chasing! “

Pangbo agrees:” Yes, we can lose, but we cannot lose sharpness and confidence! “

Hearing what Chuan Ying said, everyone’s emotions increased slightly, and the fighting spirit was rekindled.

“Unfortunately Little Child Ye did n’t come.” Pangbo regretted: “If Little Child Ye comes, it should be able to restore a little face for us.”

hearing this, Sichuan Ying, Ning Fei, Gai Jiuyou, Divine King Jiang Taixu and the others have nodded, although they rarely deal with Ye Fan, but Ye Fan occasionally showed a strength, but let them deeply feel the strength of Ye Fan, they It has always been suspected that Ye Fan may have Heavenly Dao-level battle strength, and may even reach Heaven Defying Level, but it has not been verified that’s all.

Thinking of Ye Fan, they could not help looking towards the teams of Dou Po Branch, Xian Jian Branch, Xi You Jiang Mo Branch and Journey to the West Branch.

As they expected, not only Ye Fan did not come, but Xiao Yan, Li Xiaoyao, Tang Xuanzang and Sun Wukong also did not appear.

The five Honorary Disciple under the Dean door, each and everyone are like Dean, and they are lost in sight, few people know their tracks.

“The first generation of students have such terrible battle strength, Ye Fan, Xiao Yan and the others, I ’m afraid it ’s not bad!” Everyone thought secretly.

In the sky, the evil Heavenly Dao greeted Bai Jie and Bai Ling, and then transformed tens of thousands of avatars to let them preside over the next battle by themselves. The essence of divine medicine fell into a deep sleep.

Chuan Ying walked out of the crowd with a smile on his face. That handsome, young teenager ’s face was easily mistaken for him to be a young teenager. However, his true age is more than most people present. They are all older and can be a lot of Old Ancestor.

“Come!” Chuan Ying pointed his index finger at Heavenly Dao, a Transcendent lower realm avatar.

The Heavenly Dao avatar was extremely unpleasant when facing the slightly provocative behavior of Chuan Ying, and the black fog was oscillating like a torrent immediately. As one after another phantom, instantly moved towards Chuan Ying to attack.

Ning Fei, Gai Jiuyou, Divine King Jiang Taixu, Golden-winged little Peng King, Pang Bo and the others also quickly joined the battlefield, each seeking an opponent to start a fierce battle.

From the powerhouses of the heavens, they have n’t had time to leave yet. When they saw the students of Shrouding the Heavens branch collectively challenged Heavenly Dao avatar, there was a trace of interest, and they stopped and looked towards the field.

“Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Bang!”

In the center of the field, one after another rumbling sound reverberates, and the battle scene is quite spectacular and intense.

After a moment, Wu Qingfeng, Pang Bo, and the golden-winged little Peng King who pretended to be out of the ordinary were eliminated from the game.

The Heavenly Dao doppelgang who played against them also gave a battle strength assessment.

Wu Qingfeng, six-star battle strength.

Pang Bo, Seven Star Battle Strength.

Golden-winged little Peng King, seven-star battle strength.

“It is worthy of Shrouding the Heavens Great World, which is famous for its battle strength!” Everyone did not laugh at Wu Qingfeng and the others, but was a little shocked. “The weakest one has six-star battle strength, and the rest are even more Seven Stars and Seven Stars above … “

Wu Qingfeng glanced at the people who were still fighting fiercely in the field, and at the newly eliminated Pangbo and golden-winged little Peng King, said with a bitter smile: “Sorry, I’m putting everyone behind.”

“Six-star battle strength, not bad.” After learning of Wu Qingfeng’s battle strength level, Pang Bo was comforted: “Neither of us compare How much stronger are you … “

The golden-winged little Peng King feels a big blow:” Seven Stars, I am only seven stars battle strength … “

He has always looked at himself Heavenly Emperor, a child of Destiny, was a brutal reality, but he hit him hard.

Gold-winged little Peng King is unwilling to pay attention to the battlefield: “Their battle strength is better than me!”

It ’s a pity that nobody cares about golden-winged little The loss and unwillingness of Peng King’s heart, the battle on the field continues, and people’s attention is also focused on these people.

After a while, Hua Yunfei, Battle Saint Ape and the others are gradually eliminated.

After the last Duan De was also eliminated, the challenges of the students of Shrouding the Heavens branch were finally over, and their battle strength rating also had a result.

Duan De, Jiuxing Battle Strength.

Chuan Ying, eight-star battle strength.

Cover Nine Nine, Eight Star Battle Strength.

Ning Fei, eight-star battle strength.

Divine King Jiang Taixu, eight-star battle strength.

Gu Tianshu, eight-star battle strength.

Old lunatic, eight-star battle strength.

Black Emperor, eight-star battle strength.

Li Ruoyu, eight-star battle strength.

Battle Saint Ape Holy Son, seven-star battle strength.

Hua Yunfei, Qixing Battle Strength.

Daoist Scarlet Dragon, seven-star battle strength.

Golden-winged little Peng King, seven-star battle strength.

Pang Bo, Seven Star Battle Strength.

Wu Qingfeng, six-star battle strength.

A nine-star battle strength, eight eight-star battle strengths, five seven-star battle strengths, and a six-star battle strength!

The average battle strength exceeds seven stars!

“Really strong!” Everyone looked at a group of students in the Shrouding the Heavens branch, there was a shock in their hearts, “Fifteen people, there are fourteen who reach the seven-star battle strength, and Duan De, Reached Nine Stars! “

If the battle strength of the first generation of students is so unrealistic, then the battle strength of the students of the Shrouding the Heavens branch is intuitively felt. Share the pressure of assaults the senses.

The ultra-luxury data is enough to make every branch look jealous!

“It is indeed the first connected Great World of Sky Academy. This battle strength is really terrifying!” Everyone was amazed.

With the rise of Journey to the West World and Journey to the West, the once glorious world of Shrouding the Heavens World is almost forgotten, and the emergence of World after the tomb and soar It was that Shrouding the Heavens World’s sense of existence was further weakened. Until now, when everyone saw the battle strength assessment of the students of the Shrouding the Heavens Branch, they realized the terrifying of Shrouding the Heavens World.

This low-key World has a long time, the potential is too terrifying!

They fought a beautiful turnaround battle!

In front of such a stunning transcript, in addition to the first-generation students of the General Academy, who dares to say that they are not strong?

The most unexpected thing is that Duan De, the wicked and unscrupulous priest, actually possessed the nine-star battle strength, which is in line with Heavenly Emperor, fierce person Heavenly Emperor, and Great Saint Sun Wukong. Ping became one of the nine-star battle strength powerhouses of All Heavens Myriad Realms can be counted on one’s fingers, which was a surprise for a lot of people.

Some people who do n’t know Duan De are dumbfounded: “Who is this fatt? Why is the battle strength so scary?”

Duan De, who was not so famous, This battle alone went into the sight of All Heavens Myriad Realms powerhouses and became one of the most dazzling stars of All Heavens Myriad Realms.

“Infinite … Damn Heavenly Venerate!” Watched by hundreds of millions of monks, Fat Daoist Priest Duan Deunable to bear shuddered, “I know that, the poor way should be low-key, Just barely force an eight-star battle strength … “

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